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Juno Online Services / juno online

May 02, 2019

I received a collection notice letter from united online for $45.00 for Juno services which I cancelled two years ago, as their rates went up annually from $10.00 per month to over $20.00 per month, which they unilaterally debited my credit card month after month without authorization and...

Juno Online Services / frustration in trying to speak with jumia agent mr precious or any other to clear issues on how to proceed to payment on order 343411276.

Aug 19, 2018

He, (Mr Precious), promised to furnish me with the Jumia online services account details, into which I may make a transfer in payment for an order. I waited in vain since last week and all effort to link him failed. Now I don't know if I am in the right place. How could I confidently pay...

Juno Online Services / fees

Oct 16, 2014

I never changed my password for my juno account but now it won't let me log in, won't let me reset my password, and wants to charge me $1.95 per minute to talk to a live rep which sounds like a scam to me. What bull crap! and my stupid paypal account won't let me change my...

Juno / Scam

Nov 24, 2011

I have a charge of 24, 95 from Juno. Some time ago I tried to use Juno and you people told me that Juno did not supply services to wireless customers so we then and there agreed to stop billing me for service that you cannot or do not serve. 06/03 Juno online $ 24, 95 this i... / Refuses to refund money

Jun 19, 2011

After over 10 years as a subcriber to as an internet service provider, I was finally able to get DSL service in my neighborhood. Juno charges for service a month in advance. I just happend to call to cancel my account on the same day that Juno charged my credit card for the next...

UOL Juno Online / ISP service fraud

Jun 14, 2011

I discovered 2 months of fraudulent charges for Juno internet service and promptly contacted by financial institution to cancel the account. They informed me that I should notify the company that placed the charges to let them know: of the fraud, and that I was cancelling the account. I... / Continued receiving charges to our credit card after we canceled the service

May 03, 2011

In January 2007 I called Juno customer service to cancel my account. I connected cable internet the same week and was happy with my new internet connection. I March I noticed that Juno continued charging my credit card our monthly fee for the service. I called to resolve it and they assured...

UOL Juno Online / Unauthorized charge

Mar 21, 2011

Noticed a $39.90 charge I didn't recognize on my corpoate card through work. Called the number and found it was UOL Juno online. I have never signed up with Juno for anything. After an explaination, the person I reached first (India?) named "Bella" transferred me to "Nancy". After...

Juno / Refuses to refund money

Feb 21, 2011

I had been a subscriber to internet service through for over 10 years. I finally was able to get access to DSL service in my neighborhood, so I signed up for it. An ISP connection was included in the basic monthly service charge for the DSL line itself, so I no longer needed...



This was sent to me from my PayPal account today, I dont know who these people are and I have not used my PayPal card for some time to purchase anything. Receipt for your debit card purchase [Print] [Full View] service to you - 16 min ago More Details From: service <[email protected]>...

VISA - UOL*JUNO ONLINE / unauthorized charge


10/25/10 I was charged $24.95 from VISA - UOL*JUNO ONLINE. I didn't authorize or even know what this is about. Please remove charges immediately.

UOL Juno / Unauthorized Charge


A charge for $14.95 appeared on my American Express card last month. I have NEVER signed up for their service. In fact, I have not even heard of this company before. The first person I spoke with at Juno first asked me for the phone number on the account. I explained to him that I never...

Juno / Fraud/ invalid collection


6 months ago my husband was getting packages sent to him which he did not order. We contacted the companies and found out there was no information except my husband's name and address and a Juno account which we do not nor have we ever had. We get our internet through our local phone...

UOL Juno Online / fraudulent charges


On July 5th, 2010 I noticed unauthorized charges on my credit card statement. Under description they were listed as "UOL *Juno Online 888-839-58". I have never purchased any products or services from Juno; in fact, I hadn't even heard from such company before. I am still not even sure...

UOL Juno Online / unathorized credit card charges


I was charged by this company once monthly for 9.95 for several months before I noticed there was a problem (yes, I realize I should have been more diligent in checking my account details...hindsight & all). I have never heard of them or visited their website and already had internet set...

Juno / closing account ending email address


I wanted to close my account and also end the existance of my email address. I got the run around from customer service that I would still have to keep email address open forever for 4.95 a month. I do not want that email address open anymore.I finally got an email from customer service...

UOL Juno Online / Unauthorized Charges


I received 2 charges to my bank check card, each in the amount of $14.95, from UOL Juno Online. These charges occurred in November and December 2009. When I called UOL Juno (888-839-5866), they asked for my contact information so they could locate the account, which was for internet...

Juno / request for cancellation of acct.


I canceled my Juno account in August 2009 ([email protected]) however, my email address is still receiving messages. I asked that my account and site be canceled, please stop any and all message from coming to the site. I do not wish to have a free account which is what customer service...

Juno Online Services / Awful service


I was among the first Juno free email subscribers- they sent me a postcard about 12 years ago, promising me free email for life. I thought that was a great deal- I'd have a stable email address even if I changed internet providers. My email address was short and simple, easy for me... / Illegal card use

Mi charged my Bank of America credit card for service I never requested. The account they were charging belonged to a person I do not know. I never authorized the charges. charged 3 months at $14.95. Back and forth complaints from me and Bank of America investigation caused...

Juno / never purchased anything from juno


received a letted stating there is an overdue balance of $19.90. I have never used or even heard of this company. I've had the same internet for ages.

UOL Juno Online / Credit Card Charges never made


I have had 3 charges on my credit card from UOL Juno Online as well as UOL Netzero Online. I do not have internet services at home. My office is already set up with internet via cable. I have contacted the company and was placed on hold for a long time. The customer service person, Saul...

Juno / Unable to contact the main decision makers about a policy decision


I am unhappy with the switch Juno made from a user organized Science and Technology section on Juno's generic home page. I was able to read about real science and tech news and comment freely on the topics. this has changes and now the Sci is a rehash of business stuff of no real sci... / Online scam

I had a credit card compromised and used to create a account. My credit card company flagged it as fraudulent and i canceled the card. Two days later i get a welcome package from Juno with my name and address, but i can't get anything done with Juno because for whatever... / Credit card charged after cancellation


I received a letter from juno telling me that my credit card was no more available for juno to take payment. The reason is that December 26/2006 by a telephone call, we advise juno that we no longer wanted the service because we already change our internet access for another company. After...

Juno Internet Service / Connection dump, total dissatisfaction!


We have been with Juno for several years now and are unable to connect. The dial numbers go as far verifying and logging in then dump the connection. We have been down for a week now and with having to pay for tech calls. We are so dissatisfied with their service we will be changing to a new provider.