Lowe's Advantage Extended Warrantythey will not pay service provider for approved warranty work


Whirlpool refrigerator purchased at Lowe's, Sherman, TX, and was sold Lowe's Advantage Extended Warranty by Lowe's sales person. Lowe's Advantage approved work to be done by Buddy's Plumbing and Appliances in Antlers, OK, on 11 Jan 2007. They promise to pay them for work done after each contact, however they have not been paid by Lowe's Advantage to date. Last spoke to Cory (Supervisor) at Lowe's Advantage today 02 Jan 2008, and was advised that I should not contact Lowe's Advantage again.


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    Rebecca Tipton Jan 31, 2008

    Funny, I have been trying to get a repair by Service Advantage for 5 weeks now, and when I finally started getting inpatient, a supervisor, Becky, informed that I should quit calling them and just wait til they get it worked out. So, I chose to call again and work with another supervisor. She "helped" me and made me believe that everything was great, and even scheduled a repair appointment and stated that m part was overnighted to the repair company. The date of the repair, the part has been delivered yet... suprised? Nope. I have called twice already and left messages to get this resolved, and no calls back so far. Does anyone know how to reach a manager there?

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    Don L. Feb 02, 2008

    From the customer end of Lowe's Service Advantage, I've been stuck with their failure to honor the protection plan, even with the original receipt and proper documentation.

    I've found out that Lowes protection plan is farmed out to a third party company called: NEW Customer Service Companies, Inc., 22894 Pacific Blvd., Sterling, VA 20166, 800-533-7639. They hire home-based workers to handle their business. This is the reason people are have been told things such as don't call back.

    The best solution I am able to think of is to contact the Secretary of State in VA and issue a formal complaint, as I am preparing to do.

    NEW Corp. is a publicly traded company; very large. There are other ways they can be hurt. Use your imagination.

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  • Ol
    Oliver Kahn Feb 06, 2008

    They have done same with me. VERY VERY VERY bad service. It has been 9 months me calling but not getting the repair done. This is terrible!!!

    Where is lows management.

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    B. Murphy Feb 23, 2008

    I totally agree with the complaints listed on this site--I have problems similar to everyone else's. It was surprising to read Corey's name (Supervisor) since I just got off the phone with him after 29 minutes. He was rude, loud, and very unprofessional--he is not able to think independently of his policies, procedures, and content of the legal binding contract. (Which is the warranty I purchased.)
    Beside the complaint with the State Attorney General's office--what else can be done? My washer has been broken for 2 months now--I have had repairs that do not fix the problem--something else stops working! In two months I have been told they will replace the washer twice by two different people. After one repair my washer was taken to the repair shop--the washer was damaged when I got it back. The warranty company will not be responsible for the damage and neither will the repairman. AND the washer is still not working!
    Give me some ideas! I will pursue them with all I have.

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    Randy Mar 15, 2008

    I agree.Lowes Advantage plan is a joke. Our front load washer has been down twice and this time its been 2 weeks since we were promised service. They say the parts are on order but the repair company wont even return my phone calls. Im talking about a front load GE washer.

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  • Ri
    Rick Mar 19, 2008

    I just called this morning regarding a 1yr/1mo old GE dryer that quip. What I have read on this leads me to believe it is the motor- I also paid for the extended warranty (4 yr).
    Having been told that there is no service center near me, they will call me within the next 24 hours to arrange service...We'll see-

    I am neutral on this right now, it is up to Lowe's to impress me...I never had any problems like this with all the "Brand K" products and the company that sell/services them...

    It is up to Lowe's to keep a customer.

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    EsgNY Mar 19, 2008

    Lowes extended protection plan "service" is the worst service I have ever received. To date, to repair a simple leaky Whirlpool dishwasher, they have sent 3 different service companies who have installed 4 different parts and the dishwasher is still leaking.

