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customers service

I'd brought a replaced bulb for my desk lamp that I always did every 3 months. However, I took 1 in a...

store manager

I'm a customer at Home "Depot and I was passing one of their employees and store manager talking and...

home depot employees convicted felons!

I was shopping at the home depot and noticed someone who looked very familiar.
I look a little closer and its none other than Genesi m ledesma!!
Apparently he is a "met" team supervisor after he was convicted of money laundering, fraud, theft and drug trafficing!
How do i know this?
Because he stole money from my fathers company for the last 3 years!!!
I am shocked that a store with such a reputable name like the home depot has convicted felons working for them as their management team!
Do they not run backround checks?
What did they think he was on vacation for 2 months??
Im am disgusted and i will never shop again at the home depot for allowing animals like this to work for them!

  • Sp
    speedyjoe Aug 19, 2013

    I agree!
    With today's workforce being so demanding and with such a high unemployment rate, i can't understand why a big name like home depot would keep someone (as management none the less) who was convicted for a crime involving money.
    They should look a little closer at their staff and realize that they are putting themselves at risk keeping someone like that on their payroll.
    How Mr Ledesma still has a job at this point just proves to me that big companies like home depot, leows, walmart etc don't care who works for them as long as they just show up for their minimum pay jobs!
    I'm sorry you had to ecounter him after what happened to your father, and i'm sure after this comes to their attention they will actually do something about it!

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  • JuliePooh51265 Aug 20, 2013

    The man obviously served his sentence (whether you agree with the length or not) and now has the right to make a living. It's not up to you to decide what he is qualified to do. That is up to his potential employers to decide. If they want to take a chance on him, that's their decision. IF you don't like it, I'm sure there are plenty of other places for you to shop.

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  • Wh
    whiteboysteve Aug 25, 2013

    I took the liberty to google the guy he said and its true!
    Amazing what one can find on the net these days. As far as the last comment goes, you sound to me like a fellow criminal defending man.

    If it was my company i know i surely would not hire someone who was convicted for money laundering.
    Im not even sure what that exactly is but it sounds pretty bad.
    As far as the other offenses, i was asked to pay for a backround check so i have no idea what they can be.
    The last person here posted that the original poster should shop somewhere else lmao!
    Im sorry but we the "customers" are the ones moving the economy and we shouldnt have to go somewhere else because where we choose to shop happens to have people that
    society has already "marked" as unfit for whatever reason.
    For example, if he was convicted for a sexual offense towards minors and his job was to watch your child, would you be comfortable allowing him to do so?
    I think the same applies here, the op said the guy was a manager so obviously he would somehow be handling his money.
    And this applies even more if his title involves company payroll in any way.
    Just my two cents.
    Have a great day everyone.

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  • JuliePooh51265 Aug 26, 2013

    Actually, the 2 situations are completely different. While I agree, it would be foolish to hire someone to handle the money who has been convicted of money laundering, it's certainly not illegal to do so. When a convicted sexual predator (of children) is released from jail/prison, it is illegal for that person to have contact of any kind with children, even their own. So, you are talking apples and oranges here. The OP is upset because this person stole from his family and he knows him personally. The average Joe isn't going to know a workers background when they go shopping.

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  • To
    tonybarrero Mar 23, 2015

    Need anymore proof??

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  • Mi
    Mismatch Batchmunch Mar 23, 2015

    All humans are animals, Complaint-ant. That is where you lost me; the unmistakable moment you couldn't resist dehumanizing another person to fully embrace your strong feelings. I agree, sympathize, or identify with much of what you said. But that animals remark was unnecessary and reminded us of your powerful bias, which is very understandable, but also risks turning you into the same thought pattern that fuels some criminal behaviors, believe it or not.

    And the next commenter goes a step further, then, comparing theft/ fraud type charges to sex predators in a manner that mostly seems to do nothing but equate them. Next, that same person accuses the next replier, JuliePooh51265 --who pointed out that the felon seemed to have served his time, & presumably therefore one of the most factual things posted yet -- of being some sort of dangerous criminal sympathizer. That kind of unfocused blame-mongering is dangerous, particularly in a time when prison-for-profit is at an all-time high, and more Americans than ever have seen someone they care about become a part of the USA's prison-industrial complex. Or more importantly, you just called someone criminal for not agreeing with you. Remind me to never support your bid for public office.

