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So recently, McDonalds introduced yogurt into their Happy Meals. Alright, had no problem with this. It's good to offer a nutritous substitute to fries, after all. Now, I have a small appetite, so I normally get a Happy meal, rather than the adult-sized equivalent. I'm also lactose intolerant (and not the 'I get gas in four hours' kind, the 'I vomit as soon as milk hits my esophagus' kind), so I was rather pissed to find out that they now put the yogurt in the kids meals, and you don't have the option to say 'No, I can't eat it.' When I asked for a substitution, they said they couldn't do that. When I told them to just not put it in the bag, they said they couldn't do that either. So I got home and threw a container of yogurt in the garbage, and hated myself for having to do so, because I hate wasting food.
McDonalds says on their website (and by the way, they REALLY need an email complaint system. It won't let me submit a damn thing without an American address) that they substitute apple slices, but EVERY time I ask them to do this, they say they can't. At least six times I've tried, and they won't let me.


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    Reviewer29371 Nov 20, 2015
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    Why is it you keep up with calories but you can't provide sugar free syrup for diabetics.

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  • Ri
    rivera maria Oct 24, 2014

    On 10/24/14 purchased an Oatmeal in the said location and into my second spoon of the oatmeal I felt something unnatural in my mouth, when I spit the item onto my hand is when I realized it was a natural finger nail.

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  • Zo
    zoe perry Jul 01, 2013
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    Dead fly on my chips, so glad my grandchildren had not consumed the food

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    pasrof muppet Jan 11, 2013
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    Just as sick as you posing as a female tasha12.

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  • NeveragainAmazon Oct 18, 2012

    Ok.Tasha .then YOU educate ME...and tell me this...if a person who believes that 2+1=3 is "utterly ignorant"...then what does that make a person who believs that 2+1=2 ????

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  • Gd
    gddlss Oct 08, 2012

    Hi Izzy.

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  • PaminOhio Sep 07, 2012

    Trashbag-Do you think-dream of me often? Well thank you but I don't need another little boy to look after. Not sure where you got that im lying, but I know the truth, (were did you et that hes 19? lol I would be so depressed if the boys were that old by now!) Im going to be honest with you-I did make a mistake posting on someone else complaint about my son(s) and my issues I have with the one. That had nothing to do with this board. Also, I know you and your bakery friend think you can et a "rise" (LOL get it?) or piss me off TRY it again. ### like that dosent bother me. Been through a lot in my life. ESP with my son. You know the one-the one you keep trashing & calling me a lair over? Yep thats the one. Why are you so into me and my posts? Is that what they refer to as a troll?
    Take care, Pam¤
    PS, carful what you wish life! Karma

    Hope your having a good nigh!

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  • PaminOhio Sep 07, 2012

    Trashbag, By any chance do you stay up at night thinkinbg about me?
    Never seen anyone literally up my ### so much.!
    Honey you really should get a hobby instead of thinking up ways to TRY to intimidate other members by your bulling. Not working here.

    Anyone watch that movie "Coma" on A&E? Started on Labor day.
    Watching some of the re-runs tonight. Pretty good.

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  • PaminOhio Sep 07, 2012

    Bakerynut-you didnt even see my complaint-LOL whats the matter with some of you?
    Time to get off the GI Joe & Barbi computers-maybe get out of the house and hit the playground.

    Have a SUPER night lol
    Pam ¤

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  • Ba
    BakeryGaI Sep 06, 2012

    I have to agree with you about Pam lying about her son being terminally ill. In the original review, (the one where she claimed she could not pay off her car payments) she claimed it was her HUSBAND who had lymphoma treatment, that they could not pay off the bills because of his treatments and not working. Now she is changing the story and claimed her son is the one receiving the treatments. I notice she also realized how she lied to us and had that review deleted(the one about not paying her car loans because her husband is "ill" as well as other evidence that she twisted her story around. Kind of and a slap to the face for those who are truly having their loved ones suffer from a terminal illness.

