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Home Depot review: Samsung dryer model dve50r5400w/a3 1

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Home Depot/Asurion failed to complete their part of the Home Depot 5 yr protection plan I purchased with the dryer on 1/8/2020. The process of filing a claim, providing requested info like receipts, photos and finally getting a confirmed repair appointment was very frustrating and I was never able to get the appt for repair. Three separate appointments were all no shows and I never received a follow-up from Home Depot/Asurion about my claim. It's like the process was meant to be cumbersome and so frustrating that Home Depot/Asurion wants the customer to give up and just not give up. I lost three days work and the cost of the repair as well as the price of the Protection Plan. I have talked to Asurion numerous times - at least 6 calls and spent hours on the phone and still no repair - no resolution. No follow-up from Home Depot or Asurion.

Timeline of events:

10/15 - dryer quit heating. Called Asurion to file a claim. Provided all the info requested - went through a battery of questions and given a tentative repair date of 10/20/2023 from * am until noon and told I would receive an email or text from the repair service for follow-up. Then the text messages from Samsung. I had to upload photos of dryer, purchase receipts, etc.

10/20/2023 - no repairmen came - no one contacted me about the appt. Called Asurion again the same day and told there were two tickets opened - one of which I opened online - What? I did not open a ticket online. The agent cancelled one ticket. After being on the phone for about another hour, I was given another tentative repair date of 10/25/23 from noon until 4 and I would be contacted by Monday, 10/23 by the repair company to confirm the appt.

10/23/23 - No contact from repair company. The repair company was Nebraska Home repair- I called them and they had no record of any appt under my name.

10/24/23 - Called Asurion again. Was told my ticket had been cancelled. I asked to speak to a supervisor to hopefully get this mess cleared up and get my dryer fixed using the 5 yr Protection Plan I paid Home Depot for.

This supervisor assured me I had a set appt for 10/27 from 8 until noon and that I will hear from the repaid company. Then I get another set of text messages from Samsung asking for me to upload receipts. So I do and then get a text message saying they had been rejected. I called the call back number in the Samsung text because at this point I am so confused and really don't know what they want. The agent said again that I opened a ticket online. This is false - I never went online and opened any ticket. They said to call Home Depot.

10/27/2023 - No one came to fix my dryer.

10/28/2023 - called a repair service myself to get my dryer fixed since all attempts to file a claim and get a repair with Home Depot/Asurion failed.

Claimed loss: $160.00 for 5 yr Protection Plan paid to Home Depot on 1/8/2020$490.70 for the repair to fix my dryer$864 - 3 days I had to take off work for the appointments that were no showsTotal of $1,514.70

Desired outcome: I would like a full refund in the amount of $1,514.70 as stated in the Claim Loss section.

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Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Nov 02, 2023 2:40 pm EDT

Asurion is a completely separate company from that of The Home Depot; the two should not be confused.

We absolutely want to make sure you have proper support. Call 888 : 881 * 2622. You'll be well taken care of.