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lied to me

My wife and I purchased a house and needed new appliances. We had gone to Lowes and picked out a fridge, microwave, and stove- all matching in stainless steel on the Monday before the house closing, that was on Friday. I asked the salesman if I could pay for the items and leave them there for pickup on Friday, after closing. I was told that I would have to take them with if I paid for them, but he promised me that when I came back on Friday, I could buy them then, and he would have all three waiting for me. I told him that the house I was buying didn't have any appliances, and, with my luck, they would be sold out when I returned to pick them up. He stated "we have a surplus of all three in stock, I assure you they will be here". Friday after the closing, I went back to Lowes and found they had the microwave and stove, but were sold out of the matching fridge. I gave the salesman working then, the card of the other salesman who made me the promise, and asked him to check in back. He returned and told me that they were out, but would call the store manager and asked of they would give me a discount on the damaged floor model fridge. I then stood by the counter as he called the manager and asked about the discount. I could hear the manager tell him to give a $100 discount on the $1200 fridge. The salesman hung up and advised the manager approved a $25 discount. As pissed as I was, I needed the fridge. They then loaded the fridge onto a service cart and scratched the stainless steel front, telling me to buy polish, and buff it out. I ended up going off, yelling, in front of the store. I'm sure my brother-in-law, who was there to help pick up the items, was probably counting his money to see if he had enough to post my bond. The manager then came to the front of the store and asked me what the problem was. When I told him the whole story, he did give me a more expensive fridge at the same price as the one I had picked out- it didn't match the microwave and stove exactly, but was close, and I was thankful. 1 year later, I needed to replace my dryer and wash machine. After checking with the Sears and Menards in my town, and being unable to find an electric dryer on sale, I went back to Lowes after being talked into it by my father. I picked out a washer and dryer and took them home. After bring them into the basement, I found the dryer was not working and returned it. I had picked out a different brand that was about $30 more, and was told to go to the service desk for a refund on my debit card for the first dryer and then pay for the second one. I did, and then loaded the new dryer into my dad's pickup and started to pull out of the parking space when I saw two Lowes employee's running after me. Thinking I forgot something I stopped and got out of the truck. They then told me that they called the police, and that I hadn't paid for the dryer. I then showed them my refunded receipt along with the new receipt. I said they were sorry and would call the police back. Based on my experience with Lowes, I stopped at the DeKalb Police station on my way home and made sure. I would like to thing of my Lowe's experience as bad luck, but I refuse to buy anything there ever again.

notification of decreased credit/poor customer service

I have been a regular customer of Lowes since I bought my house in 2006. When we bought our washer/dryer there, we opened this account to take advantage of a discount and zero percent interest offer. Recently, I have finished graduate school and in the process of moving and waiting for my new paychecks, I fell behind, although probably not by many days. Apparently, the late fees piled up into a large $123 bill. I requested a return on the late fee, which they did. My bill which is usually a minimum payment of around 35 dollars was still about $90, which did not seem fair. I told the associate about my situation and like most of the people answering telepones for companies these days, she did not seem to care. I now recently received a statement saying that my credit limit was being decreased even after paying my bill. I am just letting people know that Lowe's consumer credit cards does not care about people and its association with the store makes it worse because I liked shopping there. I will never shop at Lowe's again, nor recommend it. Luckily, there is always Home Depot. I feel bad for them in these poor economic times. If they continue to treat people this way, they will be lucky to make it through.

-Concerned citizen

  • Su
    susie108 Mar 22, 2009

    Its impotant to distinguish the credit issuer from the retailer in this scenario. I think you will find that the card is from GE Capital. This is the company that is reported to have a shrinking capital and is decreasing available credit lines across its more riskier card holders. Since you are behind occassionally that means YOU.

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damage refrigartor #rf267abrs

On February 7 2009, I purchase a Samsung Refrigerator Model # RF267ABRS, for amount $1598.58 because it was a...

lowes subcontractor

I've worked as a subtractor for jason charelle (charelle flooring) (whom works for lowes as a subcontractor...

poor install experience with bali blinds

We bought our new home in June 2007 and needed blinds...then we made a huge mistake. We went to LOWES!! Since...

