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lack of transparency, lack of consistency on quotes

Our bill was increased by 22.87% due to our internet package no longer being offered. That increase went from $58.99 per month to $76.49 per month.
I called Friday, March 6, 2020 and Diana quoted a $63.99 per month but only for that day. I had to make a decision then. I talk finances over with my husband and it was not possible to talk on Friday. On Monday I called again this time I got Michelle who connected me to the Loyalty department. I talked to Marty. The quote he gave me which he said the best he had was for a 15% discount was $68.99. Prior to this quote he told me their are 15%, 20%, and 25% discounts and he would try to get me a 25% discount, which it never happened. Now for the same service which is for the preferred internet 150 I have two different prices. The date now is March 9, 2020. Later this day I call Cox again, same number at [protected] as the previous two times, and I get Marie. She takes a lot of time putting me on hold and now the best that she can offer is a $69.99 package and it is not
what I asked for but now ultimate speed 300 mbps which our internet would be faster she says. She also says my our preferred internet 150 is $87.00 per month. The first two I spoke with said that preferred internet 150 was $83.99 per month. Now I am presented with a total lack of transparency with Cox in getting consistent answers for the same product all with in the time period of Friday March 6 and Monday March 9th. The bottom line here is
a lack of transparency, consistency, and not being able to trust what I am being quoted as the price changes depending who I talk to for the same
preferred internet 150.


I received a New Customer promotion for Cox internet by mail with my name and address on it.
I called the number on the promotional letter [protected] and asked about the promotions. It was confirmed that the GIGABLAST was $64.99 per month for 24months, no contract, unlimitated data and free pano wifi router rental, and was available to me.
So I set up a date on Saturday 11th. January for the free installation.
The ticket number for the work order #CUI000009108058.
I did notice that I did not receive an email from COX confirming so called back approx a week later and everything was reconfirmed again, price and installation date.
Now I have received my first bill a week later after installation of service and the charge is $79.99 per month for 24months.
I immediately called yesterday Saturday Jan 18th. to question the mistake and was told that the promotion was not to be found or did not exist for $64.99!
I made three more phone calls including the same number I originally called and asked if that promotion was still available and was told YES but when I said I was being charged $79.99 I was put on hold and passed to someone else who said it did not exist in the system!!!
Finally I called my local COX store 1931 Plank Rd. Fredericksburg 22401 and they said YES they sent me the promotion and that it was a nationwide promotion but could not give me a Promotion Code for it.
My frustration was beyond belief at this point as I feel either this is false
advertising and in fact fraud if you are sold a promotional price that does not exist. How many other people are out there having this same problem
This should be addressed and corrected immediately.


I am going through a rough month and a half and cox communications refuses to work with me on my bill. I had to travel to a different state because of a death in the family they did extend the bill date out I was suppose to pay 370 we when I came back I lost my job because I was gone for so long. I called and said I had 250 of it if they could work with me and basically told me no. They set me up for automatic payment withdrawal which I have said in the past not to do because I have a prepaid card and I wasn't set up for direct deposit and because they did that it screwed me on getting help. I have had issues since day 1 and to be honest they don't care about us. I have always paid my bill when I said I was and because i'm having a rough month apparently i'm not worth it. I left directv to a company that treats us horrible and has terrible service. Somebody please help me.

I am complaining about my bill.

I have been a loyal customer with Cox Communications for the past eleven years. So what I am saying is I pay my bill on time every month. I agreed upon a one year contract (Internet and T.V.) that was guaranteed to me with a set price to not increase. I just received my bill and low and behold it had a price increase. I do not have the money in my budget for such an increase seeing as how I was promised there would not be one. This company is not true to its word. Now I am looking elsewhere for services where I will be treated with respect.

