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+1 877 227 0956(Lost & Stolen) 10 3
+1 888 842 0336(Discover® Cardholders (US & Canada) 5 2
+1 801 744 9918(Discover® Cardholders (International) 4 1
+1 888 371 2109(MasterCard Cardholders (US & Canada) 46 37
+1 339 234 6415(MasterCard Cardholders (International) 16 7
+1 877 610 1075(Visa Cardholders (US & Canada) 52 62
+1 801 214 8892(Visa Cardholders (International) 5 5

Complaints & Reviews

Unlock account to access Virtual Cards

Explaining the situation:
A month ago I redeemed two virtual card codes into my account.

Today I tried to access my account but the password wasn't correct.
Then I changed the password and tried accessing it with the password I had just changed.
After a few tries my account got locked.

Important information:
I can see you request information regarding the credit cards.
But I don't have any information about the virtual credit cards
The only information I have is the redemption codes I used to get them, the date I redeemed them and their values.

My request:
I want to unlock my account.

Rapid expiration of prepaid card

I received two (2) prepaid cards totaling $30.00 for purchasing Behr paint from Home Depot last fall. I saved them for buying more paint. Yesterday I learned they had expired!! Short period for use. There is no one to contact at the "Center" (the phone system is more than opaque) regarding this poor system of reimbursement. I would like new cards or reactivation of the current ones. JR Logan

Visa prepaid card

I received a prepaid card in the mail trying to activate it cannot activate it because the expiration date has expired on it this place does not have a phone number to contact do not know how to contact them the number that they have is disconnected is this a scam or a rip off company

prepaid card / locked out of website

I have been locked out of the site and there is no one to talk to on the help line . I have a $200 visible rebate that the family was really counting during these crazy self isolation times . With people in the house being out of work . Does anyone have an alt # where I can speak to a person ?



  •'s response · Apr 03, 2020

    Rebate Special Services

    Dear Consumer: Matt

    We received your complaint regarding your prepaid card/locked out of website. To better assist you could you please provide me with the following information:

    *Prepaid card # on the front of the card,
    *Expiration date,

    Along with the mailing address where the prepaid card was received.

    At your convenience please contact me at the email address listed below in regards to this matter.

    Kent Patterson
    Complaint Analysis
    [email protected]
    Blackhawk Engagement Solutions is now Hawk Incentives, a Blackhawk Network business

Can't activate card. Tried multiple times

Tried to use card at appropriate location, didn't work, have tried to activate on phone and website multiple times and it's not working. Can't get a human on the phone. Not sure what action to take next.

visa card

Hello, I have used prepaid Visa cards through my work benefits for a while with success. My recent card had...

Prepaid Mastercard Not Activating.

I received a prepaid MasterCard from the Verizon FiOS referral program today, 3/3/2020. Attempted to activate it on and it said nothing but "unable to process."

I attempted to call the phone number on the card, but got nothing but for some reason my phone was telling me the number I have attempted to call is not available. I'm hoping to find another method of contact so I can resolve this issue and get this card activated.

prepaid mastercard activation

I've been trying to activate a prepaid mastercard I received in the mail for two days and it says to keep trying back some other time. There is no person to actually talk too and it keeps looping me back on the customer service help number. The card is for $100 and was obtained through a Verizon Fios signup referral bonus program.

I just need someone to help activate my card.

prepaid card not working

I activitated a virtual gift card this morning (02/15/20) issued through Sprint's Clean Slate program in the amount of $563. After I received the virtual card, I attempted to use this to pay a bill with TMobile, who told me the card didn't work. I had them try again and again it was declined. They advised that I should take it to a store have them try there, which I did. Again, no luck. So i added it to my Apple Wallet to see if that would work. They tried again and it declined. I came back home to see what the problem is and when trying to enter it on your website, it kept giving me an error. I tried calling someone but couldn't get a live person and the card is now telling me there is a $0 balance. But none of my attempts at using it were ever successful and now it's gone??!!! Please provide me with an email or phone number that will allow me to discuss this issue with a live person and not your very unhelpful automated phone service.

Jocelyn Biehn

prepaid gift card (rebate)

Received a gift card as a rebate on a purchase. Unfortunately I missed the rather short duration and the card expired on me. I called the number on the back of the card to get a replacement and after getting the runaround for a solid hour, I finally was able to speak to a person. I was told that they issued a replacement card and was given a case number but now months later, I still do not have a replacement card. This is essentially theft and looking at the numerous other complaints on this site, it looks like it may be time for class action lawsuit against this company.

expired card replacement

My card expired on 12/19 and I am trying to get a new card issued. Per their website it says you can do this online or contact customer service. I've tried both options but there is NO instructions and limited information about replacing an EXPIRED CARD. I've called their customer service which is useless and I've tried searching online for help but only see complaints about this same issue. I've even emailed the parent company HAWK INCENTIVES a Blackhawk Business Network but they have not replied to my complaint.

I'm asking for someone from this company to call me and resolve this issue immediately.

  •'s response · Feb 10, 2020

    Rebate Special Services

    Dear Consumer Dan Quiocho:

    We received your compliant regarding your Prepaid Card. At your convenience please contact me at the email address listed below in regards to this matter. Also could you please provide the prepaid card #, the expiration date and the CVV # on the back of the prepaid card to me for my review.


    Kent Patterson
    Complaint Analysis
    [email protected]
    Blackhawk Engagement Solutions is now Hawk Incentives, a Blackhawk Network business

locked out of account and customer service number is not worked

I have received the prepaid card from visible network and I have created the profile in After few minutes of time I can not able to login and get the card information.