    It is now 4 months, and Lowes refuses to replace the dishwasher, and insists that I continue to make appointments until it can be repaired. When does it come to the point when Lowes will admit that they are abusing the implied warranty of their contract, and the statement that a replacement will be provided after 3 attempts to repair the same problem are made?

    Lowes now needs to step up to the plate and replace the dishwasher.

    By the way - Lowe's replacement policy is simply to send a check for the original purchase price of the equipment. They do not actually come to replace the applicance - just thought you would like to know.

    DO NOT BUY LOWES EXTENDED PROTECTION PLAN - instead, but the manufacturer's extended plan - they can at least replace the applicance if they fail to fix it, and they know what they are doing (most likely anyway, certainly more than the Lowe's team)

    Do me and yourself a favor - buy applicances from ABL (Anyone but Lowes).

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    Lowe's Employee Mar 20, 2008

    Occasionally consumers do not read the small print, which is frustrating to many employees simply because we want to make it right for the customer, but at certain points are hands are tied. For the no-lemon policy, which equals a gift card for the price of the product, plus taxes, and the price of the Extended Protection Plan, you must experience the same failure 3 times in a one year period, then we will replace it on the 4th identical failure. Now, if a technician comes out and deems the product unrepairable, that's a different story. We then submit it to the claims department which gets in touch with the service center and we then issue a gift card for the amounts spoken about in the no-lemon policy.

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  • Valerie Jun 10, 2008

    There is a bad customer service in this local and only store in Laredo.

    We waited for 30 mnts and nobody even showed up to attend us the store close and everybody was so annoying and just ignored us. I believe all are busy but then at the end they didn’t even have the god dam window that I was looking for at least they could say sorry or something, but no nothing that *** *** special if the stupid *** or manager was there. I work with people and I don’t act like that so is somebody is going to pay attention. I would really appreciated some nice people to attend us.

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  • Mi
    Mike Jul 10, 2008

    The only way that NEW will not pay for service work is if the work orders are not given prior authorization for repairs, turn in tickets beyond the payment time frame or cosmetic damage. If people would read their plans they would see that Lowes Warranty is handled by a 3rd Party Advisor. Also, they dont hire "Home-Based" workers, unless you call every technician from TV to Appliance in your town "Home-Based". You people really should read what you buy.

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  • Lj
    LJ Jul 15, 2008

    DON'T buy the Lowes Extended Warranty. We purchased the "premium" 5-year warranty. When we purchased all our appliances...washer, dryer, refrigerator, dish washer...we were told by Lowe's that they would register the warranty and that all we needed was our receipt if something went wrong with our appliances...WRONG...we have tried to get service in the past and Lowes believes in passing the buck...nothing is ever resolved. We ended up paying for our washer to get fixed. We are now trying to get the ice maker replaced on our refrigerator...no luck! Also, our dishwasher is broken...will probably just have to buy another one...NO MORE BUYING AT LOWES!

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    Buzz Jul 31, 2008

    three weeks of calls, and they can't even seem to set up anyone in Albuquerque to come repair the turntable in my micro hood.

    I would have been better off taking the money and putting it in a savings account to pay for the stupid repair myself.

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  • Jo
    John Aug 26, 2008

    I purchased a zero-turn lawn mower from Lowe's in June, 2007. It broke down July 5, 2008. As of today, August 26, I still have not had my mower repaired. I paid $400 for this worthless extended warranty. I just spoke with the supervisor at 88877Lowes, but of course he has no authority to help in any way shape or form, except to offer $25 as a way of saying I am sorry. Don't waste your time, people. Learn from those of us who have learned the hard way...Lowe's extended warranty is a joke and a waste of your money.

