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Sony reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 7, 2006. The latest review Sony x90j 65 inch tv: bravia xr full array led 4k ultra hd smart google tv was posted on Sep 7, 2021. The latest complaint uvw1800 and uvw1600 was resolved on Jan 02, 2020. Sony has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 506 reviews. Sony has resolved 221 complaints.

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Sony Complaints & Reviews

SonySony x90j 65 inch tv: bravia xr full array led 4k ultra hd smart google tv

Was shocked and disappointed when I learned that this new, state-of-the-art TV could not function as my old Sony Bravia (about 12 years old) did in terms of sound options. My wife and I have different volume requirements (I am hearing impaired) and with our old Bravia, I could use the RCA analog jacks to connect to my Sony amplifier and use headphones - while my wife listened via the TV speakers. This new unit does not have RCA analog plugs and can only output sound to 1 device, the TV speakers or sound system.

And, I purchased an HDMI Audio Extractor Splitter from Amazon that was supposed to allow me to connect the Bravia to my older Sony amplifier (analog RCA) and I could not get that to work - even with the help of a Sony technician over the phone. This one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XJITK7E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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    Aug 31, 2021

    Sony — Spiderman

    I'm seriously upset that since the last Spiderman game I haven't been able to play my favorite character. I...

    Sonymotion blur

    I have a motion distortion issue with an a80J that has been badly handled by Sony's advocacy department. They botched an evaluation I have this issue which seems to be triggered by movement onscreen and subsides when things are paused or stationary for a long enough period., The person they dispatched only took pictures of still images and the issue wasn't noticeable enough because of this. I have since sent pics that contradict this They have made it clear no further evidence from me will be examined nor will further troubleshooting be done to identify this problem, I called Sony and complained about this and got nowhere case [protected]


    motion blur
    motion blur
    motion blur

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      SonySony 55 Inch 4K UHD Smart TV - XBR55A8G

      On October 13, 2019, I purchased a Sony 55 Inch 4K UHD Smart
      TV - XBR55A8G from Dell Technologies for $1, 581.89. The first
      television could not be located by Pilot (shipping company) so a
      new television had to be ordered through Dell. It was finally
      received on November 1, 2019. Dell no longer carries or services
      any televisions that were being sold through Dell.com, so I
      reached out to SONY for assistance on or around July 20th of
      2021 for assistance with the television. After numerous attempts, I
      finally received an email from Sony Concierge Dept with an
      extension number, although no one answers. After complying
      with all requested proof of purchase and photos of issues with
      this expensive purchase, I was informed that this television
      cannot be repaired (poorly manufactured) and my only option is
      to purchase another unit at a discounted rate, which would cost
      me well over $1, 000. This is not an acceptable solution to an
      expensive problem. I have emails to support my complaint.

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        Sony3 month old tv

        My 3 month old Sony TV will not work, there is power but that is it. I contacted Sony and they said they will send someone out to look at it, then another 2 weeks to get the parts. Sony would not answer my questions. This is a $1, 000 TV that is no more than 3 months old. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they would not transfer me. I asked about the warranty and they said they will continue to replace parts till the TV is fixed. That does not give us any reassurance when this problem will be resolved or if it will be. Like i said earlier in my complaint, this TV is no more than 3 months old and our only TV.

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          • Mr
            Mr. Helpful Jun 28, 2021

            Hi Gary.

            Please specify the series of television and from where it was purchased. The model is generally provided in the form ##X###H.

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          SonyCustomer service

          2 June 2021. I started a support ticket in Chat about a Blu Ray player. After troubleshooting, They said to upload the invoice to the website link sent to me in a email. The website won't accept uploads, but says to repl;y to the email sent. The Email sent is a no reply email. So, there is no way to upload the requested document. At first, it saie I had to have a account and password, but there is no link oor directions for how to do this. Very poor customer support.

          Mark Boulton

          Customer service
          Customer service

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            SonySony - 65" Class - LED - X900E Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR

            We purchased this television in February of 2018. It's less than 4 years old. A little over a week ago the screen suddenly started flashing various solid colors (white, red, blue, green) then all horizontally, then all vertically, then started over again. That's pretty much all it will do.

            We've chatted with Sony support and done forced resets numerous times. We also enlisted the expertise of a local freelance technician who did numerous forced resets in addition to contacting Sony Product Support and receiving the latest firmware update which was installed in multiple ports. Nothing has worked. There does not appear to be an authorized Sony service technician in our area.

            We are very disappointed, we intentionally purchased Sony for quality and reliability. We have multiple Sony products in our home and are now feeling that was a mistake and perhaps should buy other lower cost brands in the future. Please let us know if there are options available to us for getting this TV up and running again and possibly restoring our faith in Sony. Thank you. James Morrison [protected] / [protected]@gmail.com

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              SonyA9G 65 "

              After 35 years refraining from purchasing any Sony product due to a past failed product and despicable customer service, I relented and purchased two high end Sony TV sets from Best Buy. Huge mistake, Sony has made no changes in their customer service and I will never again purchase another Sony product, allow me to explain.

              Within two weeks of operation, the Sony 65" A9G began to fail. After 2 1/2 months and countless hours each occasion working with various levels of Sony technical service service situated all over the globe, Sony threw up their hands told me it was my problem. Efforts included factory reset, firmware updates and extensive investigation to our connected ISP. The problem continues to this date.

