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Lowe’s home improvement, orchard park store on transit road.

I was at the register to check out a small item. The charge came to $4.00 and I handed the check out young man a $20.00 (No doubt it was a $20 because it was all that I had with me) he gave me change for a $10.00. I informed him that I gave him a $20 dollar bill and he stated that "I don't think so!" he was rude to start with, as he was talking to an associate while doing a cash transition. The manager told me that he checked the till and it was only off $.39. I told him that what this means to me is that the till was $10.00 short before my transaction. While I was speaking with him he just decided to walk away from me while I was still speaking. This really infuriated me. I told him that I was still speaking to him and to please not to walk away while I was still talking. He stated that he was going to get my $6 dollars change and the receipt. I said fine, right after I am done talking to you. He became very, very rude! Not only did they short change me $10 dollars but I was very insulted by the treatment I received. There is no customer service there. I have spent a few thousand dollars in this store in the past two years and to be treated like this is not the way to keep customers. Besides the fact that they stole $10 dollars from me too!

  • Ha
    hayabusaking06 Apr 21, 2009

    yes i couldnt agree more, i actually work at lowes and let me tell you LOWES, is all about getting your money and then ### you basicaly
    they want you to get the credit cards, and this is the reason why, for one it causes people to come in and buy ### regardless of the fact you dont need these things, and further more the interest, now lowes only approves people with the best credit because they know people will pay these fines and surcharges, thats for the people who actually catch it and not like the honest people that just pay the bill
    anyway i could go on all day about the shady ### this company does if your interested in more info email me at [email protected] i will tell you all about it, even how to totally rip them off lol

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car damage

Yesterday I returned from to my car after buying a few items at Lowes Hardware. I found that one of their...

order time

Had to special order a two piece american standard champion4 series toilet be4cause the color was silver on sept. 27. Lead time was supposed to be 6 days as stated on invoice, with delivery 10 / 03. Set was delivered to store, picked up and discovered that the tank was the wrong color. Take tank back and was reordered 10 / 18. Wait&wait. 10 / 31 i'm told on back order and delivery not until 11 / 21. 11 / 21 i'm told projected shipping will be 12 / 1. Ask for any update on 11 / 26 and told no change. Asked plumbing assoc. If they would be willing to deliver and install tank because of pending back surgery (Have now been without 2nd bathroom 2 months) and was told we'll get back to you. Called local supply house and got same tank in 2days. Went back to lowes for credit on my card and they wanted to give it to me in the form of a gift card - that can only be used at lowes. Like i want to shop at lowes again! And the tank was $24 cheaper from the supply house! Buyers beware

space ship ceiling fan

I bought a Harbor Breeze space ship ceiling fan for my 4yr old. He had been wanting it for some time. He wa...

specific delivery driver

Today, my wife was leaving from our apartment complex to pick her son (my stepson) from basketball practice. Lowe's happened to be delivering a washer or dryer to a neighbor across from my apartment. One of the two delivery drivers from Lowe's said "Hey" to my wife. My wife, being a nice person, said "Hi" and waved back. The driver then asked my wife to come over there to him and to ask her something. She was hesistant since she didn't know him, but thought he might need directions to get back out of the neighborhood (having never ordered from Lowe's, she didn't know if they were store or a distant warehouse employee). The guy proceeds to try and flirt with my wife. She quickly told him that she was married and walked away. A few minutes later, she calls me and tells me what happened. Instead of going outside and confronting the guy, I kept my cool and waited for my wife to come back and see what she wanted to do. We are currently filing a complaint with Lowe's about this delivery man. My wife and I are both retail managers and found this behavior very unprofessional.

  • Mo
    moderator Nov 15, 2008

    So what if you are retail managers. The guy was trying to get a piece of ###. Can't blame him.

