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juno email/internet service

I have used Juno since 2001 for email service in grad school. They continued to bill me as their prices increased without notice. My bad - I thought I was paying a minimum fee for the email (not internet service) and have been paying for internet through another provider. When I FINALLY realized (thousands of dollars later) that I was paying for something I never used, I tried to cxl and they said I had a balance due. I argued that I have been paying them for nothing for years and asked them to wave the balance due (less than $60) dollars. Nope.
Juno services are crap and expensive. Don't use!!!

juno wi fi

Wi Fi went down 5 days ago and I checked and re-checked all hardware and they keep sending me a checklist of...

juno online

I received a collection notice letter from united online for $45.00 for Juno services which I cancelled two years ago, as their rates went up annually from $10.00 per month to over $20.00 per month, which they unilaterally debited my credit card month after month without authorization and after I sent them email to cease and desist, and cancel the service. Something is not right with this company.

frustration in trying to speak with jumia agent mr precious or any other to clear issues on how to proceed to payment on order [protected].

He, (Mr Precious), promised to furnish me with the Jumia online services account details, into which I may make a transfer in payment for an order. I waited in vain since last week and all effort to link him failed. Now I don't know if I am in the right place. How could I confidently pay for goods when communication with the payee is a problem even when payment is yet to be made?


I never changed my password for my juno account but now it won't let me log in, won't let me reset my password, and wants to charge me $1.95 per minute to talk to a live rep which sounds like a scam to me. What bull crap! and my stupid paypal account won't let me change my email, without having access to the Juno email account to verify the email change.

  • Valerie Jul 20, 2006

    I have a charge of 24,95 from Juno. Some time ago I tried to use Juno and you people told me that Juno did not supply services to wireless customers so we then and there agreed to stop billing me for service that you cannot or do not serve.

    06/03 Juno online $ 24,95 this is the charge as it is on my visa card, never did and still do not. How long do you think you should bill me for service that you do not sell????

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  • Ro
    RON SERSEN Mar 29, 2009


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I have a charge of 24, 95 from Juno. Some time ago I tried to use Juno and you people told me that Juno did not supply services to wireless customers so we then and there agreed to stop billing me for service that you cannot or do not serve.

06/03 Juno online $ 24, 95 this is the charge as it is on my visa card, never did and still do not. How long do you think you should bill me for service that you do not sell??

  • He
    Heywood Jablowme Nov 25, 2011

    "and you people told me that..." Oh so now its *our* fault? Accept responsibility for your own actions.

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refuses to refund money

After over 10 years as a subcriber to as an internet service provider, I was finally able to get DSL service in my neighborhood. Juno charges for service a month in advance. I just happend to call to cancel my account on the same day that Juno charged my credit card for the next (future) month's service. When I asked the "customer service" rep if I would get a refund credit back to my card, I was told, "That is not our policy." When I demanded to speak to a supervisor, I was told I would be trans ferred and then the line went dead.

isp service fraud

I discovered 2 months of fraudulent charges for Juno internet service and promptly contacted by financial institution to cancel the account. They informed me that I should notify the company that placed the charges to let them know: of the fraud, and that I was cancelling the account. I tried for 2 days running to call Juno and cancel the account. It was very suspicious when I first called on Saturday (the day I discovered the fraud) and 'John' answered and asked me for my name. He then said "I'm sorry I won't be able to look anything up for you right now because our computers are down. Try calling back around 3. They should be up by then." So, I waited until Monday. I called on Monday and spoke to Kellie around 9:57 am who told me that I had reached the wrong department. She said I needed to call back again and ask for Juno dial-up. I called again around 10:04 am and got Julie who also told me I had reached the wrong department. She transferred me to the "right department" where the phone just rang and rang and rang until I hung up. I called back and got Julie again (what luck!) and she said that she would hold on until someone answered this time. When no one did, she said she would put in my complaint and have someone call me. A day later, no one has contacted my by phone about this matter. Nevertheless, I found a form on line that I completed and complained about the fraud directly to Juno there. I received an email this morning saying someone would call me about this matter. The same email asked for a reply. So, I replied to the email and got a response back that I need to use my June email address and provide my password. I DO NOT HAVE A JUNO ACCOUNT... It's fraud! I'm glad I already cancelled my card. This is very annoying. How does it get any better than this?

  • Su
    suznuz Jul 20, 2019

    I have the same fraudulent bill. I told my American Express person that I did not make the charge or know what it was and they cancelled it and investigated it immediately.

