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I have a complaint on the other side of the equation, not as a customer, but as a spouse of an employee of lowe's... About the district management on up. It's not what you know, it's who you blow! All I can say is mike king (Rvp), you can take your little man syndrome and "your hand-picked people" and shove them straight up your #! As for you, rex rhyne (Dm), you are so 2-faced it makes me sick. I wish you could see how you treat people. Maybe one day, you'll get a taste of your own medicine. Oh! And by the way, lisa johnson (District loss prevention) thinks your wife is a "bible beating #" and that she's a snob - remember when ya'll went to savanah with her on riverstreet and your wife had something to say about tatoos...

To customers of lowe's, don't get me wrong, I love the company. Sometimes it is not the local stores fault, but in fact the upper managements which bring down the store, starting with moral. Some of the lowe's upper management thinks they are superior. Maybe if they brought themselves to reality and see each stores specific need, everyone could benefit.


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    tipecal Jul 22, 2017

    Is it normal practice for Lowes to belittle and berate the older employees? Accuse them of thing they have not done? Write them up and tell them it's the final, when they have never been written up or even spoken to in the 11yrs. they have been with Lowes. Guess its as good a reason for getting rid of someone for writing a letter to you for complaining of awful treatment and disrespect. they have had to endure. Now being accused of threating a co-worker. So not true. And there was a witness. Told not to speak to anyone about it. The women is 70 yrs old. The other in her mid 30' and has had several other issues with the employees at 1607. Worst management team that store has ever had, the worst. And most of the employees will attest to that. When you gonna get off your Bums and check into this?!!! Good people are leaving and others are looking for other jobs. Your loosing so much and you don't deserve to have hard working, loyal and dedicated people working for you. Does a lawsuit have to happen before you all wake up?!!!

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    David gentles Nov 21, 2015
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    I ordered a screw gun and I was happy until I found out that there no charger. I realize why people don't buy things on line now I wasted my time and I have to return or ship it back.e Now I can't leave it in front of my house. Thanks for wasting my time and money I Know to a company it's not much but if I knew this I would!!!

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    ex-lowes Dec 29, 2013

    I need to know how many lost their sick leave hours at the end of 2012. I also need to know how many did go over their allotted 48 hours of sick leave this year. There is a policy violation but in order to make a class action suit, there needs to be as many people who can vouch for the handling of their sick leave. Contact .. [email protected] and explain your situation.

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  • Mi
    Missingtheolddaysatlowes Sep 22, 2011

