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J&T Express reviews & complaints

J&T Express complaints 1164

J&T Express - Parcel delay

My parcel arrive at PCP Bukit Katil 408 at 21/1/2022. until today why I didn't receive my parcel. I try to collect at the Drop point but your staff told me my parcel not at there. So, where my parcel right now. Why until today I didn't get any news from J & T side? Why I didn't call your hotline customer service. I'm very-very unsatisfied with your service coz until today your staff cannot give me any information about my parcel. Also I have submit my complaint via your chat complain but until now I didn't receive any reply.
Here I attached you my parcel that my seller post from Kuala Lumpur on 20/1/2022. Please give me your feedback & action as soon as posibble.

Receiver : Lina (Admin Service) Proton Tahap Puncak No 9, Jalan PPBK, Pusat Perniagaan Bukit Katil, 75450 Melaka
No : [protected]

Jan 24, 2022

J&T Express - Kpop Album

I just recieved my kpop album today and I was really shocked and disappointed because there are A LOT of damages on both versions that I bought especially the gold version. It wasn't like this when the seller recieved and sent the album to me. Jeez y'all need to be careful, refrain from throwing the parcels. There are a lot of fragile things in your hands. Fragile or not y'all should take care of it as if it was your own thing. Albums are expensive as hell gosh and it has a sentimental value to us.


J&T Express - Tracking number no update. Parcel location unknown

Tracking number is [protected].
My supplier had dropped the parcel at J&T branch Cheras on 17/01/2022.
But until today still no tracking information available.
My supplier went to the branch on 24/01/2022 morning.
The staff at the branch can't tell where is the parcel.
My parcel is important and it is valuable to me.
Please looking into this matter seriously.

Desired outcome: Find it and deliver to me ASAP!

Jan 23, 2022

J&T Express - Showed delivery with black picture proof!

Parcel : [protected]

Please check where is my parcel the status said delivered with proof and when verify the picture all black!

The parcel was never been delivered for almost 1 week already

date : 19 / 01 / 2022 - 25 / 01 / 2022

Now showed till now delivered CDC PUCHONG 301

Please call the number provided at mailing address if you cant deliver

Desired outcome: Please call the number provided in the delivery if cant manage to sent

Jan 23, 2022

J&T Express - Service

My parcel got delayed. The last information I got it says that my parcel is outbound since 17 january 2022 and I still didn't get any update about my parcel till today. I called ulu yam j&t gateway/hub asked and make a complaint. They said that my parcel is already delivered to punchak alam j&t center and they didn't scan my parcel yet. I tried to reached punchak alam j&t but no respond. I also called one of the j&t hub at punchak alam and all they can do is just make a report/complaint about this matter.


J&T Express - My parcel has been arrived 4 days and not deliver!

It's been 4 days my parcel has arrived at Bintulu and its not delivered yet. Also they've stopped updating the parcel information at 20th january which only just said "On Hold" for 4 days and now its 22 january, and they haven't update anything. What happened to my parcel?

If they let me to pick up by myself, I be happily to do so rather than waiting.


J&T Express - Parcel tak tahu ke mana

Parcel saya dah keluar dari jnt kul gateway dari tengah mlm 18 hari bulan januari, tapi sampai sekarang tiada sebarang update tentang parcel tersebut. Saya dah buat aduan melalui hotline, dan diminta untuk menunggu selama 3 hari. Parcel tersebut saya beli melalui shopee, bernilai tinggi dan perlu dihantar sebelum 24 haribulan ni. Berapa lama saya perlu tunggu lagi untuk parcel saya? Kalau dah hilang sila bertanggungjawab. Mungkin saya perlu buat report polis dan juga report pada pihak yang berkaitan sebab tak mungkin parcel boleh hilang macam tu sahaja. Jika mahukan no tracking, sila hubungi saya di emel [protected]@gmail.com

Desired outcome: ASAP

Lupa nak bagitahu saya beli brg dari shopee menggunakan nama orang lain,jika mahu maklumat lanjut sila hubungi saya

J&T Express - Very bad service j&t express malaysia

My parcel tracking # [protected] was on hold since january 11 2022 until at this moment in LDC Subang Jaya 612 Petaling, I want to complain about this service, delaying to delivering my parcel, I need my parcel to deliver as soon as possible because its my costumers things, we are using money on this, this is our business also we are loosing people's trust because of this J&T Service. Please take action immediately your issue and Improved the service J&T.

Jan 20, 2022

J&T Express - Parcel not receive

On 4th Jan.2022, J & T employee had delivered the parcel to my residence at the Immigration Quarters. What happened, the employee was irresponsible and unethical when he had delivered the parcel in an empty hut without my supervision and without my consent. What caused me to upsad was that the employee had taken a picture of the front of the waybill and had put my name as the recipient. This is an action I cannot accept. Where is the ethics of a delivery worker? Where is the guarantee that the parcel arrive in good condition to the customer? What is the guarantee J & T that my goods in good condition? Due to this issue I have requested a refund from the Shopee and this matter continued for 17 days from 4th Jan 22. I hope J & T can respond immediately on this matter.

