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do not use lowe's for windows

Don't waste your time, money, and sanity - Lowe's is a nightmare. I had them replace a large window...

stay away

In March 2010, I purchased a John Deere Lawn Mower. After three cuts, the discharge a assembly melted apart, I took it to Tonys Repair shop on 2400 North Harlem in Chicago. While cutting grass after a heavy rain hit submerged pipe and bent the shaft and blade accidently, to find that the part was not covered by warranty, A BRAND NEW LAWN MOWER INOPERABLE, very disappointed in companys policy in warranties, no consideration of replacement of lawn mower. Also I am disappointed in the quality of the lawn mower, any and all consideration would be greatly appreciated. I was coerced into purchasing this lawn mower by the salesman #1273647 not only did I purchase the lawn mower I also purchased the extended warranty to cover any possible damages. Money as you know is very hard to come by and personally I dont or cant afford to throw away $563.19. Please rectify this situation as quickly as possible. A PISSED OFF CONSUMER.

  • Ju
    JustHelping Sep 17, 2010

    I am an employee for Lowe's and regarding returning/exchanging the product, all power equipment is subject to a 30 day return policy. After that you must contact the manufacturer for possible repairs or replacement parts, they may even suggest a place you can take it to and send it out for repair. You will need to speak with them to receive more information. The extended protection plan kicks in AFTER the manufacturer's warranty expires.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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  • Sm
    SmileySunshine Dec 02, 2010

    First off...I understand your frustration about the discharge assembly melting.
    Secondly you hit a pipe. Of course that is not going to be covered.
    If I buy a car from you and hit a telephone pole on the way home should you have to fix it?
    Of course not. In my personal opinion I own a John Deere and will never buy any other model.

    The extended warranties are fanatstic. As long as it is a manufacturer defect you are covered.They come and pick it up for you and redeliver it for no charge. Also you get reimbursed for your maintenance parts. Thats why the extened warranty through Lowes starts the day you purchased it. It covers the manufacturers warranty and so much more. Truely the extended warranty is worth it.

    Once again as for your accident. It was your accident and not the mowers.

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lowes credit card

What a scam the Lowes No Payment/No Interest credit card is! It sounds great to the consumer in this time of need to purchase items for their home improvement at no interest for 6 months to a year but what they do is charge you all the interest at 23% from day 1 if the entire amount is not paid in full! Even if you have been making monthly payments.

I received a statement 1 month with a $500 finance charge!

Shady business. Shame on these credit card companies for doing this to people in this hard economic times.

I will NEVER shop at Lowes ever again. Thousands and thousands of dollars I spent there, never again!

  • Mr
    MRad1976 Sep 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for the comment. The reason I am upset is because I was making monthly payments above and beyond the minumum, never once late and they went back to day 1 and charged me interest from full amount. It is my fault for not understanding that part but it's ashame that these credit card companies are doing this. They should charge interests on the balance after the 12 months in my opinion.

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  • Fm
    fmustangsncats Feb 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got a Lowe's credit card back in March of 2011 and purchased a washer and dryer. I had been faithfully making payments, plus paying extra to get it paid off before the 12 months/same as cash deal was up. Then, a few months later, I purchased a few other things for 12 months same as cash. Then, a few months ago, I purchased laminate flooring for 18 months same as cash. When I make my payments and EXTRA, this money is being distributed amongst ALL balances, not the one that's due by March 20, 2011!! At this rate, no, the balance due March 20, 2011 will never be paid off. This way they can go back and charge interest from day one, and still get their money. When I make extra payments, I want this put towards the balance coming due FIRST! Otherwise, why am I bothering?? I plan to call them today and go rounds with them. I know they will have some excuse and aren't going to budge. BEWARE!!! Lowe's credit card deals are a scam!!

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  • Fo
    ForrestCo Nov 19, 2012

    Also, whatever you do never-ever use your Lowes credit card to carry no-interest promo purchase AND make regular 5% Lowes Card discount purchases. It’s OK to do one or the other but never carry both together. The reason is because when you make a monthly payment, even if it’s above the minimum amount due, even if the payment is enough to cover the 5% discounted purchases in full for that billing period plus the amount to cover any minimum amount due for the no-interest promo purchases, the amount paid for that billing period will be proportionately divided among all of your outstanding credit purchases. This will leave a balance due on the regular 5%-discount purchases which incurs an interest charge which easily offsets any 5% discount saving.