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  • Iz
    Izzy M. Sep 06, 2012

    Referring to me, Drenda, or someone else? I'm still here, checking back on my messages every so often, but I've seen nothing of interest to reply to, and so I haven't.

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  • PaminOhio Aug 29, 2012

    Anything else tasha poo I will play. But as I explained-it was my fault bringing up my family and said im done. Please respect that.

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  • PaminOhio Aug 27, 2012

    "You also admitted you only made that part about your son having cancer"
    "You admitted that you don't really have a son and he really does not have cancer'

    I never "admitted" to anything.
    I do admit I have a son, a couple of them and said I will be going to CA. with him for further lymphoma treatment.
    Figured since I was in your "hood" would LOVE to meet you since we will be there for a few extra days.
    First of all I would NEVER waste my money to come see you, are you off your rocker? (YES!)
    You may think your worth my time, Trust me, your not. Im only seeking you out due to im coming out there.
    I, we do spend pleanty of time with our son(s) Whats your excuess?

    My only mistake was posting here something personal. Some will not stop at anything to hurt ones feelings I have to admit, this was 100% my fault. I learned to think before posting.
    I tried to send you a private message but you chose to ignore it.
    Hate to hurt the babys feelings but I will not discuss my family with you on this site any longer.
    Consider it closed. .

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  • PaminOhio Aug 27, 2012

    "Why would anyone fly to Cali for lymphoma treatment?"
    Brenda, I will address you since the other comment is not relevant or worth my time :)
    My husband and I are taking our one son to CHOC, Its a children's hospital that specializes in lymphoma (non-Hodgkin lymphoma) He has been fighting this for almost 2 years now.
    It started when we noticed his lymph nodes would always be swollen. coughing, wheezing, more then a child should be. Problems swallowing.
    He just recently had the bone marrow aspiration and biopsy done at the Cleveland clinic as well as a Immuohitochemistry study (spelling?) All in all we are just not happy with the way things have NOT been going. We were Ref. to CHOC due to a great pediatric oncology Dr. as well as the hospital itself.
    So, hope this help answered your question as to way we will be taking him to CHOC in CA.
    The Cleveland Clinic is a great hospital but if you can't find a great Dr to go with that hospital it doesn't work out. For us anyway. And we do want the best no matter the cost.

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  • PaminOhio Aug 27, 2012

    Descartes, It's not but he/she chose to bring it here. I PV messaged them about meeting up when we get in CA. but wont respond to my private messages. I agree-it should not be on this thread.

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  • PaminOhio Aug 27, 2012

    Never-EVER! MADE ANY TYPE OF REFS that I ever was or even close to happy that my baby boy has lymphoma. GOD I would give my life just to take some-any of his pain away!
    I guess you don't read comments clearly & probley the reason your alway having conflict with other members?
    Why am I so happy? I TRIED to explaine that to you. I (we) will be staying at, Quality Suites Anaheim Stadium. Arriving Sept.13th. Close to your "hood"? That is if you live were you say you live you.
    We will be visiting CHOC for 2 days. After that, I'm freeI and would love to meet with you face to face.
    Like to talk to you about how i'm sick in the head, and how my son would be in a better place if he did pass away to Im a 3 year old ect...
    I really want to meet this person behind the computer that likes to talk ### so we can either talk or so I can finally beat the fk out of you. Tell you what, this will make it easy for you..When we check into Quality Suites I will tell the front desk to put in the computer "PaminOhio" with our info this way you can verify Im there and waiting to meet you. I can always come see you, your not hard to find number 9, trust me lol.
    Can't wait, this should be fun after I get my son taken care of.
    See you in a few weeks.

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  • PaminOhio Aug 25, 2012

    OMG numbe9 Tasha 9! Just YOUR luck! I just cked my email and have good news! My son, 2nd oldest has, lymphoma (Thats NOT good news, at all! Damn that fking disease!!!) and found a hospital right in your area! I will be flying in with my son on Sept. 13th at 8:45am Santa Ana.
    Think it maybe a perfect time for you and I to meet up...IF you live were you say. Im up for it! We can chat about our disagreements or I can just beat your ###? LOL your choice, your town. :)
    I'll be there, can't wait to meet you.
    Got you in my lil black book. See you then number 9!!

