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Purchased a xhose from one of your distributors here in grants pass, home depot. I've had the hose about three and a half months I like the hose it was convenient and very easy to get around obstacles. The other day I was using it and I turn the knob and it applied the pressure to the hose and the hose blew a bulge and busted. I would like to know what you can do about this product? I went to take it back to home depot and I didn't have the box it came with who keeps the box? Not me they would not take it back. I would like another xhose and I would return this one in exchange. I've been getting the runaround through different places i've contacted that has something to do with the xhose pro


Thank you
Linda vanblericom
400 s.E. Liberty drive
Grants pass, oregon

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100ft hose (black)

I originally purchased one of the green expanding hoses from as seen on tv selection. I had the hose less than a week and the hose blew up, popped very loudly. I did not get a refund due to not keeping the receipt.

Now I purchased a 100ft black xhose pro from walmart & used the hose successfully for about a month. I used the hose yesterday and heard a loud pop yet again, the hose blew up!

I do not have the receipt or the box so i have resorted to sending this complaint and i can mail you the hose back but I do not have the box or receipt!!

Your help is greatly appreciated as I a so disappointed in this product!

$75.00 before taxes

melissa martin
19602 desna drive, porter tx 77365

the dap xhose pro

I purchased the XHose Pro last year (2018) and left it in the box, saving it to use for
camping. Then several months later, I took it in the box, never opened, to a
camp out. By this time I could not even remember where I purchased it, nor
did I save a receipt.
At the campsite, I hooked it up to the water spigot, turned on the water and it
immediately broke!!! The inner rubber liner apparently came apart from the
nozzle, leaving the outer material connected to the nozzle. Thus it was similar
to using a soaker hose. Water never even made it out the opposite end of the
hose. I saved the hose & box hoping to run across the receipt to return it. I think
I probably spent about $20.00 for it ($19.99 seems to stick in my mind).
Since I never found the receipt, contacting you is my last resort to getting
a replacement, hoping the first one was a fluke. We have used many tubes of DAP
caulking in the past, so I hoping you stand behind this product as well.

Debbie Moses
7282 W 121st N
Sperry OK 74073

magic hose 22.5m

I buy this magic hose 22.5meters in april of this year, for 2 weeks ago i would used it and i saw the water springled it's "broken", i meen 'la couture' is broken or open
I buy this one in France and i don't know where i can ask about the waranty
Please help me

J'ai acheté un tuyau d'arrosage magic hose de 22.5 metres de long le 24/04/2018.
Il y a 2 semaines alors que je voulais l'utiliser l'eau c'est mise à couler par les coutures du tuyau qui ont toutes ou presque cédé.
Au bout de quelques mois d'utilisation le tuyau a les coutures qui se sont ouvertes par endroits
J'ai acheté ce produit en france dans un magasin auchan et ils m'ont demandé de me retourner vers vous pour une prise charge éventuelle
Pouvez-vous me dire ce que je peux faire?
Merci de me répondre sur mon adresse mail : d.[protected]

x hose

I am unsure whether I have come through to the correct site however have been searching for the official XH...


I have a 8ft X-Hose the slray gun came apart now the water is coming out continuously from the hose. The Connecticut won't come off for the hose to be cut which is not ideal. I believe the products when working is actually extremely good however, i would have though that the cost that i paid for the product would have lasted a lot longer than it has. I would be extremely grateful if this issue can be fixed please.

Kind regards

Sophie Fellas

terrible customer service

I called X-hose customer service in Canada to ask about my x-hose pro that started to leak in several place...

I followed the instructions to the 'tee' diligently shut the water off at the source, my 75' hose just started leaking everywhere?

I followed the instructions exactly as indicated, I unrolled my 75' hose from the source and placed my...

Xhose pro

I bought the xhose pro because I thought it's gonna be a good quality, but after a while there were holes everywhere. Went to the store to exchange It, but it's been discontinued. I was advised to call the company, but there was no help what so ever. Because I don't have the receipt, they can't exchange it. No help at all. Now I'm stuck with a defective hose, by the way wasn't cheap in Canada..
Not gonna buy this product anymore.
You should treat you're costumers nicer...