    The same goes for returns. If you make a return of an item purchased on your Lowes credit card, and let’s say the item was purchased taking the 5% discounted regular-purchase deal, the return credit will be proportionately divided among your outstanding balances on both interest free-promo purchase and regular purchases. For this reason, your regular purchases balance will be higher that you would expect which will undoubtedly incur unexpected interest charges. In the last two to three years since I’ve had my Lowes credit card featuring the 5% discount deal, I have incurred more interest charges and been on the phone with GE Capital customer service than I have with all the other credit-cards that I’ve carry for over the last 30+years combined. Except for long term no interest promo deals, I always pay every credit-card in-full monthly since I have carried a credit card. With the Lowes Card, I would think that I was paying enough to not incur any interest charges, but for the above highly obscured reasons, I found that I was wrong. I even one had the GE Capital customer-service rep tell me that she wished that the payment credit terms were spelled out clearly as it would make her job easier. GE Capital not only needs to spell out the terms clearly on their website and on the printed statement, but also needs to allow the customer to direct which portion of your payment gos to pay down which purchases.

    I did finally solve this problem today. I paid the total amount in full, even though I carried a number of interest-free promos with lot of time left, but it’s just is not worth the hassle of dealing with Lowes and GE Capital’s deceptive practices. From now on I’ll use my Discover Card do most of home improvement shopping at Home Depot and Ace, and Lowes can keep their so-call deals.

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  • Ma
    Mark Siegfried Dec 20, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problem with lowes. they charged me $1400 interest on a 4000 purchase in 6 months. I paid them $3000 and still owe them $3000, by the time I pays them off I will have been cheated out of $5000. This can't be legal. I think I'll just stop paying on the card and let them keep calliong me for the rest of my life. I will never buy another item from Lowes as long as I live. Mass law suit is in order . Please somebody get one going. These people are our enemies, they are the ones responsible for our economy.

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  • Na
    Nataliakorrr Dec 29, 2013

    The Lowes credit service is using deceptive practices! Im contacting the better business bureau regarding the fact that they negate to give you a monthly summery on all your purchases . By doing that it leaves the consumer in the dark about what they purchased and also an account of the dollar amounts . By grouping the non interest account with the regular purchase amounts you cant figure out what your individual balances are. Every other credit card company gives you a monthly purchase account. Your unable to screen if your cards been tampered with if you cant see the activity. They are scamming many elderly people and women. Woman are the largest consumer group using Lowes. They need to be accountable to these practices! Please join to sue the company! [email protected]

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  • Di
    Disgusted at this practice Oct 01, 2014

    Just got hit with 1400.00 in interest charges on a promo for a fridge that ran me over 3000.00. I paid all my payments plus extra and they put it towards purchases made after the fact instead of principal. Absolutely disgusting practice. Bad enough my house flooded from Sandy, now we have to deal with this disaster!

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run by idiots that don't help

Recently at the Local Lowes I was looking For a piece of wire. After standing at the gigantic spool pressing...

kills batteries

We purchased 2 Harbor Breeze fans with remotes. I bought Energizer A23 Batteries, I have a home battery checker, both batteries showed excellent condition. I put them in the remotes and they both died within a day. I bought more bateries and they died with a day. I know it isn't the batteries, so it has to be something with the remotes. How can I get help on this?? Batteries are not cheap.

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pergo floor

About 2 years ago I purchased several thousand dollars worth of Pergo and labor to install from Lowes. My husband was very ill at this time but the floors needed to be done. The store associates told me it was warrantied against pets, said nothing about it being a problem if a drop of water were to penetrate the seam but assured me I would be very happy with my choice. I have near 3000sq ft home with all but 2 floors being replaced with Pergo. Including my laundry room and kitchen. #1) After installing I found small chips at the very corned of some of the slabs #2 There was an area where they placed it incorrectly and replaced it which looks like a mending job #3 Door frame slabs broke or cracked within a week on two frames (sales manager told me she had this in her home and the door frame pieces were cheap and another manager told me my sliding door might have caused it to break. The door is at least 1" to 1 1/2" above floor.) #4 scratches were found on floor after Pergo inspectors came to evaluate. I had one Pergo inspector come in and there was no conclusive decision (to my knowledge) made. Another was called (at my request) and that is when I was given the final word they Pergo) would not stand behind there warranty because my dogs scratched the floor. So having that said Lowes would not do anything about it either. I had another floor contractor come in and he said they should have replaced the floor. But as I said at the time my husband was very sick and I coud not take the ttime to fight them with it any longer. Had I known about this site I would have placed my complaint long ago. I now am very anti warrenty replacemets. But I do make a verbal announcement to people I talk with about Lowes and Pergo. I know I have cost them 'several' thousands of dollars. I am not happy I have but I am satasfied.