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  • Ro
    Ronald Seal Aug 31, 2008

    Lowe's does not give customer a copy of the Extended Protection Plan at the time of item purchase, the NEW company doesn't mail any documents to customer either after the warranty plan is purchased. I filed claim on Maytag washer, contacted the New company. Service technician came to my home, He said that the transmission was defective.
    I received a store credit from Lowe's for the cost of washer plus sales tax to purchase new washer from Lowe's. I was told by Lowe's employee at time of purchase that Lowe's Extended Prtection Plan would pay for cost of parts and labor to repair washer if it was defective for a period of four years.
    As far as I am concerned the Lowe's employee committed sales fraud. All customers that are having problems with defective products purchased at Lowe's with Extended Protection Plans, should ban together and file class action law suit against Lowe's

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  • Sc
    Scott Maczka Sep 01, 2008

    Boy I should have read this script prior to buying my riding lawnmower from Lowes. The salesperson talked me into their "amazing" warranty because if anything went wrong with the tractor, they would come to my home and fix it. Well, I get a flat tire the first week I have it and they're telling me that I have to call the manufacturer and schedule a time for ME to take it to a service center. So I'm extremely mad right now. Will be my last purchase from Lowe's no doubt about it!!

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    Freya Sep 11, 2008

    I'm glad I'm not the only one out there having a serious problem with this "Advantage" group. It certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth concerning Lowe's purchases. However, I did call the Lowe's Customer Care number and lodge a complaint about the extended warranty program. The woman I spoke with did seem a little shocked that my washing machine was not fixed after a month! A month! I was told by the warranty customer service person that they couldn't do anything until it had been a month. At the month mark, they said they still couldn't do anything.

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  • Li
    Lisa Oct 07, 2008

    I agree w/ everyone on here, I wish I would of read this before hand! I have a yr old Cabrio the senor already went out. They make your appt and I just happened to call and confirm w/ the appliance ctr and they don't work p.m. hours! Now the center is having problems ordereing the parts. The appliance center got an attitude w/ me when I suggested maybe she pick up the phone if she can't order it on the computer. DAH??? I would like to see these people without their applicances working for 2 weeks or months. Yeah, Lowes is for the BIRDS!

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    amanda Oct 08, 2008

    I doubt any of you read your terms and conditions. Many of you don't even know how insurance/warranties/contracts work, but you'll ### and moan about the service that your not paying for. Next time, don't buy the plan, wait just as long for service, and pay for it yourself. The plan basically is there to pay for the service. I used to work for Service Advantage, and guess what... %90 of you hill billy ###s didn't know what you were covered for, or what you were actually entitled too. Thats not our fault, thats your fault, and to all of you who cry about not having a washer for a couple weeks, I'd just like to say F*CK YOU! I got so sick and tired of all you spoiled little Americans and your emotional sob fests. I don't care if you have 8 kids, I don't care if you mother is handicapped, nobody cares, go to an f'ing laundry mat like many other people do every day! The plan is not there to replace your machine because of YOUR situation, its not there to make special exceptions, EVERYONE wants a special exception, and you can go yell at the manufacturer's if it takes to long to get your parts, once again, not OUR problem! I don't give a damn where any of you go next time, but do all the call center people a break and just pay for service yourself. I've bought plans, and since I am an EDUCATED consumer, who takes the TIME to know what I'm buying, I've never had a problem getting things fixed through warranties or contracts.

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    Christine Raymond Oct 18, 2008

    I have a Whirlpool oven that was purchased from Lowes with extened protection. It went out less than a year old and whirlpool fixed it within 2 weeks. Now it is less than two years old with the same problem. Had 1 appointment cancelled than after two weeks someone finally came it has been four weeks and apparently he cannot get the parts. Called Lowes they said they would have the parts overnighted but that has been almost a week ago. I will never buy appliances at Lowes again. If they are unable to get someone to repair the appliances they sell the protction plans for than they should not sell them.

