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scam and cheating

I ordered hardwood pellets for my stove. I paid for them on a Friday. No problem 37 tons in stock. Monday the delivery shows up with the cheaper softwood pellets. I told the driver that I ordered hardwood pellets. He called the store then told me that they sold out of the hardwood pellets. I told him take them back. I called corporate and was told the store manager would get back to me. I got a call saying there was a mistake. The hardwood pellets were in the warehouse. I gave them a hour to get the right pellets to me. They did. I let them know I wasn't happy about this. All I get is "it was a mistake and they corrected it. I'm sure if the pellets were delivered to someone who didn't check, they would have received a cheaper product and possibly not known the difference. I can see the wrong pellets being loaded. But to be told that they were all sold out after I discovered it, doesn't fly. Especially when they did have what I ordered at the store.

  • Valerie Sep 18, 2008

    I ordered an exterior door with 'professional' installation. They ordered the wrong door, the installer (Ron Grub) arrived late, unprepared, and left early with job unfinished for first install appt. Was a no-show no-call for the second appt. Forgot parts on the third install appt, and was late for the fourth (and I hope final) install appt. I've called Lowes for assistance in getting the install completed and they've been of little help. Since I had to pay up front for the whole thing I guess there was no incentive. I will never do business with the Terre Haute Lowes again. If you find that you have to and they refer you to Ron Grub as a 'professional' installer, get a prescription for valium because you'll need it.

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  • Ma
    Martha Arestegui Nov 11, 2008

    I went to Lowes in Miami Lakes, that store is very clean and organize we went with my husband to do first installation and they called some one Evelin Olivera and she hardly speaks english and also she has a very bad actitud, seems like she had more important things to do than help and talk to the customers.

    We had a couple of questions for her she did not know and she was bad informed later on her supervisor took over and did a good job with us and the questions we have were answer.

    When we were ready to pay we went to customer service and a lady Vanesa asked if was some thing wrong, we just told her how bad we feld about this lady and the experience with her, she said no matter what we wil do she always will be fine since the managmet team will protect her, we never paid the installation agreedment and walk out of the store and we went to the competition.

    This lady in customer service said that they are many cases in the store like this with other employees but the friendship inside the store goes beyong that and bad employees get away with murder, because of the things that going on such a personal friendship between employees and the people incharge, thats why they don't feel confident on say the complaint to no one else and tried to talk to the customer out of any complaint, my personal opinion, Lowes need to change employees and managers around so no one will do such a friendship where the customer is the one who waks away for ever and very unhappy or they need to be out the job for good and get better people, profesional and caring.

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  • Ro
    Rossjerry Apr 25, 2019

    Lowes is running a rebate scam. After years of shopping at lowes I will never enter their store again. Their company is untrust worthy.

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  • Ro
    Rossjerry Apr 25, 2019

    After years of shopping at lowes I have made my last purchase from lowes. Your rebate program is a scam and your refusal to honor 35 dollars you have lost all future purchases.

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exterior door order/install problems

I ordered an exterior door with installation. The salesperson ordered the wrong door and the...

worst customer service

Lowe's of chicago-brickyard, il, #1845 2630 n. Narragansett avenue Chicago, il 60639 The worst customer...

installation of countertops

we purchased cupboards and had them installed july4th and picked out sink & faucet & granite countertops.They called one day & said we need to come down & buy a sink, which we thouht we piced out earlyer.So we drove down and no one there to help us in kitchen dpt.So we bought a sink so they could ship to countertop people. then later they said the faucet would not be in until 09/09/2008 and that they would ship both when the faucet came in. So we waited weeks & one day they called & said that the sink would not fit under counter & that the faucet did not come in, So they said they took the store faucet store sample down & I told them they would have to solve the problem on the sink. What a nightmare on elmstreet if iam going to spend $13, 000 it will be in a different store. We were suppose to get $750.00 rebate but they sent $500.00 What a joke. WE are still waiting on countertops. I sure am Glad i know alot of people IM going to spread the word if you know what i mean !!!

useless furniture warranty

Bought 3 patio love seats from Lowes, still under warranty when button on back cushion fell off.

