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Kmart complaints 711

8:52 pm EST
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Kmart Order number [protected]

Purchase made 8th Dec. courier please stated items shipped 12th Dec from Sydney to Wollongong. Attempted to contact couriers please for 3 days but kept being sent link to live chat, which had team busy chat ended message. Tried speaking to team at Kmart through live chat but Francis stated order had been prioritised and to wait a few days. When I tried to clarify timings, they didn’t respond. When I asked to speak to another member of staff, they stated to wait but never returned to conversation and left me waiting. I was just trying to clarify if Christmas presents would arrive prior to Christmas as expected by information given at time of purchase.

Desired outcome: Delivery to arrive prior to Christmas

Confidential Information Hidden: This section contains confidential information visible to verified Kmart representatives only. If you are affiliated with Kmart, please claim your business to access these details.

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3:08 pm EST
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On September 7 I purchased a stick vacuum cleaner from the Bethlehem store. We used the self pay machine to pay for it, When we had completed the transaction a receipt popped out, & we grabbed that and left, driving back to Katikati where we live. Half way home my wife told me she had just realised that the receipt was not for our item. Two days ago it...

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4:39 am EDT
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Kmart Phone system - reaching kmart store to query purchasing

Between the time 6.25pm and 6.30pm I called stores Chatswood Chase, Broadway, Lidcombe and no one would answer the phone. All stores are showing online and noted via the website and phone system to be open till 10pm.

Didn’t matter which store I called, which department I selected, there was no answer.

All I wanted to know was if an online product could be ordered instore for delivery to home as we want to use a Kmart branded gift card.

Why is it so hard?

Desired outcome: Give me a call so I can get an answer and service to my request.

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Is Kmart legit?

Our conclusion: After a detailed review, ComplaintsBoard finds Kmart to be a trustworthy company. Although there's a 21% resolution rate for customer complaints, which deserves attention, Kmart is known for their high standards and safety. If you're thinking about dealing with Kmart, it's wise to check how they handle complaints.

Kmart earns a trustworthiness rating of 94%

Highly recommended, but caution will not hurt.

We found clear and detailed contact information for Kmart. The company provides a physical address, 3 phone numbers, and email, as well as 5 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL. has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.

A trust mark has been identified for a, but it is important to verify the trust mark and its source to ensure that it is legitimate. Ensure that the trust mark is genuine by clicking on it and verifying its authenticity through the issuing organization's website.

Kmart as a website that uses an external review system. While this can provide valuable feedback and insights, it's important to carefully evaluate the source of the reviews and take them with a grain of salt.

We looked up Kmart and found that the website is receiving a high amount of traffic. This could be a sign of a popular and trustworthy website, but it is still important to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of the site before sharing any personal or financial information appears to have online shopping features, it's important to know that the platform supports an extensive range of payment methods, making it convenient and easy to complete your transaction. The payment procedure on the website is also relatively simple and straightforward, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for buyers.

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • Despite a high level of trust, our investigation found issues with Kmart's service, including poor customer service, lack of accountability, and responsibility to resolve complaints. Customers may face long wait times for responses, receive generic or unhelpful answers or no response at all. Only 21% of 0 complaints were resolved.
  • We conducted a search on social media and found several negative reviews related to Kmart. These reviews may indicate issues with the company's products, services, or customer support. It is important to thoroughly research the company and its offerings before making any purchases to avoid any potential risks.
4:29 am EDT
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Kmart Complaint about customer service Roselands

On Friday 6:15 pm Gina customer attended from Roselands I went to service team to return my vaccum which was faulty wasn’t charging I went to return I think she had a bad day or may be she is old enough at this age she is working at the time of retirement

Anyways she denied by saying I was a genuine customer I have receipt never visit this old age home again

Thanks Kmart for loosing one genuine customer

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3:34 am EDT
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Kmart Staff

On Tuesday 23rd May I rang Kmart Caloundra store to acquire. Pink corduroy shirt size 16. I was assured by female staff member was in stock and would hold it for pick up within 24 hours. As I live on the Gold Coast I asked my friend who resides on the Sunshine Coast to pick up for me. Staff member informed it would be at service desk under my name. When my friend went out of her way to get it was informed was not there. Very dissatisfied and very unprofessional from staff. Not happy. Please give staff lessons on how to answer a phone as well. Sometimes not even answering.