    -4 Votes
  • PaminOhio Aug 24, 2012

    Oh I was just wondering-You say "I said" You have no life? LOL Im on the computer at 2-3am?
    Ummm if you are indeed telling the TRUTH, , THIS TIME and do live in Orange County, CA as you claim, .It's only a 3 hours diffrence(.LOL) From Ohio. Just wondering what your point may be?
    What are you doing here at that or this time yourself? (LOL, I promise you I never gave it a thought, , , , yet)
    Think you may have just busted yourself...lmao Now that ### funny!

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  • PaminOhio Aug 24, 2012

    Izzy, I concur on staying up doing and working on thesis. You got that staright on! I diffently am on that more nocturnal stage in my life right now.

    Yes, there is a huge diffrence in our grammer Izzy-at least your educated enought to see this.
    Is this not insane how some come to a complaint board just to find a weak link to pick on, call names or just find any fault in them to make themself feel better? I have tried my best to reason with some of the individuals on this very board only to be criticize, called lude names ect..the list goes on.
    Now I'm being called you, Izzy. Whatever. Let the kids think as they will.
    Maybe they didn't get the toy in their so much anticipated Happy Meal and want to take it out on your complaint post? Hmm makes me wonder now.

    And this 9 thing, Just can NOT get enough attention, IMO. Even if a post-comment is not directed completely twords them they still feel that need to pounce.

    Yep, it sure is hilarious. Makes you wonder... Nah just makes me laugh out loud.

    Hope your having a great evening. Oh's 2:30 am in Ohio! Gezz What am Ii thinking!?
    Hope your moring is good

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  • Iz
    Izzy M. Aug 24, 2012

    Two or three isn't that late at night, tasha. In fact, most people in their twenties shift into a more nocturnal stage, particularly those who end up staying up late to work on college papers and such. I still think nothing of staying up until 4, or 5 AM, working on my thesis. And everyone knows the best TV shows come on after 1.

    The fact that you read Pam's posts, and, despite the obvious differences in grammar and formatting, still think we are one in the same- Holy hell that's just hilarious.

    -1 Votes
  • PaminOhio Aug 24, 2012

    Member since Jul 4, 2012
    DENMARK? Thats a few miles from Orange County huh Tommy?

    -3 Votes
  • PaminOhio Aug 24, 2012

    Wow, 9, -AKA Attention Seeker- you love the attention huh-just can not get enough. But then again I'm just as bad because I keep repling to your crazy lame ### comments.
    OK about "pretending" to know where you live, well I think, no wait, I know I called you out about lying on your profile as to where you live. you posted/replied to me that I was correct "Dummy" lol that its true you don't live in that country, you live in Orange county CA. (yea Right! lmao) NIOT! Now come on, lets tell the truth Tommy!

    You call everyone from the new to all the dedicated older members here a "dummy" or they are or act like a "three year old" (Time to get some new matrial it is getting really old) GEZZ Let them post!You talk like you know what your saying or are somewhat trying to act educated, NO your NOT your a bully!
    So you see I'm not sure, who is worse here, YOU! for making immature, non-educational comments (As well as talking out of your ###...AGAIN!) or me for replying to some of your crazy ###? As I have explained to Brenda, ( I can almost bet she will or does "Get it " number 9) the reason I'm here now making a comment(s) is..I signed in to my account on and soon after seen I had new "Notifications" I'm a member so sure I'm going to go read it.That's why your here making your comments, too, you signed on and seen you had "Notifications" "Dummy" LOL If your not worried about it why bother.
    I have noticed also that if I'm making a comment to someone else here you ALWAYS, never fails or almost always have my name in your mouth..why? Are you that intrigued with Pam? LOL

    Maybe i am or maybe I'm not using my own Internet service-maybe I never had a car nor payments..or did I number 9?And just MAYBE I'm not Pam. Hmmmm-MAYBE?
    Wait, Im izzy too-MF Im so confussed now ###!