cable hbo

In 11/2018 I was offered free HBO for 2 years, I agreed. In 10/2019 with my bill forever climbing, I called to try and give up some services. I was told I had to keep at least 1 box as I had a contract for HBO. The other day I was talking with Cox through chat and was told I don't have HBO. Told I called and was told I had to pay a $110 termination fee to get rid of my cable and just keep WiFi because of my contract. I told the lady that if Cox cut my HBO they violated the contract and that should void the contract. They lady argued with me that HBO could be terminated and I still owe the termination fee if I don't keep cable and internet. I told her that the terms of the original contract was I would get HBO free for 2 years and Cox eliminated my HBO. I tried telling her you can't promise a service and initiate a contract based on other services then take the promised service away because that's a bait and switch and that is completely illegal. She disconnected on me and when I called back the 2nd lady completely agreed that HBO never should have been removed. I had not watched my cable for more than a month so I never realized they disconnected my HBO until I was told. So for more than a full month Cox had already violated the contract on their end and then wanted to force me to pay $110 termination fee. When I brought it to Cox attention that the contract was based on me getting HBO free for 2 years but since cox disconnected on me 2 months ago that should void the contract, such voiding any termination fee. Of course the lady from Cox argued that I was wrong and I still own a termination fee if I remove my cable. The 2nd lady said she would notify her supervisor about the lady that was seriously arguing with me. I don't think it's right at all that Cox can say one thing and to another.
The fact that Cox disconnected the HBO for a two month period should have voided the contract and as such voided the termination fee.

cable tv installation verbiage

I was told by a friend of mine that Cox technicians use very offensive lingo for setting up services. The Contour 2 mini box is described to customers (who dont care, obviously) as the "slave" box. When I asked my friend about it, he said the tech told him "slave box lives off the primary box" and that is how it was described to him. Now correct me if I'm wrong but there are certainly other ways to describe a secondary box for tv cable during setup. The term is racist and disgusting! I would never use Cox and I certainly will be sharing this information.

dangerous driving by cox service van, rhode island license tag number 93430.

11/25/19 at approximately 4:45pm EST

In the Southbound lane on Greenwich Ave near Crossings Blvd., in Warwick, Rhode Island, I was waiting at a red light, with one car in front of me and a Cox service van to my left in the other Southbound lane. When the light turned green, the car in front of me started moving and and I started to follow them. The Cox van was still stopped although there was no one in front of them at the light. I believe the driver was looking at his/her phone because of the light in the cab. The road converges to one lane, and when I got to that point, I noticed that the Cox van driver had accelerated quickly to catch up to me and was now driving in the center lane, which was for turning only. They continued this behavior for a few blocks coming closer and closer to my vehicle until they practically ran me off of the road. They then slowed down dramatically for no reason that I could see.

cox wifi hotspot by fake company a1 lithium

I have major ID theft that began while using Cox residential services. A year later in my private condo there is a commercial grade Cox WiFi hotspot operating supposedly in the condo above me. The only issue is there is no A1 Lithium company anywhere!! I have already called Cox fraud several times. I opened up a case and the WIFI spot disappeared. Now it's back. I have bank fraud in 3 banks 4 SSN on my credit. The FBI says it's an ID theft ring and honestly Cox employees would not surprise me. My stepsisters bf was working at Cox and he told me first hand all the scams and accounts opened up fraudulently by employees to get bonuses. My 9 year olds phone IP address says it's a Cox Ip Netblock so clearly this hotspot is attaching to our devices. No Cox or WiFi supposed to be anywhere near my house. I have an ongoing investigation including email intrusion, ID theft, bank fraud, wire fraud you name it. This hotspot needs to get SHUT OFF IMMEDIATELY!!

cox wifi hotspot by fake company a1 lithium
cox wifi hotspot by fake company a1 lithium
cox wifi hotspot by fake company a1 lithium
cox wifi hotspot by fake company a1 lithium

cable tv, internet, bundle

I've been with Cox Communications over 20 years. I have had the exact same bundle for many years. Last year I realized my bill was so high at $250 range a month for the bundle of Internet, Cable TV, and I'm forced to keep my landline although I don't even have a Land phone.