Desired outcome: Would like shirt

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2:19 am EDT

Kmart Kmart

The lyrics explore subjects such as technologies of mass control and failing relationships, but in a manner that some reviewers found misogynistic. Echoing the lyrics Kmart Customer Service +1 805, 301., 7002

Kmart Phone Number +1 805, 301,. 7002 of some of the tracks, the cover artwork, designed by the English graphic artist Barney Bubbles, shows Costello behind a tripod for a camera, emphasising his role as an observer.

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4:26 am EST
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Kmart Horrible customers support

We were treated very poorly.

we called Kmart Nowra NSW store, if the item “Bamboo Shoe Cabinet” is in store (webpage print it was) we were told on the telephone by some lady, who’s interest was just quickly brush me off, NO we do not have this cabinet. So we purchased cabinet on line (We need it as a present). Later, we had some business in Nowra town and my wife stopped by at Kmart store - The one who I telephoned morning) an she find a plenty of "Bamboo Shoe Cabinet" in shop. I was really upset I asked to talk to manager, He could not explain why the Kmart person lied to us on the phone but , he offer solution, to purchase the Bamboo Shoe Cabinet in store, with assurance of no problem to later cancel previous order on line. So we did purchased cabinet in store. When I tried cancel order on line (first I listen repeatedly message on the line, haw friendly Kart support staff is), but the person who I talked on the phone somehow did not fit to this description. She refuse to cancel my order and hung up the telephone, when I ask to speak to manager! So I call back to Nowra store speak to the manager. He gave me telephone number to call. Again person I spoke to was far from friendly description. She offer me some REALLY BIZARRE arrangement. To wait when order is delivered and than send it back and than apply for refund. This was too much to take, and she obviously noticed I run of the patience. So at the end she promised refund, to be processes by her supervisor (Refund ref. number: [protected]. later around 7 PM, I received K mart email, my order is on the way in 3-4 days. WOW ? What to say ?

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12:42 pm EDT

Kmart Returned product

I returned a product a blouse. Your company received it on [protected]. I never received a credit on my credit card for 29.99. I should have been credited by now. Almost 2 months now.

Order # [protected] ordered on Aug. 25, 2022

My tracking number usps which was delivered [protected] is


Sent to : Ketty More

0-41 Hamlin Ct

Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

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Update by Florence Lockwood
Oct 31, 2022 12:48 pm EDT

Goods returned by no refund. Call the Kmart customer service numbers no one answers and then it hangs up. Such a joke. Beware do not order from kmart marketplace if you might need to return the product.

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4:50 am EDT
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Kmart Goods not delivered when paid for

On the 2/09/2022 I ordered and paid for online a white Haven TV unit, a white Haven coffee table, I wooden single bed with a trundle, a single flocked blow up mattress and 2 sets of double bed quilts covers Nia and Rosetto. The full cost plus home delivery $467.00. The first part of my Order did arrive some 8 days later , and I did receive a message stating this part of my Order was to be delivered, I did receive the TV unit, the Flocked blow up mattress, and the nina bed set and the trundle. To date I have not received the rest of my Order, Order number [protected] and tracking Order - KUEO54933450 I have messages from tracking information One being delivery 12/10/2022 I had taken a day off work to accommodate this delivery. The bed and trundle was for my granddaughter to stay in school holidays. I have sent 3 emails, and had response from john and Melvin. I have called 3 times and only been able to talk to someone once a few days ago The person stated that I did not Order the bed with the trundle, only the trundle , and he did not know where the rest of my Order was. I am very disappointed I now would like a full refund of $467 less the cost of the Nina bedding I believe was $ 8 .00 and the delivery cost , as my full timed were not delivered . I am happy for the goods that were delivered to be picked up on any Saturday, if someone can let me know when via email [protected] Thank you Janet Smith

