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tax prep 2018

In 2018, the branch on mill street, in leitchfield, ky. Completely botched our taxes, my wife had to borrow...

unethical behaviour

On [protected], I called J-H ofc and asked if there were any changes in appts. because of the virus. The recept. said most people are dropping off taxes and they will call when done. Ok, I brought in my paperwork and was greeted by rude recept. This was on [protected]. I have a hard last name to pronounce, but after I corrected her she continued to mispronounce my name.
On [protected] I received a call from a Dan Olsen, I was told my taxes were done .I made arrangement to come in to sign .
When I got there I was confronted with the same rude smart mouth recept.
She went and spoke to Dan Olsen and gave him some of her rude mouth.
When I sat down I was asked my name of which he already knew. Then he asked me to spell it, and he couldn't write it correctly. I could tell he was having a good laugh at my expense. After all that he never went over my papers and attempted to explain what was done. I asked him if he had done my taxes, he said no . Although his name is down as preparer. I had to go home and go over my own papers and call Dan Olsen back to ask questions
It would seem to me with situation we're in with this virus these people would have more class then they showed. I believe they should be punished somehow, for their child like manners.

This all happened at Jackson-Hewitt office in Mesa, AZ 85209 on Southern Ave.

My taxes got rejected

I filed my taxes 1/29/20 I was asked if I has received anything in the mail regarding my daughters insurance from health care online I had bought it for 2 months I had told the lady No I never got anything about it. she didn't offer to help me get this paper just went ahead and filed my taxes and I get charged 500 + dollars. just for me to get a letter from the IRS saying that I wont get my taxes approved until I have that 1095 filled out. so I printed it off IRS website I don't understand why this wasn't done or at least tell me to do this and I would have returned the next day with my proper paperwork. so its been since January. I have a problem paying this company $500 for something I could have done for free . I could mess them up myself for nothing. That's why I come to a well known company like this is because I would hope they know what they are doing. So i still don't have my taxes back I'm furious that a $500 fee will be taken out of my return and for what? making a mess of my taxes ?? !!!

tax refund anticipation loans

i was approved for a refund anticipation loan then some.mysterious guy from jackson hewit called the bank and retracted it then i called and went into the.office and spoke to the owner of.the franchise to be told he couldnt help me and no one works at.his.offices that retracted the loan then spoke to his office manager which was.helpful and.started.helping me.but was going in.circles cuz jackson hewitt wasnt.going to take blame for it so.the bank is.blaming jackson hewitt and.jackson hewitt is blaming the.bank and that.they.dont know.what.to.do so i.went.into.the.office.and.brought.a.coworker and.spoke to.the owner which was mad and then claimed my id wasnt.real which i just got.from the dmv and he said he.couldnt help me and.i needed.to submit my taxes.thru another company but they already was.submitted by jackson hewitt and was told because it was.my.first time doing taxes thru them that they.couldnt help.me.they didnt even.help my.friend i.brought in.to.get.h3r taxes.done also i.took someone els3 but to a different jackson hewitt and they never paid.me.for.the.referral also i was.told.by.the.office manager that.my.refund shows.disbursed but i never received anything and.the girl that did.my.taxes never returned.my calls after this and.neither did the office manager the.owner refuses to let me.speak to him and.i.was.told.by.someone that answered.the.phone.that this.has.happened at.his other.4 stores i think.they are.doing something fishy and.i.still have.not.received.my.taxes plus.when.i.went.to.jackson hewitt i.was.told.they pay u.to.switch over.to.them but the owner.said no i cant.switch.to.them.so im unsure what.to.do

outrageous fees charged and no offer of $200, for switching service

I am disgusted with jackson hewitt and will never again use them! I have alwaysndonenky own taxes and decided to try jackson hewitt this year to utilize the refund advance and to receive the bonus $200 for switching over to them. Out of a 947 dollars refund I only recieved 447 after the fees were taken and I repaid the 200 advance I am hysterically crying ans beyond upset I paid more in fees then I got back???! The woman who did my taxes in the jonesville walmart lied to my face and tried to tell me that the 200 fee was for the eic!! Which I did not need as well as knew that was a lie it wasnt until further examing the paperworki saw where it really went to her for being unknowledgable about life, the 200 advance was not worth the massive money hit I took!!! I paid 200 plus for this ignorant woman to prepare my taxes which she did not want to admit as I would have refused service immediately as well she did not give me the 200 for switching! She also insisted for the refund I get the american express serve card which is absolutley useless I receive nothing earlier then anyone else I am filing a formal complaint with the better business bureau I truly feel as though I have been robbed and taken advantage of by jackson hewitt I should have never switched and allowed someone else to do my taxes for me! - michelle maraia [protected]@gmail.com

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lied to by employee taxes not done correctly

