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Home Depot reviews & complaints

Home Depot complaints 1712

Home Depot - Credit card lies

I signed up for a credit card with Home Depot and they said that my first payment was late by one hour because they are on the east side. They charged me $29.00 on a hundred dollar credit bill. I...

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Home Depot - Delivery Service - Major Appliance

On 13 Oct 2021 we picked out a pair of new Electrolux Washer and Dryer at the Home Depot Store in Cypress, Texas. (Order number H6586-225192).

We opted for Home Delivery and purchased the extended service plan for 5-years.

The units were delivered on 20 Oct 2021. The delivery appeared to have went smoothly and the units were installed in our Laundry Room on the first floor.

There was a Blue Energy Star Sticker on the front left bottom corner of the dryer. We paid no attention to it as it looked like it belonged on the unit. last week my wife noticed that the sticker was starting to peel away at the each so she removed the sticker. When removed, the sticker revealed a significant chip in the enamel. It became obvious at that point that the sticker was added to conceal the damage. I can only assume that the contracted delivery company damaged the unit and put the sticker over the damage to conceal.

I contacted the 1-800 number at Home Depot to seek a fix for the problem. The agent told me that since I had not reported the damage within the first 48-hours they were not responsible. They advised that I contact the company that handles the 5-year protection plan that I purchased.

I called the company, which is Allstate Insurance, they stated that the damage was not covered and that the 5-year plan was strictly and Mech or Electrical coverage.

At this point it appears that Home Depot is not willing to take ownership for their Delivery persons attempt to conceal the damage and the fact that the expensive extended coverage plan that I purchased is not worth much.

Not a happy company at this point. I am more than willing to share pictures

Desired outcome: Fix the damage - repair the paint chip and restore the dryer to its new appearance. Be respectful and stand up for the services that Home Depot Sells. Train your staff to not tell the customers that the protection plan is inclusive.


Home Depot - TuffShed

I paid $16, 000 for a garage based on the model garage I saw at the Home Depot TuffShed. When the walls were brought to my house and partially installed (Dec. 2020), they did not look anything like the walls at Home Depot. The Home Depot models were built with all nice looking 2 x 4s. My walls have two vertical edges with missing nails on half the length, 20+ exposed nails, 14+ cracked boards, a chunk missing out of the siding, and 6 pieces of extremely damaged wood ... with 5 of these on roof trusses!

So my first question is ... does TuffShed perform any quality control procedures before these walls leave the factory? If so, it appears they were ignored in this case.

I contacted the local factory several times. When someone finally came out, he agreed to replace the siding that had been damaged on installation in order to "meet me half-way".

But that will not address the fact that I have been severely inconvenienced or that I am not getting the quality of building that was advertised. I do not know if this meets the letter of the law for false advertising ... but it certainly meets the intent for false advertising.

I contacted the city inspector. He wrote up some corrections to be made on the framing. I am waiting to see how much of this is completed satisfactorily.

I have many photos and documentation of conversations and correspondence. But before I go through all the work of sending these to you, my second question is ... what is Home Depot's role in a situation like this?



Home Depot - Dryer, delivery and customer service

My husband and I bought a dryer last week at a local Home Depot. The sale person was very nice, we bought a washer from him earlier this year. We set up our delivery for a Saturday, January 22, 2022...

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Home Depot - Dryer warranty service from asurion

We had a dryer break and contacted HD last Friday-said we would here from their repair people in 48 hrs {Asurion}. We just heard from them 4 days later, they said the earliest is Feb. 2cnd. We have 5 children in this house and need the repairs made asap! We waited 3.5 months for a washer repair and cost in excess of 300.00 for taking them to town, with 50.00 being reimbursed.
In calling them to reschedule we were on the phone waiting 45 minutes, and then told it was the earliest date they could do.

Desired outcome: We need someone to look at and diagnose this dryer in a more reasonable amount of time. Over two weeks is just to diagnose, then who knows how long for parts and repairs, is rude and pitiful.

Home Depot - Ordered Product was NOT Received

On June 30, 2021, I ordered a Dehumidifier from Home Depot online for $228.12. Home Depot's delivery company, Fast Mile, tried to deliver the dehumidifier to the correct address, but in the wrong Pennsylvania town.

