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harbortouch system and payments

This system does not provide the service it claims. I signed up for Harbortouch POS system but did not get training when the guy came to install. I scheduled training over the phone for Dec. 26, 2018. Yes, Dec. 26. We had been in business since Dec. 11 with no training and my employees were getting very frustrated. Note that I have to pay my employees to show up for training... We were not open at the time the training was to occur so it was extra wages expense for me. On December 26, the appointment time came and went with no call so no training. On December 27, the trainer called and apologized for not calling in and asked for us to reschedule. I was livid. Harbortouch did not care about how difficult this was for us- just simply reschedule. Instead, I decided to go with Touch Bistro. I had to continue to use Harbortouch for another month while my new equipment came in and we could get it set up. When I was working on my sales tax forms for the first month, I found that none of the Harbortouch forms matched. I couldn't tie numbers together. It was an accounting nightmare.
Now I am being threatened by Harbortouch that I am in default. Harbortouch breached first.
I complained to Josh Quealey and he did not tell me I had to sign a cancellation form. He just told me I would receive emails that I was in default. Instead, Harbortouch continued to withdraw a fee out of my account until August due to my bank's error. When I stopped them, I received a letter claiming I am past due and will go to collections.
I will make sure everyone knows how bad Harbortouch is. I already see they have terrible reviews. Their system is a dinosaur! It is bulky and not user friendly. The manual was extremely basic. It provided no help.

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 23, 2019

    Hi Suzanna! It seems as if you may be mistaken on your dates. It is October, December is two months in the future. I can see how this could happen accidentally, could you please confirm the dates of your claims? I don't think that Habortouch will be able to help until you have done this. Thanks!

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auto renewal for both harbortouch and credit card

We signed our second location with Harbor touch that did not succeed. So we called Harbor touch to try to get out honestly to find out you that both the POS and the credit card system both auto renew 4 months apart. Yet we signed the contract at the same time.

The business has failed and will be closing however just Harbor touch alone once over $5000 to cancel contract and that does not even include the credit card system. I told her retouch that if I had $5000 and I would still be in business but they didn't care. We offered to return the equipment even though the equipment is ours as we filled the initial term of the agreement. We are very disappointed that they just renew without any notice and and would like to find out how to get in touch with someone at Harbor touch they can waive these ridiculous fees

pos system/processing and scam contract terms

I have made a few big mistakes in running my business over the years.
Among the top 2 are getting involved with harbortouch.
I was told by the salesman that there was a three year commitment.
During that three years I experienced a multitude of issues, and paid over 5% total for my "free" system.
The first red flag was that I went into it with some concerns, but was told there was a 30 day period that I could return the system.
A couple weeks in, when I called with some concern over the operations, I was told that the 30 day period was up, because it started the day the order was placed, and not the day it arrived two weeks later. That was the first indication that they were operating in bad faith.
For the next few months every time they did a system update, it took place at noon. That was a busy tie for me, and the system shut down completely for 30 minutes or longer. Customers who couldn't pay just left.
I called every time this happened of course, and got zero response. No consideration for the fact that they were costing me revenues.
There are many flaws in the system. The pool on employees contained all the staff that was ever employed, with no way to clear out all but the current employees, making it difficult or impossible to use. They could not calculate the hours for the staff.
The daily reports had the credit line and the cash income line in random order day to day. Gift cards were treated as income when sold, and were treated as income when redeemed, so there was income tax to pay on both transactions.
The screen had categories and items, the categories on the left could be moved around to where it made sense, the items on the right went on the screen in the order that they were entered in the system and could never move
Many other things, that I have forgotten. I used to keep a list.
But the main problem was that, after fulfilling my three year commitment I switched to another system which operates better, gives more options for tracking sales, hourly sales reports, etc., with many functions unavailable on harbortouch.
This was not y first change of processor. I had at first used the first processor to cold-call me when I opened up in 2008. They had some bogus fees, which at the time seemed outrageous, but they were less than 100 dollars each to switch bank account numbers after my bank had been compromised, etc. I switched to gravity payments, and was assessed another fee that was hidden int eh fine print of the 50+ page contract. Then when someone came in to sell me another system that was supposedly lots cheaper, I switched. Had no fees from gravity. Then I bought into the harbortouch deal, thinking that they were representing themselves fairly. I have rarely been so wrong about anything. After fulfilling my three year obligation, they have automatically unilaterally extended my contract three years for processing and 2 years for the pos system, (or the other way around, who cares which?) that means that a person can never make a clean break fro their system.
Now they are charging me over 3, 000 for leaving them, they say they assess like 79 a month for all remaining months on the extended contract.
I have been referring them to my lawyer for a year. They do not respond via the lawyer. They have not produced a contract where I agreed to this automatic extension. I expect to have to go to court, and the possibility exists that I will be forced to pay their extortion. This is not the way a legitimate business operates. If they provided a good service at a fair price they would not have to use predatory techniques to make money and keep customers.

