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When I did my taxes in 2018 I chose emerald card. I got a new emerald card last year thinking everything was still the same well the routing is the same but not my account number I see that its about the last 8 numbers that end as the card number so where is my money? Im not happy its not my fault that u guys put different account numbers u fix your mistake now

Emerald card claim #d2005900377 card xxxxxxxxxxx4168

On February 26 I received my income tax on my emerald card.
I then went to my banks ATM (GECU) on Piedras st. I attempted to withdraw $1000 it proceeded to tell me that the transaction did not go through. I figured it was due to me asking for too much, I then asked for the usual daily limit I $600 which it gave me with no problem.
I then checked my balance so I could give a payment and realized I was $1600 less than what I had.
I called the 1800 # which I didnt appreciate talking to someone who couldn't understand me, did not speak english correctly and just kept giving me the run arround repeating that I withdrew $1600 he then just told me to call my bank that it had nothing to do with my emerald card.
I called my bank which of course said that my emerald card bank should by the end of the day know they were over $1000 and give it back to me.
I called back to my emerald card and after a couple of hours was transferred to a dispute dept which took my claim.
Its been a month already and I called today and again after 2 hours on the phone with different departmenst I was transferred to the dispute dept which was already closed and wouldnt even have a voice message system.
I have been an H&R customer for over 30 years and have never had any problems. Please call me by phone )[protected] or @ [protected] asap

I've been waiting for my money to be refunded since January

I've been waiting on my money to be refunded since January H&R Block and the Emerald card are full of. [censored] complete rip off

Service and charges

I was haveing trouble with your site doing my taxes. I went on for a chat, and i was not told that they were a charge for this. After 10 or 15 minutes the lady said she could not help on the chat line and she was going to call me, which she did. After 30 minutes or more she said she could not help me and the call ended. At that time received a bill from you for $42.39 for which i thought that was not right because i received no help with my problem but i payed it. I finaly got the site straight and did my taxes now everytime i try to e file your site can not get the federal or state to accept my returns.

Benny g. Mcgraw

hr block refund

This is not what it use to be! Do not be fooled by the 3500 dollar advance! They only give you one if you have perfect credit!!! Anything less and they will only give you one hundred or less! They won't tell you how much your going to get before you electronically sign all of their documents so your roped in and there's nothing you can do! They promise you a refund advance and you could honestly get more from a family member! This is absolutely ridiculous! I will never use HR block again and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!! I hate this company!

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hiring process

I was offered a job over a month ago in H&R Block, Baton Rouge, LA. I spoke to the hiring lady (Shawn) two weeks later. Provided all documents required and was told to be in system in 24-48 hrs.
Did do partial training afterwards but ended up just observing others instead of getting an on hand training due to no access to my profile.

How I am expected to take hours of self study courses online a couple of days before H&R Block reopens is a dilemma to me. I was never once notified, emailed, or communicated with for my status, employee ID, or schedule so far by no one involved in my process including recruiting managers till I complained.

Was it assumed that I have no other priorities and commitments and will be available on minutes notice.

I have worked for many prestigious companies and Hospitals. Have been a realtor for many years. Never seen so much chaos. Was it just me or all new hires go through such negligence?
I am so disappointed at H&R Block for their lack of communication and organization skills.
How can they take care of people's finances when they can not take care of their own employees.

Made me question if I ever want to be a part of such H&R Block team.

h&r block tax program received in mail

I'm not certain that this is the right place to complain about my problem but here it goes. I have been using your tax program for many years. Not once have I recieved a program in the mail that starts at less than $24.95. On the other hand my daughter gets a program in the mail that starts at $9.95 and she has not been using your programs that long. My husband and I are both retired and on a fixed income. Why cant I get a break on price? I do know that I can file through the website, but thats not what I want to do.