a horrible store manager

I have been in this business for more than 7 years. I originally came over from Home Depot, which now is something I deeply regret! Prior to that, I worked in the restaurant business for about 10yrs., where at one point, I was a store manager.
The fortunate thing is that Lowes itself, is not a bad company to work for. However, my store / store manager is a diferent story! Prior to working in this industry, I ran successful, award-winning fast food restaurants with happy employees and even happier customers . I also held a couple successful sales jobs. In my entire work history, I have never come across a bigger ###, than Mark Gullotti. He is a poor leader by example, he treats his management staff like dog ###, and then can't seem to understand why the people he oversees, absolutely HATE HIM. And it's not just staff. I've had a few of my customers even come in and complain about his rudeness. Generally in the corporate world, you see a distance or lack of understanding between what actually goes on at the store level, and the "suits" as I call them. It's understandable that a "head-honcho" at your corporate office may not understand some of the day to day issues that go on in a store, but for a store manage not to understand it, is just rediculous. My problem really started when I began to have health isses. Since that time, Mark has made it his mission to make my life miserable in the hopes that I will one day quit. Unfortunately, I am not one of his "brainless pawns, that will do whatever he says. (especially if I don't believe it's correct/ ethical. Example: We've had several HR managers go through our store in the past few years, none of them lasting more than a year. Why? Well, because they weren't willing to sit and preach the policies to employees, while the store manager will overlook every poilcy and expect them to back him. Now, as far as myself..I have tried endlessly to move up within the company, I am one of the top-performers at my job within the district, but ther's one catch (or maybe a few) I'm brutally honest, I have missed time due to personal and family medical issues. -so accordking to them, I have an "attendance" issue. (even though I have have doctor's notes, hospital statements, and letters from my mother's oncologist!!!) Pretty unbelievable right?

If anyone else reading this has had a similar issue, please post something on here! I'm now in jeopardy of losing my job!
Did I mention that my "final" write up consisted of "punching in 10mins early 3 times in 2 wks, calling out one day, and being late one day, even though one of the managers was aware of the appointment. Now I'm being told I may lose my job/ be documented because I spent my 15 break out in my car, smoking.

Please help..do I contact the labor board<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • He
    Here's what I know. Sep 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work for Lowe's as well, when you do something to piss off a manager you're pretty much screwed. They will do anything and everything to make your work life miserable. We have an ### for a store manager right now, since he has come he has pushed out our good managers to replace them with his buddies. By push them out I mean, he told our one manager there is a position at another Lowe's store you're being transferred. When she called them to find out about the transfer. she found out he did not put in the proper paper work and essentially she was jobless, luckily she put in and got the position, but the issue is he did not do the paper work. Since then he has pulled many other schemes similar to get rid of other managers and then he hires his buddies. As for his buddies as managers they are horrible. As in because I am part time and in school I have a set availability which has been fine for about 2 years now because I always schedule my classes the same days each semester. Well all of a sudden when one of his buddies becomes a manager, I am now being scheduled outside of my availability. when I told the manager, she responded by yelling at me, literally at me saying "No one can ever work, all of you have everything else but work, all of you are lazy". I then waited 2 days and checked the schedule again which I was still on for the days which are outside of my availability. I then went to my HR manager because when I went to the manager I am supposed to go to 1st because she does the scheduling for us I got yelled at and ignored. My HR then told me to talk to one of the other managers, and that the manager who yelled at me was wrong. Nothing was done to reprimand this manager for her attitude or for her scheduling mistakes. Lowe's in general is a good company to work for because I believe that at the corporate level they want what's best for the employee the issues come from the managers at the store level.

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metal blade arm broke - dangerous

Blade arm on ceiling fan broke completely in half and slung the blade across the room against the wall and behind the television; lucky nobody was standing there as this was a very large blade and it put a hole in the wall. Unable to find a replacement part anywhere; HarborBreeze website is totally worthless. Lowe's was no help. Looks like I'll be purchasing a new (different brand) ceiling fan - this one was NOT old and rarely used.