Stay away from harbortouch
If anyone is starting a class action against them I will join.

online and support

I'm having an issue with the Harbortouch support not getting back to me. I have a problem with my online ordering not taking credit cards. When I call it in the tech gets on the system and makes sure things are setup correctly. During that time I'm placed on hold, if I do get discounted or hang up the tech doesn't get back to me. If I stay on hold, they do everything they can until they run out of options and tell me they can't fix it and are having someone else look at the ticket. The next day I call back and it's like nothing has happened, the new tech gets on the system, put me on hold, can't fix the problem, sends the ticket to someone else and never contacts me. I've logged over 50 hours with support.

Now I have a more serious issue, my gift cards stopped working, several people have cards they can use to pay for their food. I called in yesterday, the tech could fix the problem and handed it off to his manager. No call back or email. Today I called it in again, the tech started over like it never was called in or logged, he hasn't gotten back to me.

Anyone able to help?

harbortouch refusal to cancel services

615669 Our initial merchant service was good until we tried to cancel merchant services with them January 2017, being that our contract ended February 2017. Upon calling in cancellation...

contract renewal without notification or permission

Originally, I had no issues with Harbortouch, but LOOK OUT! I switched processors for a better rate (which couldn't be matched at the time) and less fees. I was past my initial...

Harbortouch — pos systems

We had owned a restaurant for 6 years we had fulfilled our contract with Harbortouch for the 5 year term and after that we were under the assumption that we had paid our equipment...

[Resolved] customer service / product / contract

We were with Harbor Touch for 7 years.  During this time, the system never worked.  We spent hours on the phone with customer service, and constantly had to manually enter credit cards because the credit card machine has never worked causing us more fees, which resulted in a larger profit for them.  At the beginning, we signed a 5 year contract.  The contract was complete and we went to cancel, due to the equipment not working.  We spoke with a Harbor Touch representative who informed us we were not longer under contract, as the five year contract had been fulfilled.  Two days after canceling, $2655.00 was debited from our bank account by Harbor Touch.  When we called to inquire the reasoning for the debit, we were given many different reasons by multiple people.  We were told a supervisor would call us within 24 hours, and no one ever did.  After multiple calls, we were finally connected with a supervisor who informed us since we did not cancel our services at the five year mark, the contract automatically renewed.  We informed the supervisor that their employee told us we were not in contract when we canceled. The Harbortouch equipment has never worked, and has cost us thousands of dollars in fees manually entering credit cards, turning customers away when we could not run their credit cards, and paying to upgrade parts and systems trying to make the system work consistently.   This company is a complete disaster, as no employee we have spoken to has given us the same story of what the fees are for, and over two thousand dollars was debited from our bank account without permission.  Anyone thinking of doing business with this company should run the other direction as fast as they can. 

  • Resolution Statement

    Refund was provided for the full amount, and equipment will be returned.

  • Ts
    tstocker Nov 13, 2017

    Good Afternoon, my name is Tara Stocker, I am the Quality Control Manager for Harbortouch and I want to start off by saying I am sorry to hear that your experience with Harbortouch was not in your opinion, a pleasant one. I would love to address the issues that you have stated above however, I would need your business name or the Merchant ID Number that was assigned to your business in order for me to pull up your account information in our systems and contact you. If you could email me directly at [email protected] and provide your information, I will endeavor to try and correct any misunderstandings that may have occurred. Thank You.

