CB Appliances Lowe's Delivery and setup of appliances purchased at Lowes, Zanesville, ohio

Lowe's review: Delivery and setup of appliances purchased at Lowes, Zanesville, ohio

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Date of complaint is Sept. 19, 2023 Tuesday. I purchased a new refrigerator and new stove from the Zanesville store and they delivered them to my house. They brought them out and acted like they were in a hurry. They walked over to the refrigerator and started hooking there carrying straps on it to lift it up and carry it out . If I had not been there to watch them they would have ripped the water hose off the back of the refrigerator because they were not paying any attention to anything. I got behind the refrigerator and turned the water off the water line and told them I did. Next thing i know is that I had water spraying all over the floor because they didn't pay any attention to me when I told them I turned off the water and had turned it back on and then disconnected it. I had one hell of a mess to clean up. I had already pulled my stove out to make it easier on them and ask them about them hooking my plugin off my stove onto the new one and they said they couldn't because I hadn't bought the stove electrical wire from lowes. They didn't set up anything for me . I worked hours after they left cleaning up after them and finishing there job for them. All they could say was yea Bro this and Bro that. I will never buy another appliance from Lowes ever again with getting service like that. Any questions for me my number is [protected] Kevin Sparks