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continued receiving charges to our credit card after we canceled the service

In January 2007 I called Juno customer service to cancel my account. I connected cable internet the same week and was happy with my new internet connection.

I March I noticed that Juno continued charging my credit card our monthly fee for the service. I called to resolve it and they assured me that my account is no longer active.

In April I saw their transaction on my bank statement again. I then called my bank and closed the credit card Juno was using.

Last week I got a mail from Juno saying they tried to access my credit card but could not, and asked for an updated credit card number. Yes, sure :)

I am logging this compliant so If they send our account to collections I will be able to reference it.

unauthorized charge

Noticed a $39.90 charge I didn't recognize on my corpoate card through work. Called the number and found it was UOL Juno online. I have never signed up with Juno for anything. After an explaination, the person I reached first (India?) named "Bella" transferred me to "Nancy". After re-explaining the whole thing, she said there had been another $14.95 chage on my next Visa statement and that it would take at least two billing cycles to reverse the charges. I emphasized that this was a fraudulent charge on a State government Visa card, and she said she would immediately removed the $54.85 worth of charges. I called the bank and told them it was a fraud and they stopped both charges. I'd like to know how they got my name and Visa number? I had purchased some software on line from Australia, but nother odd other than that.

  • Sm
    smlatham Aug 27, 2009

    This customer has been charging my AMEX for $14.95 per month. When I called to confront them, they told me that they were not allowed to tell me who was using my card, but would discontinue charging me.

    Pretty freaky that they could charge me, but would not tell me why or who done it.

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  • Ma
    Mary 76 Dec 05, 2009

    I live in the Eurozone and UOL Juno Online as well as UOL Netzero Online made
    Fraudulent Charges to my credit card.

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  • La
    lakepark Jul 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just discovered the UOL JUNO Online charged my debit card without permission. I would never use their services as I already have a cable-based internet connection. I called my bank as soon as I discovered the charge to have my debit card canceled. I will also file a complaint with my state's consumer protection department.

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  • Ha
    Hate it Feb 02, 2011

    I have never ordered anything from them but they charged me unauthorizedly. I called them and they just kept me transferred from department to department. When I finally found someone to describe what was happening to me, he hanged up on me (twice!!). Does anyone know how to deal with this situation (like suing the company or reporting this issue to some governmental department), besides complaint (which is the only thing I can do right now)?

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  • Ri
    Ricardo Mellizo Jun 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Parece que esta empresa está realizando cargos fraudulentos a las tarjetas de crédito. En micaso particular aparecen cargos mensuales de US$14.95 y no tengo hasta el momento solución a este problema. Ni mi banco ni los señores de la empresa dan respuesta a esto. Los señores de UOL JUNO ON LINE son unos pícaros, deshonestos, hampones internacionales que buscan lucrarse con un servicio fraudulento que uno no ha contratado.

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refuses to refund money

I had been a subscriber to internet service through for over 10 years.

I finally was able to get access to DSL service in my neighborhood, so I signed up for it. An ISP connection was included in the basic monthly service charge for the DSL line itself, so I no longer needed Juno.

Juno bills a month in advance and requires a credit card to charge each month. I just happened to call to cancel my account (you can't do it on-line, you have to wait for ever for someone to answer the phone and then they try to sell you "back-up" service or on-line virus protection) on the same day that my credit card was to be charged for the next month. When I asked the "service" representative if I would get a credit applied back to my card, I was advised, "That is not our policy". When I demanded to speak to a supervisor, I was told they would transfer me and then the line went dead.

For 10 years my only complaint was the occasional server outage, but now I am totally pissed.

unauthorized charge

This was sent to me from my PayPal account today, I dont know who these people are and I have not used my...

unauthorized charge

10/25/10 I was charged $24.95 from VISA - UOL*JUNO ONLINE. I didn't authorize or even know what this i...

unauthorized charge

A charge for $14.95 appeared on my American Express card last month. I have NEVER signed up for their service. In fact, I have not even heard of this company before. The first person I spoke with at Juno first asked me for the phone number on the account. I explained to him that I never signed up for service. He was able to pull up an account under my name using my AmEx number but was not authorized to tell me to what phone number the dial-up service was linked. He gave me a reference number and transfered me to the cancellation dept. The man in this department told me that the account that was under my name was not using an AmEx card but a Mastercard. They do not have an AmEx number on file for me. I gave him the last four digits of the only two mastercards I have and neither matched. Nor was my mother's maiden name correct. He told me he couldn't help me. I hung up and disputed the charge with Amex. I it was removed from my account.

