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Extra paint tinting fee.

Hi! Bought your beautitone solid stain @ our local Home Hardware, Orangeville, Ont., to paint our cottage. After deciding on a colour from doing paint chip comparisons, we took the stain to the Owen Sound Home Hardware to be tinted. That's when they told us it would be $5 per tin to tint as we hadn't bought it there. We didn't have a choice, so paid it. This is an absolute first. We have bought paint at other Home Depots, Ronas, then had it tinted at our local stores, no issue & had been absolutely upfront about it. Knowing this now, I guess I'll lie next time & claim I lost the receipt!


I have paid for lumber 3 times in a week and a half and when I got to the lumber shed to load up they were...

Rayville Home & Garden

Customer Service

On June 17 2020, at about 2.30 pm, I entered the Home Hardware in Orangeville, Ontario wearing a full plastic face cover, like the ones worn by doctors, nurses and drugstore employees. The teenage girl at the cashiers booth told me it was against the rules to wear a face shields. I asked her if she knew what she was saying since many doctors & nurses wear the same exact face cover.
She then asked the teenage boy working next to her and he said it was against the rules. I doubt they knew what the rules are. I turned around and left the store telling them that Home Hardware just lost an 18 year customer and that I would be talking to the ADULTS regarding Home Hardware rules ! Before I left, I told them that all the first responders should all change their face covers because of these new rules. It is a big joke to see teens working at jobs where they are not qualified.
I then went to Home Depot in Orangeville and there wasn't an issue regarding my face shield as there was no issue at Dollarama or Shoppers Drug Mart. Those 2 teens should be fired. there's no excuse for their stupidity !!

Project desk customer service-trail bc location

I am in the middle of a landscaping project on my home which has no backyard currently. I was in the store the sunday prior getting help with a deck quote. Wayne spent time with me, asked questions to quality me for the right items for this project, we went outside and he explained all about decking types, building them etc.. I had a full quote by monday morning and a good understanding of what I was doing.
This past sunday, june 14th, I went in, in a fantastic mood, to purchase allan blocks for a garden bed I am building. I spent about 20-30minutes with the yard associate, who was extremely helpful very courteous and told me to go in, give the info to the project desk and they would help me w qty. I had photos of every sign in the yard of what I needed, so it could be looked up, and the measurements of my garden.
I thought that would be enough information?
When I went to the project desk which was on the quiet side at the moment, the employee behind the desk, I am not sure of his name, he has shorter salt/pepper hair, he is about 5'10 and maybe in his 50s, was smug from the minute I walked up. Not a smile, not a "how are you, what can I help you with today"... He very obviously does not like his job.
I said; can you help me figure out the quantities of allen block I need for my garden bed?
He said; well how would I know what quantities to give you?
I said; because I have everything you need and I have the measurements of my garden.
He said; well how am I supposed to know how many you need if I don't know the measurement of the blocks?
I said; well since you are the expert and I am the customer, I only have the information that I have, I am counting on you to find out what I need because that is your job"He said; I can't help if I don't know how big the blocks are
I said; I have photos of what I need from the yard, the signs
He said; nope you have to go back out there and get the guys to measure the blocks"
I said; are kidding me? How about I just go over to maglios
He said; go right ahead

I'm not sure if in my life I have ever had a worse customer experience or was made to feel like I was an idiot.
I've lived here 25 years and have always shopped at home hardware. I have been in customer service most of my life.
I want to say I really feel if my boyfriend had been standing next to me, I would never of been spoken to that way. The associate standing next to him, female with dark curly hair and glasses, stood there stunned like a deer in headlights, and didn't say a word or step in to help me. It was very obvious I was struggling with him and that he was being completely rude and unhelpful.

I went outside and told the yard guys, who had helped me, the experience I had just had, I was bawling my eyes out because I was very rattled. I went back into the store and demanded to speak with the manager. At first I was told he wasn't in that day, so I spoke w a women, it was not a nice conversation on my end whatsoever, I was very angry and very upset.
I left the store again and then decided to go back to cancel the deck order, which I since have. Before I could get to the desk wayne came walking down and we walked outside, so I guess he was in that day after all?? So I also get lied to by an associate who was insistent wayne was not in.
I explained to wayne what happened and how offside it all was. I told him there is nothing he can do to rectify this.

You are paying a wage to someone who is losing business for you and doesn't care.
He told me to go to your competition??
If these are the type of people you have at your project desk on a sunday afternoon when the weekend warriors are all in doing home projects, I would suggest having associates that actually want to help make sales instead of lose sales and are more willing to help people with some kindness.

I have taken all my business to maglio's for the landscaping of my yard and I will not set foot back into home hardware again.
I went over to maglio's right after where I got a quote in literally under five minutes from an employee who was not even working, it was his day off, but he kindly helped me anyways and had the blocks loaded into my truck.

