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I ordered a 55' tv on sale at before Christmas. When it arrived the screen was cracked. Made contact with LG & was told to ship it back to them for a replacement. I shipped back & followed the tracking & knew when it was received at LG. They did ship the replacement but it was not delivered to my address. I live in Broken Arrow,OK & tracking revealed it was delivered to Tulsa,OK. & it was signed for but not by me or even my name. I noted on the tracking at 2 of the FedEx stops comments were made that the shipping labels were illegible, so they had to have new address labels printed...that's a red flag to me. Now to the fun part. After i saw on tracking that the tv had been delivered i reached out to LG to let them know it was delivered, but not to me. They contacted FedEx & when they confirmed it had been delivered somewhere that ended their responsibility. The fact it was not delivered to me didn't concern them. So then I file a claim with FedEx & they claim the TV was delivered to the address on the label. Which no one seems to know now what that address was, but it was delivered to that address so that ends their responsibility. At this point i do not have the TV I paid for & neither LG or FedEx believe they have any responsibility. Have called every number I can find but I am being either blown off or promised return calls that never happen.

N0t sure what to do at this point!

Claimed loss: 450.00

Desired outcome: Please refund

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Update by yaskyta
Feb 12, 2024 8:20 pm EST

So Mr Helpful I'm back. I sent email to LG same day I read your response to my complaint. I actually resent a few days later & so far no response from them. Any other suggestions?

Thank you


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Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Feb 15, 2024 7:53 am EST

Follow through with what we've already described. It would be a good idea to make sure you are in the right and have provided them with the correct address and information to deliver to. If, in fact, the mistake was theirs or, in this case, the delivery service they used, then you're in the clear.

This, of course, should go without saying but if you've purchased with a credit card, the easiest couse is to simply have the bank reverse the charge. As long as you have proper supporting documentation, that would be easy to do.

Filing in small claims court is not some mysterious process. If you'll contact your local county building, they should be able to easily assit you. You'll pay a slight amount up front to file and have them served. This is why you want to make it clear to them of your intentions. This allows you to easily add this amount onto your request for judgement.

The case has the right to be heard in your local jurisdiction as that is where the business was conducted. If it's clear you are in the right and no mistake has been made on your part, it's unlikely they'll want to pay to have a representative argue their side of the case within your county -- although some courts now allow testifying via Skype or some similar technology. They'll likely provide a refund, including your cost for filing and serving once they know you're serious enough to take this step.

If they do go to court, and the facts are as you've outlined, it would seem pretty simple that the court would enter a judgement in your favor.

The one additional step we'd suggest is reading, in detail, any agreement you may have accepted when making the purchase. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Keep us informed as to your next steps.

Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Feb 06, 2024 1:45 pm EST

Hi Yaskyta.

That's an interesting name.

We're sorry for your frustration and would like to assist.

LG is the party you have dealings with, not the shipper. They are the ones responsible to you. Any problems with the delivery is between LG and the shipper, not you.

You have the right to expect LG to provide you with the merchandise or get a refund.

Contact them directly through their email connection. Supply them with any supporting documentation. You may file in small claims court, locally, as they were doing business in your local area. Notify them that, if they require you to file in small claims, you intend to also ask for filing and serving fees. Give them a reasonable amount of time to respond and notify them of the time limit, say 10 days, before you file.

We are not attorneys. Don't take this as biblical truth, but it sounds fairly straight forward.