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Harbor Touch — lousy customer service

Do not sign up with harbor touch! Yes, they gave me a free machine... But no manual (I ask for one, they do not have any, told to just call tech support... Haha). I have had...

pos systems and credit card processor

I signed on with harbortouch (Ht) in june of 2013. I was told that I could lease their equipment, at a low monthly rate, and that they could offer low lease rates because they were also the merchant services/credit card processors. However, the salesman told me that he would get me the lowest rates out there... Either meet or beat any other rates out there. I was never told about a 5 year contract. To my recollection, I was told that if I wasn't happy with the product that I could send back the equipment, at any time, and they would just lease it to someone else. End of story. I would never agree to a 5 year loan. We've been in business since 1984 and we just don't sign 5 year contracts. Things change to much and it's just not a good thing to do. My problem is that i'm to trusting and I am not good at reading contracts. We signed on and had issues with the product on going... The system is okay but not great... However, after being with them for almost 4 years we finally realized that our credit card fees, from ht, were crazy high. We have our other pos systems on another credit card processor and so we get a grouped cc fee line on our financials. So, between the two it was high... But when we started looking into why it was so high... We discovered that ht was charging us between $600.00 and $900.00 more a month, than our other processor!!! We're a small company, my husband and I run it, and we have many, many things we do and wear many hats. Due to this we sometimes miss things in the background of our company. We were so blown away that this salesman just totally lied to us in every way! A call was made to ht asking about bringing our cc fees down. We were told yes, but the quote given was like a drop in the bucket. We just thought that we'd find a new pos system and started looking immediately. When we found one we pulled our contract and that is also when we realized that we'd signed a contract that had us in for five years! I was in disbelief and called the company and told them how unhappy I was... That i'd been told one thing and did not receive that at all. I asked for a rate reduction immediately. I was surprised because this time the customer service guy just said, yes, we can do that. I told him that they had to meet the promise, I was given 4 years ago, of meeting or beating competing rates. He said to send the rates I was getting with world pay and they would, at least, meet them. He said they get back to me within a few days... That it had to go to rate review department. Days went by and nothing. I emailed him... Nothing... And then finally ht comes back to us with 25% and.15 cents a transaction!!! I had sent them a confirmation letter from world pay of paying 15% and 10 cents a transaction!!! After taking, on average, about an extra $36, 000.00 dollars from my small company... They again say one thing and do another! Is it not enough to rape us for the $36k? So, I just said... You said that you'd meet or beat... Do I have to take this legal? They said they'd put it back through rate review and i'd hear back from them within a few days. I didn't. I wrote them a few times... And by then i'd started looking at the complaints about ht on line. I sent them some of the reviews... As they had the same things that I went through. Many others complained of being told one thing and getting another... Trying to get out of the contract and finding that they had been locked into a long contract and/or a ridiculous cc processing rate... And on they go. They finally got back to me saying that they would meet the 15% and the 10 cents per transaction. However, I was told the rates would meet my world pay and that they would not charge us those hidden fees that you can't find on your statement... But if you divide the sales into the amount you are paying... There is a difference in what your % rate and per transaction adds up to. They said they would send this agreement to make sure that those hidden fees would not be on our new rates... And I still have never gotten them... And that is after several requests. So, finally, I realized that I couldn't trust them no matter. While I was researching new pos systems... That I can now get a system that can tie my whole business together... Wine shop, restaurant, and wine clubs, etc. I called and asked if I could, at least, after all the extra money we'd paid already... If we could get out of our lease. It would have been less than a year that we were asking for. They said they would talk about it and get back to me. They didn't get back to me right away... Big shock. And when they did... They said no!!! Unbelievable.

Harbortouch — the company customer service, legal department

Trying to cash out my customers to find out that my pos I mean harbortouch pos asking for a password, I have no password, called customer support three times, my call was dropped...

Harbortouch Retailsystem is terrible

I've been forced to use a Harbortouch retail touch screen POS sales register at my work for a few months now. I work at a busy party store. The owners finally got rid of their old manual registers and opted for the Harbortouch systems. They are terrible. I can't believe I haven't seen more people complaining about this. Here's a quick list of the things that make my job suck.