So on January 29 2020 I went into to Walmart and saw Jackson Hewitt set up, at the time they were not busy so I figured I'd give Jackson Hewitt a try because I normally go to H&R Block. The representative's name was Christina, she seemed like a nice women I gave her my W2s and she asked me if I was claiming any dependence I said no and she never asked me another question after that. Then about 15 minutes later she told me that my federal would be on my card in a couple hours top and she specifically said that the charge came of only federal not state nor did she inform me I could of paid upfront I didn't need a advance So I waited the night goes by still nothing so I call back the next t day and another woman told me 7 to 14 days now had she just been honest from the start I may not have done my taxes their. Now let's not forget I have two 1095c from both my jobs that she never even ask about so now my taxes are wrong. So on 02/13/20 I was concerned first of all my state taxes came first and they deducted 147.95 for the services okay I understand you guys need to be paid but I was told it came of my federal. So I called that day I was speaking with a man who was very rude I explained to him my concerns about my taxes not being correct because those forms for my health insurance had not been put in to my taxes and why did they take it out of my state when I was guaranteed it only came out of federal mind you my state taxes where only 257 so I was very upset I told him first of all I was lied to from the start she said my federal taxes would be on my card in 2 to 3 hours tops then he says it usually 24 hours I said well where is it then he said I don't know I'll look it says the 17 well why was I told 2 to 3 hours I was guaranteed that and further more she asked only one question didn't bother asking about my 1095c so I was upset and I told him Ithis is why I go to H&R block and he said and that's where you should be going!! So then he asked what I wanted and at that time I wanted my bill reduced he then told me "you got the cheapest package can't get any lower then that" so I said well my gosh how much more do u have to pay to get your taxes done and he thousands. He was so rude I asked him if there was someone else I could speak to cause him and I were getting no where and he said no I'm it. At this point I want all my money back my taxes were done wrong I was lied to and treated horribly by your staff I will be filing a formal complaint if this is not resolved in a timely manner. I have already called the number for complaints and they said someone would get back to me and I'm still waiting
I'm applaud at this kind of behavior what kinda business has disrespectful employees like that. I hope to hear from you very soon
Thank you for your time.

  • Updated by Casey40 · Feb 15, 2020

    Also she rip the 50 coupon of and said I would receive 50 dollars from the next person who came to get their taxes done. I never received anything I personally think that the employee's pocket that extra 50 bucks saying it was a referral.

customer service

First of all I was ten minutes early for my appointment, and the actual workers at Jackson Hewitt showed up to the office 10 minutes after they were supposed to open, secondly my appointment was scheduled for 11 am and nobody cares to start helping me until 12:15 pm. Thirdly I was late for work due the Jackson Hewitt employee not knowing how to complete his job and having to keep leaving and asking for help. I really hope there are not any errors on my tax return and two I hope Jackson Hewitt choose better employee s going forward because there is nothing professional about showing up to work late and leaving your customers waiting in a lobby for an hour when they have a whole appointment scheduled. I hope y'all do something to this ghetto ass office filled with employees who are stupid and slow.

early refund loan

My complaint is concerning the early refund american express is temporely down and I was informed that they are not sure if it will take a few days. Well some of us that have limited income really count on using this service to help those who are unable to save up enough to buy christmas gifts . Of course im angry, disappointed .Ive run into so many issues more then I care to say and I still remained a loyal custmer but this takes the cake it sucks so close to christmas.

tax service

I filed taxes with Jackson Hewitt for the 2015 tax year. The lady who worked on my taxes cost me a $3090...

income tax prep

I went into Jackson Hewitt and filed my joint return on 3/23/19. I paid for gold standard service. the tax...

a sixty-five thousand dollar error

We had our taxes prepared by jackson-hewitt the year before in redmond, washington and decided to have them prepare our taxes again for 2018 but in a different office due to us traveling. Patricia ryan and I arranged an appointment in dalton, georgia, february 27, 2019. We met with jennifer baldwin, the tax accountant, who prepared pat's taxes first. Her receipt number is, gas 11857. After jennifer prepared pat's taxes she started to prepare mine. Jennifer shared with us that she is new and still learning a lot and that her boss cindy is here to assist her if she needs any help with anything. An hour later jennifer quoted me, "you owe $67, 000 for 2018." I said, "what!!!???" jennifer admitted it sounds like too much and possibly a mistake has been made. She then asked for cindy's assistance. Cindy said she found a $2, 000 (two thousand dollar) error which brings it down to $65, 000. I said "this can't be." her reply, "I wouldn't lie to you. I wouldn't make this up. I've been doing this for forty years and operate other offices. I canceled, decided not to file and contacted a tax attorney. Anderson-bradshaw tax consultant (joshua kronick, [protected]) prepared my taxes and found I owe the i.R. S. For 2018, $1, 589. This huge mistake cost us $2, 150 for attorney fees. Not only was cindy arrogant but showed no interest in going any further with my complaint.

tax preparation

I used JH online tax service on 2/13/19 and needed to file two state taxes because I had moved from WI to MI. Federal and MI taxes were filed online and submitted without issue. However, WI state form was incorrect. The service filed a WI form 1 but a 1NPR for part time resident was actually needed. Since the WI form could not be submitted electronically, I researched the prepartation. The prepared form 1 showed I owed $128 but after completing the 1NPR, I was due $292. I paid $36.95 prep fee for each state and $49.95 for federal. I would like a $36.95 refund for the incorrect preparation of WI tax form since I ended up having to do it myself.

tax service

On abril 15 I walk in to fill my tax return, i check with a lady and show her my tax papers which I have...

selling of information

Ms. Elaine Smalls had her taxes done at a location on Boston Road, Bronx, New York. At that time it was not...

tax prep.

Id like to make a complaint and incorrect information I was given when I filed my return. I'm paying 440.95...

tax offices

I live in Gulfport, Ms. I was told on the phone they closed at 7pm so i get to the office on 25th and im told...

customer service provided

This service provided for assistance afterwards was unprofessional and the staff was rude. The staff name wa...

my taxes

i filed for my taxes in on of your office in ocala i was charged $500.00 i did not know it was going to cost...

help with irs audit

Jackson Hewitt has prepared my taxes for years. The IRS audited me for 2015 and 2016. I have sought the help...


I worked at the Sturgis Michigan branch as a receptionist. The General and Assistant Managers are completely...

Sturgis Employers