Home Hardware Stores Complaints & Reviews

Home Hardware Stores / customer service

Jun 27, 2019

On June 27, 2019, I called the Dundas Home Hardware in response to the Home Hardware website. The site stated that I needed to call the store to find out if the product that I was looking for was in stock. The person answering the phone refused to serve me properly; I was calling because...

Home Hardware Stores / products and installations

Dec 11, 2018

My mom purchased a door for the back of the house and she waited a long time to get it delivered and installed and it wasn't installed properly and it was warped cause my mom had three door companies come and look at it and they said it was she had to wait a long time again for the owner...

Home Hardware Stores / service

Nov 05, 2018

Was in your Cranbrook bc location just before closing on Friday and went to purchase an item for 39.99 regular price 99.99 ant the cashier said that the sale didn't start until the next day so she wrote on the box my name and phone number. I had a funeral the next day that went a little...

Home Hardware Stores / service clerks

Sep 25, 2018

Almost every check out girl at the Claresholm Home hardware is as rude as they come. When you approach the counter there is no greeting and when you are done paying there is no farewell. If you approach them for help prepare to have them roll their eyes absolute worst customer service. The...

Home Hardware Stores / customer service by phone

Sep 24, 2018

Home Hardware Customer Service does not provide adequate service. I wanted to speak with a Home Hardware representative about a new Dyson product and whether on not Home Hardware online or stores would be carrying it. I called Customer Service and was unable to speak with a human about...

Home Hardware Stores / dogs in stores

Sep 20, 2018

I do not understand why dogs need to be allowed in stores period and if they are why are they not required to wear a muzzle. There is no need for dogs in any stores. Some of us are petrified of dogs and don't need to be in a check out line stuck with someone who has a pit bull on a lease...

Home Hardware Stores / milwaukee m18 tool kit

Aug 31, 2018

I wasn't satisfied with my Milwaukee tools and I wanted to return them. It was within the 30 day return period and I still had my receipt but Amica said I couldn't return them because she claimed they were used as a matter of a fact she just said no to my face. About a week or 2 later I...

Home Hardware West Lethbridge / customer service lady

Aug 21, 2018

Today August 21, my husband went into HH to purchase some copper pipe and sharkbite fittings. While at the til the lady was trying to charge us 15 for our 5.99 pipe. My husband corrected her telling her that no that wasnt the right price and she snapped " Shut up and let me do my job !" He...

Home Hardware Stores / koolking air conditioner

Jul 04, 2018

On July 2nd 2018 at 3:39 pm, I purchased KoolKing air conditioner from your store for $459.89 model MPPH-10CRN1-BI0. The machine original carton states, "cools max 450 sq. ft.". In fact, it does not cool even 150 sq. ft., you have to be just in front of the unit to feel the cold air coming...

Home Hardware Creston BC / paint department

Jun 10, 2018

In August of 2017 I finished rebuilding wooden sidewalk and front uncovered deck with all new wood from the local Home Hardware store. I went in with the customer (mother in law) to ask about a quality paint or stain and a grit we can apply to make it less slippery for snow and ice. As she...

Home hardware Rimbey / rude and not caring and outright unprofessional

Jun 08, 2018

On Thursday June seventh 2018, at exactly 3:13 pm I called rimbey home hardware to inquire as if they had a rust paint that could be tinted to silver. They informed myself that they did have one and could accommodate my request with no issues. I arrived at there store around 4:30 pm the...

Home Hardware - Princeton, British Columbia / service/accuser

May 23, 2018

I went to get a part for a weed eater and asked Peter, the manager, for an order in for it. The part was unavailable. When I asked the girl to trash it, she said it was ok to leave it at the store to get rid of it. On May 22nd 2018 I went to get a bolt for another weedeater and Peter...

Home Hardware Stores / window

Sep 20, 2017

I ordered some windows for my home and paid top dollar for them. When the wibdows arrived after a long wait one of them was the wrong size. This window is not the size I ordered and in order to use it it would require cutting a beam. When I called the manager and explained their mistake...