    To that shameful accuser, how are you different, I wonder, with your reckless words towards so many people you've never met? How does your lashing out help those who are struggling to redeem themselves amidst a system & country rife with mental health issues that no one seems to prioritize or figure out how to spend money on? I do not know how I can keep up an attitude like yours any longer against those who've wronged me, and live my life without premature illness.

    I may be blessed enough to not have been to prison, but I know an ignorant person when I see one, for I have taken the discomfort to work towards knowledge of that which I do not understand. It is a lifelong effort. I'd wonder how long you'd last on the street, let alone in prison, if people knew that you consider any felon equivalent to a sex offender? That remark truly shows you've no interest in learning anything about deeper about how we make prison work best, or anyone who might be redeemable. You are more interested in stroking your anger and blaming than seeking solutions to a growing national crisis.

    Dmendoza, you didn't even bother to clarify what the felon's sentence was (you said, "... vacation for 2 months?", so did he get white-collar sentence, or what?) What is the problem here, the sentencing guidelines, or the judge, or the deep pockets of the defendant? Or that your father was unable to get sufficient recompense for the money stolen from him/ his business? You cast too wide an angry net with your lashing-out, and you provide too few details. I suggest you work on that, whoever you are, or imho, you have outstanding potential to be misunderstood. It'd be a shame for you to only attract angry people to your post.

    And to the person who jumped to defend the complaint-ant and turn this into a character attacking session, we have no doubts about what kind of person you are now. You told us very plainly, whiteboysteve. Sure, you're a law-abiding citizen like me, but I feel confident about entering a reality TV series competition with you, called "See Who Survives Longer In Prison". We're both probably ****ed, but the winning money is on me.

    I don't want "bad guys" to get out of jail if they're gonna still be bad. But enough is enough, y'all are just starting to sound less like victims, and more like zealots. Learn about the system before you go blathering around aimlessly, even if it's "only on internet comment boards". And if you want the support of the rest of us, at least edit your posts next time.

    A Concerned, Law-Abiding Citizen

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lawsuit filed against veteran.

Long story short, I worked for Tool Rental in Home Depot. I had been there for almost 2 years and received...

11 ft. dia. solar-powered patio umbrella

We bought a Hampton Bay cantilever umbrellas from HD. The umbrellas was made poorly, the metal handle enclosure broke (7 days after the warranty ran out). By the way, this is a metal fatigue issue. I called, the only choice I had was to buy a new unit, the company is aware of the issue, there are 44 complaints I have found on the matter and they do not offer a replacement part. I was absolutely told the warranty was out and I could buy a new umbrella. The only solution they offered was a small discount if I bought factory direct but I would have to pay $75 shipping and handling that resulted in the umbrella costing more if bought from the factory. I tried repeatedly to explain this is a design issue, it is dangerous and my child could have been hurt if she had been near the umbrella when it collapsed and the cantilever pole is more than heavy enough to break an arm of a child and with a sharp metal edge due to the break, it could easily cut off fingers considering the fact there was 40 pounds of weight slamming to the ground (the metal part that broke is the lower attachment point of the cantilever pole). I was told they were aware of the problem, but it was not possible to fix and if I wanted a replacement they would ship it as soon as they recieved payment.

  • Ea
    Eagles01 Jun 05, 2016

    I had the same issue with this same umbrella. Not worth the money I paid for it. Only used it over a year, again right after the warranty expired. Don't buy, a waste of your money.

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  • Kr
    Kris D. Jun 08, 2017

    I had my exact same umbrella less than a year. 10 mph wind and a rib broke. They do NOT offer replacement ribs. New Umbrella top costs $120.00 and another $80.00 for shipping. Hampton Bay will never see another purchase from me. NOT HAPPY!!!

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double charging

Scheduled a payment for 6/12/2013 on 6/11/2013 threw their website. 6/13/2013 after getting a payment on 6/12/2013 charged a second payment on 6/13/2013. No notice cent of their action and after a phone call on 6/14/2013 to customer service. I was informed that they took the money and I authorized a second payment while I was away and getting medical treatment. Then told me my dead wife must have posted the second payment. That changed when I told them she is dead, too someone must have done it for me. They do not pay penalties they may cause by taking improper actions.
After calling my bank and having the payment reversed and denied. And informing CBNA of the action. They then, (3 hours later) sent me an email informing me they had taken money the day before. This email did not have a confirmation number or authorization code, and should have had such if I had authorized the payment.
In short watch them!! They will rob a person if given a chance. Or will lie to a person over 50, and imply one is senile rather than admit they made a mistake.