  • On
    Onesheepie Jul 20, 2011

    We got a space ship themed ceiling fan for our sons room, the metal arm bracket broke as well. Can't find a replacement part for it, maybe after reading this post, we will just get him another brand of ceiling fan. Been looking for a replacement part for a little over a month and can't find one.

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  • Jd
    JD 1401 Oct 30, 2016

    I have experienced the exact same problem with a 2 year old fan. The blade arm broke in half and flung the blade across the room. No luck at home depot & lowes nor online with ebay and amazon. Have to say this is completely unacceptable. I will be buying a new (different brand) fan since there are apparently no replacement parts.

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  • Lo
    LowesFTL Jul 24, 2017

    Same issue, the blade arm completely snapped off with the fan blade. The manual lists a part number which the only result in Google is the reference from the online PDF of the manual. It is literally not carried anywhere and you're referred to a customer support line which simply tells you they do not carry the part. Worthless company.

    Blade Arm P/N: 0599848-L
    Manual: http://pdf.lowes.com/installationguides/671961408220_install.pdf

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  • Ke
    Kezbeth Dec 29, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We just had the exact same thing happen to ours and it is only one year old.
    You can not get the replacement part anywhere.
    This is a poorly made product. Spend a few bucks more and get a better made fan.
    It looks great but is junk. One fan blade arm just snapped off.

    Would anyone that is getting rid of their fans be interested in selling the blade arms as parts?? I would be interested in buying the arms so I can repair my fan in my deer camp.
    Karen Clark

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horrible kitchen installation

Do not get your kitchen cabinets here! Lowes is horrible for installing kitchen cabinets! When my husband and...

ron beaver

To whom it may concern. I'm the owner of twin city remodeling and all my businees go'es through lowes, 3 months ago I had a remodeling project going on at cost of 27, 000.00 when it was time to do the painting, the paint came from lowes, monroe louisiana at that time the paint was all there and was correst when we were complete with that phase of the job we proceed to finish the rest of the project. The job was completed when the home owners did a walk through they had notice some painting needed some touch up, at that time I went to lowes and picked another gallon of paint, and yes I broght one of the cans of paint to the store that had the formula on it, the gentleman proceed to mix my paint, and ask me if I wanted the old can and said I did'nt need it. So I went about my way, and brought the paint to the job site which at that time one of my employees proceeded to do the touch up on 2 walls, about 2hrs. Later I went to look at the work that was done. At that time, I notice the paint was the wrong formula, so I took pictures of the work and brought it to the attention of the manger at which time he just gave the paint for free, now I was very unhappy, and angry because now I have to repaint both walls and pay the labor and the time I was losing. Now the cost to do this was$297.00 and feel that lowes should be held responsabile for the cost I had to eat. Now I would really like to hear from someone by phone and get the problem resolved. Now problem#2 this project was started on8/10/2010 and this time it was ceramic tile job and lowes sent the wrong flooring out, at that time we/twin city remodeling installed the floor later that nite the home owner called me to inform me that the ceramic tile was the wrong one so at that time it was to late that nite, and the next morning I went to the homeowners and the boxes with the item number did. Nt match the numbers on my sales ticket, so I went to lowes and ask to speak to a manger and explain to him what had happen, by showing him my paper work, and the tile and box # lowes manger refunded my money for all tile I had left and that was already down, that was it. Then I had to buy the correct tile. Now I really dont that the way u should thay, do you. So now i'm out that money because we had to remove the til that already strip the floor back down and start all over. After that it cost me money, and labor double the amount off that. Now i'm out a total of $667.81 which I should'nt be. So now I feel ur company should reimbure my company a total for both jobs is$964;81 I feel that is far. Now u do realize I have picture's and paid receipt that can back all my evindence. If we can resolve the problem I will be happy and will continue my buisness with lowes. Thank you ron beaver owner of twin city remodeling my # is [protected]

  • Gl
    GLOWORM5 Jul 17, 2012



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I would avoid dealing with this Lowes and possibly the entire company in general if the procedures followed by this store are indicative of company policy.

After purchasing a dishwasher with installation, we noticed about 2 days later that water was leaking from under the dishwasher and on to our brand new hardwood floors. Since Lowes outsources their installations to subcontractors to insulate themselves from having to deal with installation issues, I was immediately put in the middle of their blame game. They went back and forth between blaming the manufacturer, the installer, back to the manufacturer and that is where we stand now. As each day goes by, the water under my hardwood floor continues to damage and Lowes could not care less. They keep stating it is an insurance issue, I disagree. It is a Lowes issue. The right thing for them to do is to fix this now month old problem and let the lawyers and insurance companies sort out who is going to pay for it.

