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H&R Block / HRB Digital Complaints & Reviews

H&R Block / HRB Digital / I went in to have my Taxes done

Leslie Booker on Feb 26, 2017
I went in to the H&R block at 4005 E.Broad st. WhiteHall Ohio, 43213 This is the second time they told me that they could not do my Taxes. The first time I worked at BP in 2007 They did not like the format of the W-2. This time it was about the same thing except I am now an Single...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Tax preparation fee

Sam buttari on Feb 25, 2017
My name is Samuel buttari I filled a tax return at the Newton office in Virginia Beach VA 2015 with Willam daugtry and he missed two w-2 forms witch we had my taxes amended about a week later and it put me into a different tax bracket and I had to pay in he had stated he'd file a claim...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / hr block tax service glencoe mn 55336

kelleybv on Feb 21, 2017
I had a 8:30pm appointment I arrived at 8:15pm I checked in and waited 45 minutes patiently. 2 people came in after me and were helped right away. I was ignored until I left at 9:00pm. I could hear people playing on the website calculating fake returns laughing and having a good time. Not...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / 2016 taxes

Chee La on Feb 19, 2017
Went into hnR block in sudbury Ontario downtown cedar street, and a miss Becky van horn was extremely rude to me, didnt listen to me at all, yelled over me when I tried to speck, and decided she didn't want to help me because she didn't feel like it and tild me to come back to see someone...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Unethical behavior - price misquote

Jeffrey Tick on Feb 19, 2017
Hi, I had my tax return done last year with h&r block in middletown, ri. The price was 175 dollars. I live in norway and my tax statement is very straightforward - no properties and I file my own fbar. I asked them to do my tax return this year and if the price was the same as last year...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / H&R block

Carey Chunn on Feb 16, 2017
I was told I would have my refund within 21 days from filing my taxes. That was a LIE I spent a lot of money getting my taxes filed there and everyone else I know did there's on turbo tax and has already received there taxes and it didn't cost them no where near what I paid! When u call...

H & R Block / Customer service - common sense

ashark51 on Feb 14, 2017
I'm a long-time user of H&R Block - Tax Cut before they sold to H&R. I had a hard drive failure on my PC and lost 6 years of Federal Premium plus Business plus 6-9 state programs for each of those years. When I contacted customer support, they saw that I had purchased all the state program...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Customer service

Your ignorant on Feb 11, 2017
I went to Community Plaza, New Castle Delaware Office to file my taxes and the customer service was so poor I had to leave. The receptionist asserted that I wanted my taxes to be filed for free and got the Office Manager involved. She came out as angry as a bull. She scanned my document...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Tax return

Haley1234 on Feb 10, 2017
My boyfriend and I went into the Marshfield, WI office to file our taxes alone for the first time. The agent that we were put with seemed as if she was very new to the system and was having a VERY difficult time answering ANY of the questions that we had even though her profile screen said...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Jan 20 2017

Swagner on Feb 9, 2017
If H&R Block knew about the delay from way back in the fall then why did our tax guy assure us the refund would be available in 21 days? I spent alot of money at this company and accurate information would have been nice. Dont trust hr block anymore. I feel i should be refunded my fee...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Tax return

Terry killion on Feb 9, 2017
I called to get a price on taxes which could not be provided due to how ever many forms they would have to do, is what I was told . I have used an accountant prior why had to do the long form with all itemized deductions. The total cost was $150 for that tax return which was last year. I...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Unprofessional

Brandy Davis on Feb 8, 2017
On February 6, 2017 I had my taxes done at HRB at the Camden, TN location. I have been using HRB for eleven years now. My appointment was at 9:00a.m. A little after 9:30a.m., I was called back by a woman in skin tight, black, leather pants and a babydoll t-shirt. She looked like she was on...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Refund advance program

Twill1011 on Feb 8, 2017
On 2/9/17 I went to your Carrollton Texas Office specifically due to the Radio adds regarding a Refund advance Program. I spoke with Susan Tordoff who processed my 1040EZ form and confirmed I had a Federal Tax refund of $975.00 due. she explained the advance program allowed for $500...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Lack of tax knowledge and excessive prices

Randy diane on Feb 8, 2017
I have been going to H&R at this location for over 18 years. The business was sold a few years back and the new people had been pretty good with us until Yesterday. The lady that did out taxes pulled up last years form and basicly copied it exactly using this years W2's. In the past they...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Prices

Jason Edward on Feb 8, 2017
I went to your Timberville Va, branch on 2/7/2017 because I was told to go by a friend because your good. Well all I had to file was a 1040-ez form took maybe eight minutes but cost me $180. My return was almost that. The customer service was good though but this is absolutely ridiculou...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Poor service

Melissa Ann Vann on Feb 8, 2017
I have been a costumer of H&T block now for 7 years. I have been highly disappointed in the last two. Last year I was awaiting my state refund only to find out my tax rep never filed it, so I had to wait a extra 4-6 weeks. This year I wanted to apply for the Emerald advance and my rep...

H&R Block / Appointment

Denisedecker on Feb 7, 2017
I want to begin by saying my husband and I have been going to H&R Block for almost twenty years in Neptune City NJ. We have always had the same tax preparer James Taylor. He was wonderful at his job and always very professional. Last year We were told James Taylor would not be available...

H&R Block / Credit card charges

Krazy4me on Feb 7, 2017
My name is Myra Smith and on 2/7/17 I inserted the disc that was mailed to me, entered my choice of product (Deluxe + State) and waited for the prompt at checkout to enter the coupon code to save $10.00 instantly. Instead I was shown my total charges which did NOT include the discount, I...

H&R Block / Federal and state taxes

Weldi62 on Feb 7, 2017
I'm 2015 hr block in dundar WV filed me and my wife's taxes electronically then the next year same thing but I get a letter from IRS saying taxes from 2015 were never filed I go to hr block they look it up and they did not send them they printed them off for me and I sent them by mail. But...

H&R Block Ltd / Flight delayed

Tatsat on Feb 6, 2017
Hi there I am heena shukla. I was having a flight with jet airways on 23 rd january mumbai to chennai 9w 467 7.15 pm. It was reschedule by 7.25 pm. I was having connecting flight from chennai to perth 11.30 pm. But because of jet airways delayed I could not able to catch my air asia flight...

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