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11:25 am EDT
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Hello All
I am complaining about the employees at McDonalds (Metropol, Carindale, Brisbane), having the inability to take orders correctly.

Today I went to McDonalds and clearly said that I wanted 2 happy meals, a large crispy chicken meal, 2 large quarter pounder meals and a large Big Mac meal, I clearly said it to the person serving me at the counter TWICE. Only to receive that BOTH happy meals had no toys and BOTH quarter pounder meals had no CHIPS; and this isn't the only time this has happened, this has happened to me a least the past 4 times at the Metropol, Carindale branch and a few times at other branches such as the Gold Coast. Me and my family are very angry with your lack of service and your choice of employees that cant count. I know that the McDonalds workplace is a busy one, but IT IS THEIR JOB, and they get paid enough for it.

I know that your not stupid, and I know that you know that if one customer is experiencing this, others will be to. I am just asking that you get your employees to pull up their act, as everyone pays good money to purchase your food, and the least they should have to worry about is counting their purchase to make sure that the order is correct. I understand that it is only human to make mistakes like this, but the number or time this has occurred shows that the employee who processed this order, shows nothing but pure laziness.

Yours sincerely Michael Brown

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Sep 17, 2015 1:09 pm EDT

Manhattan Kansas 815 N 3rd...Walked into the McDonald's right to the counter, an employee was standing there going through some papers. I waited for her to finish, she finally finished, looked up at me and walked away. There was a manager standing over by the drive through, I know he had to have seen what was going on. Couldn't believe it! Drove over to the McDonald's on the West side of town and asked the manager there if the person who owned that one also owned the one on the East side of town and told him what had just happened. He said he would be glad to take my order, I told him thanks but my money would still be going to the same owner.

May 17, 2010 10:45 am EDT

I went to McDonalds for lunch and had a hamburger. I took a bite and felt a crunch. The inside of the bun was so hard that it broke my tooth. I found the manager right away and had her feel the bun. She could not believe how hard it was and made a comment about how she keeps telling the night shift that they need to close the bags of buns up because of this reason. The manager then told me not to worry, they had insurance that would cover this type of thing. I was told to go to the dentist and get it fixed, have a copy made of the bill, and that she would contact the insurance company. I was contacted by the insurance company and gave them all of my information. For months I did not hear from this insurance company. I would call over and over again and leave messages that were never returned. Finally, just last week, 5 months after this incident, I was contacted. The insurance company told me that there was nothing wrong with the bun and my claim was denied. Now I have a $1, 000 bill on my credit card that I am struggling to pay back. I am retired from the Army and am struggling to survive off my retirement check. I was retired from the Army due to medical issues as a result of three tours of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. I never would have paid for this tooth if I thought this was going to happen. The manager told me to get it fixed though and made it seem as though it would be covered for sure, no question about it. I am not even asking for extra money, not one dollar more then I paid to get my tooth fixed. I cannot believe this is how McDonalds treat their customers.

Jun 25, 2010 8:09 am EDT


To whom it may concern
This evening a friend of mine and myself went to McDonalds Penrith high St and cnr kendle st to purchase food through the drive throu. As per usual the staff gave us good customer service and i'd like to mention in this particular case the girl that served us through the speaker phone did a great job at getting our order right when a friend of mine called me on my mobile, half way through the order requesting more food.
we double checked the order and moved on to to next window. we arrive at the next window pay for our order, done by our serve with a smile, then move on to the next window to collect our food. Do so a go home.
We arrive home to find no nuggets. now we know that they where in the order cause we double checked and also we received the honey mustard sauce and ketchup but no nuggets. Ok no drama people make mistakes. i decided to call the the store to let them know so that something can be arranged. after many attempts- Im pretty sure that the lady that finally answered was named stephanie but it may have been samantha it definately started with an s thou. I asked to speak to the manager please and Stephanie replies "yeah i'm one of the managers". "ok "i say" i ordered 10 nuggets in a drive throu order and i did not receive them". Stephanie replies "we'll come back down and we will replace them for you".I reply" i will not be going out again this evening as it is past 10 o'clock and is there something else that can be arranged". Stephanie replies" that she will post out a voucher" and then says "whats ya address", i tell her and the Stephanie's conversation finishes with " that will probably take a week and a half to two weeks to get there".
Now in my book customer service is a biggy and that is why i go to this particular mcdonalds. when i was a kid alot of my mates worked there we where brought up with good morals and this i feels translates to good customer service. throughout my whole conversation with stephanie she as a manager did not apologise once. The tone and enthusiasms of stephanie was very flat and personally i think could of been handled with a little empathy.
i thought i would just like to bring this to your attention and i hope that the coupon for those nuggets really does arrive as i kind of was left feeling that it might not happen at all. If this does not not happen who should i then contact to get my voucher.
Thank you for your time
Adam Abela

