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Select Home WarrantyFailure to honor warranty

We spent nearly $1, 100 on a 3-year home warranty. We have an induction cooktop. To replace the unit would cost more than $2, 000. Select Home Warranty now declines to repair our cooktop, saying it is "uneconomical to repair" and offered to pay us $200.

What a complete rip-off.

When I tried to cancel our policy, Select Home Warranty's Cancellation Department played like the phone was broken -- "Hello? Hello, is anyone there?"

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    Select Home WarrantyDouble oven

    Have used American Home Shield for over 15 years. We moved to a very nice home in Oklahoma. Many people said to make sure the septic system is part of the home warranty. AHS didn't have this. We hesitated switching, but AHS reps said they "Did more, covered more than any other company and the septic system." You have to pay annually, the moment you sign up. We never saw a contract, you are stuck on the phone, with the sales rep, so cannot look at it. No. They cover Nothing. I would RUN away from this company. We are very disgusted with their not covering our oven/stove and they could care less. NOT having a home warranty is better than having Select Home Warranty!

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      Select Home WarrantyCompany is not fulfilling contract

      I purchased a home warranty from this company in October. My refrigerator stopped cooling around December 26th and I submitted a claim online December 28th. I called the company on the 29th because I hadn't heard back from them and was told that the claim was being processed and it would take 1 to 2 business days to get a technician out. After I called them, I received an email asking me to contact them because they needed more information. I called and the information they requested was the same information I had submitted online. I called them again on the 30th and was told they were still looking for a technician. I informed them that my food was going bad and I needed to escalate my claim because there didn't seem to be any urgency on their part. I spoke with a manager (who wasn't helpful) and he transferred me to escalations. The person I spoke with in escalations told me that, if the problem was that no technician had contacted me, he would have someone call me immediately. No one called me. I called the company again on the 31st and informed them that I really needed someone to come out that day because I was forced to throw food out. I was given the run-around and called multiple times to no avail. They seem to be doing everything they can NOT to do anything. I asked them about reimbursement for the food that spoiled and was told that was not in my contract. I responded that the only reason the food spoiled was because of their lack of action. Today is New Year's Day (Friday) so I don't expect any action until at least week after I filed my claim. Every morning I have received an email from the company informing me they are looking for a technician and will email me the contact info for that person/company. This is beyond ridiculous and frustrating and it's costing me money that I shouldn't have to spend. Lousy company.

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        Select Home WarrantyPlumbing Issue

        On 10 December 2020 I filed my first claim since purchasing Select One warranty in August 2020. I had to secure water to the entire home due to this. I handyman did not arrive until 6 pm on 15 Dec. The source of the leak was a hose running from under our kitchen sink to our dishwasher. Unable to see leak because it ran behind cabinets.
        The handyman tapped off the providing water line and we were able to turn water back on to the rest of our home. I was told a invoice would be sent to Select One for approval and then the assigned handyman would return to remove the dishwasher and replace broken hose. Well today is 28 Dec and no one has contacted me. I called to request cancellation of my policy/warranty. Was informed it would be a $2 a day prorated charge plus $75. For us that comes to $347 cancellation fees. The claim/job was never finished. I will pay out of pocket for a new hose ($35) and finish it myself. I now know how they make their money, cancellation fees. #[protected]

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          Select Home WarrantyHome warranty service

          After I got the most expensive package (599.99/yr) I received the worst service, with many runabouts when I called in for service or to get answers. They did not honor their contract to provide the service I had signed up for, they were not able to provide a technician to fix my fixture that was under contract, and asked me to find my own technician. After hiring a technician and having the technician call them to get approval to replace the fixture they refused the service claiming it was under 30 days from when the agreement was signed, when in fact it was 59 days after the agreement was signed, which I have the agreement email, and the credit card receipt as proof. After many attempts to collect for the technician, which I had to bring in based on their own recommendation, and getting the spin around I finally requested for cancelation of the entire contract. On cancelation they prorated the service fee, plus a cancelation fee, plus the cost of an earlier service that I had received at the time I had the service and was being charged for by prorating my fee. In other words they charged me for both the warranty and the service that I was supposed to be covered for under the warranty.

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            Select Home WarrantyOven

            Oven went out, need a new one. I bought policy in September, but it seems they have a way out with the policy stating they will only pay 150.00 because I've not had the policy for 3 months. Its now December so??!
            I believe they will find a way out one way or another! Would not recommend this company to anyone. I had choice home warranty in the past without this loophole. Should have went back to them



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              Select Home WarrantyPlumbing

              When purchasing the warranty, I was told that they will respond with in 8 hours.
              on Thursday December 10th in requested service for a plumbing problem at that time I was told they had to elevate the claim and I would be notified in 24 to 48 hours.
              After 48 hours (Saturday December 12th) I called to follow up and was told the claim was under review and I would be notified with in 24 to 48 hour but they would expedite claim and I should here from the on Saturday December 12th.
              I feel that I have been royally taken advantage of.
              When requesting how to cancel my coverage I was told it would be prorated and a $75.00 service charge.
              I feel this is a very dishonest company
              James Wright

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                Dec 01, 2020

                Select Home Warranty — Air conditioner repair

                I signed up with Select Home Warranty to cover residential appliances. I paid for a 3 year contact. Big...