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lowe's refusal to honor warranty plan

Another "do not use lowe's extended warranty plan" because lowe' refuses to honor it. I have been trying to...

call/lemon law

Bought a Samsung Fridge 10-09-06 and on 01-07-08 the ice maker went out for the 4th time. I called the Lowe...

poor roof installation

I contracted with Lowe's to have a roof installed in 2005. They in turn contracted the work to a roof...

didn't stand behind their word

We went into Lowe's Home Improvement Store to buy a washer and dryer and decided to take advantage of the on-line coupon of buying a $100.00 and receiving an on-line coupon for $10.00. We were told we could receive a $10.00 coupon for as many $100.00 coupons as we wanted to purchase. We asked if we needed seperate receipts or if there was a limit on how many coupons we could get and were told no that there were no limits and we didn't need seperate receipts. So we bought 25 $100.00 coupons and paid for our washer and dryer with them. We came home and tried to to go on-line to get our coupons and there indeed was a limit of three per receipt and per family or household. We returned to Lowe's with our dilema and they told us it was our loss and there was nothing they could or would do about it. We asked them if they would at least issue a store credit for the coupons we could not collect and they told us no. We told them we would be returning the washer and dryer because we could get them cheaper somewhere else and they said they would be charging us $80.00 to pick them up. We said we would be returning them ourselves and they said that they would have to be returned in mint condition or we would not get our money back. They said that they have a 30 day money back guarantee if we were not satisfied and mentioned nothing about charging us $80.00 to have the washer and dryer returned at the time of purchase. We are extremely dissatisfied with how Lowe's handled this situation and felt we have been totally misinformed about our purchase. We also have stock in the company(Lowe's) and are considering selling that as well and going back to supporting Home Depot. This will probably fall on deaf ears but we feel we have been scammed. Joe and Sharon Marble Florence, MT

  • Valerie Jan 16, 2008

    I bought a 3,000 dollar lawn mower and used it for about 3 months. The right side hydro drive trans went out. I had it at a repair place for a month, they gave it back and said they could not fix it. So i took it to lowes they sent it out twice. They can not seem to fix it either. So know i have had no mower for 4 months now. They wont do anything for me. I have went to every web site complianing about this. All i want is my money back.

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  • De
    DENICE CONRY Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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Formality is not needed to respond to firing practice of your company employee over a pin promoting...

closed account

I recently checked my credit info with trans Union and disputed a balance on my Lowes Visa which should have been O balance. I thought everthing would be taken care of, but to my suprise Lowes visa closed my account without contacting me. When i called them they said that i had a dispute about the balance and wrote a letter to them and requested that my account be closed. I told them i never wrote such a letter and wanted it reopened and was told they could not. Another phone call i was told that i had called in and requested the account be closed this is another lie from Lowes visa i was told if i wanted to write a letter to them and apply again that this is all they could do.

It's amazing that all i was trying to do was correct a mistake that Trans Union had made and Lowes Visa took it upon themselves to just close my account without notice or regard to their customers. I will never buy anything from LOWES again or do business with GE Capital as long as i'm alive and will do my best to let everyone know how they treat their so called customers.

backed by ge money bank

If you have any credit cards that are backed by GE Money Bank be forewarned that they are supposedly...


Lowe’s home improvement, orchard park store on transit road.

I was at the register to check out a small item. The charge came to $4.00 and I handed the check out young man a $20.00 (No doubt it was a $20 because it was all that I had with me) he gave me change for a $10.00. I informed him that I gave him a $20 dollar bill and he stated that "I don't think so!" he was rude to start with, as he was talking to an associate while doing a cash transition. The manager told me that he checked the till and it was only off $.39. I told him that what this means to me is that the till was $10.00 short before my transaction. While I was speaking with him he just decided to walk away from me while I was still speaking. This really infuriated me. I told him that I was still speaking to him and to please not to walk away while I was still talking. He stated that he was going to get my $6 dollars change and the receipt. I said fine, right after I am done talking to you. He became very, very rude! Not only did they short change me $10 dollars but I was very insulted by the treatment I received. There is no customer service there. I have spent a few thousand dollars in this store in the past two years and to be treated like this is not the way to keep customers. Besides the fact that they stole $10 dollars from me too!