Thank you
Sara Bechetti

emerald advance

I applied for an Emerald Advance 11/14/19 and was denied due to credit history and not having enough income to pay back loan. If this is a loan againt my tax refund why would I have to make 2-3 payments when I was told I could have the loan taken from my tax return when I file my tax return? What does my income have to do with my loan against my tax return?

a tax professional

Today I was disgusted at a worker from h and r block in Porterville ca . At the veterans parade. She was so unprofessional. People were standing and sitting all over . The worker went to get a police officer to tell the family standing next to me leave cause they were illegally standing on h and r property which the police informed her she was wrong it is a sidewalk it's the cities anyone could stand there . She was making such a scene and cussed the officer and the family, mind you it was a veteran family .H and r block should be ashamed . And people go to a company disrespecting people like that . WOW . Truly upset how I worked for that company in Porterville for 10 years and this is how you are now . Wake up people don't let these companies get away with this . Please repost for others to see and put a stop to people like this and companies .

customer service/scheduled appointment

Early last month (Aug), I went to the H&R website to request an appointment with someone who specializes in small business taxes...( I have done business with the company a couple of times in the past few years with my personal taxes). I tried booking an appt. with 4 different clerks, but apparantly they were booked up for the next couple of months. As I have a deadline to file my tax form, I allowed the website to select a clerk for me, and I set the appt. for 9/23. This appt. was made with the location closest to my home which I preferred, and have visited before, as stated.

On August 21, I received a confirmation email (# [protected]) verifying my appt. for the 23rd at the location I specified.

Last week I received a text asking me to confirm my scheduled appt. I confirmed.

The other day, someone from H&R Block (did not reveal their name), called and left a message informing me they had to 'reschedule my appt. to an "open" H&R location...I thought that was a little odd, so I texted back inquiring the new location. They gave me an address which was a bit further than I would have liked, but I agreed. She then asked me what specifically they would be helping me with regarding my appt. I told her I am starting a small business, and need help filling out a particular tax form. No response. I waited 20 min--still nothing, so I texted "??"...still nothing. I texted back canceling my appt., and told her I would not be requesting their services after all.

Now, as I have a deadline I must meet, I have to take the time to locate another tax specialist in my area, and hope they are not booked up. Also, I thought that clerk's lack of response was incredibly rude and very unprofessional, and I am furious about that.

I would like to receive a written apology with a detailed explanation from H&R Block regarding their error/poor services that I can send to the IRS, along with my tax form, should I fail to meet the filing deadline ( October 30).

  • Updated by Cynna · Sep 19, 2019

    Absolutely horrible service!!!

2017 personal taxes

My husband and I own a business, we have been a S Corp since 2001 and our local H & R Block has prepared our business and personal taxes for over 15 years. Last year I took our taxes to a different location that was closer to our home. Our personal tax was much higher than expected but the preparer assured me it was correct. I had an accountant look at the personal tax return and she said they were wrong, we were charged close to $6k for self employment tax, since we are a corporation we are not self employed and we have never been charged this way. I have contacted the person that prepared the taxes and she has had one excuse after another starting with she didn't know we were a S Corp even though she prepared the taxes for the business. I do not have confidence that this person knows what they are doing, nor do I trust her to file a correct amended return. Our taxes were prepared by April 19, 2018 byKathy Wendel in Searcy AR [protected] I do not know our client number. I want our taxes corrected and filed and I want a refund of the money we paid to have them done.

Mark & Donna Baugh
[protected] - Donna [protected] - Mark

emerald card

Worst experience ever pd off my advance and the same day they took a second pmt for my advance and they are now refusing to refund the second pmt telling me it takes 4 to 5 business days to fix there own damn mistake I will not be using there tax services in the future for any reason what so ever again regardless if how convoent they try to make it

fraud charges

After being lied to by several customer service rep . From the Emerald Card that I would be getting monthly...

mistake on tax return back to 2014

My preparer only allowed me to use 1098T form once ( 2013) and after that said I was not eligible. They are...

unprofessional behavior

Last tax season 2017, my sons taxes were prepared by a Miriam Rodriguez, a Senior Tax Analyst in one of your Miami locations. My son who was 19 at the time with the maturity level of a 16 year old was living with his father and stepmother in SC, who is Ms. Rodriguez' sister. The 2 of them took it upon themselves to process the tax return. My son never gave permission as he was at that time living back in Florida. He had only worked a short time at Burger King in SC and due to AHCA he only received a $40 refund. He never signed off on the return. As of this date Ms. Rodriguez has never forwarded a copy of the return to my son. He attempted to file for 2018 and Ms. Rodriguez has refused to provide him with a copy of the return, or at least with his AGI from 2017 so he could complete the 1040 EZ form. He was incarcerated in March and it was requested by him to Ms. Rodriguez to send a copy of the return or the AGI. Once again she refused. Upon his release he once again made a request to her via text message and she refused to acknowledge or answer the request. This is unacceptable practice. He has a right to a copy of the return and to his information so he can prepare his 2018 taxes. We want to make a complaint against this agent for her poor practice and bad decision making in refusing to supply my son with information that he has the legal right to.

