Lowes of Alexandria (6750 Richmond Highway. Alexandria, VA 22306)customer service representative tracey was rude

W Sep 07, 2018

1. On September 6, I purchased five fans online: Order #[protected] and Order #[protected].
2. I received confirmation that provided the order details (purchase date, time, etc.).
3. At approximately, 9:30pm, I went to Lowes of Alexandria (6750 Richmond Highway . Alexandria, VA 22306). I visited the fan department upon entering the store and a gentleman asked if I needed help. I shared that I had purchased five fans online and just wanted to see the display model. The extremely polite gentleman volunteered information about the fans and answered all questions. He told me that the fans would be at the Customer Service Desk (CSD).
4. I went to the CSD and told Tracey that I had purchased fans online, provided the confirmation numbers and wanted to pick them up.
5. Tracey told me a) the fans were not at the CSD, and b) I had not purchased the fans that's why they were not at the CSD.
6. I asked her to explain how I could have confirmation numbers if I had not made the purchases.
7. Tracey turned around, walked away, took a seat, and started doing something. She said I can still hear you. I refused to talk. When she turned back around I repeated #6. Tracey told again a) that I had not made a purchase and b) I had to go get the fans bring them to the CSD and buy them.
8. I told her that the fans were already purchased and they were supposed to be here at the CSD according to previous online experiences. I also shared that the gentleman in the fan department agreed with me.
9. Tracey told again a) that I had not made a purchase and b) I had to go get the fans bring them to the CSD and buy them.
10. I asked her what I was supposed to put them in or on.
11. Tracey told me to walk back to the fan department and someone would figure it out.
12. I went to the fan department and the gentleman placed the fans in a shopping cart per my request. I told him my challenge about convincing Tracey I had purchased the fans. He escorted me to the CSD and witnessed Tracey telling me I had not purchased the fans.
13. I asked Tracey (and he witnessed) to allow me to tell her my truth and ask clear concise questions because I did not want to get charged twice. I spoke three sentences and Tracey cut me off. I stopped talking and when she finished I started sharing again. Tracey again cut me off a second time. I told her that I am not used to people cutting me off mid-sentence for it is not effective communication. Tracey yet again cut me off and I pointed out she was doing it yet again! I told her because she will not allow me to share my truth and then ask my question: I had no idea what she could possibly be answering.
14. I attempted to share again but Tracey immediately cut me off. I requested the store manager on duty.
15. I shared with the store manager all of the above. He apologized for Tracey's behavior and he too could not figure out why she did not believe I had purchased the fans. I shared with him that I am paying customer and I believe I have the right to ask questions - especially given the fact that a) I had used my credit card to complete the transaction online, b) received information from Lowes that the purchases had been made, c) a Lowes' employee is telling me repeatedly that I had not made the purchase, and d) I needed to bring the fans to CSD and buy them.
16. I then encouraged the store manager to play the store recorded tape to see Tracey turning her back to me, taking a seat to do work that had nothing to do with my transaction - while she was supposed to me helping me.
17. I shared with the store manager my truth: it is always polite for a person to finish talking before one cuts them off which Tracey did several times. I shared that if Tracey could not answer my questions certainly she could have requested the help of her collogues to explain the answers - just like I did.
18. My experience with Tracey was rude and lacked all professional decorum.

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