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PID Controller

I purchased a brand new PID from for around $260.00. This little device is supposed...

Poor customer service

Their customer service is non-existent. I bought an expensive super automatic, which has broken down twice in eight months. They will honor the warranty I paid for, but would do nothing else. They sold me a lemon and will not stand behind it. Not willing to exchange the machine or offer any type of conciliatory gesture. Costs me over 40 dollars and a 2 month waiting period each time to ship it back to them for repairs. Bad business in my opinion.

'Certified' Refurbished, Illegal Return Policy

After receiving this 'Certified' Refurbished Super Automatic espresso machine, we followed the instructions, and the unit still failed to get past priming the pump. Customer service was no help. Asking us to stick a turkey baster inside a 10 minute old machine is ridiculous! But in hopes of getting it to work, we followed their instructions, Force priming the supposedly 'Certified' refurbished machine. It still refused to work on its own. Clearly Seattle Coffee Gear has no business selling these machines. How can you send out $500+ machines and not even test them? HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

After an hour of failed priming, we decided to return the unit. Then came our next surprise. $69 to ship it back. Atleast it was FREE SHIPPING to us, right? WRONG. They decided to charge us for shipping after we returned the unit, only giving us a partial refund for this piece of crap that was their mistake to begin with. Now we are out over $110 and didn't even get a single coffee.


Used for New

Abused product for new.  I just took delivery of a thousand dollar La Pavoni. What an afternoon...

purchase experiece

I purchased two items, both of which their Web site indicated were in stock. The next day I received an email stating that one item was not in stock but that they would be receiving it in a week or so. No shipment was made. A few days later I found my credit card had been charged even though no items had shipped. I wrote an email, informing them of the false 'in-stock' and charge. Their response was "I'm sorry we discovered the item was out of stock", and automatically charging your card though nothing is ready to ship "is standard practice". Then they informed me that the item won't be in for several more weeks. Three strikes, they're OUT!

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Terrible Purchase Experience--Lost Money

For a Christmas 2010 present to myself, I ordered a Technivorm Moccamaster coffee maker and a Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder. Seattle Coffee Gear (SCG) charged my credit card $179 for the Baratza but didnt ship it even tho the packing slip said it was included. SCG also shipped me an item in error I didnt even order. SCG sent the Baratza out in a second shipment after I notified them it was missing. While waiting for it, I opened the Technivorm and found it to be an apparently used/restocked machine, with scratches, stains, and missing the warranty sheet. I asked the owner (Gail W) in emails if my machine was used or restocked and my question was ignored and went unanswered. I asked if a full refund was possible, was told no because I had waited longer than 5 days to report problems. Was given two options, swap the Technivorm or pay to ship everything back unused & receive "full refund minus $21.50 for original S & H."

On 1/4, alarmed by the multiple errors & apparently being sold a restocked machine as new, I called and spoke with Jessica M. and told her I was upset at all the problems and might cancel delivery of the Baratza & may return everything. Said I'd call her back in 30 minutes & let her know. I decided to take a chance, called Jessica M. back as I said and instructed her to have the Baratza delivered. Well, it never arrived. I checked FedEx on 1/5 & was stunned to see my package was on its way back to Seattle. I emailed SCG to ask why & the owner (Gail W.) blamed SCG's failed delivery on me, claiming falsely that I'd refused the order. I phoned FedEx and their rep told me that Mitch H. of the shipper (SCG) had recalled the order. FedEx emailed me me a pdf letter apologizing for any inconvenience and stated that "the shipper" recalled the order. I provided FedEx's letter to owner (Gail W.) and she never even acknowledged it. I was later charged for that second Baratza shipment that never arrived because of SCG's error (see below).

Facing more 7-day shipping cycles to swap out the Technivorm and a 3rd Baratza shipment, I cut my losses because the Jan 15 returns deadline was near. I again asked for a refund. Was told no, that SCG is going above & beyond their policy to allow me to return everything & only charge me S & H. So, I returned everything unused, freebies untouched, & was stunned to get emails from SCG saying I'd also be charged for the 2nd Baratza shipment recalled in error by SCG, and, that I'd be charged for 1lb of free coffee that I'd returned unopened (returned because I'd been promised by Gail W. that if I returned everything unused I'd receive a full refund minus $21.50 S&H). I am out $64.69 and filed a dispute with my credit card co.

Seattle Coffee Gear (SCG) seems to have an unpublished policy not to pay out a single penny, no matter how badly they mangle a customer's order, and no matter how abysmal their customer service. Because of the many problems with my order, I did a post-order web search and found SCG has a ~ 20%+ negative review rate. I searched other online coffee gear stores (Boyd Coffee Company, Roastmasters, Clive Coffee, Sweet Marias, etc.) and didn’t find a single negative review about any of them. You can decide for yourself where to risk your money.