Oct 02, 2010 10:52 pm EDT

Okay, so a few mates and I went through the drive through at Mcdonalds because we missed our lunch, and while everyone else said what they wanted I asked the man for a seperate order and he said that was okay - but seeing as the Mcdonalds in Griffith now has two lanes for their drive through you randomly get put onto different people who you are adressing through the speakers. Firstly, I was talking to an older man and then was put onto a younger boy who I have seen there before. As I was confirming my order for him, the person urged me to hurry up in an annoyed voice.. I was a little shocked at what he had said, but not angry, and I finished my order, later turning to my best friends sister to ask if she had heard what they had said, and she confirmed that she had.
What made me a little cross was how the two boys at the drivethrough window were laughing at me, and when I asked in a confused way if it was them who told me to hurry up they turned away from me and didn't reply. So I left it. The next day I was with another group of friends who also wanted Mcdonalds. The only things we purchased were a Fanta drink and an Oreo Mcflurrey. Again, we were told to hurry up, and when we pulled up to the window I saw one of the same boys from the day before standing at the box wearing a headset. This time I was annoyed.
We were asked to park and waited in a spot - I didn't understand when the three cars behind us drove past having gotten their meals and we were still waiting even though we had only ordered one drink and an ice cream... I got out of the car because I had convinced everyone that it wasn't worth the drink and ice cream so I'd go and ask if it would be alright for me to get our money back - I also wanted to talk to the manager about the person that was telling us to hurry up through the drivethrough.
When I got in and asked to speak to the manager she accused me of trying to cause a scene and that I should not have come into the store when I had been asked to waity for our orders further along the line... I was a little scared of her because she was bigger than me and seemed really angry and frustrated, but when I told her that I understood I should of stayed in the car and then reported to her what the worker said to us she simply claimed that if it had really bothered me, I would have come in the day before and complained about it then. I had kind of gone in hoping to speak to someone formally without any attitude. I didn't get to finish speaking to her because she would not let me talk and then walked away from me leaving me standing there. I was completely embarassed at having being yelled at in front of so many people and upset when I saw the boy laughing at me when I was leaving.
I ended up throwing the food away in frustration... I was really annoyed, because I work at KFC and almost always do the busy hours - and I understand that it get's fast-paced during peak hour and sometimes people come in to complain about the service and their orders and things like that. I just think that the way the manager spoke to me was rude and that in the position she was in she should have been the mature one... I hae a great staff and have watched my own manager handle plenty of rude people, some of them don't deserve to be treated nicely as they act like the people who work in fast food places have stuffed up their orders on purpose, and sometimes the people I work with might crack a joke about some rude customer or something like that, but it upset me to think that their where people in another shop probably laughing about some silly - ' hurry up '- quote when the joke was named at me.
I just think that when I go back to work and I hear one of my collegues complain about a customer simply because work that day is rough, I'll say something. Because it really is immature - to bag out a customer because you might not like them - or to do something like spitting in someone's food because they were rude to you. I know that stuff like this does happen because I have worked in lots of different fast food places and I've seen it happen..
Anyway - I just thought the manager should have been a little nicer, and should respect a paying customer...

Sep 11, 2012 6:16 pm EDT

Customer Service Issues - The inappropriate behavior by customer service personnel
I came into the store with my five year old daughter. There was a customer complaining when I walked in I requested for my order #52, and when my Frappe came the cup bag was covered with syrup and then she didn't place the cup on the counter, the cup had fallen on the side before i could get to the counter. I requested for another and then the questioning and unprofessional responses began. I requested that I will contact the owner Cecil Joseph and then the worker Ms. Cornelius began stating profanity and why does everyone have to call Cecil's name ? I asked her about her conduct she just continued with her rudeness in front of my five year old and stated you can't get me fired i will still have a job. I stated I feel sorry you think i would have to get you terminated when your unprofessional behavior will be the factor. my daughter began to cry and I left the store. The kids they hire should be more sensitive to the customers and be professional at all times. As long as this Ms. Cornelius is working there, I will not visit McDonalds, she has ruined the experience for my daughter.BY the way, the manager did nothing to stop her employee from being so rude.

Dec 08, 2012 10:20 pm EST

I work at a McDonalds and we get the majority of the orders correct, if it is happening to you multiple times did you maybe stop to think that it was you? I'd like to see you last an hour in the job! The only reason I get orders incorrect is because customers are not clear in their orders or are confusing the employee, calm down it's only mcdonalds, they will fix it up if it is wrong no worries. Some people use the complaint "THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME!" I think "well why come back...I wouldn't!"

Oct 26, 2012 5:11 pm EDT

i find it impossible that a stale bun could break a tooth. sounds like you are trying to get them to pay for your tooth, and not being their responsibility.

Oct 26, 2012 4:48 pm EDT

Just went to capalaba macca, s, had to wait 10mins in drive throgh, then they got my order wrong. there were 8 people just standing around doing nothing. went back in, then didnt get servred for 5mins, while i was standing there another lady had the wrong order as well. The manager didnt no what was going on, then i got served with the write order, with no sorry or nothing. This is the secound time this has happened, Capalaba get your act together and pull your finger out of your bums, and do your job properly. Capalaba maccas sucks.

Apr 23, 2011 9:40 pm EDT
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They get paid enough for it? I find that unlikely. I've worked at McDonalds...even as an assistant manager I didn't get paid anywhere near what I was worth. But, yes, they should be more careful and also, you should always check your order before leaving.


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