emerald savings

When I filed my 2018 taxes, I was given the "opportunity" to put money in an emerald savings account. I was told that I could have this money set aside and if I had an emergency or needed it for something special I could transfer it onto my emerald debit card that the rest of my refund was put on. A few months later, my family needed the money for an overdue bill. I got online to do the transfer and my money was not in my emerald savings. It had been transferred into an "advance line of credit" that I could use and then pay back with fees and interest, etc.!! I called customer service to get the money put back into emerald savings where it was supposed to be. I read them my contract that says emerald savings has immediate access and I can transfer money out of my savings for use on my card. I talked to 6 different people and spent over an hour on the phone. They said I would have to close the advance loan thing and it would take 2-3 business days (which I did not have for the bill I needed to pay). Two weeks later I called them again and talked to 3 people. The rep I talked to gave me a reference # and said it would take 3-5 business days to close the advance loan and put the money in my emerald savings. 5 days later my money was still not available. I talked to 2 people. The last one was a supervisor named chris. He said to check back in 4 hours (which would be the middle of the night). This morning I called again and spoke to 2 people - the last one was a supervisor named alex. He said that they were "working on" closing the advance line of credit (which is not what I signed up for) and that my money was "on hold" and that there would be a fee for closing the advance line of credit. I told him that I should not be charged a fee for their companies mistake (or scam). I asked to speak to his supervisor, but he said there is none. I guess alex runs h & r block. He said something about someone calling me and hung up on me. I just want my money that was supposed to be put in my "emerald savings" to be made available to me like the contract says — without fees for their mistake or scam — it is not looking like that will happen. See photo for section of my contract stating how I should be able to access my savings.

emerald savings

H&R Block / HRB Digital

agent unprofessional behavior

This afternoon, April 24, 2019, I called the H&R Block business in the small town that I live in and I had a horrible encounter with one of the agents. I was having an issue with the IRS and had attempted to get help with the issue through the company I had filed my taxes with this year. Unfortunately they have already closed their doors for this season, so I had thought to call the H&R Block agency next door. When I called I explained that i simply needed a number to reach the IRS with and that was all as I didn't want to waste their time or anything since I hadn't actually filed with them this year. At very first the agent who I spoke to was very nice and offered to help me with the problem if i brought in my paperwork, however when I explained that I had actually not filed with them this year and I only needed just a number from them his tone changed very quickly and he refused to so much as offer me the number I asked about. He would only tell me he wouldn't help me and to end the call over and over. When I refused simply end the call because all I needed was a number he became extremely belligerent and even started to yell at me, in fact he yelled so loud that my ex who was in the next room came into my room and asked what was going on because he heard the commotion. However by the time he came in I had hung up the phone and was in tears. I have never had an experience like this before from a company who is supposed to believe in professionalism, nor will I be using them again for any services from now on.

used since 2011 - they deleted my account by mistake

H&R BLOCK - I was ready to pay my $5k due, all was well 4/14. I called to confirm everything again (yes last minute); spoke to a great person... We decided I could get back $60 without one of the Services... :-) I then asked if I should get rid of the Form 8829 (as I took Standard this Year)… he referred me to a Supervisor so they could delete the Form. THE SUPERVISOR ending up DELETING ALL of Tax Years back to 2011... WTF??? He said hold on, and never came back after 2hrs, 48mins, and 39 seconds... ALL IS GONE... I have no words for my mess... And then never filed!!

tax preparation

H&r block refused to accept our letter of northern residency for tax purposes.cra said our prove of residency should be accepted.h&r block refuse to redo our taxes and won't return phone calls.they said we don't live in a prescribed zone any more.form t222 states you. Use live in a prescribed zone for al least six months which we did.have letters from town council and utility bills to prove it and they still say we can't call northern residency

2018 fed and state deluxe software

I use their software for the last 16 years, this is the first time I found problem with the software, I have over $1800 foreign tax paid this year on 1099 DIV Line 7, the program should generate form 1116 but it didn't resulting in no tax credit giving on form 1040 Line 12b, chat with H R online several times going nowhere, those people know very little, I'm changing to Turbo tax next year.

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