1) Card scanners often fail to scan a card. Cards are often scanned only to time out. The system then spits out not one, but 2 receipts, and exits the card swipe dialog, effectively wasting paper while delaying the sale even longer.

2) The scan gun that comes with it is absolutely the cheapest and poorest scan gun on the market. It does not scan many items in the store. It often scans items incorrectly, making it seem as though the item is not in the system when it actually is. Sometimes it even scans an item as a different item all together, completely mischarging the customer.

3) Login over and over again while switching from one function to another. This slows down response time to customers.

4) Day End stops at midnight. We are open after midnight, so the business day's totals are always wrong. In order to come to the correct amount of money that should be accounted for, we must do multiple day end reports and then combine them and subtract the previous day's report.

5) Makes customers sign for every card purchase, down to a single cent.

6) all the sales dialogs take much more time and effort to ring in, making busy days much slower. I can type faster than the machine can process, meaning I have to wait for the machine to catch up to continue making a sale. I often have to press the same button over and over before the machine registers anything.

7) The system crashes regularly.

8) The system slows down to a crawl with more than 15 items rung up. It also has a serious lag after multiple inventory changes.

Summation: The Harbortouch system is drastitcally slower than the previous register I was using, and it is also full of gltiches, flaws, and otherwise poorly designed software. It was clearly not made by anyone who has ever clerked a day in their life, nor was it tested in the industry for streamlining.

  • Ml
    M. Laurent Jan 15, 2016

    This negative report was generated by a pos competitor that wants to destroy the Harbortouch brand. The Harbortouch Retail works great and I have happy merchants.

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  • Cl
    ClerkTruth Jan 15, 2016

    The above accusation made by user "M. Laurent" is entirely false. I made the complaint while I was clerking at an independent party store where I worked for 3&1/2 years, about 9 months of which was using the Harbortouch systems. I have never worked for a POS enterprise, nor am I out to destroy the Harbortouch brand. Nor does the Harbortouch Retail "work great" - unless you consider a machine "designed" to do one thing can't even do that reliably. Yes, that's right, the Harbortouch Retail systems actually scanned items incorrectly. As in, I scanned a 24 oz can of Natural Light beer and it rang up as a Miller High Life 12 oz bottle. Not a huge price difference there, but its wrong. One of the "upshots" to switching to a POS system from an old-school register is that the computer is supposed to eliminate human errors. This system makes them on its own. I dare say the old-school registers were less error-prone.

    I'll go ahead and address a few more problems with this system: they run on Windows XP. In comments elsewhere on this site regarding the system, people have said how the system was hacked and Harbortouch failed to respond appropriately. Windows XP hasn't seen support from Microsoft in years, rendering the entire system susceptible to attacks. I'd like to also point out that you couldn't sell a brand new, unused computer running XP at pawn shop. Because XP can't even run an internet browser. Why did Harbortouch choose to write their software on XP? I imagine because the licenses for XP are dirt cheap or the people the have writing code are imbeciles. If Harbortouch wanted to build a good POS system, they should have built it from scratch. Why would a POS system need an entire OS just to run 1 program? The nominal system hardware can barely run XP - which in this application is really just bloatware - let alone the Harbortouch software.

    The "touch screens" are garbage. We had to recalibrate them sometimes daily, or even hourly, just to perform basic functions. Lag, glitches, and freezes literally brought the machines to complete disfunction. Sometimes the machines would just reboot themselves, a problem I believe was related to over-heating. Pathetic.

    I imagine the less than present owners of businesses uses Harbortouch may not be aware of the numerous and serious problems with these systems, but I'd wager a month's clerk wages that Harbortouch can't find a clerk using these machines that would voluntarily praise these systems.

    Actually, the only customer who recognized the systems had been forced to use them at previous job of their own. We enjoyed a few minutes complained about how terrible they are.

    The self check-outs at my local Meijer are far more functional, even as slow as they are.

    If Harbortouch wants "happy merchants" perhaps they should try to use their own systems for a month in a busy store. I'm sure they'll hate their abominations as much as all the clerks they've subjected to their incompetence and see the billion flaws they need to fix.