Last year 2018 around November I called to ask why my bill was so high? I was told if I agreed to a 2 year contract my bill would go down to the $220 range including fees. I was reluctant but I agreed to the terms as discussed with cox rep. My husband pays the bills and doesn't pay much attention. He eventually went out of town for business and I paid the bills and I noticed my cable bill was $265 including $15 of rentals. It's been one year since I entered a contract with them to bring my bill down to $220 including fees & taxes for two years. I called and got the run around. I asked a simple question: Why, is my bill higher than prior to signing a two year contract to lower it? She said I can see that your Bill has remained steadily at the $260 range for the last year. I thought What is she talking about??

I was livid - this is not the first time this company has lied to me. They will lie and say the bundle or contract includes fees and taxes when it does not. About 5 years ago, I even had one rep offer me the same bundle for $175 then when I got my bill - it was over $200.

I asked for manager. He was dodging my question by saying things like, "you like your channels? You are saving $50 already with your bundle"

- That's not the point.

I asked him to look back at what I've been paying (also the pdf bill they send is the ONLY document my iPhone 8 device cannot open ironically) he said something about at the second year of your 2 year contract The bill goes up. From $220 to $245, I said that makes no sense. If it goes up - then why did I sign a two year contract in the first place if there is no savings for two years? I asked the manager why the previous rep told me my bill has been consistently in the 260 range for the past year? He could not answer me and put me on hold came back and said he got me on a different special that will save me about $15.

I want to cancel Cox - I'm disgusted with their dishonest deceptive marketing. I am sick and tired of their unethical business practices, false misrepresentations and being lied to. Now I'm stuck with one year left with this worthless contract.

phone and internet

We have been experiencing problems with our phone service and internet speed for about a month. We also are having problems with technicians keeping appointments as scheduled. We have a phone service that's inconsistent, calls drop, call waiting does not work properly; calls on the television display drop when answered. When we do get a tech we get different answers from different techs about the problem. I need to speak with someone about this problem. As long as I have been a customer our service has never been this bad. We can be reached at [protected] this is a cell because we can't rely on our land line to operate correctly. Finally the last technician that was scheduled did not come; although he told his office he did. When you do call please ask for shirley williams.

Richard Williams

customer service (retention department)

I pay my bill monthly, I have never been in close to disconnection since I have been a customer of COX. I'm a loyal customer and pay for the service I use. I have just experienced...

payment - collections issues

COX Communications and Waypoint Resource Group I am upset because my name was associated with a collection's agency. My name was the only item that was correct with the...

cox internet service

My Internet was out all day Tuesday. So, I waited till Wednesday morning to call. They troubleshoot my system and said everything looks good and had 3 individuals for a total of 1 hour 1/2 troubleshoot again, but need to get a tech out there Thursday. Thursday came Tech arrived but could not troubleshoot because their COX system was down nationwide. So made another appointment for Friday between 8 to 10am, NO TECH showed up. Contact Cox and told me my modem was old and get a new one. So turned in my old one and got a new modem. Still not working, and said it could be the router. So went back to Cox and got a modem with a router. Guess what, still no internet and online tech troubleshoot my system and still same original symptom found on Wednesday. Told that a tech will be out on Saturday between 3 to 5pm. So, I had no Internet since Tuesday went through 4 different call persons, 1 unruly tech who was upset because he came on his day off and I don't expect to see a tech on Saturday between 3 - 5. If no show again by tech I am done with COX after 23 years as a devoted patron.

internet and customer service

Hi, just want to get on record the terrible service and customer experience I just received from the clearly money hungry company, COX! after shotty internet service all day the tech support tells me my only option is to pay a tech to come out to my house. Same hoyse that had 100% service yesterday. Normally not a huge deal if there was actually a legit reason someone needs to come inside my house. Not ok to just ask people to fork over money when we are all aware cox overcharges. not happy with that option i ask to get transferred to the team that cancels seevice. Talked with Marina who didnt even ask me why i wanted to cancel just wanted a shut off date. I was denied my request to transfer to a manager. I demand respect as a customer. Most people don't cancel because of the hassel but I'm well aware other companies are cheaper. Ill pay $100 less and accept an alternative.