Desired outcome: Full refund

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6:07 am EDT
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Kmart American girl doll Martha

Hello my daughter got this for her birthday with her money from Kmart browns plains qld and I have noticed the dolls hair is not all the same it all different lengths and a big patch of hair miss that hasn’t got any hair at all I am not happy she paid $45 for this doll and it’s obviously a faulty one

My details

Kristy corbett


Desired outcome: Another doll sent to her to replace this one or a refund

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10:48 pm EST

Kmart refund never received poor layaway and customer service

Here's the chat transcript. I want my about to call chanel 4 news.
Thank you for chatting with us
Online Help Desk
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December 17, 2019, 8:37 PM
Here is a transcript of your last chat with us.
General Information

Chat Start Time Chat End Time Chat Duration Operator Interaction ID
Dec 18, 2019 00:57:42 GMT Dec 18, 2019 02:29:18 GMT 01:31:35 Kurt INT-va1appis16-[protected]
Tina (00:57:45 GMT) : Thank you for choosing Sears, where moments matter. My name is Tina. Who do I have the pleasure of chatting with?
Visitor (00:58:01 GMT) : NICOLE
Visitor (00:58:11 GMT) : [protected]
Tina (00:58:13 GMT) : Thank you Nicole. How may I assist you today?
Tina (00:59:20 GMT) : Nicole, can you help me with correct number? as I am unable to pull details with XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Visitor (01:07:41 GMT) : Sorry that's the layway that was cancelled by you all by error. They said there would be notes for new t time I called
Tina (01:08:08 GMT) : Can you confirm the phone number that was used to place the order?
Visitor (01:08:18 GMT) : [protected]
Tina (01:08:52 GMT) : Thank you.
Tina (01:09:58 GMT) : Nicole, I am unable to pull the details with the phone number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXCan you please check your inbox and confirm me the exact contract number?
Visitor (01:10:36 GMT) : I still have not been credited back from you guys
Visitor (01:10:48 GMT) : Shipping Address Nicole McAllister XXX Keaton St LEBANON, TN 37087 (XXX)-XXX-XXX Order Date Oct 22, XXX Layaway Contract Details Contract: [protected] ITEM DETAILS
Tina (01:11:02 GMT) : Thank you.
Tina (01:11:18 GMT) : Your order # [protected].
Tina (01:11:26 GMT) : Please give me moment while I check your order details.
Tina (01:15:00 GMT) : Apologies for the wait, I appreciate your patience.
Tina (01:16:54 GMT) : Nicole, just to check, are you referring $XXX.85 refund?
Visitor (01:18:38 GMT) : Yes
Tina (01:20:17 GMT) : Nicole, upon checking your order details, I can see, refund of $XXX.85 was successfully processed from our end on 11/27/XXX.
Tina (01:20:37 GMT) : Since you have not received your refund, I will go ahead and escalate your case to upper refund team. Before escalating your case to upper refund team, can you confirm me if you checked your credit card statement ? (CreditCard 546540******XXX) so that I can be assure and escalate stating that refund team were not able to refund the amount within time frame.
Visitor (01:22:45 GMT) : Nothing has been refunded and I actually just spoke with you guys on the weekend not this weekend a couple days ago the weekend before before that and they told me it was never even initiated how the heck was I refunded the money on the 27th cuz last let's see that doesn't even make sense
Visitor (01:23:35 GMT) : It was December 8th to be exact and I have the transcript from the chat with you all
Tina (01:24:01 GMT) : Nicole, let me double check with my supervisor once.
Tina (01:27:53 GMT) : Apologies for the wait, I appreciate your patience.
Visitor (01:28:07 GMT) : No problem
Tina (01:29:40 GMT) : Nicole, I have double checked with my supervisor and got confirmation that refund was processed back on your CreditCard ******XXX. My supervisor will also share a feedback against the agent who provided incorrect information earlier.