    Harbortouch can't take responsibility for their garbage and then they lie and slander people who come out and tell the truth. Pathetic. Shameful. Disgusting.

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  • Ml
    M. Laurent Jan 15, 2016

    Obviously clerk truth know nothing about upstaging a touchscreen system. Harbortouch is an exceptional system and is very easy to use. Had the clerk returned the credit card swiper for s new one based on the LIFETOME warranty, her problem would have been addressed. Or maybe she did know to pick up a phone and request her agent to assist her. The Harbortouch POS have been rated very highly, customers are happy, and they didn't have to shell out the upfront costs of $5k to own one. The monthly maintenance plan is very low on costs and no technician would address a situation for less than $200 service. Harbortouch has unlimited tech service for under $100/month. Maybe Clerk's business is failing in revenue and she has to blame spmeone.

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  • Cl
    ClerkTruth Jan 15, 2016

    Learn to spell. Your response completely fails to address any of the points I've made above. Shame on you. Have you no morals? No sense of integrity?

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[Resolved] Harbortouchover charged

Do not use harbortouch. They are stealing money from small

Check your bank account. They charge your bank account extra fees. When you report the extra fees,
They stop the charges. However, they will not credit the fees they charged you in error.
They claim the fees are valid because I did not call earlier.

The customer service is even worse. When you call it takes forever to get someone on the phone. I called and spoke with enildo coronado and he hung up on me.

I reported the issue to brian jones, the vp of sales and he will not get back to me.

My sales rep ken racioppi is a con man. He is your best friend when he sells you the account. Now he will not return calls or emails.

I made an offer to jared isaacman, ceo. He can either listen to the tape of me and enildo coroando talking on the phone on august 11, 2014 at 2:03 pm. Or, he can return my money. And I am talking around $500.

If jared isaacman listens to the tape or returns my money. I will remove all of the notes
That I am listing on these complaint boards.

  • Harbortouch Payments's response · Aug 12, 2014

    This issue was caused by an ownership change. The old owner, as listed above, continued to be charged after he sold or transferred his business. The new owner, was never charged at all. This was a technical issue with our billing vendor. As soon as the old owner, listed above, e-mailed me I researched the problem and had a credit issued. The problem has been since fixed. Regardless, the way the old owner characterized the situation above was extremely inaccurate.

    - Regards - Jared Isaacman CEO and Founder of Harbortouch. [email protected]

  • Resolution Statement

    This complaint with Harbortouch has been resolved. The company has agreed to credit my account for the proper amount within the next 24 hours.

[Resolved] Harbortouch — outrages unexplained unbilled fees

There is no such free POS system, They send out their dishonest salesman to convince you that there is 69.99 a month only fee, But God wen you are in, you get all the surprise...

Harbortouch merchant serviceshidden chargs

Started with united bank merchant services... They had open, honest business practices. When they changed to harbortouch merchant services, things changed and not for the better! Harbortouch merchant services is awful to work with.. They don't notify you about new fees, they just withhold it from a pending deposit of funds. Customer service is terrible. Every representative I have spoken with seems to hate their job (Or at least that is tone that they use). If they give you any kind of discount they make up for it with fees that are not even on their statements. They just access your account for additional fees or they withhold money from deposits without notification of any kind... You have to discover it and call them. Terrible experience!!! Hopefully this will save someone from their dishonest practices. I would rather pay higher rates than ever deal with this company again.

  • Ha
    HarbortouchSupport Mar 05, 2014

    We are sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced with Harbortouch. When the company changed from United Bank Card to Harbortouch, it was simply a name change and should not have affected your experience with our company. We have 24/7 phone support available to all of our customers at 800-201-0461. Any billing issues should be able to be explained and resolved by our customer support team. If your issue has not been resolved by these departments, please contact your sales representative to have the issue escalated within the organization. It is our goal to provide exceptional customer satisfaction and we will do everything in our power to resolve your issue in order to achieve this goal.

