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XHose Pro Extreme Complaints & Reviews

Xhose Pro Extreme / terrible customer service

_matt on Jun 21, 2017
I called X-hose customer service in Canada to ask about my x-hose pro that started to leak in several places. The customer service agent had no interest in helping me because I didn't have my receipt. I asked him if there is a repair kit and he kept saying no, no, no, like I wa...

Xhose Pro Extreme / I followed the instructions to the 'tee' diligently shut the water off at the source, my 75' hose just started leaking everywhere?

240gordon on Jun 7, 2017
I followed the instructions exactly as indicated, I unrolled my 75' hose from the source and placed my sprinkler at the proper lawn location to maximize my watering area, when I was ready I turned the water on at the source and the hose just started leaking everywhere, from no particular...

Xhose Pro Extreme / Xhose pro

Andideac on May 30, 2017
I bought the xhose pro because I thought it's gonna be a good quality, but after a while there were holes everywhere. Went to the store to exchange It, but it's been discontinued. I was advised to call the company, but there was no help what so ever. Because I don't have the receipt, they...

Xhosepro / 2 50' hoses

Xhosepro.com on Jul 9, 2016
I purchased 2 50' hoses, both when connected at the water source leak profusely and no water comes out of the nozzle end. I would like to return these for replacements or full refund. Very disappointed. Ernie Grenier 9461 NW 18 Court Plantation, Florida. 33322 Biggern936@bellsouth.net 954-802-4748

Xhose Pro Extreme / 2nd E-Mail, 50 Foot XHose Pro, Damaged

Reviewer30050 on Dec 1, 2015
Using my replacement XHose Pro for the second time. In the middle of the hose water was gushing out. This is the 3rd time this happens. In matter fact when I received this replacement...it didn't feel right. The hose was not smooth (it was crispy) and it was not in its original box...

Xhose / Don't buy

Reviewer95075 on Sep 15, 2015
I bought 3, 2 have already broken. They have not been left outside, each have been used once and have split on the ends. Good idea but a very expensive purchase for the amount of time they are used. I had the green ones and they lasted longer than the x hose. Be warned ..do not buy this product...unless you have money to throw away !

Xhose / Wasn't worth the money!

Reta Smith on Aug 27, 2015
I purchased two 50' black pro hoses and loved it the first year, only had to use it about 4 or 5 times. Kept it drained and protected thru the winter. Got it out this spring to water my tomatoes and strawberries, and guess what it did? Sprouting a shooting leak that went 10 feet in...

Xhose / Not an industrial quality

Terelena on Aug 25, 2015
I purchased my two 50ft x hose pros on August 20, 2014, did not use them till this spring. During the winter I kept them in the garage in the original box. I was very happy having those light and expandable hoses one in the front and the other in the back yard. Two months after being using...

Xhose Pro / hose split

Bklyn 67 on Sep 20, 2014
I purchased my two 50ft x hose pros at the end of last season, did not use them till this summer. During the winter I kept them in the garage in the original box. Took them out this summer connected them together to wash my car. 10 minutes in, Stopped the water flow to soap up the car, and...

Xhose Pro / Poorly made

Scoben0226 on Aug 22, 2014
I have a very large yard and was tired of winding up yards of regular hose. I liked the idea of lightweight expanding hose that would be easier to use and lug around. I bought 4 of the 75" lengths late in the fall and did not really have a chance to use before winter rolled in. I got them...

Xhose / Does not stay together.

ralph53 on Jun 24, 2014
I purchased the hose last fall. It has been in the house all winter. I went to use it today (6/24/14) and it literally feel apart. Everything from where the hose connected to the water outlet port to the hose spray head. This is the worst 'garbage' that I received on the...

Xhose-pro / Burst

Gary S. Oriani on May 16, 2014
I purchase 2 of the 50" hoses. The first 2 burst in the middle of the hose after just a few min. of use. I called and got replacements and within just a few min. the same thing happened. My water pressure is just under 26 PSI. This product is horrible. I called and demanded a full refund.

Xhosepro / Explode

Connie Reeser on May 1, 2014
Hose exploded after second use. Was guarantee to replace hose but you had to pay return shipping $12.78 then pay to have a new one shipped of $8.95, I could buy a new hose for all I have had to do. My husband told me not to order it, should have listen. There is no contact number or...

Xhose Pro / Hose split open at the bottom

darcy40 on Apr 6, 2014
I purhased 4 of these last year in hopes they would be better than the green ones I purchased. I got them out of the packages to use for the spring. lst one I used the hose split from the bottom (with the valve open) and just kept going. I cut off the water after it reached the middle. All...

Xhosepro / xhosepro

xrayman on Mar 1, 2014
If You follow the instructions to the letter, You might make it past the 90 day warranty period. This is a Great concept but the fact that it was outsourced to China for it's manufacturing means that you can't depend on the Quality of the components, for instance, You are advised...

Xhose Pro / I was looking forward to getting a replacement

blackos on Jun 12, 2013
I got my flexible hose home and used it for only 10 minutes and it broke. Then inner hose must have had a slit in it because in the middle of the 50 feet hose was gushing water. My sister was with me and we both bought them. I don’t have my receipt. I am dissatisfied. I was looking forward to getting a replacement from Xhose Pro.

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