  • Er
    erin verdi Jul 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    $4.97 charge on credit card-I have no idea who this company is and I have never used their services

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  • Up
    UpsetCanadian Feb 18, 2010

    Unauthroized transaction on my credit card from this company in California. I called them and the first thing the automated voice said "We are accessing your account, please hold". Very strange. And then once they accessed my account they asked me to punch in my phone number.

    Of course I didn't do what they asked as we all should be aware of scammers that ask for information from us when we are first calling them to ask who they are.

    Learn people - don't let low lifes like this use us. Never give any information out - always confront them and get them to talk and dole out some information and you will see how long they stay on the line.

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  • Wi
    williams trucking Dec 01, 2010

    uol juno unathorized charges on my company credit card of $30.85 on this date 11/05/10 AMEX !

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  • Ke
    Kenvan Jan 26, 2011

    March 2010 I had a charge from UOL Juno for $9.95 which I contested it and it was taken off of my credit card bill. Again on 01/23/2011 a charge for $14.95 which I contested it and it was taken off of my credit card bill. then again on 01/24/2011 another charge for $14.95 on which also contested and again had removed from my credit card bill.
    Question, is this petty theft or an honest mistake? How many thousands/millions of dollars have they (stolen) this way?

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fraud/ invalid collection

6 months ago my husband was getting packages sent to him which he did not order. We contacted the companies and found out there was no information except my husband's name and address and a Juno account which we do not nor have we ever had. We get our internet through our local phone company Reliance Connects and have had it for years. We called Juno they had no information on the person except the email address. There was no name or address or contact information under my husband's name with them at that time. I advised this was a fraud charge and to mark it disputed. My husband went to the bank and changed his debit card information and we were credited back the monies for the packages that were sent to us once we returned them. There continues to be someone in our local area that is using mine and his accounts after we use our debit card. They are investigating these charges now. We have NEVER received a bill from Juno or a request to pay so we assumed they took heed to our concerns six months ago and resolved the matter as a fraud. To our surprise now my husbands perfect credit is at risk of being blemished because someone did not care to follow through and send us all docs we requested and proof of signature. We have not received any phone calls from this company or the United Online Collection Division and it is my understanding from managing a collection agency for 6 years, The Fair Debt Collection Practices act requires a third party collection agency to make 3 point contact. Phone calls and letters we have just received a letter dated August 30 but received it on September 7th.

fraudulent charges

On July 5th, 2010 I noticed unauthorized charges on my credit card statement. Under description they were listed as "UOL *Juno Online [protected]".
I have never purchased any products or services from Juno; in fact, I hadn't even heard from such company before. I am still not even sure what they are (organized criminals, I suppose). Fortunately, VISA credited the amount back to my account after I got in touch with them (VISA) to dispute these fraudulent charges.

  • Em
    Emaleth Jul 24, 2010

    Oh. By the way, the scariest part of it all is that the scammers had all kinds of personal information about me, including my one unlisted-and- rarely- used cell phone number and maiden name. Needless to say, I had to cancel my credit card and obtain a new one.

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unathorized credit card charges

I was charged by this company once monthly for 9.95 for several months before I noticed there was a problem (yes, I realize I should have been more diligent in checking my account details...hindsight & all). I have never heard of them or visited their website and already had internet set up through Qwest. When I called the Juno company, they had all of my information correct except they did not have my 'security question' correct. they didn't seem to believe me that I didn't set this account up! it was set up a week prior to our wedding... like I was thinking of internet at that point!! I was reimbursed for only the last two months. am currently disputing the charges through my credit card company.

closing account ending email address

I wanted to close my account and also end the existance of my email address. I got the run around from customer service that I would still have to keep email address open forever for 4.95 a month. I do not want that email address open anymore.I finally got an email from customer service that I wont be billed anymore but the email address will stay open forever. I would like it totally closed

unauthorized charges

I received 2 charges to my bank check card, each in the amount of $14.95, from UOL Juno Online. These charges occurred in November and December 2009. When I called UOL Juno [protected]), they asked for my contact information so they could locate the account, which was for internet service. I gave them my telephone number but they did not have it on file. However, they were able to locate the account using the credit card number they charged. The info they had regarding my address did not match my current home address and when I asked them to tell me the address they had on file, they refused.