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  • Sh
    Sheryl Nov 20, 2008

    Totally agree, terrible customer service and Lowe's could care less about the customer. We have a Samsung dryer, a little over a year old with extended warranty...called Nov. 2nd and service came out Nov 4th, have been trying to get the correct part ever since. Then Lowes said they were going to replace the dryer...the next day changed to denied...so we are back to getting the correct part...NO customer service at all!!! I am totally frustrated--why can't they go outta business-- they deserve it...Supervisor Stacy does not call back when she says she will...then the service repairmen do not call back either-- everyone just ignores us until we call them, then different day different story...would value opions to our next option go get this resolved, but never ever buy an appliance from Lowe's ...terrible-!!! Now we are still waiting and it is Nov. 20th, they just do not care!!!

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  • Sh
    Sheryl Nov 20, 2008

    And...I might add...IF LOWES reps would just DO what they said, that would be ok...but to say one thing and do another...that is a lie and they know it!!! Tell the truth, communicate with the customer and we could then work with any issues that we may have as consumers, that is where tons of our frustrations lie...Mr. former Lowe's employee (as listed above in the comments section)-- we just want customer service as we paid to receive.

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  • Co
    country girl Dec 12, 2008

    Whatever you do don't take out a Lowe's Advantage Extended Warranty. They will not stand behind their contract. They do nothing their contract says they will. I have had a repairman to work on my Maytag washer four times in the last two months and it still doesn't work. I have been informed that since the repairman's visits were not 30 days apart that all of those only count for one repair. Your warranty has a No Lemon Guarantee that states "if your product requires more than 3 repairs for the same problem, we'll replace it". Don't let that fool you...they won't do that.

    I was told by a suppervisor that she would not be upset if she had to do without her washer for two months. I'm not sure who she thought she was talking to, but there is no way any woman in the good ole USA would be happy doing without a washer for two months. Of course, she got a little angry with me when I challenged her on that answer and of course I was already very angry by then.

    So if your washer breaks down and you have an Lowe's extended warranty on it make sure the repairman doesn't come back before the thiry days are up.

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  • Lo
    LowesBlows Jan 15, 2009

    Add me to the list of those screwed over by Lowes Service (Dis) Advantage.
    Said, they'd fix it, or they'd replace it. Can't be fixed, and they won't replace. They gave us some song and dance about it being on sale, but of course we paid full price for the warranty, as if it wasn't on sale.

    NOBODY told us about the "refund of purchase price" at the time of sale. No paperwork stating this was given to us at the time of sale, or at any point after that. We only received a promise to "fix or replace" and a palm out for the warranty money.

    And why does this mysterious foul-mouthed grammatically-challenged "Lowes Employee" always show up on these Lowes complaint sites? Ever notice that? Complain about a Lowes product, and he's right there to tell you how stupid you were to not be a mind reader and know things you weren't told, and obviously stupid because you believe what you WERE told by his precious Lowes employee bum-buddies.

    Give it up, "Employee". Nobody buys your bull any more than we'll buy the bull Lowes is going to continue handing out.

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  • Hi
    Hillbilly Spoiled American Mar 25, 2009

    Ex New Employee, Most of these people expected services that were comparable to a warranty provided by the manufacturer, That’s how it was sold to me by the Lowes Representative. They paid for a product and were not satisfied and have a write to complain by our laws. Almost no one reads the fine print at the time of purchase because when you buy a product from a reputable dealer and they offer you a conjoining product there is an expectation of quality, in this country anyway, unfortunately, in this case it wasn’t so. I’ll tell you what, after my claim was denied, unduly in my opinion, I’ll never buy another one of these extended Warranties. So shove up your behind and go back to your own country and make a living their, you ungrateful ###, and become and EX-immigrant. And Again I’ll bet you will end up as a “EX” employee.

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  • Lj
    LJH Apr 21, 2009

    N.E.W. is a company that does not give a hoot about customer service. I believe their employee's are trained to give customer's the run around. Nebraska Furniture Mart recommended warranty for DLP TV 35 days and still not fixed. The supervisor at N.E.W. is rude and unprofessional and told me to read the fine print on my contract. I could not find anything that said they have 60 days to fix TV. On and on they are very rude employee's that lack customer skills. Why does a large company like Nebraska Furniture Mart sell warranty's like this one? (I know to make money) My self I was taught that your name and word is something that now one can take away from you. Only you can do it to your self. Well I will not buy another product from them.