base exploded

We installed a flush mount kitchen light and one day while cooking I heard a loud pop. the base which looks like wood and is plastic burst. Luckily the glass shade did not crash down to the floor. When I called the company I would have to prove that I am within the 5 year warranty. I purchased with a Home Depot card and when I tried to investigate how long it was, they would only go back 6 months. Well, I will not buy from Hampton Bay anymore. Luckily I did not get injured.

base exploded

web site & customer service incompetence

Bought a dryer from online, got it delivered in good time the delivery men took it to my elderly parents home and quickly installed and left without even trying to turn it on to see if it worked. When my folks tried the dryer later it there was a bad burning electrical smell and the motor worked but not the heating part of the dryer. We called and got a replacement with the extended 5 year service plan, we got it in a few days all good so far. Until I tried to register the warranty with Home Depot .

It took 2 days on the phone & web, we even went to the store in person to see if we could get it straighten out that way with no results just the same incompetence as the internet & phone. It was a insane experience of constant contradictions, confusion, misinformation & incompetence. They send you to another extension on the phone that leads to the wrong place until you have to hang up and try calling someone else at Home Depot with a similar experience of being sent to an extension that leads to the wrong place. I went through this phone process over and over and over and over and over. The emails that they sent me had false misleading information about registering and the web page where you register doesn't work.

Finally after I started talking rough to these people (and it seems that what it took to get this done) they finally supposedly straighten out the registration for the service plan but only after going through more confusion and contradictions. I say "supposedly straighten out" because they give you no paper receipt, email receipt, fax receipt or web account confirming that your product is now registered. You just have to take the word of these bungling clowns whom I wouldn't trust that they could even remember their own name! So after all this I still don't really know if our product is resisted and if we are going to have to go through other insane process with Home Depot if we need to have the dryer repaired under their extended service plan?

no refund for undelivered product

Placed an order on 02/02/13 via internet. Order was for a dishwasher and installation. The monkees that came...

delivery service

I needed a new refrigerator and found that Home Depot had the best price on the model I eventually decided upon. After trying unsuccessfully to place the order online, which the over the Internet customer service was not able to help me with and finding out that while Home Depot does have a price match they will not price match a sale item :/ I finally gave up and went into the store to order said fridge. Well I ended up having to pay $50 more for it because they don't honor online pricing in the store but at least the fridge was ordered. This was Wednesday and the fridge was scheduled for delivery on Friday. Well Friday came and we got a call from the delivery guy that our refrigerator had been scratched, did we still want it? Umm of course not! So he said he would call and order a new one but it would be at least Tuesday because they don't deliver on Mondays. So I scheduled someone to come sit at my house on Tuesday as I had to take my husband to the airport. My husband is sitting in the terminal and gets another call that the delivery truck had broken down. Now it is rescheduled for tomorrow... We shall see if it shows up or not. It's a good thing my broken fridge has held on this long :/ thanks a lot Home Depot. Next time I'll be ordering through Lowes and getting my 5% off

  • Kc
    K Coldwell Jul 13, 2015

    I bought a refrigerator, range and microwave from Home Depot. I bought it on the 1st of the month and had it delivered on the 10th. It was supposed to be delivered between 1 and 4:00. I got a call saying they were running late. I understand this happens so no big problem. However, when the arrived the range was badly damaged and the fridge was missing a part. I had to refuse delivery of the stove but after being assured the small part would be UPSed to me I accepted delivery of the fridge. Of course it was after 5:00 on a Friday by this time so nobody could be reached to give me a date on a new stove. I called the delivery people on Saturday morning when they opened but was told they could do nothing until they got the stove from the manufacturer and I would have call Whirlpool/Maytag. I called them and was told I would have to wait for a phone call as they have a replacement team and they had to handle it. I asked repeatedly to speak to someone who could expedite as we were on a time line but was told sorry nothing could be done for 24 to 48 hours. So I decided to call Home Depot since,
    after all they are the ones I actually bought the appliances from. Well customer service to pass my message on to someone who did return my call but - SURPRISE - he said I would have to wait for the manufacturer. I heard nothing all day Saturday and of course nothing on Sunday. I called first thing Monday morning only to be told they have 24 to 48 hrs from Monday to respond. Not one person at Home Depot, Barlow's( the delivery company) or Whirlpool, could tell me if I could get the stove by the end of the week. I explained repeatedly that I just wanted to know because I had other contractors lined up and the stove would push the time line of everything back if not delivered. Not one person helped or even seemed to care. I also told them that on top of the delaying all of the construction at my house I didn't have any stove or oven for my family at all. Again this didn't seem to be their problem. I would not recommend using Home Depot because it's clear that if you have a problem they will not help you resolve it at all. If time and money weren't an issue for me I'd return all of the appliances and buy a different brand from a different store.