I am not sure why it was so difficult for a project associate to take the time and help me get what I needed at home hardware or why it would be okay to let someone walk out that upset and go over to the competition. It is a small area, I am the manager of large mechanical company here for teck and have many connections.

If your employees or managers do not have the power to make things right in the moment with an angry customer, you as owners are missing the mark completely.

Kathleen dedemus

Discriminating language service, and derogatory comments

I was standing outside at the Hawkesbury, ON Home Hardware Store at 3:40pm Saturday April 2, 2020 on my...

Hawkesbury Home & Garden

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disrespectful manager

We went to Ladysmith bc location today April 8 to purchase caulking as we made our way looking a man with...

Ladysmith Home & Garden

bad product

I just wanted to comment on the Hardrock coating that I put on the front porch (concrete) of our house. I did everything, as directed on the can, two years ago and by the time spring had rolled around the following year, the surface was all cracked and chipped so bad I realized I had to strip it all off and do it again. The front area is not exposed to too much wind or snow so I would have thought that might have helped the product do as it advertises--stay in good shape. When I did have to take snow off the surface over the winter I made sure I used a light brush, rather than shovel and scrape the surface, hoping to maintain it's integrity. This did not work. This year I realize the cracks and chips are back so I will have to resurface this again. There's only a limited amount of travel in and out of the front door--not high volume, yet the cracks and chips appear each spring. Even a double coat of the clear sealer did not help the situation. I have enclosed pictures of what it looks like at this time. It took two cans of the coating each year as well as two jugs of sealant, so, although I don't have the receipts at this time (purchased from the Home Hardware in Bowmanville Ontario) I would hope to get some kind of remuneration or discount towards the product I will have to purchase for resurfacing this year. My address is Stan Gordon, 21 Stephen Ave, Courtice, Ontario, L1E1Z2. [protected], thank you.

bad product
bad product
bad product

Awful customer service

I had bought a outdoor foldable lawn chair at the time that's the only one they in so I I bought it . when I opened it Up I I noticed it was a child's chair I put it back in the bag and put in my trunk. When I went to return it two days later tags and original receipt they wouldn't take it back because the bag the chair comes in had a rip in the seam ??? The bag the thin bag ?? Obviously was there when I bought it the bag still had the tags on it still . The lady was rude kept interrupting me and treated me like crap and told me to get out of the store . Rudest women I have ever felt with . Absolutely unbelievable.

Trim paint designer series

Trim paint designer series, was told by an employee and saw it in your store that your trim paint will adhere to anything. I am a sub contractor and bought two small cans for two different customers. I have been called back to fix and repaint a banister and a door because of non adhering. Really dissatisfied with this trim paint and yes I know how to properly prepare surfaces for painting. One customer said if it doesnt stick this time, after two more coats, she wants a better paint. Doesn't look good on me when this happens. Disappointing. Sorry no picture but if I have to go back again, I will next time.

an employee who works in the lumber yard

An ongoing problem has arisen at this Coaldale, Alberta, there is only one hardware store. It ha...

Coaldale Home & Garden

outdoor sign

The sign outside his business reads. Why doesn't anyone get offended by Black Friday. I'm just asking you...

purchased pipe heat line

I purchased a 60' heating for 11/4 " plastic pipe because i was told you only sold 40', 60', 80'.and 100' lengths i needed a 50' . a few months after ordering it I found out on your website that 50' were in fact available I went back to my local dealer and they ordered one. when it arrive they sent my 60' kit back and then a week later I was told they wouldn't credit me because the out side box wasn't returned with the kit but it was never unpacked or used, then to make matters worse I was told that head office would not return it to the stores now I am out 550.00 and do not have a heat line, I complained many time and the dealer finally got your head office to send it back to me, but I cannot use the 60 ' with out moving all my piping in my basement. Could some one call me on my cell to have a conversation about this 519~588~3966. thanks Brad Phillips


I went in today to buy some folding chairs and one of the employees, Jacob clues verbally harrased me. He...

Innisfil Home & Garden


On October 5, 2007, System Care purchased shingles for me from Harris Home Hardware in Bible Hill, NS. The...

unethical behaviour, bullying and harassment

I contracted our local home hardware to build a deck. The owner of the store has continually harassed...

portable air conditioner

Purchased a De Longhi portable airconditioner 14, 000 btu, bought July 3 2019, after 51 days of use the air...

customer service

On June 27, 2019, I called the Dundas Home Hardware in response to the Home Hardware website. The site stated...

Rude, discriminating staff

Hi. I recently had the worst and most insulting experience of my life. An hour or so prior to arriving at the...

products and installations

My mom purchased a door for the back of the house and she waited a long time to get it delivered and...


Was in your Cranbrook bc location just before closing on Friday and went to purchase an item for 39.99...