After locating the account, they told me that the monthly internet service that I was paying for had never been utilized and they then admitted that, because of this, it seemed as if the account was created fraudulently. It seemed to be a complete surprise to the agent, though. The agent told me that she was going to immediately cancel the service and refund me $14.95. When I reminded her that I had been charged that amount twice, she had to put me on hold. When she came back, she said they would credit me the full amount but it would take a couple of billing cycles to see the reimbursement. In any case, I'm going to notify the fraud department at my bank right now.

  • St
    Stephen J Streit Jul 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I canceled my account with Juno several months ago. However I am still being billed.

    I have switched to Embarq DSL and am very satisfied with their service.

    $25 was taken out of my checking account on July 20, 2007.

    Thank you

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  • Ja
    jacquiblue Jan 20, 2010

    We just got charged $9.95 from this company. Has anybody had any good results to stop them? We have already had to change our credit card once because of this type of thing. We don't want to go through that every other month. Suggestions, or solutions? Anyone?

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  • Be
    Berticlan Jun 03, 2010

    Saludos Amigos! Hello Amigos!

    I´m having the same problem in my Master Card, I already have 3 charges from UOL Juno Online, and I don´t what type of servise they provide.


    Berto from Puerto Rico

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  • Be
    Berticlan Jun 03, 2010

    UOL Juno Online it is a BOBO, be careful

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  • Sa
    Sandy1801 Dec 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My daughter is now studying in USA & she has an account in Bank of America for paying the school fee. However, she found that there are unauthorized charge from JUNO ONLINE 888-839-5866 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-839-5866 end_of_the_skype_highlighting CA since 4/14/10 this year. She contacted BOA but the bank replied that according ferderal law, the bank could only refund for April, May & June's unauthorized charge!

    I complaint that the BOA draws the money from my daughter's account monthly as follow:
    04/14/10 PURCHASE 90630413018603444262401 ON 04/13 AT UOL*JUNO ONLINE 888-839-5866 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-839-5866 end_of_the_skype_highlighting CA -$14.95

    05/14/10 PURCHASE 90630513007541244262401 ON 05/13 AT UOL*JUNO ONLINE 888-839-5866 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-839-5866 end_of_the_skype_highlighting CA -$14.95

    06/14/10 PURCHASE 90630613040269344262401 ON 06/13 AT UOL*JUNO ONLINE 888-839-5866 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-839-5866 end_of_the_skype_highlighting CA -$14.95

    07/14/10 PURCHASE 90630713019083444262401 ON 07/13 AT UOL*JUNO ONLINE 888-839-5866 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-839-5866 end_of_the_skype_highlighting CA -$14.95

    08/16/10 PURCHASE 90630813013117044262401 ON 08/13 AT UOL*JUNO ONLINE 888-839-5866 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-839-5866 end_of_the_skype_highlighting CA -$14.95

    09/14/10 PURCHASE 90630914035322944262401 ON 09/14 AT UOL*JUNO ONLINE 888-839-5866 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-839-5866 end_of_the_skype_highlighting CA -$14.95

    10/14/10 PURCHASE 90631013013354844262401 ON 10/13 AT UOL*JUNO ONLINE 888-839-5866 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-839-5866 end_of_the_skype_highlighting CA -$14.95

    It stopped only in Nov due to my daughter's complaint to the bank. However, it happens again in Dec!

    Anyone can tell who supervise the bank and that Juno Online which is the theft to the consumers who keep money in the bank? Which consumer advocacy agent can help us?

    Very depressed to such a developed country of USA!!!

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  • Ji
    JimPN Feb 25, 2012

    Same thing happened to us.. Found a charge for $14.95 from UOL*JUNO ONLINE on my MasterCard. Looked back and found that it was the second month we were charged. Called the # provided (888-839-5866) and after roughly fifteen minutes on hold, was told that this was a fraudulent account and the charges would be credited within one to two billing cycles as well as my "account" with them would be cancelled. The reason provided was that my credit card # was associated with a different name in their records.
    My guess is that they are tacking charges onto whoever they can get information for, and getting to keep the money from those who do not find the charges on their account statement. Stay alert and review your monthly charges!

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request for cancellation of acct.

I canceled my Juno account in August 2009 ([protected] however, my email address is still receiving messages. I asked that my account and site be canceled, please stop any and all message from coming to the site.

I do not wish to have a free account which is what customer service reported my having. Please stop any account being my name on Juno's site.

  • Ok
    okey proctor Jan 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I abandoned my juno email account about two years ago. I called and asked them to please cancel the service and the charge as i no longer used it. the next month the service charge returned to my account. How can i get them to stop charging me for a service i haven't used in two years?!

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