Home Hardware Princeton BC / employee attitude and racism

Jul 26, 2017

One of the Princeton BC employees was at Dairy Queen and made a huge issue about not being served quick enough and made nasty racist derogatory comments to the East Indian and Phillipino staff. He was shouting from the drive through and annoyed other customers at the same time. All thi...

Home Hardware / poor customer service

May 26, 2017

Teahen Home Hardware Building Centre 1272 London Road Sarnia, ON N7S 1P5 (519) 337 - 3783 At the kitchen department I asked for some soft close hinge adapters for my cabinets. Ones that I had bought there before for a few dollars each. Tammy said she didn't have any but would order them and...

Home Hardware / Treatment of Employees

Sep 26, 2015

I know someone who worked at the Baker st Home hardware in Nelson BC. The manager brought in his son and a couple other employees who are less than useful in helping clients. Then when they needed to cut hours they cut this mans hours instead of cutting the time of the last employee...

home hardware bbq / return policy

Oct 15, 2013

bought a BBQ from home hardware used it once did not like it for several reasons attempted to return it and they would not take it back gave excuses, from now on Im shopping at canadian tire and wallmart, they would take it back no questions asked,


Apr 21, 2013

went to their store in Estevan and was given the worst treatment by the CokeHead owner. I was looking for a piece of board that I needed to get cut, he said they don't offer that and was a total rude ### about it. My co-worker goes there a day later and gets the royal treatment...

Weed Whacker from Home Hardware / Returning a poorly performing garden tool

May 11, 2012

Bought a weed whacker from Imperial Hardware to remove dandelions from my lawn. This gardening tool performed poorly. It removed large chunks of soil with each weed and left lots of holes in the lawn. It did not remove weeds growing on a slope or close to the edge of a sidewalk or a...

Reinke's Home Hardware / Horrible Customer Service

Jan 07, 2012

I have experienced some of the worst customer service from the Eganville (Reinke's) Home Hardware and on nearly ever occasion I was a customer at this Home Hardware location. The first time I tired to buy a pump for my air mattress, as I was camping in the area. After several assurance...

Home Hardware / home hardware Complaints - BAD SERVICE

May 29, 2011

I bought ~3000CAD stuff from them 2 years ago when they had "double the aeroplan miles" deal. They couldn't add the miles as the system was down at the time of the purchase so they took down all my details. I stopped by two weeks later and they were still not added. Again they asked...

Home Hardware / BAD SERVICE

Feb 23, 2011

This is the worst "individually owned" home hardware I have ever encountered in my entire life. The staff know nothing of what they are selling (maybe there should be better training??), although some try to help they simply dont have the tools to do so. I met the owner of the store and he...

Ross Bay Home Hardware / Crappy service


I was both amazed and stunned at how staff at Ross Bay Home Hardware on Fairfield Road in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada handled a return issue I had today. I was hoping to return a pair of $10 pliers i had purchased the day before AND NEVER USED. What I got instead was a wheelbarrel...

Hardiplank sold by Home Hardware / Failure to warn customers of danger


People's lives are at risk. Hardiplank is siding that is becoming very popular. The problem, is the company themselves,, DOES NOT RECOMMEND that people install it themsleves. Only trained professionals should install it, because the dust contains silica, which cause...

Home Hardware-Banff / false information on exchanges


Trying to exchange a broken heater sold to me 8 months ago, a staff member on the phone told me "sure, bring it in and we'll exchange it!" I arrive and firstly, no customer staff at the front at all, like a deserted store with no hope of business. Older chubby guy comes up finally and...

College Home Hardware / HomeHardware disrespects consumer

I bought a cam of Beauty Tone spray paint ath this store yesterday (July 16). A can of spray paint is supposed to cover 25sq feet. This one only covered about 6sq feet and the paint was over! I went back to the store, explained what happened and the store manager said that it was not...