    Well. I have to say that in all the years I worked for (S)Lowe's, the bottom line is that it went from being a Family-Oriented/Family-Driven company; to being no more than all of the other corporate power-houses out there. I can say that I was a dang hard-charging employee who was blessed to work under two of the best, most fair managers in the company. The bad part came when I was promoted and moved to another store. The manager of this store was in his position for one reason and one reason only. The color of his skin. Now you can call me racist, but associates and managers who were also of darker skin of mine and other stores who had worked for this manager said the SAME THING. This idiot (according to Vendors who serviced his immediately previous store) ran his smaller, less profitable store the same way that he ran this much larger, much more profitable store. Here's how he did things. BTW this was one of the two corporate stores and for those who know, Mooresville and Huntersville are the only two "Corporate Stores". It all depends on which day, week, month, or year it is, but one of the two, or both are the corporate stores at any given time. Makes a whole lot of sense huh? But, the way he did things is that at least once a month, members from other district stores had to come in to get "Top Stock" straight. Not only that, but all of my interviews had taken place over the phone. The first day (a Saturday) that I walked into this store and into my department, the Winter reset was due to have been completed and had not even begun. There were fireplaces, heaters, wood stoves, etc blocking every aisle in the department, but the two main aisles through the department. This was at 530am with the doors gettin ready to be opened in 1.5 hours. Not to mention that they had promoted a person to department manager who was 22; had no supervisory training; and had only been with the company and in that department for 7 months with no clue as to what he was doing (and he was subsequently fired and brought up on charges for price fixing for friends to the tune of some $50, 000-75, 000.00 over a period of 6 years that was discovered about three years ago. Numerous people went down with him- Sales Manager, 2 zone managers, and the head cashier who was his fiance) BUT... the man who was in charge of the store and who looked at the reports and knew what was going on and did nothing about it... You know.. The man of color who was an idiot... He is now a District in Ga. Well, for me, the problem came in when people from Corporate came into the store and wanted things changed around in my zone. They would not go to my store manager. They would come to me and want to know why things weren't done when they were supposed to be done. I would tell them that either I had been told to do it that way, or that I had never been told. So they started coming to me when something needed to get done and they told me that it was because this store manager did things the way that he wanted to and that they couldn't touch him. Well, this store manager got pissed with me because of this and began making my life a living hell. He ordered me to do what he told me and not what corporate officials told me to do and I told him that I could not do that and would not do that. Ya see. I have been in public safety at this point for a long time and I told him that if he was a captain and a battalion chief ordered me to do something, then it was going to get done. He did not like that. So when I was approached by a VP and given the opportunity to go to work for him at Corporate, this store manager would not sign my papers to go to corporate. Now all of you who have, do, or are related to anyone in Lowe's know that if your manager will not approve the transfer, then YOU WILL NOT GO. There is so much more I could say, but it would take up a complete page. But I will say that the comments made on here are completely accurate about the brown nosing and all that goes on. You can be an excellent employee; go out of your way to make the customer happy; increase the sales of the department you are in or over 10-fold; and it still doesn't matter. Short and the long of it. I left following an incident where this manager went in (admittedly) and purposely omitted all of my opening and mid-day employees for the Saturday of Spring Kick Off and then told me that I had to cover the department by myself and would not allow one of the 14 people I had on the schedule for Outside Garden to come inside and cover the department. He did the same for Sunday, so I called out and was written up for calling out. Then, when I came back in on Monday, they ordered me to get on the phone to handle the nearly 170 complaints that had come in from Saturday and Sunday combined as a result of the lack of people in the department. I told him that I would not call one single person on the phone and told him that since he screwed me on the scheduling that HE could do it. I then told him that I was giving my two-week notice; he told me not to worry about the notice and to go ahead and leave; then called me on the phone and asked me to stay for at least another week. I told him no and walked away. Now. I have tried to go back to Lowe's numerous times and this guy has me in the system as "not eligible for rehire" even though I was very diligent, trust-worthy, and reliable. The sad thing is that unless the CEO himself okays it, I could never again work for this company and it is a great company if you can get with a COMPLETE team that's willing to get in there and get dirty with you; and trust me, there are stores out there that have the right people in place to make that happen...

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  • Ca
    caiti Jun 18, 2011

    There is a plain and simple fix for everyone's complaints... are you ready??? DON'T WORK IN RETAIL!
    I've worked in retail for over 8 years now. It's the same whether you work at Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, or Lowe's and believe me i've been to them all.
    To the women who are complaining about being Lowe's Widows...GET OVER IT! At least your husband has a job! Be grateful for that!
    Everyone has a chance to go to college and make something of themselves. IF you go to school to be a manager then that's your problem.

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  • Op
    Open eye Jun 12, 2011

    Lowe's, as well as other businesses, is customer service driven only if the leadership is customer service driven. It doesn't require an Einstein knowledge level to understand the necessity to treat the customer with respect and dignity. It only requires that such behavior be considered an essential component of the business' operational philosophy. The Lowe's in my town had a sever customer service problem, however, I found a listening ear in management. I so much appreciated the home center's presence in my community that I was willing to communicate with management regarding any and all actions by associates or other managers that generated bad will. This caused a turn-around in the store in my community. The store began to really soar until illegal management and associate theft occurred. Now, a comment regarding subtle sexual harrassment. All I can say is that it happens. I am considered an exceptionally attractive person, and this attribute resulted in many advances by male associates as well as management. I dismissed the verbal advances as simple flattery until an associate, mature male, asked me to lunch. I declined and I'm very happy I did as about a month later I found out he had a wife. A real scoundrel! I later discovered that managers were dating associates; all the managers were married. Managers were suspected of same sex laisons with other managers. Married managers were dating customers. Associates were dating other associates and creating families like rabbits. In retrospect, I sum up the human relation infractions as a result of not enough work for associates and a lack luster accountability system in this organization. If you have a spouse working in Lowe's management, given what I have seen, he/she is probably in a sexual relationship on the side with a person connected with the work place. Reality check!