                Nov 27, 2020

                Select Home Warranty — Home warranty claims

                Fraudulent company. Do not do business with these jokers. Just look at their reviews here and bbb and...

                Nov 20, 2020

                Select Home Warranty — a/c

                This is the second request I have made for a repair that has been rejected by Select Home Warranty. I have an...

                Select Home WarrantyWasher machine repair

                Called Select Home Warranty purchased on Jul 8, 20, this is my first time I am purchased a home warranty, Called Home warranty Sept 21, 20 my washer machine broke down, Sept 28, 20 had a called from the Repair Dispatch with a case #[protected] and they was supposed call me to schedule a day for appt another week when by finally when the technician show up to the house and took at look at the washer he state that to order a part and may take a week to get it, on Oct19, 20 got a email from provider Expert that they have the part on hand and they need to make a appt for part installation took another week, the day the technician came o the house was Nov2, 20, the technician after install the part he discover another bad part supposed to be order and he when ahead order that part finally got email from the company so they supposed be here for installation on Dec3, 20

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                  Nov 15, 2020

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Select Home Warranty — Arbitrarily changed my contract and over charge credit card w/o authorization

                  On july 16, 2019 I purchased a one year home warranty with select home warranty with an "end date - aug...

                  Select Home WarrantyFrozen cartridge in the wall for bathtub faucet.

                  Let the buyer beware!
                  I recently purchased a home warranty plan with Select Home Warranty. This company is dishonest and does not provide full information upon signing up. I put in a claim for a plumbing problem and it was denied. Someone came out and informed me it was not normal wear and tear and I was not covered. How could a cartridge inside the wall not a fixture not be covered.

                  I gave this company another chance as I had a problem with my garage door closing. After three days I received a letter from Select telling me they did not have anyone right now to send out to address our problem and that I should get my own repairman to evaluate the issue and perhaps they would reimburse me. I cancelled this contract and they charged me $75 plus a prorated amount of $140 for canceling. Note I was never supplied with a copy of the contract and I was with Select for only one month. I paid $460 for contract and was only returned $300 for one month of non-service.

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                    Select Home WarrantyBroken dishwasher - not being fixed under platinum policy

                    Dishwasher broke. Claim filed 10/20/2020. Clayton Services came out. Follow up to Claimant; 1. Dishwasher cannot be repaired! 2. Claimant was informed that Select Home Warranty WILL NOT approve the costs! Sister called today; 11/12/2020; 1 month later. Sister called Select Home Warranty. Was informed repair was approved. But, sister still has broken dishwasher. Email was sent to claimant; authorizing $100! Omg! Rude!! Asko d1776 dishwasher costs $1300~. Website states repair it or replace it! Simple as that. Fraud! Clayton service has since closed their doors and are no longer answering their phones. So, a 2nd contractor needs to come out! Ray, the sales rep trying to sell me a policy; kept asking for my credit card. Told me; affirmative, it breaks we fix or replace! BS! So, I hand over my credit card; to a policy I have no idea what I am buying!
                    Order #[protected]

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                      • Lg
                        LGWjr Nov 20, 2020

                        I believe Select may choose companies like this on purpose. I had a similar instance and Select has found a way not to pay on both of my reported repair claims

                        0 Votes
                      Nov 11, 2020

                      Select Home Warranty — Refrigerator

                      We purchased a home warranty policy in May of 2019. On Friday, freezer broke so I called them. First they...

                      Select Home WarrantyGetting paid for service provided

                      Provided service on 9/24/20 as one of their contractors, called in and was given authorization to proceed, followed all guidelines and completed work submitted invoice for payment on 9/30/20, still have not been paid, every time we call they say it will be 7-10 days, emailed contractors relations person, no response, have 2 other invoices will be past due soon.

                      Oasis Plumbing and Drain service Inc.
                      Temecula CA 92592

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                        Nov 04, 2020

                        Select Home Warranty — Stove and hot water heater

                        HI, On October 22, 2020 I put a claim in for my gas stove and on October 19, 2020 I put a claim in for my...

                        Select Home WarrantyContract not active on date of escrow closing

                        My Escrow closed on Sept 17th Checks Sent on the 18th, they didnt activate my account until Oct 1 2020 and now because I have submitted my claim 3 days early, they are saying that these are pre-esiting conditions and will not repair. My Escrow company shows other checkes closing the week of the 20th and they suposidly didnt get my check until that date. We dont have any way of getting this repaired with out paying full cost for a repair man and the policy is a waste right out of the gate. Such bad customer service. :((

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                          Select Home WarrantyDishwasher

                          I filed a claim on Monday for a dishwasher that leaked all over the kitchen and is filled with water that will not drown. They did not assign a service provider until Thursday after I called four times. They then scheduled a provider based three hours away and who cannot come until next Wednesday, nine days after the claim was placed. I cannot wait that long and will be canceling my service. This is the second time that they could not find a provider for my claims. Customer service is horrible and they will not issued a refund.

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                            Oct 28, 2020

                            Select Home Warranty — Service

                            In September 2020 I filed a claim for the a/c fan in my house was out. I was told because I had not had...

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