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MediacomWifi cable

I need mediacom to send a crane to my address to trim 12 foot limbs. Several times a large moving van, construction vehicles, and garbage trucks have pulled the limbs and disconnected my cable. Then when I call I have to wait a week. Please send workers to my street and trim the needed trees please. I called santa rosa county, and they told me mediacom has to trim 12 foot and higher limbs.

Wifi cable

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    Nov 29, 2020

    Mediacom — General service issues

    I've been having intermittent outages for a few weeks now. About 3 weeks ago, I used the text feature...

    Oct 12, 2020

    Mediacom — Cable service

    We made a payment of $96.66 which cleared 9/23/20. An Encoding error was done by Mediacom by only deducting...


    Higher prices cs lied to me. Tv issues every single day!! 1st complained about high bill of $214.96 that went up every single month (no consistency?) so repeatedly called and asked finally cs agent informed me if I went with some new plan cost less more internet speed is basically all I received out of it when rcvd bill had phone?! I don't have a landline already with phone carrier and bill was higher than when I complained $269.98!!! Seriously? Guy lied and now trying to get someone to explain this outrageous bill not to mention service is out daily! I'm infuriated! Liars and thieves so wretched and there the monopoly. I despise their lack of cs not to mention being lied to I clearly explained I wanted a (lower cable bill!) he lied! Went up ridiculously. I am over it. Tired of being ripped off and lied to or get the run around when I finally do get someone and all they do is insult my intelligence and placate, with nothing changing on my bill. Shyster's is all they are!

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      • Updated by Kimmy Jackson · Aug 26, 2020

        They don’t deserve any stars! overall satisfaction is minus stars! a big fat zero

      • Updated by Kimmy Jackson · Aug 26, 2020

        If and when I am able to actually speak with someone I truly hop they have a very goid explanation for being lied to! and as for tv being out every single day! if they use that working on the lines spew from 3 weeks ago they kept telling me about and I in turn stated my bill should reflect some compensation for issues I didn’t have until you started changing up apps on tv or this or that. I have had to reset my internet by myself! unplug tv so will work again!! daily issues and explanation for my bill! I will record conversation if need be! I expect answers

      Jul 20, 2020

      Mediacom — Internet

      I had mediacom installed in about february of 2020. The installer was very unprofessional and was telling me...

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      Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.comOver billing on bandwidth fraud

      Hey Mediacom. I'm a former customer of yours. I had issues with your usage cap. First let me explain before you chime in with your stupidity... I am a data center network engineer, I know my [censored].
      Here's the deal. You have a bandwidth cap in my area to which you provide only a single bar graph with an arbitrary number noting a users bandwidth usage in a billing cycle. I had conflicts with the information that you provided in accordance with my own monitoring of my WAN interface. I made several attempts to get granular data from your support to which they would not provide and were often very rude and dismissive to my requests. Many times your technical support would offer up an idiotic suggestion that someone must have been hijacking my wireless network which is absolutely absurd seeing that access to my wireless network requires me to physically enter the MAC address into the access table for that network, along with the fact that I have alerts setup to notify me when a device tries to hit my wireless network. In a given billing cycle my logs were showing significantly less both up and down from my WAN interface than what your company was reporting.
      Here is what I have done. I networked with other users in my area. Lucky for me I have a rather large cache of checkpoint firewall appliances along with a management server. What I have done in my neighborhood is set up a dozen of these firewalls to customers of yours in my area. These firewalls are interfacing with my management server and reporting their data usage. I have been collecting this data for over 2 years now and the results are not good in your favor.
      You have been overcharging customers in my area now for quite some time and I am posting this in hopes that you will see this and do the right thing by refunding your customers after years of theft. If not then I will take my information to the appropriate channels.
      What are you going to do about this Mediacom?
      We expect our money back without question, or any more of your [censored].
      You will meet these demands by the end of next month 9/23/19.
      If you have not reimbursed all of your customers for this complaint then the information I have collected will be submitted to the press as well as the Minnesota State Attorney General by the date mentioned above.

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        MediacomInstall screwed over

        Originally scheduled install for Thursday 6/27, Mediacom moved it to Sunday 6/23. Nobody showed up. When I called I was told they didn't have a tech in the area and my install had been rescheduled to July 8. That makes a full month that I'm waiting to get installed. Customer service pretty much didn't care. Told me I'm stuck with it. Not a happy camper right now. Looking for alternatives. [protected]

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          Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.comInternet service

          Mediacom is the worst internet provider ever! We pay extra for 500mbps speed and have been consistently getting 2.95 mbps download and 1.36 upload. Have called numerous times, first guy says it is on their end (this after an hour spent troubleshooting inside our home which we knew it wasn't the issue) and he would have it looked at on their end. Waited 48 hours getting worse and called back. Woman had no idea what had been done or what to do other than to try and make us go through the same troubleshooting steps until I said look back at the notes. she then said technician would be out Tuesday (4 days from now) and I asked what about what the first person said would happen and she knew absolutely nothing. This is only one example of the incompetence you encounter any time you have an issue and need to talk to customer service. They know absolutely nothing and do even less than nothing. It always takes numerous calls to get anything fixed. If we had any other option we would be off Mediacom so fast...

