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KFCwhite lady with glasses very rude

I was reaching for the tongs for the buiscuits when she took them out seeing that I was reaching for it. I waited but she never came back so I reached in and grabbed one then she yelled at me about putting my hands in there which I replied with well you took the tongs out. She then in an even ruder voice repeated what she said so I told her to calm down with the attitude. She could have nicely said it but chose to say it very rudely. When I was walking away she threw the tongs in the buffet part and said there it is.

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    KFCchicken pot pie tins

    This is my second visit to this KFC,
    L765017 3 80 3924

    On both occassions my wife and I order chicken pot pies and both times the tin plates are bent in, and we feel like that is to put less filling in the pie.
    Please ask that they refrain from bending them as they do not set well on the table. I am including a picture from the second visit. Thank you from a dedicated KFC fan.

    chicken pot pie tins
    chicken pot pie tins

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      KFCtaking food off menu

      How are y'all going to take away the best baked beans and the best corn on the cob? I know y'all sold enough of each to continue selling them. So please do every one a favor and bring back your baked beans and corn on the cob. Please please please. I'm from lancaster s.C. I havnt eaten from kfc since this happened. I don't even like the mashed potatoes without the baked beans. And I can eat that corn on the cob everyday. All by itself. It really is the best corn on the cob ever!!! Please bring them back.

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        Jun 14, 2019

        KFC — poor customer service

        I went to the KFC near my home tonight it was a few minutes before 8 p m, I ordered a four piece combo...

        KFCasst. manager kfc amory. ms

        The assistant manager needs to be fired. She is rude and disrespectful. Chasity hamillton needs to be fired. She states her and the dm is having sexual relations and she will never be fired. She has a smart mouth and has no respect for no customer. I'm going to the owner of kfc to have her fired or me and family will never eat their again. I was inform of her sexual relationship with dm mickey and he only going to upheld her.

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          • Ms
            Mstandley Jun 17, 2019
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            lol or, fitteer, maybe YOU are the one screwing your way up to the top (well as far as fast food employee can GET in life) and are butt-hurt that maybe someone reported you for being rude. I have nothing to do with this post, but your response is obvious, and hilarious. Maybe you should go back to school - get an education that leads to a REAL job - and maybe you won't have to deal with such nonsense. Restaurant workers crack me up - all restaurants are like soap operas... everyone screwing everyone to get hours, tips, etc... yet it's the lowest job on the totem poll, definitely not worth losing integrity over. Funny that the name is Chastity. Can't get much more opposite from the name given, IF this whole thing is true. Thanks for the amusement. Reminds me of days at Dennys

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          KFCfalse advertising/poor customer service

          This incident occurred at the 1765 W 4700 S SLC, UT Rest# S720163, arrived there to grab late dinner for the family, I asked the cashier if they still had the $5 boxes he replies yes, so I go about my order and order the 3 tender box with an extra side, then as advertised on their board the 4 tender box for 6.49 plus another side, and then the breast box which I am assuming is $5 as well, he rings it up and as I am going over my receipt I noticed I was not charged the $5 for the boxes and the one as advertised either, so I ask him he runs to ask whom I am assuming was the shift team lead-he storms over interrupts me and tells me Ma'am I cannot change the prices, they did change, I said fine but at least realize that what you're advertising you're not charging that price and he says I am not allowed to change prices as this comes from corporate and we could get into a lot of trouble and lose our jobs, I said oh so it's not a big deal to charge the customer the incorrect price then what you're advertising and he again rudely interrupts and says again ma'am I cannot change the prices, he was very rude was not even paying a crap about my complaint so I said I will make sure I follow up on this and he says that's fine ma'am, I was furious even if we are just talking $1 difference the fact that he talked to me the way he did was uncalled for as KFC's food is not cheap nor was I getting any free food, we all work hard for our money and I did not appreciate being talked to like I was 2 yrs old from a young guy that obviously has no manners or have any business holding that position. I have never been impressed with the customer service at kfc but my kids love the food so I keep buying, but after tonight I will be looking at alternatives! To add the cherry on top as I am driving I decide to check if all the sides were included and of course I was missing one of them, so I drive back I get the side, did I get a oh no I am sorry here is this or anything to compensate the time you took to drive back because they forgot to put it in the box, nope again nothing-no cares-no acknowledgement! I choose Chick fil a moving forward, they are obviously trained well to deal with customers. I don't expect anything out of this complaint, but just hope that it can be fixed as KFC has been around a long time but hiring garbage to work for their stores will just make them lose business. My cell is [protected] Annie J.