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  • Ni
    nicholsonsirrigation Apr 21, 2009

    I bought my washer 5-18-09 and I bought the extended service agreement. The sales associate told me everything was covered except cosmetic damage and light bulbs. On 05-08-09 my washer was leaking and I called the 800 number for service. The Tech was supposed to be at my home between 8 and noon. He showed up at 2:00 PM. I didn't really car because I wanted my washer fixed. He hooked it up to a machine and told me my pump had change or something in the pump that that it wasn't covered unless I had the extra warranty. I told him purchased the extra warranty and he told me I was incorrect and didn't have it. I opened the cabinet door and showed him a copy of the receipt. He was almost obnoxious at this point and said he had to call in. It was like he was trying to prove something. He called in an informed me that it wasn't covered and told me he would have to charge me. I asked him to leave. I was not happy so I grabed my I phone and headed to Lowes. I set the I phone on record and walked into the washer department. After a few minutes a salesperson named Andy walked up to me and asked me if I wanted any help. I told him I had trouble with washers in the past and asked him how the extended warranties worked. He was quick to say that If i bought the warranty, everything would be covered except cosmetic damage. I then told him of my situation and he handed me a brochure with an 800 number on it. He was quick to pass the buck and lost all interest in helping me. I went home with my recording and called the 800 number and was transfered several times with no success.Bottom line


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  • Ka
    kay May 30, 2009

    How many would consider class action lawsuit against lowe's because of the warranty plan?

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  • Wi
    willbet Jun 08, 2009

    been thirty days now waiting for approval to fix dryer boy some slany eyed jap looking mf on extended warranty

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  • Ji
    Jim B. Jul 15, 2009

    I have also had a terrible experience with the Lowe's Extended Protection Plan. I purchased a John Deere pressure washer and the extended protection plan along with it. I first made my claim on May 22, it is now July 15 and I have yet to receive my fixed pressure washer. At first it took several weeks just to get all the "paperwork" in order for the repair company. After they got that taken care of I had to wait another week to get "approval" to pick up my machine. Why they didn't approve it while they were taking weeks to get my "paperwork" in order, I have no clue. Lowe's is by far the worst company I have dealt with so far regarding protection plans. Best Buy being the absolute best! I know it's a different kind of retail store but if I were upper management of Lowe's I would look at Best Buy as a model for the way things should be handled. I would not recommend anyone buying any kind of protection plan from Lowe's, it's more trouble than it's worth. Go to Home Depot instead!

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  • Af
    AFerr Jul 27, 2009

    They put the signs of the for sale items above those items and in front of another item. So you see the sign think that it is for item right in front and you purchase that item, when instead it is for the item below. (Well it says granules not liquid -didn't you read that). Shame on them for trying to trick us. Be an honest store with honest products and we will purchase those products. We know you have to mark up prizes to make money, but we don't like to be tricked and duped.

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  • Un
    unhappy mike Jul 29, 2009

    I agree I got problems with my washer so I called the number in my reciept the customer service who took my call issued a repair ticket and a gave a tel. number to call from an authorized repair shop to call if I didn't hear anything within 72 business hours after a week I called the shop and no one answered left several messages so I called Lowes again and the Rep told me the plan didn't covered untill after the first year and that I needed to start a new claim directly with the manifacturer's company.
    bottom line poor service, no information long period of waiting.