I will never buy a single thing from this chain again. I would advise you to avoid their installation services because if something goes wrong, you are going to be in for a lot of needless headaches.

front door installation

My latest Lowe's managed front door replacement project started off
great and sadly, has come to a disastrous stage. In the end, the
installers came and removed my front door down to the studs and then
realized that the custom door that was measured and ordered by their
team, did not fit.

The process ended in the customer service representative ordering a
new better door that would arrive in 2+ weeks instead of the same door
I had ordered that would have taken 8+ weeks. I was also at that time
promised compensation in the tune of $750 which was the price of the
original door. I mentioned that I didn't care about the updated door
but if it was what they wanted to do - so be it.

In the mean time my front door has been replaced by plywood on the
outside and insulation on the inside. While the outside view is
priceless on it's own - http://twitpic.com/2bxtga - the inside view is
even better. The inside view shows the exposed insulation with the
warning label repeating 30+ times:

"This facing will burn. Do not leave exposed. It must be covered
with gypsum board or other code-approved materials and installed in
compliance with building codes."

As you can see in this picture, http://twitpic.com/2bxu8x, that is
not the case. I have three young children and normally try to avoid
fire hazards in my home.

Video of the inside door: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp893GVMwGk

To end the day I was called to say that the earlier offer was not
approved and should not have been extended and instead I would be
extended the pleasure of a free storm door instead. I am not sure
what else could go wrong with the project and the associated customer
service but luckily the situation is not nearly yet over and more
disappointment may be looming.

front door installation
front door installation

no delivery

I ordered a whirlpool washer 3 weeks ago and still haven't heard anything from Lowe's in North Bergen, NJ. I called them and one person told me it wasn't in stock and another associate told me the delivery was for tomorrow. Why are they lying to the customers? I cancelled my order and vowed never to go back there again. I'm never recommending that place to anyone. Don't go to Lowe's. Horrible attitude toward customers and no respect.

lazy employees

Lowes in Troy Alabama has horrible, non-caring employees. I called about hardibacker board pricing because I am re-doing the flooring in my office. I spoke with Chuck Drudy. He was rude and discurtious and made the comment "I'm going to have to go all the way to the back of the store to give you an exact price." I let it go and gave him my name and office number to call me back. When he called back he spoke with another office employee and as soon as she answered the phone he blurted out the pricing. She had no idea what he was talking about and he was very rude when he explained. I called back to see if I could order the material and pay for it check by phone. The man I spoke with (i dont know his name) said "yes we accept check by phone." I thanked him, hung up and got out my checks. When I called back, they transferred me back to flooring. It was Chuck Drudy who answered. I told him I wanted to order 48 sheets of .5" hardiboard, he asked how I wanted to pay and I told him check by phone. He informed me that they dont take check by phone. I told him that I had called earlier and a man told me they did take check by phone. He yelled at me and called me a liar and said that He was the man I spoke with and that all I asked him was about pricing. I informed him that I had called two previous times and that NO HE WASNT THE MAN I SPOKE WITH THE SECOND TIME. I also told him that I didnt appreciate him calling me a liar. He hung up and transferred me to someone else. That person answered and said "we dont take check by phone" and hung up in my face. Troy Al Lowes needs to get a grip. I WILL NOT be purchasing anything else from them especially my hardiboard. They are inconsiderate a**holes who need to learn the meaning of "Customer Service" GET A CLUE, Its your JOB!! Troy Lowes just lost a veryyyyy valuble customer.

