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LG / LG G4

storo on Feb 19, 2017
I am about to be on my 4th LG G4 phone in less then a year! It's absolutely the worst piece of junk phone I have ever had! I lost my parents 40th anniversary pictures, my mother's 70th birthday, family vacation photos and memories I can never get back thanks to this phone and the fact that...

LG Electronics / LG Washer

Len H on Feb 16, 2017
Bought a LG Top load washer less than 3 years ago for $720. Its constantly going out of balance several times every load you wash. Now the drive shaft broke and took out the wash plate as well. Despite the fact that the front of the washer has a 10 year warranty sticker plastered on the...

LG Gulf / Lg led smart tv

Balaji_sp on Feb 11, 2017
Please think before buying lg tv products they will not provide the spare parts support for the lg tv you have purchased. They give spare parts support for only 2 years after that some repair happened to your tv then you have to throw it in garbage only. I brought lg led 42lv3710 around...

LG / LG3 Smartphone

B269 on Feb 10, 2017
I've had my LG3 Smartphone less than a year and the screen started flickering and faded to black. Its in otherwise excellent condition but my phone carrier (Verizon) said there is nothing that could be done other than me buying a new phone. I called LG support and was told I could send the...

LG / Dryer

Jmlong88 on Feb 10, 2017
My 1.5 year old dryer stopped working on 2/4. I immediately contacted LG and was told that it was out of warranty (only a 1 year warranty). This is the second time that the dryer has stopped working since it was purchased. I purchased the LG extended warranty and scheduled an appointment...

LG / LG flex 2

Sydneye on Feb 9, 2017
Customer came into sprint store with over heating device wanted the rep to file a complaint with lG so that they were aware of the situation. Customer has purchased a lg Flex 2 and after a year the device is now unable to hold a charge and has not been working properly for 2 week...

LG / Dishwasher

Edwardo badia on Feb 7, 2017
The dishwasher doesn't complete the cycle it stops when it has to drain( issue) i called the lg and did the over the phone diagnosis it narrowed it down to 3 items one was the defective drain pump, they recommend I call there service dep't for repairs. This unit is only 3 years old it...

LG Electronics / Mobile repair service

PhantasmX on Jan 30, 2017
Paid for repair on my smartphone 12/22/16. Had in writing my repaired device would be received 5-7 business days from date of payment. On 1/23/17, the 20th business day told repair cannot be made before March; offered and accepted a different model phone as replacement within 5-7 more...

LG / Lge dlex7600we wh dryer

Mmr4 on Jan 27, 2017
Dryer was bought brand new. Gives NP Warning since hook up and never worked!! Power to home and all wiring to home checked out perfectly! Issue is with dryer! LG will not get a customer service rep to us in a timely matter. LG could care less! We have been without a dryer for almost 3...

LG Electronics / LG Refrigerator

Ted Shado on Jan 19, 2017
I am at my wit's end about this frig. First we almost had a fire in the frig with the lights. That's been replaced but then the shelving unit in the refrigerator part snapped in the middle where the drawer meets. We bought replacement parts, and I replaced them. Now they have snapped again...

LG Electronics / Oled55b6p television; sh5b soundbar

Gary Zabriskie on Jan 17, 2017
I purchased a new TV in late October along with a new sound bar. Initially I hooked up the TV to my old sound bar and it worked fine. Got up one morning and the sound bar had quit. I replaced it with the new LG unit and it did not work. Both sound bars would work on the optical feed but...

LG / Smartphone

Sushil Vij on Jan 9, 2017
i was updating my cell phone H790BK (16G) and it shut down and never restarted again. My RA# it A016CG55364 was still under warranty. I sent the phone to the address was given with a prepaid lebel and was received by LG on 12/9/16. I received an e-mail that it will be back to you between...

Lg Appliances / Never received rebates

Troy Scott Smith on Jan 9, 2017
I purchased a 4 piece kitchen appliance set from HH Gregg in late August of 2016 that came with a $400.00 rebate from LG. I filed the appropriate paperwork and submitted for the rebate within 2 weeks of my purchase and as of January 9, 2017, I have yet to receive the rebate. I have called...

LG / All

BBB ftc local tv on Jan 6, 2017
Need help ??? You wont get it from LG. CALL THE Federal Trade Commission 1-877-FTC-HELP File a complaint--hit them where it hurts--maybe then they will take responsibility and fix the defeats. But we need to unite and call... Why does LG Electronics think that we will let them get away...

LG / Refrigerator

shawn762144 on Dec 29, 2016
Fridge broke Dec 7th called LG, tech came Dec 9th not the 12th as they said, great. Dec 12th 2nd tech calls to come I explain 1 already came he tells LG I refused him entry. Called in on the 15th no record of the tech on the 9th need to rebook on the 19th. Tech comes in for 2 mins say...

LG / LG G5/ unethical behaviour

Azeldin kiswani on Dec 23, 2016
Greetings, My main issue, i decided to change my old g phone and buy the lg g5, and so i did, from A. Sbitany & Sons Co. Ltd., and i wont lie i took it with a good price, but after two weeks i discovered that the front camera doesn't work and the system stuck. so i went to the company to...

LG Canada / Customer service

jly009999 on Dec 21, 2016
Bought an LG G4. Phone was sent in for repairs, unable to unlock phone. That was 3 weeks ago. Since then no replies to emails or on social media, only replies of "We will get back to you" then no response. In what world does getting an unlock code take weeks!? I'm not sure anybody is even...

LG / Lg refrigerator

mmckeen on Dec 4, 2016
I purchased a new LG Refrigerator on 6/30/15 and over the past 17 months, it has been out of service 3 times. We've had the compressor replaced once and scheduled for parts to arrive again for another fix. For spending over $3, 000 on a product, we did not expect to have this many issue...

LG / Damaged tv screen

Nilesh Paliwal on Dec 1, 2016
Dear Sir, I beg to draw your kind attention towards the purchase of a LG smart TV model no 55UH651V from M/s seven Wonders electronic vide cash memo no. 32538 dated 8th October, 2016. It worked very well for a few days but now it has created disturbance. I am very disappointed to inform you...

LG Electronics / Washer/Dryer & Customer Service

rbains on Nov 25, 2016
We purchased a washer, dryer, sidekick washer and dryer pedestal. On the DELIVERY DAY, the washer and sidekick were defective and leaked water all over our laundry room. After numerous hours on the phone and videos sent the LG, they finally agreed that we needed a replacement. They wanted...

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