Called distributor - none left, no help. Manufacturer is overseas, no help. Called Lowe's Customer Assistance, no help.

Called store Manager where we bought them, no help: None in stock, can't replace. WILL reimburse cost of whole seat if returned, but then we can't replace with matching one (bad solution). Won't reimburse for repair, even though Lowe's warranty states "We will, at our sole discretion, REPAIR IT (caps mine), replace it, or refund your money based on your method of payment."

We're stuck with defective furniture. Nice.

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horrible paint

We added a 700 sqft addition to our home using over a dozen gallons of primer and Valspar paint from Lowe's. We painted the room, then installed the floor, thus giving the paint over a week to dry. One year later, we moved a chair that was in the corner, and it was stuck to the paint on the wall. We pulled the chair away and chunk of wall/paint came off. We also had the same problem with picture frames; paint stuck to the back, causing the pictures to stick to the wall. We literally had to pry the frames off. I send both an e-mail and written letter, hoping for an apology and maybe an explanation, but nothing. It's just horrible paint, and even worse customer service.

  • Cj
    cj Sep 16, 2008

    Surface prep! It ain't the paint buddy. Besides, stop watching home improvement shows, you're not that good and you never will be.

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  • Mo
    Monkeyboi Mar 06, 2011

    For sure, that's hardly a paint problem. That's a problem with the painter.

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poor installation of shed

I purchased a shed to be installed by Lowes contractors on 8/10/07, Total price $1806.21. After installation the floor was weak and now the shed has shifted and the door is hard to open without lefting it up.

I have called Lowes, went to Lowes, my son has gone there on a daily basis trying to get this resolved. I talk to Mr. Jim Konkel at Lowes Easton and he promise me he would get this matter taken care of.

Someone came to my house (didn't call) to look at the shed. They told me to take everything out of the shed and they would be back on that Monday.
They did not show. I call and still no show. My son went to the store and a
couple days later they came(did not call) a board was place under the shed and this still did not solve the problem. The door is still hard to open and the back of the shed floor is weak.

The only way this shed can be corrected is to take it down and put it up again.

I am so tired of dealing with trying to have it corrected until I would rather
Lowes come and take it down and give me a refund.

I don't want anyone to come to my home again without calling and if this matter is not resolved Iam going to close my account and shop elsewhere.

Lowes had no problems taking my money and this was paid in full at the time of ordering, but I can get their attention to correct an error now.

This will be turned over to my attorney and if necessary the BBB.

uppermanagement/district & regional

I have a complaint on the other side of the equation, not as a customer, but as a spouse of an employee of...

bad customer service

I was looking to purchase a lawn tractor, the saleman at Lowe's told me that if I opened an account I...

water heater

i brought a water heater from lowe's paid 437.75 for the water heater and parts 312.00 for labor
next day service . had to call lowe's 3 time for installations time and found out form contract no
installation time was never setup. when installer
finally came out additional labor charges 350.00
which was support to be included in charges that was paid lowes didn't give any reason for additional and no apology for this charge

employee smelled of drugs

I recently went into the Lowe's Home Improvement Store in Southport North Carolina where I live. I went to look at the birdhouses in the seasonal dept. I asked an employee there for help and saw on his nametag his name was Patrick. He seemed a little dazed as I was asking him questions and I smelled the distinct smell of marijuana on him.

Lowe's needs to better drug test their employees. As a result, this store will no longer have my business. I was very disgusted at this episode.