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bad customer service

I have been waiting for a month for my washer to be fixed. I purchased the lowes extended warranty and they said it is covered. Hoever, I was informed today it will be another week. This plan is useless. Also, no one will return calls from lowes extended warranty even though they said they will. But no one ever does. Poor service. I am not even sure this will ever be fixed.

  • Di
    dirty clothes Dec 15, 2008

    Our Whirpool Duet broke after less than a year and a half. I thought we were so clever to buy Lowe's Extended Warranty, even though it was a fair amount of money. Clearly, Lowe's has no intention of helping us. They have sent parts, the wrong parts and it has already been more than a month. One person said we could trade in for a new washing machine, but then the latest call they said we need to wait another week. There's no accountability and we are experiencing the same, they don't call back when they say they will. Anyone have any suggestions? This STINKS, and without clean clothes, so do we!

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  • Ma
    mary phillips Dec 07, 2011

    I purchased a whirpool elec rng and extened warranty at lowers, call customer service about the whirpool elec rng to get it fix no one show up to fix it bad service.

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return of washing machine

Purchased a GE Profile washer and dryer with stands. Took me 15 minutes to purchase appliances and set up...

item falling off shelf and not an appropriate reaction

While with my family in the local store a drill in its case fell from the top of a storage shelf inches from...

terrible experience

I ordered three interior doors to be installed in my home. I payed $1, 240 up front on May 23. I now have two doors, (it's October 22) but they have had to send back the third door twice because it came to them damaged and twice the installers they sent damaged the door... badly. In the mean time, I have had family come to visit and had to hang a sheet in the door. Everyone apologizes, but it is the most incredibly incompetent work that I have ever seen done (and I'm NOT the fussy sort)... Will NEVER go into a Lowe's store again.

  • Li
    Livid and ready for action Jun 20, 2010

    maybe I ought now speak as yet. got them kitchen cupboards . . . arranged to have them installed . . . they did, and the we find out every door hinge rubs, on door is near a quarter of an inch below the cabinet line. Lord . . talk about getting the run around. Store manager is up. . . like it rally puts you in a bind. . when they don't hire, so you are supposed to hire some on to do it. .. Doesn't the warranty state, that it no longer honored as soon as another touches them? ? ? Better business bureau, here we come

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fan will not turn

I purchased two Harbor Breeze ceiling fans with light kits. A few weeks ago the fan stopped running. In the...

scam and theft

Our family has been shopping at Lowes for years. For years we have tried to "build something together." Once again we have had a horrible experience, this time with a store manager (female) that "honey" ed us to death. We spent over $50, 000. for products to build a store, most of the time the products were wrong and the delivery wasn't done as promised. Then we foolishly decided to do some home improvements. The manager "gave us good deals?" Only to find out the price she quoted us over the phone and then after install the price jumped up over $4oo.oo, and to make matters worse she never put us on the no interest plan as promised. After spending $6ooo.oo in the store. We went in to find out why our bill was so high and why we weren't on the no interest plan. The explanation was she typed it in wrong.

But they wouldn't put us on it. Not sure why "honey" suddenly didn't like us anymore? Maybe because she made so many mistakes. Amazing isn't it, the store manager screws up and we the customer gets penalized. For the record we never went in and signed for the merchandise or for the install of the carpet. She, "honey" did it all.

  • We
    wealthy customer Dec 23, 2009

    i too have received the "honey" and "hun" treatment at the lowes in athens alabama from someone who acts like she is the manager but i have been told she is not - she just thinks she is! she is a really big woman who just sits behind the desk and has her back to the customers until someone tells her there are customers there who need help! then she acts like she wants to help until you complain that your bill is incorrect or your order was supposed to be ready but it is no place in sight - the she just "hun" this and "hun" that and gets on the phone to find someone else to help you! or she gets on the overhead announcement system and starts calling out peoples names to come help you because i guess it is just too much of a bother for her to do it herself! i have seen this fat ### in the store numerous times and never have i actually walked in and seen her out of that chair behind the desk. she will do anything she can to blow you off! you are better off going to home depot even though it is 10 miles down the road!