Tina (01:29:52 GMT) : Since you have not received your refund, I will go ahead and escalate your case to upper refund team.
Tina (01:30:09 GMT) : I also promise to personally keep you updated on the status of your request in next 48-72 hours via email, so you're never left unattended.
Visitor (01:31:14 GMT) : Okay they also told me for the inconvenience that I could order the items that I had on layaway that were wrongfully cancelled through you guys get free shipping and a $20 Credit Now I want to order the baseball item I had on layaway and they told me I could chat back through y'all and do it when I had the money for it
Tina (01:33:33 GMT) : Nicole, I have checked notes on your order and our agent offered free shipping and $20 refund and you will place order with Amount Due:$XXX.96. Is that correct?
Visitor (01:34:17 GMT) : No I changed it to just 1 item the baseball item
Tina (01:35:00 GMT) : Nicole, may I know what will be amount due on that order?
Visitor (01:36:04 GMT) : I'm not sure it's on sale for 39 dollars I believe and he said I would get 12.50 off with free shipping
Visitor (01:36:37 GMT) : He said that the 20 off was only good if I got both items but if I got one item it would be 12:50 which is all really a racket because the 20 was supposed to make a payment towards me for the inconvenience but it is what it is I just would like to get the baseball item what the XXX off and I believe I have a $5 credit on my account for Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards
Visitor (01:38:22 GMT) : Did I lose u?
Tina (01:38:39 GMT) : No, I am checking the details.
Visitor (01:38:55 GMT) : K, appreciate it
Tina (01:39:27 GMT) : Thank you.
Tina (01:41:03 GMT) : Let me transfer your chat to my supervisor
Info (01:41:07 GMT) : Tina has transferred this interaction.
Info (01:41:07 GMT) : The interaction has been transferred to Kurt
Kurt (01:41:26 GMT) : Hello my name is Kurt! I am the floor manager.
Visitor (01:41:33 GMT) : Hi
Kurt (01:41:34 GMT) : I was assisting Tina.
Visitor (01:41:43 GMT) : Thanks
Visitor (01:41:50 GMT) : This whole thing has been a nightmare
Kurt (01:42:03 GMT) : As per our system we have already processed the refund on 11/27/XXX.
Kurt (01:42:08 GMT) : So cannot offer you any discount.
Visitor (01:42:13 GMT) : Besides the fact that it's Christmas and these were Christmas presents that were on layaway and I'm sure money owed to me
Kurt (01:42:29 GMT) : Also I request you to check with your bank if you have received the refund.
Kurt (01:42:40 GMT) : As our system clearly shows the refund has been processed.
Visitor (01:42:51 GMT) : Look I have the transcript from the eighth from your guys's chat telling me that that they were going to initiate my refund that day I never got the refund I know what's in my bank account very little and I would definitely know if I had $XXX one day so that never happened
Kurt (01:42:56 GMT) : I have already passed feedback for the previous agent who has provided incorrect information.
Kurt (01:43:15 GMT) : If you are ready to place new order, we can offer you 5% discount for all the inconvenience caused.
Visitor (01:43:22 GMT) : Okay so where did that information come from they just made it all up and secondly you guys cancelled out my layaway that should have been camped outside just made a payment the day before so you guys should give me a discount because that doesn't even make sense it was an error on your part
Kurt (01:43:38 GMT) : This is the maximum the system will allow us.
Visitor (01:44:11 GMT) : The person I spoke to you on the 8th also told me that you guys charge me a fee for the layaway being canceled out so that's where the money coming back to me supposedly was coming from and I heard the same thing from him the 20 was the maximum the refund the computer would let him give so somebody's not being honest because 5% versus $20 that's a little bit of a difference there
Visitor (01:44:50 GMT) : And on the 8th the system was clearly showing that I wasn't refund but now you're telling me on the 27th is saying I was please
