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Liberty Tax Service Complaints & Reviews

Liberty Tax Service / tax preparation for 2015

Miranda Maiers on Jun 25, 2017
I had my business and personal taxes done on March 1, 2015 at the Liberty Tax 3419 West Division Street St Cloud MN Office Number 13883 by Brandi Taylor. I received a letter from the IRS on May 30th 2017 that I owed money for unpaid Self-employment tax. I called the St. Cloud Office to...

Liberty Tax Service / Bad management

Tamara Cornelison on Feb 19, 2017
I have worked for the LTS location in Monroe NC for 2 years. An employee knowingly and fraudulently used my child's information to help a friend get EIC. The owner IS aware, with documented proof, of these actions. The owner has not only failed to help me correct this identity theft issue...

Liberty Tax Service / Customer service and tax preparation

jay740 on Feb 7, 2017
I went to get my taxes done at the norwalk ohio office and before I went I asked about claiming her oldest son and her since im the only one working and they said I could taking care of a kid that isnt mine and was told it would be about $150 well it was almost $100 more in fees and wa...

Liberty Tax Service / Scam artist

Jntrexler on Jan 30, 2017
Liberty tax easy loan is a scam! I filed my taxes on the 23rd and was trying to get the loan after paying over 450 dollars. I prequalified at Jackson Hewitt, never had an issue with my taxes, have good credit but I as denied but here is what happen, I get a call about 2hours after filing...

Liberty Tax Service / Tax preparation fees.

Sara Haskell on Jan 28, 2017
I went to office 12368 to file our taxes. I asked about the cost before we began the filing process and I was led to believe it was about $50. Once we completes and signed we were told our cost was almost $500! This is ridiculous, we felt it was too late to change our mind. I am half...

Liberty Tax Service / Tax preparation, fees poor customer service

melissa marvel on Mar 30, 2016
I went to Liberty Tax Service, Leavenworth KS, in 2014 to file for my 2013 & 2014 taxes. The filing fees were $300.00 per year. The tax preparer did not inform me that as a military spouse I did not have to pay state taxes to the state I was working in, therefore, I should have gotten the...

Liberty Tax Services / Stole $441 dollars from me

aristondo on Feb 24, 2016
I went to liberty tax service on torrance, ca tax preparation office 1253 w carson st torrance, ca 90502 spoke to sharid, and cassandra, they told me the cost was $81 dollars and on top of that they gave me $50.00 cash, because they explain it was part of their promotion. When i came to pick up...

Liberty Tax Service / My tax return money

Mslela on Feb 16, 2016
I went to liberty tax first offf the fees are to much and they scared around the amount they charged when I asked them I am filing a complaint because I was in informed about the services fees while waiting for my tax money to hit my card liberty taxes took money off my card which they...

Liberty Tax Services / Taxes unfiled still past extension for both personal and business taxes

Shelby Hoyt on Feb 9, 2016
Deeply disappointed in the Liberty Tax Ofc in Plainfield IL (Lincoln Hwy) My 2014 personal AND business taxes were apparently put under extension however come to find out he did not complete either one in the extension period...or anytime in 2015 either for that matter... I had been none...

Liberty Tax Service / Non-payment for work.

Sarah RedGirl Thompson on Feb 8, 2016
I was devastated when Liberty Tax franchise owner refused to pay me. I contacted corporate because they really are supposed to make sure there franchises are representIng the brand. His name is Steven Tyler and he will lie cheat or whatever to get out of doing fair business. Corporate will...

Liberty Tax Service / My taxes when they did them in 2015

kreh on Jan 30, 2016
I went to liberty tax here in Fostoria Ohio to get my taxes done...never been there heard good things about them and was helping my cousin out cause of the $50 deal...anyways my complaint is that when the dude did my taxes he had given me the earned income credit for my son who lives with...

Liberty Tax Service In Ames Iowa / Employees won't work there again

Reviewer97184 on Jan 16, 2016
I did not Receive my paychecks on time they were three days late and i did not receive my bonus check in 2015 and i had to work in freezing rain and blizzards and had to work outside at temps below 0 they would not give you breaks to warm up. I did not have this problem with them in 2012...

Liberty Tax Service / 2014 return

Reviewer96479 on Oct 11, 2015
The nightmare started when they filed the wrong paperwork for my Ohio State taxes. They told me that Pennsylvania would pay my refund due to Ohio and it would be a wash. They thought this since I was due a large refund from Pennsylvania and I owed ohio. About 2 months after filing I get a...

Liberty Tax / gave me differnt refund amounts

Antonio B Henderdon on Apr 13, 2015
I FILE taxs jan 24 mr. Dale ask me did I have insurance I sade yes he took my word And never told me I needed a 8962 and 1095 21 days later I found out my taxs were missing info I went Back to liberty and took the form after pull up my in they sade I would get 299 dollers I fax the info to...

Liberty Tax Service / Tax

Unknownanon on Feb 26, 2015
Hi there my name is Jordan, I had a bad experience with an employee/tax preparer of Liberty Tax the previous week and I have written a review of the experience on numerous websites such as Yelp.com, the Liberty Tax complaint forum, and have even submitted a form of complaint to the IRS. The...

Liberty Tax / More money taken from me!

Monica Browning on Feb 8, 2015
I have went to Liberty Tax for 8 years to have the do my taxes. After the girl who prepared them told me what my return amount wold be, I was like ok and this includes all fees taken out and she said yes. A few days later I received a call saying the IRS denied your taxes. The very next...

Liberty Tax / Theft

Charisse I. on May 6, 2014
I did my taxes at Sepulveda Culver City branch. The so called tax master with two different last name Ranjilla Singh and Ranjilla Isaacs, deceived me into signing on the docusignature and stealing $586 from my tax refund. She prepared my tax so she knew how low my income was last year but...

Liberty Tax Service / tax preparation

chanel taylor on Aug 10, 2013
We went to this tax prep. Co. To have our 2011-2012 taxes prepared. We saw that we would be getting back quite a large sum of money. Much more then we expected. So we asked them to double check the figures due to our suspicion. They informed us that all was well. So we had them sent in...

Liberty Tax Services / Incompetence

SJAL on Jul 25, 2013
My wife and I had our taxes done by Liberty Tax Services in East Texas. My wife brought a coupon in that said teachers got their taxes free this week. The Liberty people said if we would check in the one-half inch font at the bottom of the page, they aren't free at all. Fine. After...

Liberty Tax Service, Wilson NC / Sorry customer and employee relations

kim2013 on Apr 17, 2013
Beware of doing any type of business with this place. I have seen both sides (Customers/Employees) get screwed over. The customers are not treated with care unless they are big-shot wage earners. Low income customers are treated with no concern or care. The fees are outrageous and they do...

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