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  • Ri
    ridgerunner2415 Aug 05, 2009

    I wish I would have read all of these complaints before I purchased the plan. I have a IH Cub Cadet that had transmission issues so I called and made an appointment to have it services by a company called S&S Power Sports in Knoxville, TN., if Lowes tries send them to you run as fast as you can, stay away! Anyway, they worked on it and it came back to me worse than before so I called Lowes again to schedule someone else to come and look at it. During the exam the new guy found the problem immediately, S&S left off two main bolts connecting the transmission to the frame and the frame was broke leaving the tractor useless. Now Lowes is saying that there is no proof that S&S left off the bolts so they will not pay for the repair, even though the new man said the bolts were left off. A supervisor from Lowes, her name is Laura stated that I could have removed the bolts, talk about mad! I hit the roof! Bottom line, Lowes will pay for the service call and the diagnoses, that's all. THis is what I get for useing my service plan. By the way, S&S will not take my calls.

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  • Cl
    clybarger Sep 20, 2009

    Hi all.

    I'm not getting proper service on my extended warranty with Lowe's. They just wont honor it, keep getting the "3-5 business days" routine with no results.

    If you want to sue them, contact me. Attorney Charles Lybarger. (I'm in Nevada).
    [email protected]

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  • Bu
    buddyellis Oct 07, 2009

    I just EECB'd (executive email carpet bomb) every lowes executive I could find. Here's what I sent:

    Back about three years ago we were buying a house and it needed a few appliance upgrades. At the time there was a Lowes store opening in our area, and the had some fabulous grand opening sales, so we did a little research on the brands they had, and ended up buying a Mid level Samsung unit in black along with the Lowes extended warranty. All was well, and we really like the fridge.

    Fast forward last summer, and the fun began. We started noticing the refrigerator section wasn't cooling (freezer was fine) and so we called Lowes and call to get a repair scheduled. It took Lowes about three or four days to get someone out. Evidently they couldn't find anyone in our area to do repairs and had to do some research and locate someone. This is a new store, they probably hadn't had a lot of cause to contract for our region, so we wait patiently.
    Eventually RepairGuy 1.0 comes out and says 'I've seen several of these have bad CPU boards, I'll order the part.' Part comes, and about one week later (two weeks total repair, approximately) my fridge is all happy and we are all happy, and the world is fine.

    Fast forward one year, almost exactly (Sept 2nd, the week before labor day) and the 'Sound of Milk Doom' returned over one long weekend when we were away. Ice in fan. Temp 54 Degrees F. So we call, and get repair scheduled with RepairGuy 2.0. After about two or three days (Sept 4 if I recall right), he comes out, We tell him of the previous experience with the CPU board, but he proclaims a 'glitch of some sort probably caused by all the rain we've had (it has been raining a lot -- something like 10 inches one week)' and defrosts the fridge manually with a heat gun, changes some sort of 'sensor' and says 'call if this doesn't help'. This was a Friday.
    Three or four days later (week 2), Tuesday or so, the temp in my refrigerator was 54 degrees and climbing, so call we did and left a message or two on his answering machine. De Nada. We call Lowes, and they can't get hold of him either, but eventually, one week later he comes out. He was on vacation for a week. Temp is sitting near 65F in my fridge at this point and the fan has stopped whining (the evaporator is frozen solid by this point, and no air circulation. Heck its cooler in my house that morning due to the cold snap -- I joke with my wife that we should just put our food in the garage!) Eventually he gets out, defrosts it again, and changes a couple more 'sensors' .
    By Thursday, back to Temp 54, and rising (go me!). We call. Answering Machine. No return call. Call Lowes 'we'll try to get hold of him' and eventually they do call, and he comes back out several days later, changes 'all the sensors out' and manually defrosts it again with the heat gun. By this time we've lost track of the gallons of milk and assorted other food items, and are getting quite annoyed, but ever hopeful. (Note: I have four kids, and two toddlers with a stay at home wife. This refrigerator stuff is pretty important not to mention loosing a couple hundred dollars of food every few weeks puts a crimp on our already limited budget) I just want my fridge operational again.
    Eventually, two weeks ago, he orders the CPU board. One week later, last Monday, Lowes said it was delivered. He comes out last Thursday and replaces the board. 'This should do it hopefully'.
    Maybe in some alternative reality it does, but not for us. By this last Saturday we're sitting on 55F again, and the growl of doom is emanating from the appliance again. I'm catering an event for some friends this weekend so lack of fridge puts a severe crimp on things, but oh well, we make do, and scale it down. We call Lowes this A.M. and they put in paperwork to get it replaced. It remains to be seen at this point what exactly will happen, but her remarks do not make me hopeful 'we'll try but it's no guarantee it will get replaced', and so here I sit, hoping to hear some good news, but at the rate I've been having it, I very much suspect otherwise. It is now Thursday, and we're getting 'it'l be three to five days before we know anything." In otherwords next week at a minimum, and my fridge is sitting on 65F again.

