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Fasthosts Internet / Billing Scam

Apr 21, 2013

Same story, the sent the invoice £6.17 on 14 March and mentioned this one is outstanding and failure to pay, lead SERVICE suspension, I don’t needed the service and I let it go and later they turn up that I have to pay all these charges 14-Mar-2013 2********* Linux Standard £6.17... / Harrasment

May 23, 2011

What I first assumed to be a minor administrative error on their part turned into a large continueing headache. Their website is designed to make it near impossible to end your service with them or get any sort of help, redirecting you in circles when you look for customer services or anything... / Bad service

Apr 21, 2011

I have used fasthosts for years for myself and for clients. In the past couple of years their service has drastically dropped. The first major fault was when they took their tech support offshore. The second most recent is when they changed their control panel. The tech support is like all... / Worst web hosting company ever

Feb 16, 2011

BEWARE - read the small print - Fasthosts lure you into their ‘web’ with nice web hosting prices - LOOK very carefully - they say next year it will cost you double - it will, and they automaticallty charge you whether or not you want renewing unless you inform them - it’... / The worst reviewed WebHosting provider


SHAMEFUL! What an awful company to deal with. There are so many things wrong with their service and so many things not included in their packages which they omit to tell you or simply lie about. Fortunately, we kept our domains registered elsewhere, so that they cannot hold a gun to our... / Fraudulent Business Practice


A most shoddy company to deal with who hide behind terms and conditions where annual subscription is sneaked in to to your packages - which you think you bought for one year. Unless you remove the tick box when you originally purchase and read all the terms and conditions, you won't... / wrongfully debiting my bank account

Zi, and internet Wunderkind Ralph Dummermuth of United Internet AG Ralph Dummermuth's influence on UK web hosting since taking over the UK's leading web host in 1999 has been nothing if not disastrous for the consumer in its philosophy...

Fasthosts / &Debt recovery& fee


They decided to change all login details due to a security breach, they changed it while I was on holiday. When I came back I could no longer log into my acccount or e-mail accounts. During this time my credit card expirory date had changed. When I could finally access my account and... / Shady practices


Like many others I too have been stung by Fasthosts, and am well aware of Matthew Hillyard's arrogant stance with complaints from customers about being screwed by his company. Fasthosts is ingenious in fleecing their customers right left and center by imposing 'hidden' charges made... / Fasthosts steal money from your account!


I gave clear instructions to cancel my account three weeks before the end of an annual subscription. It was in plain English and I provided the security information they needed. They didn't cancel the account and they took the money for another year - and they won't give it back... / FastHosts - UK's leading rip off web hosting!

So - uk's is leading rip off web hosting - web hosting company uk scamming customers. will rip off their customers with no conscience. The biggest rip off in internet web hosting and domain registration. We had several domains and when we requested a new...