Chevelle Thomalson.

just totally upset

Not too long ago I purchased a refrigerator from the lowes in rock hill, sc, and when they FINALLY delivered...

installment estimate

I went to Lowe's for an estimate to on deck work on May 3, 2008. I paid $35 for an estimate. On May 10, the sub contractor contacted by Lowe's came to look at the deck and take measurements. At the end of the visit he indicated he would fax in the estimate to Lowe's on Monday the 12th and I should hear from them soon after that. Well, I really didn't expect that I would hear from Lowe's on the 12th. However, I did expect the hear from them soon afterword, but did not. On Friday, May 23rd, I called Lowe's to find out where my estimate was. I was told that the sub-contractor had not turned in his estimates or supply needs. The woman I spoke said she would fax the subcontracor to find out what was happening and someone would call me on Tuesday. Well Tuesday came and went without any response.

On June 1st, I emailed Lowe's stating if I was not going to get an estimate I wanted a refund. Again, Lowe's did not respond. On June 12th, I called Lowe's and again was told that the subcontractor was the hold up. I said I wanted a refund if I was not going to get an estimate. Within 10 minutes, I got a call back saying my estimate was ready.

So the next day I went to Lowe's. I told the person that I was unhappy with the service and was questioning if I should go with Lowe's and their subcontractor based on the fact I had been told twice that the subcontractor had not done the estimate on a timely basis. Well, this guy who is supposed to be the manager, says he and the sub contractor had been working on the estimate for over a month and whoever told me that sub contractor wasn't responding didn't read the notes in the computer. What?

Next I said I wanted to take the estimate home to think it over. The Manager said he had to ask someone else if he could give me the estimate to take home. WHAT?!!! I finally he gave me the estimate.

The next day I found out why he didn't want to give me the paperwork. It was dated May 25th and expires on 6/24.

I work for a company that sells to retail store. If anyone ever gave this type of customer service, they would be fired.

I have once again emailed Lowe's corporate headquarters about their lack of customer service. Not that I expect them to respond.


I got an email on 6/20 from Lowe's corp. It stated someone from the store would contact me within 48 hours. The next day there were 2 messages on my answering machine. The first was from the store manager and the second was from the department manager (the guy who had lied straight to my face). I called the store and asked for Dan the store manager. I was told he had left for the day. I called the following day, 2 days later and 3 days later. Each time I was told the manager had left. Then today 6/25, I got a call from Amanda at Lowe's asking me if I was going to except the estimate. I explained to her how unhappy I was with the service. She told me that Lowe's had called me numerous times about the estimate. I was livid. I told her 3 calls prompt my either my calls or email I do not consider numerous. She also stated that Lowe's had fired the sub contractor because of numerous problems. Well, if that were the case wouldn't she have start with that information first. Anyway's I was able to get my full refund tonight. They first offered me a refund in the form of a gift card, but I explained since I would never shop there again I wanted cash and that is what I got.

they're charging deposit but won't return it

Lowes is charging for water bottles $13.99, if you return a bottle it is $6.99.I got rid of my water cooler and brought my empty bottles back and was told that they are worth nothing. They said it is not a deposit but a promotion. I paid $7.00 for those bottles and I don't care what they call it they need to return my money or give me store credit. I call it stealing.

Then to and insult to injury the customer service representative said I did not know what I was talking about because he owned a package store for many years and there is no deposits on water in Ct. My family also had owned a package store for years and if we charged a fee for a bottle we would have to return it.

  • Ka
    Karl Hungus Nov 07, 2010

    It is a deposit that should be refunded or it should be clearly spelled out that it is not refundable. Class action lawsuit anyone?

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lack of customer service

For some reason, it is next to impossible to get anyone to answer the phone at this Lowe's location in Brooklyn. I wanted to order an expensive appliance from them and just called to see if it was in stock. For several days, I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone in the appliance department or the manager’s office. I'm glad I took my business elsewhere because God forbid I ordered it and needed to call someone there for a problem. This location is sorely lacking in customer service - try another or better yet, Home Depot or PC Richard.