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            KFCfood and service

            I just went to KFC in El Centro Ca, I asked to get the bucket meal and potatoe wedges and a famous bowl, I got home and the bowl was not in my order, and the chicken had no taste the buiquits hard and dry I dont know what is happening I have alaways gone to KFC because the food is always so good I am not sure if you guys are trying things diferent but I dont think its fair for the consumers if thats the case, you guys should let us know if you have a diferent recipe so we wont be surprized when we we taste the food than alsoI did not recieve my order correct, I did notice that they had like a goal of the time the employees had to do the work or give the order, I am assuming they are in a hurry and doing things wrong the food and giving the orders incorrect, please take action in htis matter because if this continues you will no longer have loyal customers like me wo visit KFC 2 aweek .hope to hear from you soon so disapointed

            thankk you

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              KFCspicy chicken strips - service

              Sunday - June 9th. approx 1 pm. Scottsbluff NE

              I ordered 3 piece spicy chicken strips. Upon receiving them there were 3 pieces of disgusting oil/grease soaked chicken strips. I asked the clerk if this is what it is suppose to be as it didn't look like the picture on the board. She said "yes". I took the disgusting strips and blotted one strip using 20 napkins (no exaggeration) to eliminate the grease...unsuccessful.

              I went back to the counter to complain and get a refund, but there were 7 people in line to waiting for orders and several speaking to clerks. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to wait.

              What happened to healthy food...my granddaughter and friend wanted to get the famous chicken bowl so I agreed to go to KFC which they enjoyed as usual. However, mine was absolutely disgusting...KFC should be ashamed for serving such food especially this era when healthy eating is priority.

              I would greatly appreciate a refund or gift card.

              I look forward to receiving a response from KFC.
              Thank you.

              Julie Lawrence

              spicy chicken strips - service

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                KFCmy check

                So I was just rescently working at KFC here in DeFuniak springs FL 32433 well for some reason they are not wanting to pay me my check n I have returned my uniform to them already n everything. They keep saying it went to another office or they just don't have it .. and also from my understanding it's against regulations for a restaurant to run without AC well there's have been out for I know of a month now n it's really hot in there

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                  KFCthe manager

                  We live in Big Stone Gap, Va. My room mate works at the local KFC and is CONSTANTLY treated like garbage by her manager. Today we went there to get some food. When we ordered, we had to write down our order on receipt paper (which we didn't mind doing) and the cashier punched it in on the drive thru register. We ordered and my friend was denied her employee discount because our order included a 2 for $6 which according to her manager isn't allowed to use the employee discount on which I know is a lie because my friend has had an employee discount on a 2 for $6 before. When we got home we noticed that we were overcharged and upon further inspection we realized that we were overcharged for a single added side to 2 of our 5 dollar fill ups. They were added at full price instead of a dollar. Then we realized that there was a third individual side that we didn't even order. So that's about $7 in total for just individual sides. The manager was telling the cashier what to punch in over her shoulder. My friend then calls down to KFC and speaks with her manager and she tells my friend that she'll refund her for the third side and give her the difference she paid for the full price on the add on sides. We get to KFC and she only gives my friend her money back for the third side and completely disregards the overcharging for the 2 add ons. This manager has completely had it out for my friend and I'm getting sick of seeing her come home crying every night because her manager treats her like she's subhuman. I'm writing this because she's scared that her manager will fire her if she stands up for herself and no one should ever feel that way. No one goes to work to be bullied. This is ridiculous. This manager has had numerous complaints on her and NOTHING has been done about it. If my friend gets fired soon, I'll know this manager saw this review.

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                    KFCclemmons, nc location complaint

                    We came to eat at 8:15pm this evening. Hours on the door were until 9pm yet the doors were locked but there were 6 cars in the drive thru. I tried calling the store to give them a chance to right a wrong in any way however no one answered. This location is the worst establishment I've ever dealt with. WE WILL NOT BE BACK.
                    As a GM of a restaurant I understand customer service. I understand the customer may not always BE right however in this case I have complained about this establishment before this as well about almost the same thing. Customers are how the establishment makes money, without customers no money comes in. I'm surprised this location still exist.