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  • Ye
    Yefim Guralnik Dec 22, 2016

    the worst service. i bring this case to consumers protection layer Never again

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  • Ka
    Karen Kaplan Jul 17, 2018

    I purchased a Samsung Washer from Home Depot.It was supposed to be delivered today. They arrived but could not bring truck up driveway because it was too high and would interfere with above head wires. They claimed the truck they normally used was taken and I would have to reschedule. They then refused to deliver item. After waiting over 2 weeks to get this thing delivered, I called Home Depot and cancelled item. This is not the first time I have had an issue with Home Depot's delivery people. It is the 4th. I gave them one more chance and they blew it again. Evidently the people offer them cheap contract and terrible service.. When they tried to deliver a riding mower they came with a tractor trailer, even though I told them DO NOT USE A TRACTOR TRAILER (they had done this in the past). Back that went. I have learned my lesson, albeit a bit late.
    Karen A. Kaplan 17 of July, 2018

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  • At
    At23456789 Nov 08, 2018

    They call way to late the day before.

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  • At
    At23456789 Nov 08, 2018

    Delivery service is extremely slow and they don’t call until after night time the day before

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  • Ka
    Karlton Healey Apr 01, 2019

    19 hrs · Brooklyn, NY ·

    I am a disabled veteran and was denied the Veterans discount at my local HomeDepot Cropsey Ave Brooklyn Ny 11224-store.The customer service advised me that there is no longer anyway to give the discount on items that are ordered online .The manager Dan was trying so hard to get the $1515.00 order discounted for me it almost took my anger and disappointment away.
    I wished to buy items that showed as in store but had to be ordered online for me to get them----soooo they are considered online orders.
    As per cashiers at the store corporate has removed the option to give veterans the discount but contractors can still get it.
    I have always used my local Home Depot for my appliances, home repairs.painting supplies and this time I wished to redo my bathroom($1515.00 order) at this visit.I was going to buy at least $1000.00 worth of tile, thinset, grout and caulking but my tile wasn't available
    so I would have to go home and look online for different tile.
    I can't tell you how upset I am to have to go to LOWES because of this.Homedepot "WAS" my go to place for my home repair needs.
    I am now getting on the phone to cancel my HomeDepot CC as I will not be using it anymore.
    This is not so much for me but for all Veterans that believe what used to be true - HomDepot does not look out for us Veterans anymore.

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terrible customer &service&

Re: Store located at 20131 I-45 N, Spring, TX 77388 This evening my husband and I visited the store...

warranty of hot water heater

Dear Attorney General, In 2007 I bought a hot water heater. As I was checking out at the register the sale...


I was living at home with my parents on 4/1/2004 and had no need for a Home Depot credit card at the age of 16. I have no ideal what state this took place in. When I called on this Shannon @ [protected] states there is nothing under my SS# this was on 3/14/13, so can you please delete this from my credit report.

  • Fo
    foxygrandma Mar 18, 2013

    You have to take it up with Home Depot, nobody on this site can help you.

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open account

Account s/b reflected as closed; I do not have a 20, 000.00 credit card or account with them any more Thi...

window sales guy lied and conned to close sale with elderly woman

This is a complaint about the deploreable conduct of a Home Depot staff member invited to my home to provide a windows quote.

This project began as a one window project. I went into the local Home Depot store and spoke with an in store rep who was very helpful and set up an appointment.

On the day of the appointment you man was a no show. Now I will grant you that it was the day after the blizzard, but I would also note here that my neighbor who had an appointment with a Lowe's representative had his man arrive on time. Home Depot didn't even have the care or concern to call and tell us he wouldn't be coming.

Then 10 days or so later, we found voice message telling us he would be coming a 3PM Saturday... Note here that he never bothered to ask if that was a convenient time for us. It took 4 calls to the call center to get that appointment moved to the following week.