              To add insult to injury, Sony accused this customer of downloading illegal apps thus causing the problem. This Sony TV was set up by geek squad from Best Buy and no illegal apps were ever included. Our second Sony TV with the same processor and setup on the same network does not fail.

              Once they have your hard earned dollars, GOOD LUCK

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                Apr 06, 2021

                Sony — Defective batteries

                I have several 5 packs of Sony Lithium 3V CR2016 batteries (large button cells for watches, small flashlight...

                Feb 02, 2021

                Sony — Sony bravia tv 900 h and sony's customer service!

                This is the email I sent to a Sony executive (that was NEVER responded to) summarizing what happened with my...

                SonyKD 43X8000E

                11.02.2020 I bought 1 tivi sony KD 43X8000E
                Just out of warranty, the TV screen immediately fails.
                I check a lot of Sony TVs have a similar situation like this.

                The new screen replacement price is also very high given the only 3-month warranty period

                Stay away from sony TVs

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                  Jan 03, 2021

                  Sony Entertainment — Online game purchase

                  Sara B.:Thank you for contacting PlayStation, my name is Sara B. how may I assist you today? Remember...


                  Son's account was hacked. We canceled the card, credit card company reversed charges. Now Sony says we cannot access the boys' account because we have an outstanding balance.

                  After fighting this for over a year, the boys saved their money and just want to pay the "balance" so they can have their account back. However, the hackers changed the email address but, thank goodness for Family Sharing we could see it. We try to log in and it says the account is locked. I have filled out tons of forms stating we want to pay the balance to unlock the account. We don't get a reply. We try to use the chat feature, says it can't go any further because the account is locked. I've emailed, I've called to only get a standard message "call volume is high right now, call back later." They have their FB page set so you can't leave reviews.

                  User name is TrumpAteMyKids21
                  This started around October 2019
                  Resolution: access to the account

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                    Sony PlaystationAccount hacked customer service

                    My account was hacked over the weekend. I noticed it the next day because they purchased $309.00 worth of games on the store with my debit card. I went to the bank and disputed it. All I got from sony after reporting it and trying to get my account reset because they actually changed my password, is my account has been banned. I did not hack an account I had mine hacked. Why do they punish the actual account holder for this? I play fallout 76 and have a lot of hours into it. I do not want to lose all that work. I only wanted them to reset my account back to what it use to be so I can go in and change my own password etc. I have no idea why its so difficult for playstation to help their customers. I was told that I will get an email (whenever) and I have 24 hours to respond to it. So I have been reading online that some people have waited 6 months to get their accounts back. I am just curious why it takes that long?

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                      Sony CorporationSuspension of playstation network

                      I was just temporarily suspened on playstation network because I was messaging a guy who started talking trash and I was defending myself and yet I get banned for it. My psn is not_primance. What the hell. This is outrageous. I get banned for defending myself against a guy who wanted to be a total [censored]. This is why I stopped playing ps4 for awhile. Now I cant make youtube videos or talk to my friends. Can you unsuspend me? I was no where near in the wrong for this.

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Sony Corporationuvw1800 and uvw1600

                        Purchased new for home use never operated for more than a few hours without error codes. Delivered them to a Sony authorized repair service center at lest four time within two years. The 1600 series has 12 hours of use. I can't tell what the 1800 has since the front display is inoperative, but it can't have more than 50 hours of us. They have sat idle for a few years since I am now using digital format. I wanted to convert my tapes to digital formate but when I turned on the 1600 it played only in black and white, now it won't play at all since I get an error code. The 1800 front panel display and buttons are inoperative. In my opinion the units are not merchantable products.

                        Frank J. Morelli, Esq.

                        uvw1800 and uvw1600

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                          Jan 01, 2020

                          Sony Corporation — 65in xbr tv

                          In Feb 2017 I purchased a 65in Sony XBR Bravia TV that came with a 1 year warranty, in addition, I also...

                          Sony Corporationmy complaint is with the sony headphones mdr-ex155ap these headphones are not compatible with the new model phones and it does not specify

                          Sony headphones mdrex155ap I just bought in 2019 and it does not work with my Iphone 8. I called cusotomer service and told me these were made in 2014 which is not my problem and it was not specified on pkg. that it was for older models. I am very disappointed in Sony that they did not correct the problems for me. This Large company does not try to satsify consumer. Please do not trick anyone else anmd take these off the market or specify which model they work for. Now I am out of money because I cannot use these with my Iphone. I feel you should send me a adapter or some earphones wired that will work with my phone. Toni Mitchell [protected].

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                            Sony Corporationcell phone xperia z5

                            I bought all series of Xperia Z Family and every time an update came it literary destroyed the whole phone.especially the battery. I charged my phone full and leave it over night and this is what it showed me. I dont trust sony any more, these crooks are big time frauds and will eat your money while they make you go round and round in a circle, for all my sony issues with the mobile, sony not once helped in any ways.

                            cell phone xperia z5

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                              Oct 21, 2019

                              Sony Corporation — Not good for business

                              On friday I saw one of employees outside selling drugs I have recorded it this is not how you do business at...

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