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  • Sh
    Shy-Guy Oct 24, 2009

    I couldn't disagree more with these complaints about Lowes extended service plan.
    We bought a Whirlpool washer and dryer from Lowes several years ago. The dryer works just fine but the washer was a real lemon. We have had service people out to repair this monstrosity at least a dozen times. They have completely replaced the electronics 3 or 4 times, door switches a half dozen times and other problems 3-4 times. Every time, the service people have been out within 2-3 days. A couple of times they had to order parts and that usually rook about 3-4 days. The last time they had to order a major part and it took a week because Whirlpool didn't have the part in stock.
    Every time, the people in the warrantee department have been courteous, the repair people have been here when promised and have repaired it every time.
    The ONLY time I had a problem was the last time because the clutch and transmission on the washer were shot. The cost of repair would have been more than the machine was worth. So there was a three week delay because the Warrantee company had to approve the repair or else decide to refund the cost of the machine. They dragged their feet for those three weeks because they didn't want to have to pay out the cost of the machine plus tax. But eventually they did so.
    That isn't Lowes fault except in that they chose that warrantee insurer but odds are that all warrantee insurers would react the same way. We now have the money back for the cost of the machine so we in essence have had the free use of a washer for two years and rightfully so.
    I don't hold this against Lowes, but do hold it against Whirlpool since they chose to move their manufacturing to Mexico and since then their product quality has gone down hill dramatically.
    So now we are looking at a Frigidaire washer from LOWES because it is made in the USA and will hopefully be a better quality machine. I haven't decided whether to buy the extended warrantee from Lowes or directly from Frigidaire. That will depend upon what the costs are between the two, not because of how LOWES honored their warrantee program.

    The funniest comment I saw here was the guy who wouldn't buy anything from LOWES because they wouldn't cover his getting a FLAT TIRE on his riding mower under warrantee unless he brought it back to their service center. Flat tires are not product defects. They are caused by the user riding over a sharp object and LOWES doesn't have an obligation to fix a flat tire at all and he should be grateful that they would do so but instead feels that he was "cheated"! That is ridiculous.

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  • Ah
    ahoyhoy Nov 12, 2009

    Shame on you for not reading signs properly! It's not that hard. Every store has different rules on whether they place the sign on top or the bottom, you should be used to this. Also, a majority of the time it is another customer that has messed up the display by putting the wrong items there instead of its correct place.

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  • Ar
    argylesocks Nov 12, 2009

    I don't think it's the store's fault that you didn't double check to make sure the sale listed was for the item looked up. Things get misplaced and stocked in the wrong area or switched around. But no matter what the store does, that doesn't really excuse you for being unable to do a simple read and compare.

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  • Ls
    LSAEmployee Nov 18, 2009

    I think the funniest thing is that people believe Lowe's should model their protection plans around other companies. Just so you all know... NEW literally owns every major provider of Extended Protection Plan coverage. Target. OfficeMax. Walmart. Lowe's. Best Buy. DirectTV. You name it.

    NEW tries its best to cover each and every customer. They even pull strings for those who have had a really hard time of getting their products fixed, whether it's due to parts on back order, service center problems, etc. Granted, yes there are times where problems up rise that are out of the call center's control, but you have to understand, its a company of people. People like you and me. Sometimes, things go wrong.