On the date of the now third appointment, the sales rep called to say he had a personal matter he needed to tend to and asked to make our appointment earlier in the day. So I juggled my entire day schedule to accommodate him only to find out when he arrived that he wanted an early afternoon so he could go to church! Forgetting the fact that I expect professional conduct during work hours from the people who are going to work on my home, I find it beyond reason that he had to change my whole day plan to go to a church that probably had a dozen masses the next day. Clearly in the case of Home Depot, customer service comes well after employee personal needs and desires.

The sales rep then continued for some twenty minutes to tell us about his religious beliefs and his past life of turning from God and how his wife brought him back to the church and cured his evil ways. I NEED to know this? I wanted to hear about windows and I get I'm a sinner? He then continued to embellish on that topic that he was now an usher in the church and gift carrier and that's why he needed to re-arrange my day so he could go do that.

OK fine, lets talk windows ?

No, now he goes into another 20 minute diatribe about his past work history in a kitchen at a senior center? Telling us all his experiences there until he was fired.

Now can we talk about windows?

Nope. Now we get a 15 minute whining session about how tired he is because Home Depot expects him to work for free at night doing paperwork and building his sales kits. He was so tired he could hardly think straight he complained. Great, I get a zombie to discuss my project! Then he told us how his salary wasn't the best because he didn't work on commission, and that he depended on getting the volume bonus because he needed it. He did however note on that point that he always nailed that because he could pretty much sell the spots to leopards.

To emphasize he regaled us with tales of previous customers... About an Indian woman in Dix Hills who he'd met a day or so earlier who both she and her husband owned pharmacies and were very well off for "immigrants." He was so impressed he went the extra mile of telling me that when she filled out her application for a Home Depot charge card he told her to list the combined income of her household they way Home Depot trains him, and she told him that was unnecessary... that her income alone turned out to be 1.7 million. I need to know this? This other Home Depot Customer needs her personal financial information shared with me? THIS is how home invasions happen... fools like that guy telling strangers about millionaire homes!

But he wasn't quite done on that topic... he had to note that he'd also had to visit the home of the "Long Island Lolita." When I didn't respond with recognition, he filled in the blank, and said it was Amy Fisher and went on to recite the details of her criminal case! He then went on to tell us she was married now, that her husband was a TV/Film producer and on and on. He noted that he didn't like serving people like that but it was a sale and he had a job.

Again, I NEED to know this? The Fisher family should not be the topic of war stories of Home Depot employees?

Good God, what stories will he be telling about me? What did he learn about me or observe in my home that he can turn to fodder for his next customer? That's freaking creepy.

Windows... well we were getting closer... At least now he was talking about Home Depot. Just not what I expected to hear. I got another arrogant and equally creepy story of how Home Depot computer systems can track anyone in the country with a single phone number. How you keep track of my every purchase (and everyone Else's), every home I have and contact and build a history on me that rivals the IRS. He bragged that with my phone number he could learn more about me in five minutes than I probably knew about myself... my income based on sales trends, housing, credit, and on and on. He went so far to brag how he kept track of his customers and checked up on them from time to time and how could even look me up whenever he wanted in the future to see my future purchases.

Just knowing that Home Depot violates my privacy so totally and allows every employee unfttered access to my personal data with no restriction or protection is reason enough for me to NEVER purchase there again and tell everyone I know not to.

He also bragged that statistically all homeowners will spend at least $80, 000 with Home Depot over the years, so I might as well get started with those additional windows. FYI I probably have spent upward of that with that with them... but not one more dime EVER again. But hey, I hit their statistical number so I'm probably expendable now.

He even went to the extent of telling me how he had seen his manager take back $2000 worth of sheetrock from a customer - sheetrock that apparently had come from Lowes - over the objections of his lumber man as a favor to the customer. Now tell me, did I need to know about the theft of company dollars going on in his store?

Finally, 55 minutes into his visit, we get to windows. I ask for Anderson information, he tells me he doesn't like them and pushes some off market brand. (I'll note here that the windows are so off brand that Home Depot's brochures call them Vantage Point, but the company changed the name a year ago and no one bothered to update the brochure. (Or so he tells it) I show him the window I want done and mention I might consider doing a second. My mother decides she'd like pricing on two others. He jumps on that telling her that her current windows are unsafe and easy for thieves to break in thru... He also then smiles at me and says if I don't do at least three windows, he'll have to surcharge me to make it worth his while.