Have to upgrade to Contour. Ordered new box. Still waiting for new box to arrive. Tonight they shut off my cable. I call them. They apologize. Admit it is their computer glitch. Ordered Friday night on the 11th. Not expected to arrive until this Friday due to weekend then holiday. Today is Tuesday. Told I will not have cable until new box is received and activated even though this is their computer glitch. And they keep raising cable due to their greed. So tired of their unwillingness to fix this "glitch" of theirs.

trying to get a better price

I was Trying to get a better price. They jacked up my price I went to the store @ 1945 camelbacks Phoenix try to drop the phone line which I don't need it anymore and the guy at...

internet installation

I contacted Cox to sign up for internet service in my home. An appointment was scheduled for Cox to come a week later. I was the given the date (10/8/19) between the hours of 3:00 - 5:00. At 5:00 no one had shown up and no one called me. At 5:00 I called Cox customer service and was told that the technician was still at another job. Since I start work at midnight, I decided I could not wait until later in the evening since I had not been to bed and be at work at midnight. So I rescheduled the installation for the next day (10/9/19) again between the hours of 3:00 - 5:00. Once again no one called and no one showed up. So again I called Cox Customer service... a call that lasted 27 minutes. The agent advised me he could have a technician at my house around 6:30 p.m. Again, I have to be at work at midnight so this will not work. After being placed on hold numerous times, the customer service agent came back on the line and told me the next available date was on 10/17/19. I could not believe that they could not get my installation done before that date. I had waited a week for the first appointment, had two no-shows, and now they want me to wait again for another week?

I asked the agent if this is how they treat new customers, how were existing treated. I advised them that I should not have to wait another week since Cox couldn't show up on time. The agent told me they were not going to send someone out until 10/17/19. I told him that I should not have to wait another week, and that if he can't get my internet installed, I would go with a different internet service provider. The agent basically said that was "okay" and that was the end of the call.

I find it incredible that a company as large as Cox is so easily giving away business. I'm less than impressed with Cox's customer service.

unwilling to let me eliminate services

When I called to eliminate some of the services from my account in Dana Point/San Juan Capistrano CA the rep (Isaiah) decided now would be a good time to hassle me about my decision. He lied, telling me that if I reduce my service to internet access only the cost would be $150/month. When I pressed him he recanted and told me that since we are using 60% of our data already we will not be able to stay under the 1024 Gigabytes we currently have (really?), so the cost will go up. I kept telling him that I did not come for a sales call and did not want to hear the threats and sales crap, he then condescendingly asked me who called whom (they are going to call me to change my service?) and hung up on me when I insisted that we stick to the purpose of my call.
This is exactly why I will be trying to find a replacement for Cox, so that I can get them out of my life for good. Cox is a bad company that practices monopolistic behavior with customers and employs entitled employees who have a "customer is to be abused" attitude.

customer service

Was told i was wrong customer is never right ...been hung up 4 times and made fun of by the reps ..they made a mistake in my payment arrangments wont correcr it ...was told i should pay my bill on time ...made me very depressed and suicdial ...i cant go to a different company apt is cox only ...i have no choice ...very rudes combative customer service reps ...supervisor dont want to take my call ...

cox apartment wiring

I moved into a HUD apartment. It has a cox connection and an antenna hookup. The antenna is dead,
however. I checked where it entered the building and a portion had been cut and the conduit reused by
the cox cable installer, taken from the sixth floor and relocated to the basement where it was used to
Rough in the cox cable. I am forced to use cox as regular signal airway tv is illegally removed. So, I refuse
Cox as a criminal enterpriise.


We have Cox Hi Speed Internet Ultimate, and hence, pay an ultimate price. We have interruptions to our Television, streaming & internet daily. The advertised internet speed is "300 MB/s" but the most I've seen is 1.5 MB/s. Most of the time it doesn't top 300 KB/s & now it dwindles from 150 KB/s down to 0 and then hangs, then comes back on to an average of 25 KB/s. They are having serious problems nationwide with their networks so I'm investigating and time stamping the periods of interruption for crediting the account. HOWEVER they CAN NOT OFFER a service for the advertised speeds NOR CHARGE for those claimed speeds if NOT ONCE in the billing cycle is said speeds EVER achieved! I want FCC action!


