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So I was on the phone with the service & warranty department just now. I had patiently been working with a young girl named Blessing to resolve my issue. She had put me on hold Again and I somehow was connected to some associate somewhere who knew nothing about what was going on, I hung up. I am 62yrs old, have Lupus and several other health problems. I never feel good and am in constant pain. I am so upset with this situation although it seemed as if Blessing and her supervisor just about had it resolved but I knew I'd Never get them back once the connection was lost. I bought my mower at Lowes and I emailed this letter and the lease. This mess is not my fault! I was just doing what one of the associates in warranty told me. What was going to take 2 days has turned into weeks. Here is the email... I bought my mower through Progressive Leasing so I called them and they sent me the contract. As you can see the items are not broken down but she assured me the 2yr protection plan was included. I hope and pray we get this straightened out because the young girl I talked to last week told me that I would be getting a Voucher in my email to take to Lowes for a full refund but I explained to her that I would use the Voucher to replace my other mower. I ask her about where to take the non-working mower once I entered Lowes and she said I didn't have to bring it back, just keep it or throw it away. Since she told me all of this and I have very limited room in my small home, I put it up to the road. It's GONE! I'm so upset, I'm beside myself. I never would have done something so stupid but she told me Lowes wouldn't want it.

Janet D Booher


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Hi Ms. Booher.

If I understand you correctly, you have two mowers -- a Kobalt you purchased from Lowe's and some other mower you had setting around. i.e. "...but I explained to her that I would use the Voucher (sic) to replace my other mower..."

What, then, is the problem?


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