    I couldt be some FAT, bald, BIG ### black guy that lives in moms basement (Pretty much most of my life) smoking some great ganja, and getting off watching YOU bring my name up in just about every comment! Yep you caught me Mr number 9. Wow your really a smart one.
    Hell u just never know do you since you have 'caught" me in sooo many diffrent story's and-or lies?
    Your right tashy poo IS a girlies name BUT it could have been Tom, Tommy, tutu or whatever at one time, right? When boys come "out" they kinda try or want to keep that first name. So, I see what you mean, you USED to be Tom, Tommy, or even Mr Tutu and now its Tasha. I get it now. The hormone pills are making you a little edgy-cranky right? OK will let you get away and excuses your lil temper tantrums this time. I don't fully understand when a man( A full grown one goes through a change like you are but the best of luck with that.

    Maybe give yourself a small break from the complaint board...IF YOU can break away. I know its hard Tommy.
    Hope you have a good day.

    -2 Votes
  • PaminOhio Aug 23, 2012

    BTW, when I ref. to "My Page" I meant when I first sign on to this board-the front page where it shows my name, Paminohio and next to it it shows "notifications" So when I first come here, I ref. it as "My Page" Not my complaint.
    Hope I cleared that up.

    Oh Tasha number 9 dude or dudett (LMAO) I really dont care, ok...I know you do but I just dont.
    I just can't understand how you know me so well? I dont live in ohio, no internet service and whatever else you know about me is so-so dead on the spot. How do you do that, know me and where I live, know im really not married? Please tell me more about myself. And number 9, I don't think that was bashing, then again I more then likley wrong-you tell me how I feel, think because Im such a lair.
    Maybe Im in prison right now for 1st degree murder, maybe Im giving birth as we speak-post? Please tell me more about myself.
    Do you think if I gave you my password for this site you could update my profile for me? At least everyone would know the real Pam (Is that really my name?) then.
    Thank you so very much number 9 for all your help and insight to my life. Your so wonderful.

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  • PaminOhio Aug 23, 2012

    Your right Brenda, I just have not been here, complaint board, for a couple of weeks and seen the notification at the top of the page. Didn't realize or pay attention to the dates (My bad.) So again, you are correct I guess I should have kept it zipped but sometimes its hard when you see your name being brought up and one trys or wants to defend themselfs.
    Sorry, didnt mean to start this thread up again. I'll start paying attention more i.e. dates ect.

    Honestly Breanda thank you for pointing this out to me :)

    Hope your having a nice day.

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  • PaminOhio Aug 23, 2012

    "Also Paminohio, the reason you don't go on all the time is because you cannot afford your own internet connection. You have to use from a friends. They probably feed you and drive you around because you are too lazy to get a job and earn your own keep, same with your made up husband"

    OMG! number 9! How did you know?? You know me and my life so well! Your a really smart one huh?

    "There was no post on here since August 17th you an attention [censored] had to bump this topic back up."
    Thats right, no posts here since the 17th!! Want a cookie? LOL Thats because Im not online 24/7 looking to attack people.
    Want to know the truth? I signed on here, seen there was a few notifications on MY page, YES MY PAGE so yep you bet your smelly ### I decided to read them, got a problem with that? If you don't like it don't read or post to my comments then.
    Since you think you run this board-site better then the administrator why don't you contact the owner-administrator of and cry to him, or maybe tell him how his board should be ran? There ya' go. Now you have something to do for the rest of the afternoon, unless your not done with your homework or hanging out in your FAB, Orange county..LMAO (yea right!)

    You have a great day number 9

    -4 Votes
  • PaminOhio Aug 23, 2012

    "All the reviews get to that after a while, don't like like?? lol I told you get off this site and take your friend Pam with you."