  • Updated by SlobodanElectro · Sep 26, 2019

    But 2 weeks into pay cycle, no way data caps have been reached yet. Currently downloading at 50 KB/s. I'm the only one using services in this household at this time, and I am streaming no YouTube or even watching TV. Simply downloading at 50 KB/s at 4AM CST in the ZIP code 74133.

[Resolved] wrong caller id on outgoing calls

Account: 001 1032 [protected] Phone numbers: [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] We have called customer service several times reporting that the Caller ID on...

service and product

9/20/2019 -I called and asked about all the fees weeks before a technician came out to install my wifi modem. as he arrives almost late to the appointment I knew there was going to be problems...they gave me a layout of everything that was going to cost the billing cycle which includes 179.99 modem purchase service per month and 75 dollars for techincian and equipment. they came out with no modem and expect me to pay for rent modem.

cox homelife

Where do I start... We submitted a request to have cox cable install 4 automation cameras. When the technician arrived he had a request to install an alarm system. The tech...


Dear Sir or man I very disafied with cox communications they knowing used my personal info like debt info ssi birthday and also over charged for the service knowing that they were living to me they debt my card ran my credit and used my personal info to line there pockets the employees took advance of a disabled person and committed identy theft and fraud if this doesn't stop I will report them to the police

  • Updated by Unspoken33 · Sep 13, 2019

    I have cox communications wifi and how ever cox communications employees used my birthday sis number address debt card and apply for cards and open account they committed identy theft and fraud and they knowing took advance of a disable person. The cox communications used my info Without my knowledge they robed my and over charred for services and used my name ilegaly to pay there bills I dont know I just them to the police if I doesn't stop cox communications is the worst

existing customer trying to transfer service

I've been lied to from 4 different Cox Agents ever since Thursday September 5, 2019. All I'm trying to do is transfer my service from an old address to my current address. I did what they told me to do and I'm still not getting the service I deserved. I'm in online school and my work is due September 15, 2019 by 11:59pm. I'm not a new customer and I shouldn't be held accountable for someone else bill especially since I been paying my bill on time for a year.

cuentas no autorizadas

Buenas tardes, mi nombre es Efrain Castro soy victima de fraude con su compañia, necesito saber que debo hacer porque agencias cobradoreas me estan cobrando dinero de su compañía...

phone service

We switched from Verizon to Cox August 21st after speaking with the sales person. The one criteria was to keep our old land line phone number. The sales person promised it could be done after they give me a temporary phone number and would only take a couple of days.
We have called Cox seven different times, had to talk to seven different people, give all the same info as they could never find anything and the last five were 'supervisiors' and tier 2 which seems to mean nothing. Each one promises it will get done and they will call us. All of the say not to cancel the Verizon package as it will interupt the phone. So, here we are still paying for Verizon and paying Cox and still this transfer of land line number doesn't get done.
It doens't mean a thing to say you called on 'date' and spoke to 'person' because the next person can't find anything.
So sorry we switched!! They promise anything you want but it's not what you get.


I made an international phone call to the UK yesterday using my Cox landline after a quick search made me believe it would be $0.06/ minute. Unfortunately, when I looked again in more detail after the 90 minute call, I realized that was under the business category and that without a special plan, they charge residential customers $2.89 per minute! That one call will more than double my bill! Not to mention that it is exorbitant compared to other phone companies. I looked up Sprint, and their highest rate is only $1.96/minute for better service. Cox is just out to gouge people for whatever they can. I called and asked about adding the international plan for $2.99/ month after the call which would bring the cost down to $0.04/minute but they wouldn't make it effective for before the call. Such a rip off. We are cancelling service as soon as our plan is up in a month or so.