Visitor (01:46:15 GMT) : And that's not right because I'm looking back at my emails and the order wasn't canceled until the 28th so how is I credit it back on the 27th especially when it takes 10 to 14 days on top of that
Visitor (01:46:37 GMT) : So I made a payment on the 27th to you
Kurt (01:48:07 GMT) : I have rechecked the detail and the cancellation was done on 11/27/XXX at 09:30 and at the same time refund was processed from our end.
Kurt (01:48:16 GMT) : Have you checked with your bank?
Visitor (01:48:44 GMT) : Yes I've check with my bank I have online banking I'm looking at it right now there was nothing ever credited to me from you guys and there is no hundred and whatever dollars credited back to me anytime in November or December
Kurt (01:48:46 GMT) : The refund has been sent to your card ending with XXX.
Visitor (01:48:59 GMT) : Yep that's my bank account debit card no sir definitely not credited back
Kurt (01:49:26 GMT) : I will ask our billing team to investigate the issue. If the refund is stuck in the system we will release it as early as possible.
Kurt (01:50:02 GMT) : Our team will contact you within 48 hours at
Visitor (01:50:03 GMT) : This is insane and again I know you sent a message or whatever to the people I spoke to you on the 8th where the hell were they getting their information from how was their information so far different than what you're telling me like what were they looking at and why do they tell me there was nothing ever refunded and they were going to initiate it that day and it would take me 10 to 14 days like did they just make that all up
Visitor (01:50:28 GMT) : Okay now back to the item that I was trying to get how much would it be if I ordered it through you with the 5% off with my $5 or whatever I have on my account for my Shop Your Way and it's supposed to be free shipping that's not leave that off
Kurt (01:50:31 GMT) : For the same reason I have passed the feedback for the previous agent.
Kurt (01:51:16 GMT) : Once you place the order let me know the order number and we will apply 5% discount for all the hassle.
Visitor (01:51:19 GMT) : Again doesn't make any sense I will be taking this to corporate with the transcripts from both of these emails or chats thank God you can download them and if everything you were saying is on the up-and-up then the order was already refunded then how come on the 8th they can give you credit and they could give me free shipping and everything else he promised me but today I would get 5% off because the system only let you give me 5% off and on the 8th after I was already credited back the system would allow $20 off how is that
Kurt (01:51:33 GMT) : The items should be sold by Sears/Kmart and not third party seller.
Visitor (01:51:51 GMT) : The item is sold by you guys that's how it was on layaway come on
Kurt (01:52:03 GMT) : Okay.
Kurt (01:52:20 GMT) : However, maximum the system will allow us is 5% discount.
Visitor (01:53:33 GMT) : Are you like just ignoring my questions how could they have given me the $20 off if my order was already refunded because it was refunded on the 27th and on the 8th of December they were going to give me that $20 off how is it different today than the 8th if I was credited back and everything was closed on the 27th if you can't answer my question send me somebody that can
Kurt (01:54:03 GMT) : It was promised on new order and not current order.
Visitor (01:54:57 GMT) : I don't have a current order my gosh send me to somebody else please
Visitor (01:55:42 GMT) : Would you like me to forward you the transcript from our conversation from the 8th of December
Visitor (01:56:32 GMT) : He clearly stated that because of the canceled layaway which never happens from you guys which was definitely done by mistake that he could actually go ahead and reorder me those items if I paid through him and order them and for the inconvenience that he would go ahead and credit me $20 and provide me free shipping then I told him I only wanted one item and he said he would give me $12.50 off and provide me one free shipping
Kurt (01:56:40 GMT) : I have already passed feedback for previous agent.