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                      • Updated by Liz Ellis · Jul 06, 2019

                        Please explain how my complaint is “resolved” when I haven’t recieved a call/email/text or anything?????

                      Jun 11, 2019

                      KFC — drive thru customer service

                      Drive thru- did not take my order while waiting 5 min at speaker. When arrived at window she refused to take...

                      KFCcustomer service

                      Hello, I live in Tulsa, OK and I normally go to KFC on 4707 N Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74126. This location has very poor customer service. They greet you unprofessionally and not in a timely manner. They either lack the appropriate amount of staff or they lack training. It shouldn't be so time consuming to receive your order. If I place my order in the drive thru I shouldn't have to place it again at the window. When you go inside you have to wait a long time as well. On days there are specials, you would think they would staff appropriately so that customers are not waiting for long periods of time. I have kept going and not stopped due to the lines. At Chick-fil-A the lines are not intimidating because they get you in and out. Not at this location, you see lines, you should run because it's at least 20 to 30 minutes before you are serviced. Managers need to do better staffing and training employees. Workers arguing with each other, it's just so unprofessional. Also I tend to only go on special days because the food is fresh those days. Any other day the original chicken has a funky taste to it like maybe the grease was old or it was cooked the day before and it's dry. I ate at KFC on my vacation in Pensacola and the service was quick and the food was fresh. I would like to see this location do better and acknowledge that customers are the reason they have jobs and stop treating customers like we are bothering them.

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                        KFC5 dollar fillup

                        Mashed potatoes were cold, and the chicken was not hot and was mushy, did not taste good at all. Very bad experience and was not enjoyable at all. I am considering not going to this place again, unless quality improves. I hope that the food gets better and the chicken gets better quality, kfc does make good food when done currently but this visit was one big disappointment.

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                          Jun 08, 2019

                          KFC — customer service-

                          Went in to order 2 x #21 original. I clearly ordered on each order green beans and cole slaw. Paid and went...

                          KFCmash potato

                          Went to do the drive-through order a 12 piece meal that comes with three large size 6 biscuits and I order two mashed potatoes and one mac & cheese get home to fine only one mashed potato and one mac & cheese call the restaurant I got it from so they could tell me to come and get a free mashed potatoes when I already have paid for it i'm not driving all the way over there for some free mashed potatoes that I already paid for

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                            KFCmissing items in order

                            My name is Les. Every Friday night I stop by our local KFC on Davie St. in Vancouver and get the same order. There have been times when the gravy in the order has been missing. When I let them know at the store they usually give me a bigger gravy on my next visit. Tonight when I stop by for my order, I specifically told them not to forget the gravy. Well they didn't forget the gravy this time but instead didn't put in the cold slaw. I am getting tired of missing items from my order. If this store can't get this resolved then I need to find another place for my Friday night dinner. I am very disappointed with this since KFC has my favorite chicken, but if I am not respected as a good customer, I need to find another place to buy my dinner.
                            Les Blake-[protected] or [protected]

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                              Jun 07, 2019

                              KFC — 10 piece wing/thigh meal deal and cinnabon 4 piece dessert biscuits

                              In drive-thru lane there are two advertisements. The first is for a discounted 10-piece wing/thigh meal. The...

                              Jun 07, 2019

                              KFC — 84067

                              Very dissatisfied with the customer service I received at the Roy, Utah KFC/AW location. Ordered chicken and...


                              KFCmac and cheese and filthy store

                              Mac and cheese was cold. Not merely slightly warm but COLDER than room temp.

                              I have never been in a dirtier restaurant... ever ! If the picture does not go thru please give an email and I will resend.

                              I just tried to submit this but I got a message that if it is less than 350(?) characters it probably will not get a reply. How about this?

                              ijniu iuhiuh iuhiuh oiiu iuhiu oij oij oij o ij oijoij ioh u uy uyg yt uy uy tr tu oi uhtf trd yty iu tf ttr yhi u yg f yhi uh f f uyh iu uyg f yy hiu ut f tfu ihu tfy tgyug knaein io ouy uy uyb uy bouy ouy uoy ou bou b

                              Your complaint page sucks... too!

                              mac and cheese and filthy store
                              mac and cheese and filthy store

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