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    Cox Email Setting Sep 19, 2019

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lies each day: line drop and install

We have been communicating to different person each day about how line drop was confirmed. Last Tuesday a technician came and in front of us submitted for line drop. He said it...

internet / cable

Today Tuesday September 3rd we got home and realized that our internet and were not working, we called Cox costumer support and besides being unwilling to help they put me on hold...

customer service and tactics

We no Ed in to apartment with cable and utility included and we decide to get internet we are 59$ behind in our inter net so we set up paying plan we paid one 20 then they cut of...

service member civil relief act violation

i was recalled to active duty October 2017 forcing me to relocate and cancel my contract with Cox Communication early. I informed Cox of my recall to active duty and I was told that my early termination fee would be waived under SCRA. Once my early termination fees were waived I was informed I only had a balance left due to equipment. Cox does that service the area that I moved to so I mailed the equipment back, once I mailed everything back I was informed I had a zero balance in 2018. At the beginning of this month August 2019, I receive a notification from Experian stating that I had a collection account on my credit report from Cox Communication for a past due balance of $1327.00. I made contact with cops and they informed me that almost $800 of the charges were for an early termination fee and the rest was for equipment. I once again informed them that I was activated to military orders and mailed them their equipment back in 2018. I have disputed thus collections account on my credit report but it keeps coming back as being found accurate. I cannot afford for this to be on my credit especially an issue that I resolved. In addition, once Cox verified the equipment was received, I never received a phone call, email or mail from Cox Communication stating that I had a past due balance. I also reached out to the collection department, Credit Management Services, and inform them of the situation. Nothing has been resolved, this item remains on my credit report and it's greatly affecting it. Listed below are the names of the representatives I spoke with regarding this matter at Cox Communication and with Credit Management Services.
Cox Communication:
Mike- Supervisor (Badge ID xrxmiari) Location: west Texas

Vianey (Badge ID B60373)

Credit Management services: Sophia (Employee ID A2Z)

  • Updated by CaliShay · Aug 22, 2019

    I have made contact with COX several times and I am told someone will call me back, no one has called me back. This item still remains on my credit report. This not fair to me or other military members to deal with these type of issues because companies do not want to abide by the law or think we don't know our rights.

cable internet and phone

To start off they lied about the contract price lock for service...the price I was quoted I never paid...bill goes up every month...I didn't receive the package that wa...

wrongfully charged for equipment previously returned to there store

On November 28, 2017, I returned a Cox issued modem to their store in Laguna Niguel, CA. They have no record of the return and have added $122 to my bill requesting that I pay for it. It is not my responsibility to manage their equipment intake. I'm requesting that they remove the $122 from my bill.

This is coming to light now because I removed cable TV service from my account and am now only using Cox for an Internet connection using my own modem that I have been using since November 28, 2017. I currently do not have any Cox equipment in my home.

rude customer service esther b60842

I wanted to cancel service. It is so very difficult to do so. I gave them the pin in the account, and the first concert, but she said they are wrong. So I told her to call me back on the phone on file and try to help. She refused. She told me to go to a cox communication store.

She talked down to me (hope they recorded the conversation), and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, she put me on hold for 5 minutes, being rude when she came back and she hung up on me...

VERY UNETHICAL!!! When you want to sign up for service, they take your credit card easily over the phone. When you want to cancel service, they give you such a hard time!!!

rep named karen in the loyalty department.

I spoke today with someone from another department who was very polite and did listen and said "yes it does seem like you are paying a lot, so I will connect you with our loyalty...

homelife products

I had to speak to 4 different people on one phone call before I was told the supervisor would be filing my complaint with a Homelife Supervisor. I was told I was GUARANTEED to get a return phone call from a Homelife supervisor that next day. It has been over a week and I've received no call to resolve my complaint. I want my money refunded for the defective smoke alarms that were installed in my home! I spend plenty of money on many of your services but will be cancelling ALL services when my contract is up if I'm not refunded and contacted as promised!!!

internet service/cable channel

I have Internet service and cable service with Cox Communications. I signed up for Internet/cable services with Cox less than six months ago at the Hillcrest Branch of San Diego...


I recorded Full episodes of an all day special Flea market Flip and had been watching it every day with my wife, all of a sudden all the episodes were gone,
I called Cox and was told the episodes were no longer available except on on demand .
I stated that was my property they had no right to do that they would not get my property Back, they also wasted my time telling me a service call would resolve the issue the tech never heard of the problem and could not get back my shows !