So now It's Home Depot policy to dictate how much I have to purchase? The minimum I can spend with them?

He sits down and writes up a quote for all four windows. He starts off by handing me a price sheet that quotes me the higher quality of the two styles he showed us (neither being the Anderson's I asked about) at the lower price. Now I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but that smells of bait and switch to me. Quote me the higher quality window at the lower price and then after its installed, bill me the higher priced ones and call it an "innocent" mistake?

So I called him on it. He shrugs me off and says oops, I do that every once in a while. I guess I'm just tired, I was up late dong paperwork. "I do that every once in a while? " Really? How many others has he played that con job on?

Now I notice that of the two "add-on" windows he priced, he's priced an 18" x 24" window for a bathroom at the same price as a 2' x 4' window for a bedroom.

Now by this point frankly, he had loong lost the sale in my mind, but I asked anyway. "Why is the small window the same price as a larger one?" He shrugs and tells me that that's why "he loves his job, because the prices are all set and firm and he isn't obligated to negotiate."

Negotiate? I'm not asking to negotiate, I'm asking why the price for a window 1/3 the size of another is the same price and that's the answer I get?

Then he turns to my mother and resumes the whole "these windows are so much safer and secure than yours..." line. He even started pitching that the current thermals (that have been doing a fine job since the 90's) have sooo much more vinyl than his and the new ones will be installed much lower to hide the vinyl and maybe we should change those too! When I cut him off he shrugged and said, I'm sure they're fine.

I told him he could leave and he did, still continuing to imply the home wasn't safe and emphasizing that "once you do three windows with us, you never have to pay the surcharge again." He manipulated an elderly person's fear and baited the hook that she could save more money later if she gave him the big sale now. The finale was showing us a 10% off poster, that just so happened to expire that day. Give me a freaking break.

As far as I was concerned the sale was dead, but my mother was convinced that her home was no longer safe and called him back.

He manipulated himself a three window deal, with sub standard windows that I'm just sure will help him toward that volume bonus he wants so badly.

Home Depot sent a lying, moral less, conman who had no ones interests but his own in mind. Yes he got Home Depot a sale. My mother will spend nearly $3000 on windows she didn't need because he was coy enough to prey on her fears of safety.

I had planned a natural gas generator purchase from Home Depot later this month, sink, faucets and a hot water heater. Rest assured, that's not going to happen. Go Lowes!

Honestly, I suspect they will probably promote him to supervisor for his ability to make manipulative sales.

Ironically, he was here today to close the sale and collect his money. I avoided him and stayed on a different floor of the house to keep my anger with him in check. But he had to come rub it in my face and asked my mother to bring him down to "say hello". I told him to his face that he was a liar and a con man. He didn't dispute it. I also advised him that I hadfiled a copy of thiscomplaint with his management in Atlanta. He told me thank you. THANK YOU? He already knew he wouldn't see the least repercussions for his actions. Great internal culture you have when your staff has no worries when a customer complains.

Moral of the story? Don't buy from Home Depot. They track your every purchase, allow their employees full access to sensitive financial and idenity information, lie, cheat and anything else they need to in order to tric the elderly.

does not accept home depot credit cards

Have been a long customer of Home Depot. Starting last year, the fuel pumps at the fuel center would not...

theft by delivery staff

After getting a requested consultation visit from Home Depot's sales associate, on Nov 19 my wife...

not my account

there is a credit card on my Equifax tha tis not mine I need it removed Adress is PO Box 6497 Sioux Falls SD [protected] Acc # 60352003387xxxx ???? ccredit line $9600.00 opend 11/12/1993 last payment 2/2012 it only listed as THD/CBNA

poor delivery service

When I ordered a clothes dryer from Home Depot I knew that they did not do their own deliveries - in fact...

automated check out

I could not believe that I had to check myself out when I went to Home Depot...There were no Cashiers just automated machines...This is the worst...Do we work for Home Depot ???..No...Then why must we scan and check ourselves out of the store..Now they are getting rid of Cashiers..I hate Home Depot now...This makes me sick...

  • Km
    KMC1990 Feb 01, 2013

    This is happening at grocery stores too and even fast food restaurants have computers where you put in your own order.These places do not want people to work!

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  • Ro
    Rockandroll Feb 01, 2013

    Awwww, poor baby.

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