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  • Ma
    Marcus 42 Apr 06, 2011

    I realize everyone needs to make a living but at the same time the company that provides the means to live should be more generous to their emoployees. I too work in retail but my company pays management by the hour so they discourage over time. I often complain about retail but after hearing what lowe's does to their managers my job is cake. I feel for these people, I used to work for a few companys as a exempt manager and I worked 60- 70 hours a week and hated it. No over time and busted my [censor] for peanuts. Corporate america sometimes grabs you by the nuts and squeezes out everything you have and then your left with nothing...by the time you get home from work you are worthless and the only thing you can think of on your day off is going back to the freakin grind again. God bless the people that never see their spouse's and I hope things get brighter for your future.

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  • Ne
    Never Again Lowes Mar 12, 2011

    how about insallation of a kitchen counter top. One thing to be certain of its a long process and in various stages. The faint of heart could not sustain such an ordeal. You need someone to remove your old countertop. And if you want to replace your older appliances then another contractor is needed and possibly a plumber since your sink has be be removed. Your kitchen may be in total disaray for weeks before it comes together. We ordered a kitchen granite counter top in November 2010 and its March 13, 2011 and still not installed. THe measuremenr process and template process takes 4-6 weeks and the granite must cme from Mexico or Turkey. The very inexperienced installers showed up late one day and said the counter not level and left. We did not know precisely what they meant and has a 30 year veteran kitchen and countertop expert look at the potential leveling problem and all was in order. The installers showed up 5 days later, on a Saturaday, and said same thing and could not wait 15 minutes to be fixed and left. So much for quality and satisfaction guarantes from Lowes. The reputation of Lowes is being ruined by a very flawed contractor selection process. Don't be duppped into a kitchen or countertop installation. Go to the right qualified company who can do this for you and I hope you never experience the issues we had to go through. Never again Lowes!

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  • By
    Byronic Hero Feb 15, 2011

    Lowe's needs to worry about their sales and not their employees PERSONAL SPACE. They show favoritism everywhere possible instead of actually acknowledging an employees credentials before putting them to work. I have a college degree and tons of sales experience but they do not care because the HR Mangers would rather hire younger girls who do not possess the skills to get done what is needed to be done to keep the sales coming. They are failing miserably in my area of Philadelphia because of their blatant ignorance to our community and their misplaced worries. Subtle sexual harassment runs rampart in my Lowe's and it comes from the mangers along with favoritism instead of professionalism. Because of this they are not even close to meeting their quota and something needs to be done.

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  • Ma
    MarieE Nov 28, 2010

    What of This,
    I hope you were able to get your situation straightened out. It is hard. I am on short term disability with a broken tibia, it is healing. My husband is using some of his sick time to go with me to orthopedic appointments. I am able to be on my own, so he doesn't need to take much time off, my appointments are every 4 weeks. We live close enough to the store that he can come home on lunch breaks, so that helps just for the aspect of not being left alone for long periods of time. The closing shifts are harder for me than when he works and opening.
    There has been one good development in his situation. Upper management finally got rid of the part timer that was not working her share of the weekends and evenings. The old biddy has had the nerve to call out every time she is scheduled for a closing shift. If it was up to me, three strikes and you are out. They tried to make her work on Sundays too and she called out every time she was scheduled. I am so glad they are getting some real help for once.

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  • Wh
    what of this Dec 04, 2009

    i am also a spouse at lowes and i am pregnant and my husband has been at lowes for over 11 yrs. He asked laurie his hr in c-ville va what he needed to do for fmla and she gave him a phone number and told him to call liberty . Ok it gets better he ask if he can take some sick pay that of which he has over150 hours and she told him only threee days thats all they allow for new births. Then the store manager my husbands suppervisor asked if this was policy and he said yes laurie would know . according to short term disablity that lowes pays for for all full time employees they the hr must use first 14 days worth of sick time and there after short term should kick so what is the deal?