    It is also important to note that Harbortouch is not some new start-up or disreputable organization. We have been in business for 15 years and have over 120, 000 merchant customers nationwide. During our time in business, we have received countless awards and accolades for our business operations, customer service and innovative products. We have been named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America for five consecutive years and have been listed on Deloitte's "Technology Fast 50" list. Additionally, our POS system has won Golden Bridge Awards two years in a row (2012-2013), Best in Biz Awards two years in a row (2012-2013) and an American Business Awards in 2012.

    - Harbortouch Support

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[Resolved] Harbortouch POS systemnon-existent customer service

Received (free) harbortouch pos system 6 months ago. Its suppose to be free, it isn't, they make you sign a five year contract. But that's besides the point. They put my personal cell phone number on every receipt. Now they refuse to change it. Its annoying that you can't customize your receipt yourself. But worse than that they won't change it either. They are violating my privacy.
They also configured the system with the wrong sales tax information into it. And now they won't change that either.
Their customer service is non-existent. Its criminal. I've hired a lawyer to get out of this mess.

  • Harbortouch Payments's response · Feb 13, 2013

    We are sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced with Harbortouch. We have 24/7 phone support available to all of our customers and if your issue has not been resolved by these departments, please contact your sales representative to have the issue escalated within the organization. It is our goal to provide exceptional customer satisfaction and we will do everything in our power to resolve your issue in order to achieve this goal.

    It is also important to note that Harbortouch is not some new start-up or disreputable organization. We have been in business for 13 years and have over 110, 000 merchant customers nationwide. During our time in business, we have received countless awards and accolades for our business operations, customer service and innovative products. We have been named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America for five consecutive years and have been listed on Deloitte's "Technology Fast 50" list. Additionally, we were named a Gold winner by the 2012 Golden Bridge Awards, a Silver winner from the 2012 Best in Biz Awards and a Bronze winner by the 2012 American Business Awards.

    - Harbortouch Support

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Cu
    Curtis Stevens Feb 13, 2013

    1. Harbortouch is advertised as free as the equipment is placed at no charge, you pay for the service agreement, giving you lifetime warranty & tech support.
    2. The phone number that is used on the POS receipt printout is the business phone number. If you used your cell phone number during the setup/ordering process, then you simply need to update the business phone number Harbortouch has on their records. Once you update that number, then the POS should be changed. This is something they would be more than happy to change. You simply need to talk to the right people and do the right steps in the right order. Consult with your sales agent for more help, that's their job!
    3. Updating the sales tax information is easy to do. Tech support should be able to assist you. 800-632-1888 option 2. This is not something they would have any reason to refuse to do or at least can tell you how to change it yourself, where to go.

    Curtis Stevens

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[Resolved] Harbortouch — harbortouch is a big scam

Almost 4 years ago, I made a big mistake by signing up with harbortouch for credit card processing. I went through one of their sales offices called paymentouch. Harbortouch used...

Harbortouchnew merchant account

We set up and account through gulf coast merchant services for our brand new businesses for credit card transactions. We found out after we used our services that there was a site survey that needed to happen to verify our business. This happened after we ran almost 900.00 in services the previous week. I called and ask to speak with a supervisor and they supervisor would not even get in the phone with me all she wanted to do was relay a message to me through the tech support. Then it took another week for the site survey to come to our business, which was the most unprofessional site survey. (We were told our money would be in our account in 24/48 hours about 3 times in these past 3 weeks now). They told us once the site survey happend it would be another 24/48 hours before the money would be in the account. Three days later I called and they said there was another problem, gulf coast merchant services (the broker) filled out our "business name" wrong on the form. Once again they said it would be 24/48 hours before the money would be released.. Three days later they said that our business account number was not allowed to receive money in our account or our account was closed. We had to wait another three days to talk to the bank since it was on a friday that they sent an email to me. I talked to our bank manager and they said the information that they sent to harbortouch had all the right information regarding our account numbers, routing numbers and there was no record that anything from them was even attempted to run through our account. I released the same information to them again and they said in 24/48 hours your money will be released. As of today it was finally released. 5 weeks later! After all of my calls, all of my work, losing 2 clients fromt this mess not one supervisor, manager no one called to apologize for this disaster of an account. Not only did I call my "broker company" gulf coast merchant services but they were just sending messages via email back and forth and sending me a copy of what was said. As a business owner if money was being with held from a new client of mine I would be fighting harder knowing my client has been on the phone non stop with another company.
I would not recommend this company to anyone that wants merchant services! It was a horrible experience and horrible management support. I would not trust them with your money or pay the one cent ever again!