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            Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.comInternet

            My internet goes in and out about 15+ times per HOUR, meaning anything that requires a dedicated connection is impossible. They have by far the worst Customer Service Representatives known to the corporate world, and their technicians could not be any more useless. They only provide their technicians with out-dated refurbished equipment, and the tech will leave without finishing the job or verifying service restoration/installation. Their CSRs have lied to me about the resolution of my problem and failed to notate the call in their system. They offered me a week of credit on my bill to placate me for being mistreated, which is a very hollow effort. For what I've just endured, my service should be free for a year.

            Verizon FIOS has a package 5x faster than my current plan for $30 cheaper, but unfortunately, Mediacom holds the monopoly on the market for internet here, so FIOS is still unavailable here. It would be a lesser evil to kill someone than it would be to recommend they use Mediacom as an ISP. Save yourself the trouble, if Mediacom is the only ISP in the area you are going to move, pick somewhere else to live.

            Mediacom should be shut down by the FCC for cornering the market and criminally overcharging their customers, not to mention all of the unethical business practices...

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              Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.com — Requested payment for modem and cable box

              I was a Mediacom customer for 10 years. I moved out of my apartment on May 31, 2018. I phoned one week before...


              Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.com — Cable internet

              Daily outages; sometimes multiple per day. Slow Internet speeds. Low monthly GB limits. Rental fee for their...

              Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.com — Returned box and modem

              4 years ago I cancelled service and moved out if state. Box and modem sent back ups. Last week received a...

              Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.com — Services

              I am disappointed with my decision that I made to connect with Mediacom. Since I've had their services, all...

              Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.com — Cable tv & internet

              We have had an ongoing issue with MediaCom for over 10 years. We have both cable and internet thru them...

              Spirit Lake

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Mediacom — Cable tv and internet services

              The summer of 2017 numerous residents in Wahpeton, Iowa went through a Mediacom nightmare . For us it wa...


              Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.comInternet speed

              I signed up for the "Blazing fast speed" up to 100. Ha. Ha. My speed has never topped off over 50. Why not advertise up to 1000 or 10000? I mean up to might as well be put as high as possible to attract customers while not being able to even provide a service half of the "UP TO" speeds. So what if I sign up for the 200 service? Can I then get speeds over 50? Will it barely make it to 100 or half of the "up to" advertisement speeds. Fine line of false advertising a service right? I don't want to hear about high usage times. Customers pay for a service and don't care what the other person is doing online. They want what they pay for. Do you go to a busy restaurant and order a steak to only get less than half the order because of a high traffic time? If you cant provide a service you offer stop offering it. Simple!!!

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                Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.comCable tv service and internet

                For over a month we cont. We experience tiling, blackouts, service disruptions and other similar problems. It is not just us. Ninety per cent of our community (little) wahpeton, iowa are experiencing the same problems. We have all had service techs out at some point or another. Even people 3-5 miles away are experiencing these problems. Internet services are, also, affected. It seems to us the heavier the moisture (including dew) the bigger the problem. We aren't experts but we can correlate the two. Personally, we have had 5 techs in a one month period. Usual wait time for an appt. Is one week. If this were any other business - its customers would have demanded its closing or put it out of business themselves. Are you listening mediacom? Check your computer records. I document my complaints daily. For the rest of you, I recommend a tv diary. Document problems, times and minutes of tiling or outages and the explanations given to the why these problems are occurring. This company seems to think they have a monopoly on the market. There are such things as a class action lawsuit.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.comAll of it

                  Our last statement included a charge for a service call.
                  There was not a problem with inside wiring and we should not have been billed.
                  I both went to the mediacom and i specifically asked if there had been a change in channels, packages, services that caused channels to disapper.
                  I was told no changes, when in fact someone at mediacom had changed our package. Channels were moved to 600-700 (we would need a cable box to get those channels, which was not even mentioned. I wastold by bundling tv, phone and internet we could lower our month service cost by $20.00 and that our tv package and internet would be unchanged.

                  Both customer service / customer retention have given us inaccurate information, misleading information, incorrect information and have in fact told us outright lies! if i were the ceo of mediacom i would be ashamed of myself.

                  Cancel our television service immediately!!!, cancel the phone service immediately ( we were told we had to have this and have never connected a phone to it. Cancel internet service on [protected] (i need a couple of weeks to add comelec internet service as i sometimes work from home)😡

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                    The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

                    • Mediacom's response · Jun 28, 2017

                      Hello Mike, I'm very sorry to hear of this situation! We strive to provide a better experience than this, and I would like to address this failure and work with the necessary teams to make it right. If you'd like, please feel free to send additional information to us at [email protected] Include your account number or phone number and we can access the account and research both this service call fee and the changes made to the account in repackaging further.

                      Thank you!
                      Mediacom Corporate Escalations

                    Mediacom Communications / MediacomCable.com — Internet service reliability

                    I have been a Mediacom customer for 10 plus years, and have put up with their annual price increases, the...

                    Mediacom CableCustomer service

                    Had a appointment on March [protected]. Had my old number on the account so the tech. wasn't able to get ahold of me. So at 1:00 p.m I called gave them my new number. They told me they would reroll my appointment and they would be out between 1-8. Around 1:45 my internet and cable went out. Called back was put on hold for 30 minutes I had to hang up and call back. When I called back they told me that they were writing it down as a outage and the technician could look at it when he gets here. At 8:15 I called and they said my appointment had been cancelled at noon and it didn't show that it was rerolled even though when I called at 1:45 the lady knew that they were coming back out. I asked if there was a manager I could speak to she did sure and hung up. So I called back again spoke with a man named Dan very helpful​even though I was not in a great mood. I will be going to the local office Monday morning feel like I was treated badly.

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