Mcdonaldsall operations on site


One of the worst Locations in Philadelphia! I stop here only because I live nearby and it’s always the same. Staff is not prepared and not trained; staffer’s are rude and carry an attitude towards customers I guess they bring their problems from home. They need to send then back to the McDonald school. The franchise owner dose not care what so ever as he never there, “info from the employees”! They can not take an order correctly, they have problems giving correct change even when it tells then on the register, THE FOOD IS OFTEN COLD! And the order is more then fifty percent of the time wrong. Is this the best they can do? This is what makes fast food total garbage.


  • J
      Oct 01, 2010

    Amen...betcha they were all Democrats!!

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  • P
      Oct 01, 2010

    So stop going there?

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  • L
      Oct 01, 2010

    check out the movies, "Fast Food Nation" or "Super Size Me"... you'll never have a problem again cuz you won't ever again want to eat at a fast food restaurant.

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  • L
      Jul 31, 2012

    Yep. As always.

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