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terrible everything

OCT 2008: This past week, we bought two sets of mini-blinds at Lowes, Louisville, Colorado. There was a sign posted - $70 installation which we confirmed with the floor sales staff. The following day we called to set up the installation. After being transferred to the wrong person twice, we set up the initial appointment, where their sub-contractor comes to your home to measure your windows. The charge was $35 for the measuring, which could be "applied to the total contract cost." So far, so good.

I then took the measurements and had the blinds trimmed (for free) at Lowe's. I then had the floor sales staff call the installers to let them know we were "good to go" and to put us on their list -which we understood could be about a week wait. Again, so far, so good.

Then the trouble started.

After I left the store, we received a call from the person at Lowe's who handles the installations that I needed to come back to the store "to sign an installation contract." I requested that it just be faxed. No can do, they said. I then asked to speak to the store manager...

After a long wait, DAN answered. At best, he was perfunctory, but mostly unhelpful if not uncaring. He said not only could we not do a fax, but he started blaming the floor staff I spoke with at the time of sale for telling me I could handle this over the phone. He also blamed the installers who came to our home, saying they shouldn't have given us the measurements of our window wells before we signed a contract - (Say what? The measurements of our own window wells?).

It gets worse.

As directed, I had my fiance go to Lowes Louisville that same evening in order to "sign the contract." I expected this to be a five minute procedure. My fiance spent over an hour in frustration in the store.

One other note: Because of the height of the blinds and the fact that the old blinds had to be removed, we had been told that there would be an additional $15 charge per window blind. Fine. That would mean, I figured about $70 more, when including the credit we had already paid - $35 - for the measuring.

At first, the staff at Lowes hasn't any idea of what contract we need. After my fiance gets me on the phone to speak with the floor staff, they say "Oh, I think I know what you need." After a great deal of delay, I find myself on the phone once again with the store manager - DAN - who this time has had my fiance already sign a installation contract for well over $200!

In addition, Dan is disputing that Lowe's even has a sign advertising a $70 installation offer, says he can't see it, and questions whether we even saw it. Again, he's blaming his floor staff. Again he's blaming his installers who came to our home for letting us photocopy their paperwork.

If this wasn't unprofessional enough, he begins to argue with me about Home Depot, who is located about a half block away, who has a "whole house" 10 window treatment installation for an amazing $118. I'm trying to tell Dan, if he wants to keep our business, he might want to help us, not rudely defend himself and blame others.

As it turns out, Lowe's won't allow my fiance to get back the paperwork (contract) she signed. After I get Lowe's staff back on the phone and demand it, they do allow her to cross off her signature. Furthermore, they keep the paperwork she brought to the store and even kept our receipts for the blinds. My fiance left, feeling completely disrespected.

For the record, we have invested over $40, 000 into two homes during the past four years, and have spent thousands at both Lowe's and Home Depot. From now on, it's Home Depot who gets our business.

Buyer beware. Lowe's, in our experience is disorganized, lacks competence and shows little ability to work with frustrated customers, at least when this manager is involved.


We purchased a washer and dryer and paid for the dryer vent. The store was not able to match the unit color...

poor customer service

Well I am just enraged. Today my husband and I went to lowes to purchase a new dryer. When we first arrived...

failure to replace defective product

Our frigidaire stove that is a little over a year old, has a chip in the porcelain on the top of the stove...

price match

How great of lowes to pride themselves on a guarantee competitor price match. However, they are not willing to price match their own store. That's right one lowes in one part of town has one price and the other lowes a couple of miles down the road has another price - and guess what - they will not match it. Even after the first lowes told me to go on to the other store and get the item there, for they were out of stock. So guess what lowes - I guarantee that I will take my business to your competitors instead.

lied, sloppy work

I ordered a wooden fence from Lowes and the sub-contractor came out and appeared rather bored and annoyed. Whatever...I paid almost $6, 000 upfront for my fence and his attitude was minor. What wasn't minor was the slow, sloppy job that they did, the mess they made and the overages of about $500 worth of dry cement and boards that they left in my driveway and on my lawn. It took them 6 weeks to pick them up, under threat of a lawsuit. DON"T ORDER FROM LOWES!!