  • Th
    th!sman Aug 28, 2012

    I hope you voted with your feet already?

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  • We are sorry you feel this way. You broke the Visa/MasterCard agreement and Harbortouch found necessary to put your account on hold to verify all details of the situation. End result I can understand your frustration, but Harbortouch has rules and regulations to follow in accordance with the card industry regulations. All calls and emails are on file.

    Should you want to still discuss this issue I myself and Harbortouch would be more than happy to have this conversation.

    Gulf Coast Merchant Services
    Steven Cadenhead - President & CEO
    Phone: 850-995-4414 Ext. 200
    Email: [email protected]

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Harbor Touch Point Of Saletried charge money 4 times

Harbor touch point of sale offered me free shipping of a product. They lied. After i got the product they called me and threated me. They tried to charge money without my authorization already 4 times. It seems to me like they never stop this. I need to change my credit card.

Harbor Touch POSbait and switch with hidden penalties and a never mentioned 5 year agreement term

We are yet another victim of Harbor Touch's misleading offering. There is very fine print in the final contract about a five year term and then more fine print on the penalties. This was never mentioned on the website or the conversations with the sales associate about a 5 year term. It was represented as a month to month contract to us and then after trying to cancel after a year we get hit with a 3k auto withdrawl. Yes, i know we should have read the contract in detail. But we were trusting them to be forthcoming in their product offering. This is NOT a product that any company should use unless they are sure they will be in business for years. So basically, this is not a product anyone should use.
This underhanded bait and switch shall not go unpunished. I am going to pursue legal options and potentially look into a class action suit with my attorney. If there are interested parties please reply here.

  • Rh
    Rhudedog May 31, 2012

    Why does this sound just like another fabrication from a rep of jealous competitor?


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  • Th
    The Rock House Jul 09, 2012

    If you have success in your legal approach I would be interested. I too was specifically told it was month to month. It was at the completetion of install that I learned of the 5 year contract. In the 6 weeks that I have had the system, it has been nothing but problems, brain crashes on and on. I cant get my sales rep to return my calls much less answer them. When I ask to talk with someone higher up about the problems they transfer my calls to tech support. Oh and wait for it...they charge ever quarter to report the earnings to the IRS. Yep, just what I need now is an inoperative system reporting inaccurate info to the IRS. I have sent an email to the CEO, we wil see if I get any response. Bet my attorney gets back to me first. And no, This is definately not a competetor, just a small familly restaurant trying to make a living. Maybe we should have started a "Free" POS service, Id be able to retire to one of my six luxury homes in the next five years instead

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  • Lo
    Longhaul old 99 Aug 13, 2013

    We are having the same problem. We were forced to closed our Business and they want us to send the product back and 6000.00. We never got a copy of our contract but as soon as we wanted to cancel they said we will send me a copy of the contract. They hurried us on the signing. When we were signing the contract there was a guy with us and his phone was on speaker phone, but the guy on the other end didn't know that when my wife was asking question and he accused my wife for being a attorney, and only wanted to speak with me. I was wandering what happened with your case and I would be VERY interested in the LAW SUIT. JUST SO PEOPLE KNOW I'M A INNOCENT VICTIM. WE ARE DEALING WITH A COMPANY THAT AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED HAS LOAN SHARK TACTICS. I was willing to pay a cancellation fee that is reasonable, two months worth of RENTAL fees. Please keep in mind this is not a free unit. Their fees are so exorbitant no company can afford them . They are just a company after money and not customer service. If this unit is such a high end state of the art piece of equipment, they could have re sent it after reprogramming. it. I unfortunately only had mine for 6 months. The first two months it was not even operable, yet they charged me. They are just a company who wants everyone to do the hard work while they take your hard earned money. I CHALLENGE THIS SO CALLED OWNER to contact me or to get a real job that does not hurt our economy while it tries to re coup. He does not offer opportunity he is a THIEF.