Customer Service


This was a test run in selecting a supplier and I have never had such poor service. After I placed my order I received an email confirming my order... great I will have my gear in 5 to 9 days. (My credit card has been charged too.) 9 days go by and I have not received my order. I should have called then but chose to wait a few more days because it was over the holidays and I assumed that shipping could be running slow. When I didn’t have my order 15 days after I placed the order I called the store. I was put on hold for a really long time and had to hang up and call back. When I did finally talk to someone I was told that my order was on back order. Why was I never told it was on back order? When I asked, I was informed they sent me a email about the back ordered item. I re-checked my emails, inbox, trash and spam... NOTHING. Plus the item was never listed on the website as backordered. When I stated how disappointed I was in their customer service, I was not even given a "sorry" but rather was told again, that they DID in fact email me. The person I spoke with was not very friendly and in fact a bit rude. I was then told that I had the option of selecting a different item in place of the one on backorder, to which I accepted. At this time I should have canceled my order.

The following day I got an email stating my order was shipped so I waited 9 days…… when I didn’t have my order after waiting 9 days I called back and this person was more helpful/nicer than the last gal I spoke to. She couldn’t figure out what was going on with my order and needed to talk to the shipping rep who was not in the office and she said she would get back to me. The following Monday I got an email saying my order was shipped. At this point I am really upset because if I had known that it didn’t really ship when they said it shipped the first time I would have canceled the order. They did express ship the order because I received it the following day BUT it was A MONTH after I placed the order. Ordered=12/26/2010 Received=1/25/11.

This is not acceptable for a supplier (or retailer). This saddens me because I wanted to give my business to a local company but now I will be looking elsewhere for my personal and professional coffee needs.

SAECO Vienna Plus Espresso Coffee Machine

I bought this machien from Ebay. The problem is that I sent this machine as a gift to my wife. The machine was received as promised no brochure, just five pages copy from the brochure. Plug the machine added the water and the coffee, made steam, but when tried to make coffee all we could get where two cups, after that did not heat up any more. Sent an email to seller (Victor) and all he said was to call the technical department and sent a their phone number. My wife did and their answer was to try to fix it ourselves. I was out of the country at this time and was not going to let her fix a gift I sent her.
They sent her a detalided email full of pictures and the sopts circled with the instructions on how to reset the boiler's thermostats. They even warned to use this special screw driver tip to open the machine. Meantime, during this back and forth between their technician and my wife, the seven day return policy expired. When I read the instructions, and how complicated it was to be for her to reset the thermostats, I asked them to take it back and send the full refund. They say, no because the seven days had passed. We could not beleive i, that was incredible!
ry to resason with them, but they will not take it back anymore.
Finally we opened a complaint with EBAY thinking that they will try to fix the problem, but they did not even try to do anything. After a couple of days EBAY closed the case in favor of the seller. The same seller that sold a broken machine.
that is sitting in my house, that they will not take back or pay the shipping cost.
I find both Seattle Coffee Gear and Ebay to be irresponsable. I want my money back, full refund plus shipping expenses.
Thank you.
J Sutera

SAECO  Vienna Plus Espresso Coffee Machine

Poor Business Practices

Ordered a Rancilio Silvia / Rocky combo. Product was not listed as out of stock. My credit card was charged...

Terrible Customer Service

Don't use this company for anything!. If you are upset then Gail and Victor will call your home to yell at you and tell you that you are not a nice person!! Can you believe that owners of a company would call someone to yell at them for any reason, what terrible customer service?!?!?!

I had fraud on my bank account, someone used my credit card to purchase something on their website, so I called them and LISA told me there was NOTHING they could do to help me. Then Gail (co-owner) called my home to yell at me about how I spoke to LISA. I was unhappy that no one would help me, so of course I was mad. Then Gail hung up on me after we talked because she refused to listen to me. Then Victor the president and owner called to tell me how fraud work (like I didn't know) the told me that he was sitting next to Gail as she spoke to me and I am not a nice person. I told him that I wasn't a nice person right now (I said something a little more colorful) and that he should understand that I had money stolen from me. He then continued to make me seem like the person in the wrong, until I told him that they were harassing me calling me at home and I would call the police if they didn't stop harassing me!

My husband was so mad, he called them back and they tried to blame everything on me! How could any owner of business call someone at their home to yell at them, even more lie about the transaction not going through when even the bank confirmed that the transaction was completed.


  • Ny
    Nyles Apr 07, 2011

    Boy, I wish Gail would call me at home. I'd love to give that deceitful skank a piece of my mind. Victor too...for that matter...or Mitch H., the buffoon they call the "shipping manager." This little business stinks all the way across the country.

    1 Votes
  • Ny
    Nyles Apr 07, 2011

    Repost this again as software cannot recognize punctuation.
    I wish Gail Would call me at home. I would love to give that deceitful skank a piece of my mind. Victor the president too...what a joke, or Mitch H, the buffoon they call the shipping manager. This little business stinks all the way across the country.

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  • Ch
    Chipmunk Cheeks Aug 01, 2014

    Very deceitful People and company. Don't trust the smiles, they only care about the money.

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