    You DO need to read your terms and conditions on any plan you purchase. That is a contract you are signing into! What if by purchasing that, you were legally bound to give away all of your assets if any damage was found to the unit? You honestly never know! So you should always read every fine print. Especially on coverage for your products. Every day I get calls from disgruntled customers-- who, if they would have just read everything instead of trusting employees, workers just like you and me, of a 'trusted company, ' would have never had the problem arise in the first place. When you are working on a commission like those at the Lowe's stores, sometimes you will stretch the truth to sell a plan. Many just don't know exactly what they cover. That is their fault. But it is your fault just as much for not looking into anything that you spend your hard earned money on.

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    billfromOK Jan 22, 2010

    I know this is an old thread, so maybe things have changed. My personal experience with the lowes service advantage plan has been great. I had a Whirlpool Duet washer that quit working. They sent a tech within a week, he ordered a control board and was back within another week. After replacing the part, it turned out to be the other control board. Lowes Service Advantage called within 2 days to advise me that the repair was not economical, and within a week of that call I had a merchandise credit card for the purchase price of the washer + tax.

    I don't know what Lowes could have done to make that experience much better. Perhaps they could have shaved a few days off of some steps, but that's not realistic. They have to wait for the local repair tech to be available, and order parts.

    With my refund, I purchased another washer from Lowes with the extended warranty, and I'm a happy camper.

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    Anonymous LSA PS Feb 04, 2010

    I was a "Supervisor" for Lowes Service Advantage and have some inside information as to how this Extended Protection Plan works. First of all don't buy an EPP unless you have read and fully understand the terms and condidtions of the plan. It clearly states what is and is not covered on appliances as well as outdoor power equipment. If you are being sold a plan at the store, ask for the terms and conditions. You have 30 days to purchase the plan if you really want to. There are timeframes for repairs. Laundry equipment is 21 days before it is looked at for replacment. If parts are on order it wont be replaced. "No cool" refrigerators and freezers are 5 days, if you have food loss after 78 hours you can ask for food loss replacement. $100.00 with a 2 year plan and $250.00 with a 4 year plan. You can also rent a refrigerator for up to 25% of the cost of your original or if you speak to a "supervisor" you can ask for a compact. You can purchase a compact for up to $150.00 and its yours to keep. You will need to submit a reciept for the purchase and be reimbursed. When submitting for food loss you will need a statement from the service provider that you were indeed in a no cool situtation. Thats because of previous abuses by customers. Stoves, microwaves, and all other appliances are 45 days. Air Conditioners and heaters are 5 days. If the cost of one repair is over 95% of the cost of the unit, it will be replaced. By replaced that means you will recieve a gift card to Lowes in the amount of purchase plus any sales tax unless you specifically ask for a check. The "No Lemon" policy works like this: After 3 of the SAME COMPLETED repairs and a diagnosis of a 4th all within one year, ( they go back one year from the failure you are calling about) you are entitled to a replacement. However those repairs are not considered completed until after 30 days because the servicer has a guarantee of service. If they fix it and it breaks within 30 days its on them, not the warranty company to repair it again. So all failures have to be outside of that 30 days. Also the time left that you have on your warranty and the cost of all repairs are taken into consideration. If you have less than 6 months left on your warranty it wont be replaced. Also if you are not over 95% of the cost of the unit in repairs it wont be replaced either. As for calling LSA, if you are having major problems with getting repairs it is best to speak to a supervisor, they have more resources to take care of these things than a regular customer service rep. However, the "supervisors" are very overworked, they do not have time to call back every single customer when they say they will. The timeframe on a supervisor calling you back if you chose to leave a message is 24 hours. LSA is a warranty company not owned or operated by Lowes. However, Lowes does write the terms and conditions. National Electronics Warranties is the company that enforces those terms and conditons and is underwritten by AIG who pays all the claims.

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