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Jackson Hewitt Complaints & Reviews

Jackson Hewitt / tax offices

Charlene Tyanna Davis on Jan 6, 2019

I live in Gulfport, Ms. I was told on the phone they closed at 7pm so i get to the office on 25th and im told they closed at 5pm and was turned away. I then walked 2 hours to the next location at the Walmart on highway 49 Gulfport ms and was told they closed at 5pm and the location say...

Jackson Hewitt / customer service provided

Jordan Bae on Dec 21, 2018

This service provided for assistance afterwards was unprofessional and the staff was rude. The staff name was Lindsay or Linda at this location. I applied for early advance refund and was given American express card and told was approved and the money would be on the card in 30 minute...

Jackson Hewitt / my taxes

Amelia Kinkead on Sep 23, 2018

i filed for my taxes in on of your office in ocala i was charged $500.00 i did not know it was going to cost me that much to file formy taxes that is outrageous nobody said anything to me i call your care team in vain i send mail to the office where i file and nobody bother to answer me and...

Jackson Hewitt / help with irs audit

Tom Lane on Jul 20, 2018

Jackson Hewitt has prepared my taxes for years. The IRS audited me for 2015 and 2016. I have sought the help of the office that prepared my tax return. She gives me the run around and doesn't answer my texts or calls. She doesn't show up for appointments she makes to meet with me. This ha...

Jackson Hewitt / Management

Christina Salisbury on Jul 11, 2018

I worked at the Sturgis Michigan branch as a receptionist. The General and Assistant Managers are completely rude to their employees. I have a Facebook Messenger conversation that they verbally attacked me and cursed me out. I will NEVER work gor that company again! There was even a time...

Jackson Hewitt / preparation

Donyell Wilson on Jul 5, 2018

I filed my taxex on April 23rd. No one recognized it was rejected until the 28th! I came in on the 28th to sign it again and it was already sent off to the wrong address because it was sent before being confirmed by me. I called my preparer and she hubg up on me told me i "better not throw...

Jackson Hewitt / william wayne ballard ii - tax year 2015 & 2016

o;hno on Jul 5, 2018

Hello, On 04/16/2018 your tax preparer, Tanya May, prepared my 2015, 2016, and 2017 tax returns. I received my 2017 refund since she filed electronically. I received a letter from the IRS requesting copies of all sources of income for 2015 and 2016. As such, I mailed the requested...

Jackson Hewitt / not filling all my w2's

Nicole Conn on Jul 3, 2018

Date: 01/18 to now Jackson Hewitt did not file all my w2's and it caused me not to get my refund until june of 2018. They are stating that I should have filed an amended return with them. How ever the irs is stating they would not accept the amended return. Now Jackson Hewitt is stating...

Jackson Hewitt / mistakes on my tax returns

Patriciakm on Jul 2, 2018

Toni the manager of the Hinesville, Georgia office completed my 2016 taxes. I filed taxes for 2017 and discovered the mistakes she made through another company. I contacted Toni via phone and she pulled up my taxes on the phone and noted her mistakes. She later sent me an email stating she...

Jackson Hewitt / 2016 tax return

Patricia Hart on Jun 19, 2018

We have used Jackson Hewitt for many many years. We have had the same person "Bob" prepare our taxes for the past few years. This year he seemed forgetful, scattered and not competent. The other person in the office overheard and observed this and helped him. It seemed he was showing early...

Jackson Hewitt / my amended return

Lashika on Jun 7, 2018

Thanks service I am complainin about us my amended tax return, , I am unaware of my surroundings and feel thereaten and held without explanation of my amended, , not only I paid 125 in cash to get my return back of 324, , I checked back with the URS and I don owe anything but to my school...

Jackson Hewitt / hawaii state tax return

Cheryl Moreland on Jun 4, 2018

Jackson Hewitt in Honolulu Hawaii did my return but the [censored] did not fill out the part time resident for hawaii correctly I went there numerous times to get it fixed, they finally did an amended return but they did not print the SCH AMD that is needed for my amended return, we filed...

Jackson Hewitt / my tax return

Ricky Buchanan on May 26, 2018

My tax prepare made two mistakes on my tax return. One he enter my kids social security numbers incorrectly.I did not file last year.he enter I did which has my return on hold.they are refusing to take responsibility. I have consulted an attorney. The prepare was elderly. I had to repeat...

Jackson Hewitt / tax prep

Ewatson on May 5, 2018

I filed my taxes with Jackson Hewitt in Jan 2018, I did the advance loan which was a nightmare trying to get. The guy who prepared my return was very young and knew nothing about doing taxes. Finally we get them filed, Im then told because i did the advance my return had to be done as an...

Jackson Hewitt / district manager

Jeninfer Doyle on May 2, 2018

Hello I have been a client with JH for over 10 years, I paid for audit support and got audited. I asked for help from JH and was denied so I went through channels and got with the manager . I provided all my documents, she was supposed to send me confirmation. Long story short she never...

Jackson Hewitt / refund correctness, thoroughness and incorrect

Kencrotty on Apr 22, 2018

Filed taxes with Jackson Hewitt in 2017 for 2016 taxes. Ismael filed incorrectly costing me 3k with the US government. Fast forward to 2018 and taxes filed incorrectly again. Was told by escalation dept I would hear from higher up. ( nothing). Getting tax attorney involved now. I can screw...

[Resolved] Jackson Hewitt / didn't get my tax I did in february

Tiara bovard on Apr 19, 2018

I didn't get my tax I did them at the end of February my name is tiara bovard my phone number is 816-642-7409 Last 4 of my SS:6598 Who ever did my taxes put to the wrong account and I have received it and it's almost may . I would like to see my Taxs soon. My rounting number is 124-303-120 Account...

Jackson Hewitt / taxes

LARRYg5 on Apr 16, 2018

This is the worst experience me and my wife have ever had filing our taxes. We were in walmart in spring hill florida for five hours waiting and then working with a totally incompetent fool named iris. Not to mention rude. She told us that our pevious tax preparer did out taxes wrong and...

Jackson Hewitt / everything

Kevin Lester on Apr 15, 2018

Where to begin... I went to their walmart branch in Pikeville Kentucky in 2016, to file my 2015 taxes, which was the biggest mistake I have ever made. My wife and I sat there for a long time, and paid well over 300 dollars for our taxes, just to find out later we were being audited. Came...

Jackson Hewitt / 100$ gift card

AngelOzeta on Mar 31, 2018

Wen to Walmart was looking to purchase a 140$ tablet with the gift card and it didn't go thru at all they kept telling me the system denied the card The gift card states I any Samsung tablet qualifies for this promotion and it was embarrassing having people wait behind me in line for the...