  • Ha
    hayabusaking06 Apr 21, 2009

    yes i couldnt agree more, i actually work at lowes and let me tell you LOWES, is all about getting your money and then ### you basicaly
    they want you to get the credit cards, and this is the reason why, for one it causes people to come in and buy ### regardless of the fact you dont need these things, and further more the interest, now lowes only approves people with the best credit because they know people will pay these fines and surcharges, thats for the people who actually catch it and not like the honest people that just pay the bill
    anyway i could go on all day about the shady ### this company does if your interested in more info email me at [email protected] i will tell you all about it, even how to totally rip them off lol

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car damage

Yesterday I returned from to my car after buying a few items at Lowes Hardware. I found that one of their...

order time

Had to special order a two piece american standard champion4 series toilet be4cause the color was silver on sept. 27. Lead time was supposed to be 6 days as stated on invoice, with delivery 10 / 03. Set was delivered to store, picked up and discovered that the tank was the wrong color. Take tank back and was reordered 10 / 18. Wait&wait. 10 / 31 i'm told on back order and delivery not until 11 / 21. 11 / 21 i'm told projected shipping will be 12 / 1. Ask for any update on 11 / 26 and told no change. Asked plumbing assoc. If they would be willing to deliver and install tank because of pending back surgery (Have now been without 2nd bathroom 2 months) and was told we'll get back to you. Called local supply house and got same tank in 2days. Went back to lowes for credit on my card and they wanted to give it to me in the form of a gift card - that can only be used at lowes. Like i want to shop at lowes again! And the tank was $24 cheaper from the supply house! Buyers beware

space ship ceiling fan

I bought a Harbor Breeze space ship ceiling fan for my 4yr old. He had been wanting it for some time. He wa...

specific delivery driver

Today, my wife was leaving from our apartment complex to pick her son (my stepson) from basketball practice. Lowe's happened to be delivering a washer or dryer to a neighbor across from my apartment. One of the two delivery drivers from Lowe's said "Hey" to my wife. My wife, being a nice person, said "Hi" and waved back. The driver then asked my wife to come over there to him and to ask her something. She was hesistant since she didn't know him, but thought he might need directions to get back out of the neighborhood (having never ordered from Lowe's, she didn't know if they were store or a distant warehouse employee). The guy proceeds to try and flirt with my wife. She quickly told him that she was married and walked away. A few minutes later, she calls me and tells me what happened. Instead of going outside and confronting the guy, I kept my cool and waited for my wife to come back and see what she wanted to do. We are currently filing a complaint with Lowe's about this delivery man. My wife and I are both retail managers and found this behavior very unprofessional.

  • Mo
    moderator Nov 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So what if you are retail managers. The guy was trying to get a piece of ###. Can't blame him.

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bad customer service

I have been waiting for a month for my washer to be fixed. I purchased the lowes extended warranty and they said it is covered. Hoever, I was informed today it will be another week. This plan is useless. Also, no one will return calls from lowes extended warranty even though they said they will. But no one ever does. Poor service. I am not even sure this will ever be fixed.

  • Di
    dirty clothes Dec 15, 2008

    Our Whirpool Duet broke after less than a year and a half. I thought we were so clever to buy Lowe's Extended Warranty, even though it was a fair amount of money. Clearly, Lowe's has no intention of helping us. They have sent parts, the wrong parts and it has already been more than a month. One person said we could trade in for a new washing machine, but then the latest call they said we need to wait another week. There's no accountability and we are experiencing the same, they don't call back when they say they will. Anyone have any suggestions? This STINKS, and without clean clothes, so do we!

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  • Ma
    mary phillips Dec 07, 2011

    I purchased a whirpool elec rng and extened warranty at lowers, call customer service about the whirpool elec rng to get it fix no one show up to fix it bad service.

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return of washing machine

Purchased a GE Profile washer and dryer with stands. Took me 15 minutes to purchase appliances and set up...

item falling off shelf and not an appropriate reaction

While with my family in the local store a drill in its case fell from the top of a storage shelf inches from...

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