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I would watch the Mcdonald's commercials and like an idiot I fell for the idea that I could win something. Oh, yeah they have no problem giving away free small pops or small fries, but you just paid $5 for a value meal. Whoopie! So you go back thinking you can get different pieces, especially when you only needed like one for every area, but you always seem to get the same pieces. So you play online. Well that sucks, because you can only play 10 pieces in a day and then the dice never let you go to an empty space you always go to one you have. Of course you can win o free computer game. Who cares! What ticked me off is when I had Park Place and I rolled the dice(I always count my spaces) and I should've landed on Boardwalk and it didn't move me far enough. It shorted me one space. Come on Mcdonald's you guys are ripoffs and tightwods that you can't be honest with your customers AND PAY THEM THEIR TRUE WINNINGS! Ripping people off and losing customers will eventually catch up to them.

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