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  • Ma
    MarieE Nov 04, 2009

    I agree with you Nope1, the company benefits and my husband's pay scale are good. It is the scheduling that bites. My biggest frustration is with how part timers are treated regarding their schedules versus full timers with seniority. There is a retired woman working as a part time associate in Hardwared, she is not available to work Wednesday Evenings, Saturday evenings and Sundays, because of church. My husband is a full time employee with more seniority, he is a Chrisitian too, would love to be able to be off to attend church but can't. What makes it even more difficult for us, I am a canidate for Ordained Ministry as a Deacon in the United Methodist Church. So as a ministerial couple, this is unacceptable. Also we feel that is not right that this person refuses to work Saturday closing shifts or any Sundays. Our feeling and several of his coworkers concur that if she would do her share of the Saturday nights and Sundays, noone in the department would be required to work an excessive amount of Saturday nights or Sunday mornings. As it stands my husband works roughly 2-3 closing shifts a month on Saturdays, is able to be at church roughly 1-2 times per month. His is working on trying to get his second Sunday off a month that he lost when they abolished the Team Leader position.

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  • No
    nope1 Nov 04, 2009

    i am a spec. at lowes. i have been with the company for 10.5 years. yes managment is ###s. i have worked at 6 stores. it is the same at all of them. now i will say that i love the company. and i will also say that i would not make the money that i make with the education that i have. and yes anyone above a sales manger sucks huge hairy donkey ba., s

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  • Di
    Disgusted in NC Oct 30, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just don't know how the hell this company can get away with all the illegal and downright mean things it does to its employees. My spouse and I are basically living on spit. We moved to NC because the cost of living was supposed to be lower. YEAH RIGHT! Just go to work at Lowes and see how long you can last on the pittance they pay their staff. I could go on and on, but it just seems useless.

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  • Me
    metalchick25 Oct 01, 2009

    i also agree. im in southern pines nc and the managment here is awful too. and your are right its all about who you blow bc my husband has put in for days off for vacation 3 and 4 months in advance but when it comes back he cant take the days off a miracle happens and the guy who is a religion nut ( i am catholic but this guy claims to have visions and god tells him to drink sprite ect ect.) gets the days off like th3e 4th of july we had planned on leaving town but then about 2 weeks before said leaving they said he couldn't have the days (which he put in for in may) off bc they nut has to go to jersey for his get this his friends wifes cousins surgery which was to remove her teeth (NO LIE SERIOUSLY this is what was on his slip my husband saw it and also what he told the rest of the night stockers) he was supposed to be back on thursday but called out on friday the 4th bc of a sunburn LMAO which when i saw him that saturday wasn't a sunburn. ive had sunburns this was nothing. which brings me to the calling out policy. my husband fell injured his neck couldn't drive to work (45 minutes down the road when there is a lowes about 3 minutes walk from our house but wont give him a transfer well just bc they say so..) they told him he would be fired if he called out when he hadn't called out but 1 time and thats was for his mother's surgery and they wrote him up for it even with a note. i had to drive him to work and sleep in the car bc we couldn't afford the gas to be driving back and forth. they wouldn't let him have a night off that i was in the hospital having a miscarriage. i mean come on they think they are the only ones whose lives matter. the people who run this store *cough*matt*cough and some lazy people in personal who seems to forget to pay everyone their holiday pay whenever they actually get it doesn't even show up till 11 or she just ignores the phone calls and leaves at 3. also he had made several complaints (i was there when he did it and it was on camera) abouta girl who was bothering him at work showing her ### grabbing his a and the ### still had her job she eventually got fired for blowing a manager but he still had his job but got it back a few months later and continued to bother him to the point where i said something. she backed off but the company apparently loves this kind of behavior.gimme a break these ###ers are greedy and stupid to boot. i wish i could write out all the bs this store has put us through but alas i cant.