Kurt (01:56:51 GMT) : Since the order is cancelled we cannot offer any discount on the current order.
Visitor (01:56:55 GMT) : My card wouldn't go through I didn't have the money in the account so he told me to come back to this chat line whenever I was ready to make an order and everything that was promised would stay in the notes and I would get the same deal
Kurt (01:57:00 GMT) : If you are ready to place new order we can offer you 5% discount.
Kurt (01:57:11 GMT) : The same notes are mentioned by the previous agent.
Visitor (01:57:19 GMT) : How much is it going to be if I order it today with you with your little discount you're trying to provide me and the free shipping and then I will take this to corporate immediately
Visitor (01:57:34 GMT) : And I will definitely be taking other actions regarding the money I was never refunded back
Kurt (01:57:54 GMT) : I have already asked out team to investigate the issue.
Visitor (01:58:09 GMT) : Great this is how you guys treat your customers on your last little days that you guys are in business awesome
Visitor (01:58:29 GMT) : What do I need to pay today to get the item that I had on layaway it was the baseball whatever it was called
Kurt (02:00:25 GMT) : The order [protected] is already cancelled. So you cannot make any payment on cancelled layaway contract.
Visitor (02:01:09 GMT) : Oh my gosh do you even speak English you have been missing this whole conversation I am not trying to make a payment on the layaway read the notes I am trying to order an item from you guys right now and pay you through you guys right now and have it sent to my house
Visitor (02:01:21 GMT) : I want to be transferred to somebody else immediately
Kurt (02:02:33 GMT) : I am sorry for the confusion caused.
Kurt (02:02:50 GMT) : May I know the item number? I will share the order summary with you, with 5% discount.
Visitor (02:04:27 GMT) : [protected]
Kurt (02:04:45 GMT) : Thank you.
Visitor (02:05:27 GMT) : Okay now that you understand clearly I should get my money off that I was promised not just 5%
Kurt (02:06:04 GMT) : The zip code is 37087. Right?
Visitor (02:06:09 GMT) : Yes
Visitor (02:06:57 GMT) : And I have shop your way rewards
Kurt (02:07:39 GMT) : Here we go.
Kurt (02:07:43 GMT) : The order summary is:
Kurt (02:07:45 GMT) : Order Summary Merchandise Subtotal $37.99 Shipping FREE Subtotal $37.99 Sales Tax $3.51 TOTAL $41.50
Kurt (02:07:55 GMT) : If we use points then you have to pay the shipping fees.
Kurt (02:08:28 GMT) : As excluding points the order value should be $35.00(excluding taxes) .
Visitor (02:09:56 GMT) : Fine order it for me please but I will be reporting this whole experience. And I want my refund for layway immediately
Kurt (02:10:35 GMT) : I can understand your concern.
Kurt (02:10:57 GMT) : So you will be paying the whole amount using credit card?
Kurt (02:11:26 GMT) : The shipping address is:
Kurt (02:11:28 GMT) : Nicole McAllister XXX Keaton St
Kurt (02:11:30 GMT) : Right?
Visitor (02:12:49 GMT) : Yes
Kurt (02:12:57 GMT) : Thank you.
Kurt (02:13:04 GMT) : Let me send you the payment form.
Visitor (02:13:06 GMT) : The 43
Kurt (02:13:07 GMT) : /f payment
Visitor (02:13:16 GMT) : 43 dollars
Kurt (02:14:31 GMT) : If you pay by credit card the amount due will be $41.50.
Kurt (02:15:05 GMT) : Ship item to Nicole Mcallister XXX Keaton St, Lebanon, TN XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Kurt (02:15:41 GMT) : /f payment
Kurt (02:15:47 GMT) : Please fill the above form.
Visitor (02:16:05 GMT) :
Name Nicole Mccallister
Expiration date 06/23
Security Code XXX
Kurt (02:16:16 GMT) : Thank you.
Kurt (02:16:45 GMT) : We are almost done.
Kurt (02:17:02 GMT) : I have already informed our service excellence team you will escalate this issue.
Kurt (02:17:55 GMT) : Congratulations your order is complete.
Kurt (02:17:57 GMT) : You can check your order details by the following steps 1 : Login to your account 2 : Click on your Name from top right side of screen 3 : Select "Your Orders". You will be able to track the status of the order under this section