2 50' hoses

I purchased 2 50' hoses, both when connected at the water source leak profusely and no water comes out of the nozzle end.
I would like to return these for replacements or full refund.
Very disappointed.

Ernie Grenier
9461 NW 18 Court
Plantation, Florida. 33322


2nd E-Mail, 50 Foot XHose Pro, Damaged

Using my replacement XHose Pro for the second time. In the middle of the hose water was gushing out. This i...

Don't buy

I bought 3, 2 have already broken. They have not been left outside, each have been used once and have split on the ends. Good idea but a very expensive purchase for the amount of time they are used. I had the green ones and they lasted longer than the x hose. Be warned not buy this product...unless you have money to throw away !

Wasn't worth the money!

I purchased two 50' black pro hoses and loved it the first year, only had to use it about 4 or 5 time...

Not an industrial quality

I purchased my two 50ft x hose pros on August 20, 2014, did not use them till this spring. During the winter...

hose split

I purchased my two 50ft x hose pros at the end of last season, did not use them till this summer. During the...

Poorly made

I have a very large yard and was tired of winding up yards of regular hose. I liked the idea of lightweight expanding hose that would be easier to use and lug around. I bought 4 of the 75" lengths late in the fall and did not really have a chance to use before winter rolled in. I got them out the following spring and within a month 3 of the 4 had the inner hose split from the connector that holds all the layers together. The water in the outer layer just leaks the water through the covering material. I would never buy these again and would never recommend them to anyone. Good idea, awful product.

  • Bi
    billm44 Feb 19, 2015

    Add my name to the list of dissatisfied customers. While using the hose the internal hose split leaving the hose unusable. I would never buy another Xhose Pro again. Very dissatisfied with the product.

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  • Up
    Uppa US May 27, 2015

    Over the last couple of years I have had my head "up and locked" and have replaced the HIGHLY DEFECTIVE xHosePro several times to the tune of $9.95, allegedly for shipping and handling, and $12.45 for the cheapest postage back to Norwalk, CT. The concept is great, however, the quality of the materials used in the manufacture and, possibly, the assembly processes, leave a great deal to be desired. Each of the defectives appeared to have some quality control issues with the webbed outer covering as it failed and allowed the rubber inside tubing to poke through and then, because of what I feel is substandard tubing, the pressure of the water is greater than what it could withstand bursts I have written to National Express and to DAP regarding this situation with no success. Actually I never received the courtesy of a reply. The only reaction I received was "send it back with a check for $9.95 and we will send you another" defective article. So for $12.45 + $9.95 times 4 returns equates to $89.60 for which I could purchase, at least, four regular hoses that will last 100 time longer than the lightweight product. Good concept - Poor quality

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Does not stay together.

I purchased the hose last fall. It has been in the house all winter. I went to use it today (6/24/14) and it literally feel apart. Everything from where the hose connected to the water outlet port to the hose spray head. This is the worst 'garbage' that I received on the internet. And yes, it is nothing but garbage.

I supposedly picked the latest model that was manufactured. I did not want to get into this. But guess what, it happened anyway. If this one was like this I cannot imagine what the previous one would be like.

My suggestion for anyone that is looking to buy this is to get a way from the advertisement. It is nothing but a BIG LIE.

I will tell everyone that I can to save their money and get a typical garden hose.

  • Ga
    Ganthrion Aug 31, 2012

    I used XHose services and they used my personal info. They sold it to other company. Don’t order from them even if the product seems good. It is not a good deal for you! I was shocked when unknown company used my personal info and credit card details.

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I purchase 2 of the 50" hoses. The first 2 burst in the middle of the hose after just a few min. of use. I...


Hose exploded after second use. Was guarantee to replace hose but you had to pay return shipping $12.78 then...

Hose split open at the bottom

I purhased 4 of these last year in hopes they would be better than the green ones I purchased. I got them out...