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  • Cr
    Credit Card ISO office Jun 21, 2014

    I am an Independent agent for Harbortouch. I have been reading your complaints. It has been 1 and 2 years since both of you posted a complaint. I am interested to see how it was resolved. I do not know if you signed with an independent agent or directly with the company. I make it my business to tell any prospective merchant that there is a five year agreement and let them know that they sign for it personally. Yes, I am sure there are unscrupulous representatives out there representing Harbortouch as well as other POS or credit card processing companies. If the sales rep worked directly for Harbortouch, then you need to discuss this with management at Harbortouch. If he was an outside agent, then you need to sue his agency and him personally and notify Harbortouch.
    Did you buy your car without reading the contract or anything else that involved a large purchase? Would you sue them because you can't make the payments or you lost your job! You said that you did not get a copy of the contract. If you did not, then why did you not ask for one. I know that it takes weeks to deliver the terminals and you could have cancelled the contract for the terminals at any time before that. I have learned to read everything that I sign that involves anything over $500 or payment plan. They have the best warranty and tech support in the industry. I have had very little problems with the many terminals that I have placed with them. I have never had any issues with getting a problem resolved with Harbortouch Tech Support for my clients and never had one terminal that had to be replaced. I know for a fact that the company breaks even on the cost of the system after 3 years. I have lost 2 customers in all these years to going out of business. One after just 8 months and now another one after just 2 months of being in business. The first one ran off with the terminal and now HT is trying to repossess the unit. The second one should never have opened a retail business in the first place. Next time read before you sign anything. As far as Harbortouch, they have 2500 independent sales offices like myself who employ reps. They can't watch over every person who sells a unit. It is up to the consumer to be smart. Apparently, you are not one of them otherwise you would still be in business and not complaining about the contract!!!

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  • Mo
    Moraile Jan 22, 2017

    They are the worse pos company out there! They tell you one thing first and all of the sudden you get all these hidden charges please let me know if you guys sued. I would really like to for the ones that have had to pay so much money without knowing get together and do something about this. Every time I call harbortouch they kick me back with their stupid rules. Don't even care if you have the business or not, they don't care all they want is money!!! Poor humans.

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Harbortouch POShighly overpriced /dangerous contract

Save your money ...and the shirt off your back.
If you sign up with Harbortouch and then for any reason you go out of business
then you will still pay through the nose for your contract with Harbortouch.

You are better off buying your own equipment, unless you want to pay thousands of dollars above and beyond the norm.

  • Jb
    jb0333 Mar 21, 2012

    Not really. I have to disagree.
    First of all, you will not back out of the Harbor touch POS system b/c they are great. You would be crazy not to get one.
    The quality is excellent! Its like a Saturn vs a Lexus. Pay for quality.
    Truth is I never paid a cent for mine. And still don't.
    You get a warranty of 100% coverage for the life of the account with soft ware and new equipment upgrades.
    My rep even went as far as beating my current rates which the savings took care of the POS System. I didn't pay a lick! Still don't!
    I hate to say this but it really depends on your rep. Greg A was my rep in Louisiana. I would advise anyone to talk to my rep.
    HarborTouch had the best deal and the best service. Has anyone seen the New Harbor Touch POS 2012?
    It's freaking Awesome!!!

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  • Al
    Alex Scholnich May 16, 2012

    They will stick it to you if you go out of business ? You'll have a list of other creditors as well if you go out of business so, what's the difference ? Talk about planning to fail. Lol ! Everyone I found wanted me to pay as much if not more and they were just lease programs. They gave me mine in return for allowing them to do my processing. I own the system. Fair deal, imo.

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[Resolved] Harbortouch Point of Sale POS — fraud & deceit

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[Resolved] Harbor Touch — useless in all catagories

This company started out great, we had a good demo and signed all the contracts, at the time of install we had to sugn a 5 year lease that was never mentioned at all prior. After...

[Resolved] Harbor Touch — bad information

183185 The idiot who complained about Habor Touch didn't buy it and never owned it. The system is a great POS System!! While it is true that it is sold with a merchant account so...