SLOPPY and rotten management.

(ps- they also messed up on the delivery of a patio set that I had ordered about a month earlier)

poor managment

As a contractor I get no discount. I spent over 1000 dollars. They said I had to spend 5000 dollars to get 10 perceve nt discount. I hav not a lar account so they already have me on the hook. I never recieve any coupons. A freind of mine, n thousot a contractor or account holder. He recieves discount coupons every month. That what I get for spending a couple thousand dollars every month. I will be cutting my lar account card. Thank you fotr your customer no service...

scam and cheating

I ordered hardwood pellets for my stove. I paid for them on a Friday. No problem 37 tons in stock. Monday the delivery shows up with the cheaper softwood pellets. I told the driver that I ordered hardwood pellets. He called the store then told me that they sold out of the hardwood pellets. I told him take them back. I called corporate and was told the store manager would get back to me. I got a call saying there was a mistake. The hardwood pellets were in the warehouse. I gave them a hour to get the right pellets to me. They did. I let them know I wasn't happy about this. All I get is "it was a mistake and they corrected it. I'm sure if the pellets were delivered to someone who didn't check, they would have received a cheaper product and possibly not known the difference. I can see the wrong pellets being loaded. But to be told that they were all sold out after I discovered it, doesn't fly. Especially when they did have what I ordered at the store.

  • Valerie Sep 18, 2008

    I ordered an exterior door with 'professional' installation. They ordered the wrong door, the installer (Ron Grub) arrived late, unprepared, and left early with job unfinished for first install appt. Was a no-show no-call for the second appt. Forgot parts on the third install appt, and was late for the fourth (and I hope final) install appt. I've called Lowes for assistance in getting the install completed and they've been of little help. Since I had to pay up front for the whole thing I guess there was no incentive. I will never do business with the Terre Haute Lowes again. If you find that you have to and they refer you to Ron Grub as a 'professional' installer, get a prescription for valium because you'll need it.

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  • Ma
    Martha Arestegui Nov 11, 2008

    I went to Lowes in Miami Lakes, that store is very clean and organize we went with my husband to do first installation and they called some one Evelin Olivera and she hardly speaks english and also she has a very bad actitud, seems like she had more important things to do than help and talk to the customers.

    We had a couple of questions for her she did not know and she was bad informed later on her supervisor took over and did a good job with us and the questions we have were answer.

    When we were ready to pay we went to customer service and a lady Vanesa asked if was some thing wrong, we just told her how bad we feld about this lady and the experience with her, she said no matter what we wil do she always will be fine since the managmet team will protect her, we never paid the installation agreedment and walk out of the store and we went to the competition.

    This lady in customer service said that they are many cases in the store like this with other employees but the friendship inside the store goes beyong that and bad employees get away with murder, because of the things that going on such a personal friendship between employees and the people incharge, thats why they don't feel confident on say the complaint to no one else and tried to talk to the customer out of any complaint, my personal opinion, Lowes need to change employees and managers around so no one will do such a friendship where the customer is the one who waks away for ever and very unhappy or they need to be out the job for good and get better people, profesional and caring.

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  • Ro
    Rossjerry Apr 25, 2019

    Lowes is running a rebate scam. After years of shopping at lowes I will never enter their store again. Their company is untrust worthy.

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  • Ro
    Rossjerry Apr 25, 2019

    After years of shopping at lowes I have made my last purchase from lowes. Your rebate program is a scam and your refusal to honor 35 dollars you have lost all future purchases.

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exterior door order/install problems

I ordered an exterior door with installation. The salesperson ordered the wrong door and the...

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