  • Pi
    pist off customer Apr 12, 2010

    I totally agree about the lack of customer service! I saw a few girls too busy talking instead of helping me and other customers check out. One was standing in customer service talking and laughing and another one was standing near a door talking and laughing to a guy with a blue thing on. I will never return to this store again!

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lowes color matching system

I bought some tester paints from a branch of lowes using one of their color chips and took the paints home...


Incompetence... Geezz I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed the absolute ignorance of Lowe’s employees. Train these people already! I have a number of experiences with these idiots and have finally come to the point of saying no more. From the person who attempts to help you on any aisle, to the customer service centre. Just go somewhere else to submit your hard earned dollar... Or wait... and wait... and wait for either an answer to a question or, God forbid, you buy an appliance of some sort and want it loaded or...delivered, or just simply the right one brought from the back. Save yourselves alotta trouble and just buy somewhere else...

  • Me
    Me Nov 23, 2008

    I work in retail and I'm sooooo sick of people complaining about stuff like this. People are so self-centered they think that they are the only people in the store...very annoyed maybe you should stay out of ALL retail stores.

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  • Pi
    pist off customer Apr 12, 2010

    Incompetence on the store manager! He is a complete idiot! He can not answer a question I had. He had to call another person over to help me with my question. He is not very informed for a store manager. As a store manager you should know every aspest of all your departments. All he knows how to do is talk like a used car saleman. They irritate me to no end! I will spread to word to my friends to never come back !

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  • Vi
    vinlow Jun 16, 2010

    So you know everything about everything?? The store manager only needs to know how to manage people. Do you know how to hook up a 4 prong dryer cord?? without looking at a book. can a range cord be interchanged with a dryer cord?? I bet if someone ask you, you would have to ask someone else. Go to home depot or Menards They must have smarter people there.

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  • Mo
    mobplaya Nov 17, 2010

    Probably [censor] store out in the boonies that no one else wants to do either but needs to be covered. Other installers probably agreed reluctantly to take store, now it wouldn't be fair for them to take the [censor] store and you get whatever you want. Double edge sword either way...or maybe the AIM's just a power hungry dick..who knows

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their delivery is the worst

When buying a frig Lowe's promised to hook-up the new ice maker to the existing line. It also clearly states on their website that they provide this service ( www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=pg&p=ApplianceAdvantage ). The delivery was late, the delivery person had a bad attitude when he walked into my home. He had to use my husband's tools, he never turned the frig on, didn't take out the packaging inside, or a number of other things they were supposed to do. When I told him he was supposed to hook-up the ice maker, he said he doesn't do that. I told him I would not sign the receipt until he hooked up the ice maker. He then started taking the frig out of my home. I told him I would sign the receipt and complain about him to his company, so he left the frig sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor, unhooked and my old frig in my drive and left. I will NEVER buy anything from Lowes ever again.

  • Wo
    wow May 22, 2009

    They are supposed to take out the packaging from the inside?? I don't blame him for leaving it in the middle of your floor if you were telling him how to do his job and telling him what he was "supposed to do" Sounds like you were the one with the bad attitude. Lowes does not promise a time on deliveries. Just a day. I bet that you had probably called the store asking about the delivery and complaining before he even got there.

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Employment ethics

One day I had applied to Lowe's via their online application process. Two weeks later I was contacted by...

don't work for them

Lowe's Wheelersburg Ohio - I am a former employee of this Lowe's. Working for them was a complete and total nightmare! No training, no pay, no one can afford the health insurance and most of all the HR department ***! I simply requested a copy of my pay stubs for some legal stuff and no one there will help you and then they decide to lecture me on why I quit! Welcome to America A_HOLE. I have the right to quit any job I want. This store *** and I would not recommend anyone work for this company unless you want to be under paid, over worked, and left to fend for yourself while there!

  • De
    Derek Oct 01, 2008

    I just quit there last night and felt great, any tips on how they're going to dick me over on my final pay?

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