failure to live up to promises

I turned in a claim on 06/25/2010 regarding my dryer making horrendous grinding sounds. A local service technician came out on 07/02/2010 and said the main bearing assembly was shot and needed to be replaced. On 07/16/2010, I called the local technician and asked about the status of the parts ordered. He said that he had not received them, and asked me to call lowe's. I called lowe's and they told me that they were escalating the claim to a resolution because of the time that had gone by since the initial call.in 3 to 5 days, we would receive a resolution. On 07/20/2010, we called again and were told that the situation would be resolved in 3 to 5 days. On 07/22/2010 the local technician came out with the box he had received in the mail and informed us right off the bat that he knew the part received was not the correct one. He told us to call lowe's because of the wrong part and the time that had gone by since the service call was made, and so my husband did. He was informed on the phone that the agent was escalating the claim to a resolution (Yes, for the third time) and that someone from lowe's would be calling us to let us know what the resolution would be β€” either a complete repair or a replacement dryer on tuesday, 07/27/2010. No call was received. This morning (07/28/2010) we called lowe's again to see what the resolution was. The agent informed us that she would escalate the claim to a resolution and that we would receive confirmation of the decision within 3 to 5 days. Beginning to see a pattern? My husband asked to speak to her supervisor who informed us that "I have no way to expedite this request" even though we had received the same story 3x. We asked for her supervisor and she, in investigating the claim, found that the claim had at one point been escalated to a resolution, but then was canceled without cause or explanation, and so we were thrown again into a never-ending line of claims that will be dealt with in chronological order. So now, after over 1 month of waiting for this machine to be repaired, we are at square one.

"if your product requires more than 3 repairs for the same problem, we will replace it." this is wording from the extended protection plan brochure that we were given. This was explained to us today as meaning that the machine must be repaired successfully for the same problem 3x before a replacement can be given β€” who knows how many service calls will have to be made to make this happen?

The only thing about this extended protection plan that is truly extended is the course of time that it takes to resolve problems and the runaround you receive. A company as big as lowe's should have better customer service and spell out precisely what they mean in their extended protection plan. Very disappointing.

false price matching policy

Lowes advertises price matching plus 10%. This is not true. After using this policy on a few visits before. Now they say they don't price match on

sale Items. They did call the competitors store to verify the lower price and it was lower, but said they did not match sale prices. I also purchaseed the same item in April, May and again in June from the competitors store with the lower price. This is in direct conflict with their own written policy on their web site. So goes "Truth in Advertising". Lowes just another big box store. And I have been a regular customer since 1968.. But no more

  • En
    ENROSS Apr 15, 2011

    Just got back from Lowe's after looking and possibly intending to buy a dishwasher. Lowe's currently has them on sale for 10% off, but Sears just put all their non-Kenmore appliances on sale for 15% off. So, same dishwasher, exact same model number, everything the same, same original price of $899, but Lowe's won't match the 15% off. They said Sears would have to have the dishwasher on stock - now tell me, what store has a white dishwasher in stock - I must be the oddity wanting white, but stores are only stocking stainless steel cause that is what is popular right now. They told me I could open a Lowe's credit card to get an additional 5% off, but I'm guessing that is 5% off the lower price after they took the 10% off, which isn't as good as just taking 15% off the original price - it's only a couple of bucks, but then I also miss out on my cashback award from using my Discover card. Guess Lowe's made my decision real easy for me. BTW, Home Depot does price match - at least they did for us when we recently purchased a new, special order vanity from them.

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unfair hiring practices

Lowe's of Pottsville is in driect violation of hiring and placing people into positions. Lowe's now...

employee arest

I often shop at lowes on 220 south in roanoke va but recently have seen an employee standing outside lawn and...

scheduling idiots

Lowe's is an idiot on scheduling. They have more employees scheduled in the morning, then available customers! Seasonal-Students are scheduled anywhere from 25 hours to 33 hours in a given week. Part-Timers are scheduled only 13 hours! Where are their brain or lack of a brain? Lowe's you are definitely STUPID!

revoked credit

For one year I have had a Lowe's Credit card, paid my payments on-time. I was granted credit by Lowe's GEMB after I purchased my home a year ago. Now, I find out that Lowe's used GEMB to review my credit and because of medical bills/delinquient payments, GEMB, and Lowe's revoked my credit and cards. The thing that pisses me off the most is that they did this under-handedly!!! I made 3 payments within one month, keeping my credit balance at zero while I held my card. BUT...this didn't matter. GEMB based their decision on something over 10 years old!!! I tried to do the right thing, pay my bill on time and now I can't not use my card anyway. When I called Lowe's customer Service to ask what was wrong on (July 3rd, 2010) I was told that my credit had been revolked on JULY 2nd, 2010!! I said I had not received any prior notification of this. The Lowe's customer service rep said ..."oh...they will be sending you out a letter on JULY 7th!!!) CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS S------T!!! HOW SCREWED UP CAN THAT BE??? I think consumers ought to boycott LOWE'S!!! This was the worst customer service B----W Job I've ever seen!!!

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