Tried couple of times and I am sure my login information's were correct, but system not allowing me to enter. after few times my account got locked.

Tried to reach customer service representative and I cannot get out of automated message. Looks there is no real customer service to resolve the issues.

  •'s response · Feb 04, 2020

    Rebate Special Services

    Dear Consumer dhans_be:

    We received your compliant regarding your matter pertaining to your Prepaid Card. At your convenience please contact me at the email address listed below in regards to this matter.


    Kent Patterson
    Complaint Analysis
    [email protected]

    Blackhawk Engagement Solutions is now Hawk Incentives, a Blackhawk Network business

zero customer service


I have been trying to call their Mastercard customer service phone number at [protected] and they have made it IMPOSSIBLE to get to a live customer service personnel that I could talk to. I tried their other advertised number of [protected] and I hear 'This number is not in service'. I understand the company is trying to save cost by completely eliminating any human interaction but this is unacceptable, where you simply CANNOT talk to a live person. I have 3 separate virtual mastercards that I received as gifts. All I want to find out is if I can combine the cash amounts from those 3 cards into a single virtual mastercard?


discount tire rebate

I bought a new set of tires from Discount Tire and received the rebate. I didn't realize it had a short window before it expired and put it aside to use for Christmas presents. Once I tried to use it I discovered it was expired, although the website clearly states that funds can be re-issued if they expire, there is NO way to do that online since it won't let me log in and I have found NO way to talk to anyone on the phone. It is very frustrating to see that a solution is possible but then have no direction how to make that happen.

"virtual"credit card will not "load" after signing in

Received my promo code from Visible Wireless, when I activated the promo code and set up my user name and password. When l sign in with my user name and password and check the box "I am not a robot" and click "login" a gear below spins and states "loading card 0 0f 0". Eventually the security times out and I have to keep checking the Captcha box "I am not a robot". I called Friday night [protected])and spoke to someone who told me to try different browsers and eventually said to reboot my computer. He escalated it to a Supervisor who was to call in 24-48 hours, this did not happen. Monday (today) I call [protected]) and explain everything again only to be told my situation is being escalated again and a call in the next 24 hours. Friday I called [protected] and was told this line no longer in service. After visiting the Prepaidcenter complaint website I see I am not alone with this problem.

  • Updated by Greg Hostetler · Jan 21, 2020

    Received a vice mail form telling me to use Google Chrome browser and clear cookies and try loading my virtual card again and if I continue to have problems to call them back! Only thing is they did not give me a phone number. As I said before I tried numerous "800" numbers before I ended up calling the lost/stolen card number. Same info I was given last Friday night. Still does not load my virtual credit card. Tried calling the number back andd all I hear is "All circuits are busy". What a scam!

stoeger $75 rebate mastercard

I purchased a Stoeger shotgun that had a $75 rebate. I applied online and several weeks later, received a Mastercard. I didn't activate it and placed the envelope on my desk where it got lost under a pile of folders. Much to my surprise, it has an expiration date and it is now expired. I tried calling the toll free MC number [protected] on the back and there is no option to speak to a representative. I also tried to find an email address under Contact Us on the website. Its hard to deal with a company that only offers automated options! I just want my $75.


I have a 25 dollar prepaid card that expired. It clearly says on the card that funds do not expire so I was looking to claim the money.
I tried calling the self service numbers which were absolutely no help whatsoever, and no way to contact a human being probably the worst customer service I've ever had in my life.
The worst part is i'm from the UK and because of their awful automated phone options making me go back and forth i've been charged £45.

Notice in the 1st picture attached the clear "FUNDS DO NOT EXPIRE" on the card.
The 2nd picture is to prove that I did indeed try to contact them and navigate their horrendous automated service multiple times and incurred the charges shown.
I guess myprepaid centre should remove their call number from outside the US since there's no point using it anyway.

I want a refund of the 25$ that I'm owed by myprepaidcentre, that is all.

Kind regards



visa gift card/debit card

I received a $50 rebate card (Visa Debit) when I bought my tires. It accidentally expired and I have not been able to use the funds. I looked on and it clearly states that the funds never expired but if the card expires I can call customer service to release the funds. I called several times and tried every menu option but found no self service way to do this, and also was unable to talk to a customer service rep. I find this extremely frustrating as I followed the directions on the FAQ exactly but was unable to release the funds. I just want the card to be re-enabled so I can spend my $50 rebate.

  • Jo
    Jonathan7777 Jan 15, 2020

    Yes I got exactly the same thing happened to me, right on the card it says funds do not expire but the self service is the worst thing I've ever had to try in my life.

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prepaid credit card

I did a transaction using my prepaid card, and the merchant told me the transaction is suspected, i need assist on this. I connected the issuer bank(metabank) which told me to connect you, however no email address to contact. I need from your side to contact the responsible bank to resolve this transaction and know what is the reason for that issue. Please give me email address to share my card details.

prepaid mastercard debit

I recently purchased tires from Discount Tire and was unaware that my card had an expiration date of 12/19.
According to the website, I can contact customer service to have my funds reinstated.
Of course, it is impossible to talk to a customer service agent via the phone menu. I tried every phone menu option.
There is no self service option available on the website.
It is abundantly clear that they make it extremely difficult to contact anyone so that the consumer will just give up.
This company is a sham! I'll also be filing a complaint with the BBB.