    No not ALL the reviews end up like this number 9-its only because of kids like you that they end up being like this-so maybe you need to take your scrawny ### out & YOU leave.
    Your such a welcoming member-we all should be so grateful to have you here NOT
    Maybe listen to what M3C QueenBee has posted to you. Knowledge is a virtue.
    Think your to young of a boy to understand. Except only know how to be a BIG MOUTH trouble maker.
    Damn now look what i went and did again-gave number 9 so much attention he seeks. My mistake.
    I'm sure there will be wonderful remarks now-

    -1 Votes
  • PaminOhio Aug 23, 2012

    Izzy M. I couldnt agree with you anymore. WTF do these people do, hang out online all day-night? GEZZUS
    My last post was Aug. 14th. Havent been on since and it's still going on-bullying, slander, name calling put downs.
    No ### people, get out of your house or cave a little more. WOW!

    0 Votes
  • PaminOhio Aug 23, 2012

    LOL Not going anywhere kid.

    QueenBee LOL your crack me up...Please do take number 9 outta here, she/hes a trouble maker

    Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!

    -3 Votes
  • M3C QueenBee Aug 17, 2012

    I am the Queen of My3cents tasha and you'll do every thing I tell you, if you want to continue being a member here!! Got it???/

    -4 Votes
  • Iz
    Izzy M. Aug 16, 2012

    This has nothing to do with anything. You people aren't even discussing anything anymore. You're just throwing metaphorical rocks, and it's ridiculous.

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  • Gd
    gddlss Aug 16, 2012

    No one likes the fizzler.

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  • Iz
    Izzy M. Aug 16, 2012

    Jesus, you people really need to go outside once in a while; get some air, maybe. Feels like I'm back in high school, with all of the freshman hardcore wangstas.

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  • PaminOhio Aug 14, 2012

    Cowards like you hide behind the computer and put down others to make themselves feel better. Do you feel like a real man now? Or perhaps you need to put on your wife beater and slap your [censored] around??

    Venice- touché. The cyber-bully I already guess lol, but Tell me more about this, heard, well was sent info on him too. Send me a private message on these two, I may have something too. Thanks!

    -3 Votes
  • PaminOhio Aug 13, 2012

    You are NOT in fact a person known as V
    Thank you :). You are amoung the few here that seem "Normal" Thats just so sad that some come here to rag on each other.
    And yes I do come back here-I guess to defend myself-not addressing that to one certain idiot lol.

    Sent you a PV message back-hope you got it? Seems like you click send but then it goes back to the same screen? Hmm
    Wouldnt be the first time I screwed it up lmao.
    Thanks again hope you had a great weekend.! Was really nice here-NOT hot ;)

    -3 Votes
  • And you have a great day too Pam. Brenda adores you.

    -1 Votes
  • PaminOhio Aug 09, 2012

    Make me leave..LOL
    There are certain people here are just certifiable and obviously have no life except come to a complaint board and call members offensive names. Try getting a LIFE. DAMN!! Is your life that bad?
    Its not my or anyone else fought your wife-husband, dog and bird left, as well have no job (i.e. always here) and you sit alone on a computer wishing someone would be your friend,
    or ask you to hang out only to find that your life completely sucks and you lash out at anyone even honest people making a complaint.
    Is there not a site out there such as, or I'm such a loser i have to make fun of others to feel better about my ###
    Im pretty sure you can find something besides a damn complaint site to vent about how pathetic your life is?
    Just can't believe how low some of you people are to go after other members that came to this site to make a complaint! Get some professional help...SOON!
    Have a great Day. :)

    -2 Votes
  • The Lidman Foundation Aug 08, 2012

    That is correct. There use to be this one particular "Burgerking" thread a couple of years ago that lots of members participated in. The Irishgal was the main attraction.

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  • Iz
    Izzy M. Aug 08, 2012

    I'm aware, Brenda, but I have to wonder why they keep wandering back to this thread. There are a million other places they could communicate. Why here, of all places?

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  • Wa
    wawamonique Aug 08, 2012


    -2 Votes
  • Iz
    Izzy M. Aug 08, 2012

    You tell me, Brenda. You tell me. At least 11 pages of spam. That's a whole lot of people straying back to a dead topic.

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