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  • Pu
    punkyfuller Sep 03, 2009

    I can relate to all of the comments. My husband is a sales manager at Lowes and is never home. The kids can go without seeing him for days because of the crazy hours he works. It just finished his longest shift ever a few days ago...32 hours. I don't even know how someone can stay awake that long let alone work that long. The company doesn't care - in fact it's encouraged. My husband works more hours in a week than a doctor or lawyer but he only makes $45, 000 a year. It's taken a toll on our family life and it's disgusting to see how the salaried employees are abused. When the store isn't making their goals, they cut hourly workers to save on expenses and make the salaried workers pick up all the slack because it's free labor. Lowes can go to hell.

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  • St
    still bleeding red & blue Jun 18, 2009

    In a day and age when there are around 10% of the population unemployed, retail jobs are still hiring experienced/nonexperienced people to work in their locations. I am a current Lowe's employee. My husband is also in an industry that requires nights and weekends. Although everyone would like a 9-5 job, it is not always possible. How many times do you go into Walmart or Target or even some grocery stores at 9pm? Do you think about those families that have to work evenings? Do you think it is some travesty that these places have to be open late at night? Do you purposefully stay home so that those people don't have as many customers to wait on? Current spouses that are "Lowe's widows" have you looked around lately? If the grass is so much greener on the other side, then go. I dare you to take a look around.

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  • Li
    lily pearl Jun 13, 2009

    I don't blame you for name dropping, some people need to be put in their place. I for the comments that came from people that are not employed with the company or having spouses who are, don't speak on what you don't know. Freedom of speech is a right and if it's the truth, which it is, it's not libel or slander. I understand though why Mike and Rex think they are superior. When they come for visits, the store managers and operations managers get all antsy and start kissing major ###. They are littles puppies waiting to get patted on the head for ### that the employees not them, have done.

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  • Li
    livinginncnow May 15, 2009

    Yep, I am a Lowes widow also. The hours are terrible and I never can spend decent time with my husband. As far as Lowe's management, while I do not condone name dropping, management is partial and they discriminate. They transfer good employees out of their departments so they can put people in that they like or are their friends. If they don't like you, beware! You get picked on and written up constantly - even if you are busting your butt to earn a measly living there. However, if you look good (T & A), you'll get put by male management into a cushy department, and there you'll only have to sit and look good AND you'll earn more than ms. Plain Jane. It's just awful the partiality and discrimination that goes on. So many of these so-called managers are kids in their 20's, still wet behind the ears and they treat their elder co-workers like crap -- not to mention they are UNQUALIFIED!!!
    Sick and Tired in NC

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  • Ma
    MarieE Apr 16, 2009

    To Lowe's Spouse and Janitch,
    I too am a wife of a Lowe's Employee. While I don't agree with the blatant attack that the spouse posted. I do understand her frustration. Lowe's is not a family friendly place to work. My husband has been employed for over 11 years, I hate it. I am tired of not having him home with me in the evenings 3, 4 or 5 nights a week. I work a full time job, Monday - Friday, day time hours. It is tough not having reular family time, you can't plan your weekends, you can't plan your nights. It is either having him ask off for the time we need and then running into the complaint that he is taking off too much time or being a Lowe's Widow. It sucks. It is lonely nights and weekends. Not having your husband with you at church or home for dinner. He is a good christian guy, but half the time he can't be at church because of Lowes. The management lets the part timers work the good day time hours and treat the full time employees like ###, having them work 5 nights closing in a row. My husband has top seniority in his department but that does not mean anything while on top oif it, a part time employee gets every Saturday night and Sunday off. There is always two sides to a situation and we spouses need a place to ventilate too.
    Frustrated wife

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  • Jo
    JoNich Feb 23, 2009

    Wow, I just read your comment and I am angered by your blantant public attack of said people. Since you are a spouse of an employee and not a employee, I feel your spouse should speak for themself. If your spouse is so displeased with their employment, maybe they should seek employment elsewhere, there are lots of unemployed people that would be grateful for the job. No I am not a Lowes employee, in fact I don't even know anyone that works at one. However I felt compelled to comment on your post, due to the name dropping. How dare you.

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