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Jackson Hewitt Complaints & Reviews

Jackson Hewitt / poor management

Shalwil on Feb 23, 2018
I worked at Jackson Hewitt in Ocoee Florida for the last two seasons. The new manager in that office was very rude, did not respect her workers. She had two white ladies in her office one decided not to come back to the office for a second year because the manager stated that she wa...

Jackson Hewitt / cost of tax preparation

Warkita Stephens on Feb 19, 2018
I got my 2017 taxes prepared at Jackson Hewitt in Douglasville, GA in December 2017. I received an advance for my taxes to get through the holidays and to take care of some things considering we were displaced due to the hurricane and winter storm. In my research, I found that I wa...

Jackson Hewitt / office culture

Phased Out on Feb 17, 2018
Though I enjoyed working at JH meeting new people, answering tax questions to ease the mind of a weary customer and even preparing tax returns brought education and knowledge from the best in the feild. However, being apart of a team that uses there authority to undermind you as an...

Jackson Hewitt / funds not available through atm; customer service representatives not helpful

Shermonia on Feb 17, 2018
I was emailed that my funds were deposited to my account on 2/17/2018 @ approximately 4:30 a.m. I went to A.T.M. machine and inputted pin code; unable to get anything back. I made sure pin was correct, and proceeded to four different ones and said same thing. Contacted in person, was told...

Jackson Hewitt / 1040ez filed

AmberNJohnson on Feb 15, 2018
Hi my name is Amber Hardin Johnson and I filed my taxes with your company yesterday 2/12/2018 at your Murphy, NC Service Provider in Walmart. I have an issue with the services provided to me. I sat for 20 minutes as Michelle Brooks and Kristy Ware did a standard 1040 EZ tax return. They...

Jackson Hewitt / tax preparation

Angiemaya on Feb 14, 2018
I had my taxes prepared with charges added I wasn't aware about and charges for questionable fees that I was lead to believe we free of charge. Very unsatisfied. I also do not believe that the tax preparer did file a tax form that should have been included. My tax return money is also no...

Jackson Hewitt / tax service

unluckyca1 on Feb 12, 2018
I was in need of a loan quick and Jackson and Hewitt was advertising the tax advance by using only my last pay stubs. Since I was desperate I took off work early to drive 2 hours from where I live because that was the closest location offering that service. Once I got there the woman wa...

Jackson Hewitt / service

Megan Cole on Feb 9, 2018
The building was not in good condition. There were stains all over the floor, walls and doors. Not a good professional look.Got told to sign in and then waited over an hour to get help. Only one person was working. Then the lady that helped me look like she had an potty accident in her...

Jackson Hewitt / poor preparations of my taxes

Alonzo B. Williams on Feb 9, 2018
This was the "worst" tax preparation experience I have ever encountered in all of my 25 years of tax preparations. The preparer, Annie O'neil, was rude, disrepectful, and unhelpful the entire phase. She failed to claim the single/head of household credit, even though the "pre-tax informational...

Jackson Hewitt / tax return service

RebeccaCurtis51 on Feb 8, 2018
I am making a complaint about the tax return i filed at a Jackson Hewitt booth at St. Louis County Walmart. I do not know the woman's name that I was filing with but the date I came in was Wednesday, February 7th around 4:30 pm. I was not angry about the experience until the end when...

Jackson Hewitt / tax service

Sharond158 on Feb 4, 2018
Upon arriving at Jackson hewitt in NC was told I would be charged by how many forms they would have to prepare ! With that being said my form was simple not complexed, Also I came in for advance which was only 200 dollars thenI came back with my W2s and then was charged again why?still no...

Jackson Hewitt / tax services

Angiemaya on Feb 3, 2018
I was lead to believe that the payments dispersement option on the card they provide was free. I also was not informed of my options either. They had charged me the family package of $291. With no explanation of why it cost $410 to file one W2 and two other forms. That is outrageous in...

Jackson Hewitt / tax service

SarahEmelia on Feb 3, 2018
I went in to get my taxes done, washelped by a great guy named jose who told me to bring in my paperwork (w2's and 1095) when I received them, no appt necessary. About a month later when my paperwork came in, I headed to the jackson hewitt where I filed 15 miles away (as opposed to the one...

Jackson Hewitt / hostile workplace

Anna Janice on Feb 2, 2018
a compaint on jackson hewitt store front number 10801 location 2510 pass road Gulfport MS 39501 hostile work place. I started working with jackson Hewitt on december 18th 2017 I had very little training. when I started working it was during the advance loan on your refund. I told vicki...

Jackson Hewitt / your employee allen vaziri

JustMyOpinion2 on Feb 1, 2018
Allen Vaziri is working for your company at Walmart Store #2060 in Lexington, KY. I am a Walmart employee and see him almost daily. I know your other employees have received complaints about him. When he's not busy, he'll stand up and just stare at our employees and when spoken to, he doe...

Jackson Hewitt / tax fees that was never discussed and submitted my taxes without my w2

Levona41 on Jan 29, 2018
Went to JH for advance in December. The lady entered my info and saidy finds should be available within an hour on the prepaid card she gave me Never received any money on that card. So I decided not to file my taxes with them bc I didn't get any money. Long story short, they submitted my...

Jackson Hewitt / appointment

rkristin 23 on Jan 24, 2018
I showed up for a scheduled appointment this morning at 9am. The location was inside a Walmart on Platte Avenue in Colorado Springs. As I approached the kiosk the woman working the only person working, just sat there and stared at me rudely. She did not say anything. So I said "Good...

Jackson Hewitt / washington ind location

James Heowener on Jan 7, 2018
I took my last check stub for the end of 2017 to get an advance the lady there filled out my forms incorrect and cost me the cash advance I am very unhappy about it I wonder how many people she has done that to I think something needs to be done about this so it doesn't happen to anyone...

Jackson Hewitt / I am complaining about your office that is located on timberlake road lynchburg virginia

Weston Adams on Dec 28, 2017
What is the purpose in having an appointment if you're going to sit there and watch walk-ins go in front of you regardless if I have been sitting there for an hour and 15 minutes waiting on my appointment. This happened last year also but I decided to Let It Go but to have it happened a...

Jackson Hewitt / amendment and state refund

Shereen Lowe on Aug 22, 2017
I payed almost 700$ for my taxes to be done. I didnt have my information for my school so they told me they can amend it. I filed an amendment march 26. Called once a month till june for them to tell me they have to do it again it got lost. While checking into it i found out they never did...

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