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H&R Block / HRB Digital Complaints & Reviews

H&R Block / HRB Digital / h&r block 2017 premium pc (email delivery)

nunyadam on Feb 9, 2018
4 hours plus and still no e-mail. purchased through walmart.com Order #3111865-033983 didn't take any time at all for my debit card to be charged. a Day wasted. guess i should have bought TurboTax instead. i need more words to describe my problem, how about send me an E-mail link so i can...

H & R Block / tax service

MaryCT on Feb 8, 2018
My name is Mary Thompson and my husband and I have been customers of H&R Block since the 1980's. We have always been very satisfied with their services until this year! We were told that our taxes would probably cost about 50.00 to 70.00 and when we got in there, we had one 1099...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / service

Hamstra on Feb 6, 2018
I had my taxes done in Morrison Illinois my fee was only supposed to be $147.50 after reviewing the amount that I got back H&R Block has kept $233.40 which is way above and beyond my amount that I was told which I have a copy of that was going to be paid for fees I have been contacting...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / incorrect filing of state tax

Ashish18 on Feb 6, 2018
Hi Team, "Maximum Refund Guaranteed", I took this tag seriously :) 02/03/18 I filed my tax at H&R warwick mall office. I was told that I own ~600$ to RI state. Later, I reviewed all the documents and found they missed to deduct the tax amount I paid in another state. And after checking...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / servivey

lesparza989 on Feb 5, 2018
I was charged over $500 for my tax return on my California tax return was rejected. I've called twice and I could not get a return call from the tax professional so they can resolve my issue. I went into a different H&R Block they tried to help me but were unsuccessful. I cannot seem to...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / unethical behavior, failure to correct a known problem, lack of customer service

YediFi on Jan 30, 2018
This is the first time that I have used h & r block (and it will be the last). I have never had any problem with electronically fiiling my taxes - until I used h & r block. I keep getting repeated emails, telling me that teh irs rejected my return. However, on the irs site, it shows my...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / refund advance

supaft on Jan 30, 2018
I used H & R block to file my taxes because of their refund advance. They told me i would get a text/email within 24 hours if i was approved or not. After 24 hours i have not received a text nor email. I called customer support which informed me that it may take longer than 24 hours. The...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / representative

Daisy (lulipop01) on Jan 26, 2018
I called customer service and talked to one Katheryn (spelling?) lassinger or Lassiter in the florida office. I asked her if she could reduce the price of the PLUS service that is an add-on to the free service that will populate the 2016 information on your 2017 taxes. She said she was not...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / h&r block scheduled appointment

Alyce Amaya on Jan 2, 2018
On 12/28/17 I had set up an appointment to go to H&R Block to file a Emerald Advance, The lady I had the appointment with never showed up and they wouldn't even honor my appointment because it was made on line., The receptionist said no one knows what to do since the last day was the...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / customer service experience

Beth Berry on Dec 1, 2017
Today I went in for my scheduled appointment at H&R Block off Stassney Lane in Austin Texas. When I had scheduled the appointment there was no indication of requirements for example needing to be employed. I went today to apply for an Emerald Advance because last year after filing my taxe...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / tax services - horrible

Jessica0123 on Nov 30, 2017
My husband and I "filed" our taxes with H&R online, our first tax preparer was a person named Jean Freeman. Then it got sent to Robert Cook. We filed our taxes on April 28 2017 and chose to receive our refund through direct deposit. By November 1st, we had not received anything and we...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / emerald card

Diane Marshall-Kauffman on Nov 28, 2017
I have had an Emerald Card from H&R Block for at least two years. I haven't had a problem until I recently wanted to check the balance (I haven't used the card in over a year). Unfortunately, the automated system and the website both say that my information for my card does not match their...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / tax prep at local h&r block office

d elan on Nov 23, 2017
My state taxes were prepared at a local Wesley Chapel FL office. Once home I reviewed them realizing they were incorrect. I returned to the office to get them corrected. The office manager N. Wolfe was CLEARLY CLUELESS as to how to prepare the taxes. She didn't bother to attempt to find...

H and R Block / tax preparation and the piece of mind agreement

Lindareid2000 on Nov 11, 2017
I had my taxes filed in 2015 and 2016 at the Ridge Road H and R Block in Dallas, Georgia. 30157. When I had them done I took out the Piece of Mind Agreement with it and I took all my information and I received back pay from the Social Security in 2015 which I gave her the paperwork for...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / tax services and peace of mind insurance

Karon Pitts on Nov 1, 2017
This is a letter of complaint against our local H&R Block office. We have been having our taxes prepared for years at our local office in Collins MS. We were audited this year by the state of MS taxes for the years 2013 thru 2017. Our office was of no help even though we have purchased...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / hr block tax company

Sherry Whittaker on Oct 27, 2017
My name is sherry Whittaker, I had my taxes done in evansville, indiana, 47710, I referred a friend and I have never received the 25.00 dollar giftcard, I referred Eric w, Wilson, who had his taxes completed at the same office I used and gave the tax preparer the refer friend paper with...

H&R Block / h&r block emerald card

karmasabeiotch on Oct 25, 2017
They completed my taxes, electronically sent to irs with my refund to be deposited to an emerald debit card supplied by them. 1 minute after my refund was deposited to the card, some online ticket company in spain withdrew $1555 off my card...Excuse me, i cant even use my own emerald card...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / employee behavior

Gawfer on Sep 22, 2017
H&R Block on 95th and Antioch in Overland Park, KS has employees who are not listening to the landlord's regulations on employee parking. The H&R Block employees constantly park in the front row of the parking lot blocking customer parking for all business in the Center. This has been...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / online service

designr on Sep 15, 2017
I tried to access my 2015 return. I must have mis-clicked a security answer. It locked me out. I called HR Block where a representative gave me instructions on unlocking and her information caused it to be preeminently blocked. Then Supervisor Elkis - x157713, told me to unlock it I had to...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / income tax course

Felix Gaxiola on Aug 24, 2017
Hello, I am in the income tax course, city of downey in california.. And we do not have air condition.. It is a small room, we are 13 persons and it is so hot inside... Why do not you have air condition?.. It is a bad experience... I would like to come to a nice place next class... I hope...

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