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10:20 pm EST

Kmart online buying

Very poor service with online shipping please if you can not provide a product even tho you say you have it online please take it off online service you provide so I don't get stuffed around with Christmas shopping for my children to the point I nearly didn't have a item for one of my children and if I hadn't had rang Kmart I wouldn't have known it had been cancelled .

Also I know of other people having the same issue and saying Target dosent do this please fix this problem as I do not want to shop with target thank you.

Paul Beddoe .

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9:19 pm EST
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I have never witnessed the absolute out of control employees as the ones in this store. To night, for instance, several were by the front door by the customer service desk and just yelling, playing around, and carrying on. Then when we were checking out, they were still at it, but now swearing. Finally, someone told them to watch their mouths. We have been...

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6:45 pm EDT
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Featured review
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As we was checking a price on Christmas stuff the machine fell and hit my two year old in the head. They should have them secured so they cant easily fall off and hit a child. I notified management on my way out and his response was ok i will go look at it. Atlease the other lady asked if my two year old was ok while we was waiting on management to get up there. He never asked anything but where was this at.

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6:57 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Kmart disrespectful discriminatory behaviour

I m really in mental shock the way I treated in your Aspley hypermarket store Manager Mitchele and Employee named Gorja on Saturday 26th of Octuber around 8.15pm at the way she insulted me I m really so much mentally tortured that I m really feeling like as i should commit suicide. I just gone to return my Microwave with receipt and she just treat me as I have stolen it and she just keep my Microwave and receipt and start questioning me as I m a thief. Really is this the way you trained your workers to treat with the customers. Just I was feeling so embarrassed in front of all other people that is really biggest mental harassment ever I received that I m really frustrated that I will never come back to Kmart again and not in my whole family will come to get this kind of embarrassment. I just need to kmow for what I get treated like that because I m from a different race. If you guys really didn't take any appropriate action and refund my money and apology letter from that employee I will write a letter to human right commission and believe me the way I get mentally harassment I will sue your company

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7:33 pm EDT
Featured review
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I didnt think there would be any store worst then Walmart, but this KMART is the worst. Staff from the employees to the manager everyone was unfriendly and very unhelpful. What brought me in to Kmart today was a coupons for $10 off on any $25 or more purchase...which is a lied, lied and lied!!! I purchase a total of $29.09 to be exact, but the the cashier...

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7:01 am EDT

Kmart gummi fast food confectionery fruit flavoured

I brought a packet of gummi fast food lollies at Kmart and their is a hair in one of the gummi pizzas the packageing remains unopened I have provided photos of the item with the hair in it. I am unhappy that it has not got a customer services complaint phone number or email address on the packageing and I have been left to make my complaint via this website.

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6:09 pm EDT
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Kmart tv

I bought a TV last year. I purchased a Smart plan in case anything would happen to the tv. I attempted to submit a reimbursement claim last month and I was informed that one of their technicians had to view the TV themselves to verify the tv could not be repaired. That was not an issue. The issue was that I was giving the round around for a month, from department to department, they made duplicate case numbers, and one system verified my coverage, however, the other did not. Now I am waiting because none of their technicians for Kmart or Sears come out to my service area. They are trying to get contractors but nobody will take the job. Nobody can offer me any other solutions. At this point I would be willing to take the tv to a Kmart and have an employee verify the tv is broken. This company is the worst and could care less about their customers. If you don't have a technician then give me a reimbursement. I have filed several complaints, attempted to contact corporate office, and spoken to the escalation team. Nobody can do anything.

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10:26 am EDT

Kmart employee named fadia

She is very mean and cruel with the cashiers and talk very loud to them in front of us and other customers it's not the firs time that happened! This person should not be in front of this place. Her name is Fadia. She disrespect them . I was buying on ladies department the other time and I heard she yelling to both cashier. I felt very bad and asked for her name. This happens on Kmart Store on Wayne New Jersey.

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I regularly shop at the 770 Broadway NY, NY location and have regularly experienced extremely rude employees who insist on belittling and embarrassing and humiliating me. I shopped yesterday at this location I needed to use the restroom the restroom was locked I saw an employee with 3 rolls of toilet paper in his hand walking towards me as i stood in front...

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Kmart is a retail chain offering a variety of products including clothing, toys, electronics, and home goods. They provide in-store and online shopping options with services such as layaway plans. Kmart also features seasonal items and discounts.
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- Summarize the main issue you have with Kmart in the 'Complaint Title' section. Be concise but descriptive.

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Kmart reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 23, 2006. The latest review Order number 390157238 was posted on Dec 19, 2023. The latest complaint unsanitary lunch was resolved on Jun 18, 2018. Kmart has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 711 reviews. Kmart has resolved 151 complaints.
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