J&T Express - My parcel still not received

I was so disappointed and frustrated. I'm seeing no movement in my shipment as i've no idea why jnt ldc alam megah 628 is holding my shipment for to long (refer picture). The distance from my house to the hub is less than 15 minutes. Why not just allow customer to do self collection? Please check my tracking number : [protected]

Jan 18, 2022

J&T Express - Logistics

I was so disappointed and frustrated as after so many reports I've made, I'm seeing no movement in my shipment as I've no idea why JNT CDC Bintulu 303 is holding my shipment for to long.Ive requested for self collect also didn't get any response or update from JNT.

First take note, I will take serious action about this.I don't want a "Refund"just my shipment to be delivered to the sender as requested.

Will escalate to different level as I'm not happy as jnt CDC bintulu 303 at Bintulu Sarawak is holding my shipment too long until I've lost my patience already.

AWB NO:[protected]

Desired outcome: Shipment to be delivered

J&T Express - Complaining about J&T services

Would like to complain about J&T courier services.Deliveryman marked my parcel as delivered whereby my parcel have not even received by me.and now my parcel is now wher to be found. Called and email to the customer service side, however they were not responsive. And even told me that to waite within 24 hrs for them to check without an apologies or explaination. It is really dissapointing that i have go through such bad experienced. And this is also not the first time i receiving such bad experience, previously was just late delivery.now was the worst, my parcel has been even lost.

Desired outcome: Reply from the courier service

Jan 17, 2022

J&T Express - Parcel delayed [protected]

My parcel with tracking number [protected] was delayed since 9january until today 17/1/2022, already called hotline for 3 times but still no any action. What is the problem actually... Why keep my parcel so long time... Please, my parcel is urgent. Kindly arrange out delivery asap! Dont tell me my parcel is lost or missing, or staff kena pecat atau diperhenti ramai ramai.. J&t bandar teknologi 301..

Jan 17, 2022

J&T Express - Customer Service is bad

Courier worker is too lazy to come and deliver up to my doorsteps. Decided to call me and say the truck cannot come in and I have to walk down to get my items. I saw one of the guy just coming down after a delivery from the neighbours. I questioned the worker but she kept quiet. We pay for a service that our item is to be delivered to our doorstep. We might as well go to the centre and collect. What a waste of money to pay for your services.

J&T Express - Late delivery parcel number j&t: [protected] and [protected]


J&T: [protected] and [protected]

Dear management, it has been 5days im waiting the parcel to arrived. I already check the status the parcel is on hold at LDC Bukit Kemuning and LDC Alam Megah. For your information, im on maternity leave and the parcel is very very urgent for my newborn baby. I already go to their warehouse and of the staff said no self collect. Indeed im very stressful and pissed off because theres no strong reason provided by the staff. You may contact me Puan Nur Atiqka at [protected]. Please ask the courier to deliver the parcel as fast as possible or further action will be taken. Thank you.

Desired outcome: Ship the parcel by this week as fast as possible very very URGENT

J&T Express - Delivery stuck more than 1 weeks.

I feel this company fake as they don't understand the professionalism and customer emotions. I have placed the order in early Jan and supposed to get it on 10th & 11th Jan. But since 10th my order status is stuck.. and Customer service either hung up the call on you or asking to us to call other region to lodge complaint if not happy. Worst ever service i have encountered.

Desired outcome: I want the parcel to be delivered immediately


J&T Express - J&t 315 bentong pahang

Please push them to pos my parcel. Its stuck from 9 january 2022 until now 13 january I didn't receive my parcel. Please pos it asap! Tracking number [protected] & [protected]. If you want customer respect u, please be a responsible worker. If I not receive my parcel before this friday, I will not use courier again.

Desired outcome: I want my parcel today

J&T Express - Service

Hi. Seller have shipped my item from last year. Till today it was on hold. Please help me? Why my item was on hold for long time. This is not a good thing. Please help. Below are my tracking number. [protected]

Please respond as soon

Jan 12, 2022

J&T Express - Bad services/review


above are the link direct to youtube of video proof about everyone having problem with their parcel at this specific jnt.

Late delivery, missing items, item hold for 1 week for no reason and no notice. You can google cdc senawang 312 and you read the google review, not a single good review posted there. Close the jnt.


J&T Express - Order is stuck in the warehouse and customer support also not reverting

I feel this company fake as they don't understand the professionalism and customer emotions. I have placed the order in Dec and supposed to get it on 7th Jan. But since 7th my order status is stuck...

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