- Placed order June 30th
- Called customer service twice over 6 weeks period to learn order status.
o 1st response = (After 2 weeks) Dehumidifier is loaded on the truck in California and should arrive in about 2 weeks
o 2nd response about 4 weeks later = Still in transit
- August 4th I received a call from the FastMile delivery person saying that he is on Eagle road and cannot find the address 214. I went to the driveway and could not see the truck. I inquired to what town they were in and they were on Eagle Drive in another Pennsylvania town. I suggested that they send the unit to the Mechanicsburg, PA store and I would pick it up.
- Next, I received notification that the dehumidifier was delivered. Upon notification, I tried to call the delivery person at the cell number that I received his call from. He answered, and as soon as I said my name, he hung up and did not answer again.
- I contacted Home Depot Customer Service and was told that I need to contact Discover Card to do an investigation
- I opened a case with Discover Card and, after several weeks of investigation, they concluded that Home Depot was not at fault and declined to refund my $228.12, as is appropriate. Home Depot should refund, not Discover Card.

I agree that Fast Mile was at fault and not Home Depot; however, my contract for delivery of a product was with Home Depot and NOT Fast Mile. Home Depot is still liable to me and Fast Mile is liable to Home Depot.
I am requesting that Home Depot refund my $228.12. I did not receive the product as contracted through no fault of my own. Please see attached Discover investigative information

Desired outcome: Receive refund from Home Depot for 228.12


Home Depot - discount

In 2001 we had a huge fire in San Diego, I helped a 85 year old lady to rebuild her completely destroyed home. At the time you were gracious enough to give a 10 percent discount to fire victims. The prolbrem was that it took about 4 years to get all the permits in order and at that point you stopped the discount. The reason I bring this up is what your doing now.
I just moved to Texas and have a few building progets going, I budget them out and count the cost. I just got a two other home depot cards and have a few homes I want to flip. Yesterday I went to buy more lumber for the decks that I am doing in stages. I only bought about 800 dollars worth but the said no mor Military discount. That's 10 percent of costs that was never figured on, I got the program for my phone and did what was asked for that. I also have been buying wood this year with the discount so I was surprised yesterday. The gave me a discount but the wood for decks is not carried by lowes so I cant use the same wood without paying full price that was not budgeted. I sure that at this point you don't care that I have been loyal to homedepot and will prolbly just blow this off. In 2001 you did not care and now you dondt seem to care.

Sincerely Anthony Palmer


Home Depot - Military discount program

STORE [protected]/11/22 1101 AM bar code #[protected]/11/2022 424 Sale cashier Vivian Before I made purchase, I asked if military discount applied to garden supplies and was told by 2...

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Home Depot - Home delivery

My delivery has been rescheduled multiple times, and today the long promised day arrived.

I have taken a day of work, collected my daughter from school early, and delayed the concrete pour on my driveway renovation because I had repeated promises from your call center that it was all on track and certain to be delivered.

The promise made to me at 6.45pm, that it would certainly be delivered, was followed 7 minutes later by this online message!? How can someone ring to confirm, then 7 minutes later have the delivery cancelled?

This is so frustrating, has cost me half day of lost work, a freezer full of food that spoiled, and incredible frustration. Surely it cannot be hard to schedule a delivery and get it done on time, when the window is a 4 hour target?

You told me that there was something wrong with the truck, but that is simply not true - I watched the delivery schedule, and I was #16. The first 14 deliveries went ahead, and then suddenly when it is near the end of the day "something goes wrong with the truck". That is so clearly dishonest, just to add insult to injury.

Further insulting, the web-site says that "Delivery attempted on Tuesday, January 11", when clearly that isn't true either

Desired outcome: please just deliver when you say you will

Home Depot - Defiant DFI-5983-BZ-G

Every 10 years or so I buy 3 motion detector outdoor lights from Home Depot. They usually only last about 10 years. I think I went longer this round as I wasn't looking forward to the effort. I spoke with a store employee before I made this purchase. I hired an electrician to do the work this time, as at my age I was reluctant to get on the ladder for two of the lights on the second story. After having them in 24 hours, I am running into problems. I called Defiant and learned that their lights are not compatible with FEIT smart switches. When I activate the switch with the motion detector light it also intermittently turns on other FEIT smart switches in the same box. The Home Depot employee did not tell me about this. This is not surprising as the Defiant rep said it is not information included on the box. This is not acceptable.

Desired outcome: I want someone to pay for the work and usable lights to replace the ones that are now installed. I will gladly pay the difference in cost for useable lights.


Home Depot - GE washing machine

I had my washer installed. All they did was bring it in borrowed my husband's knife to open the box cause they didn't have one! Then they attached the hoses pushed it back where it should go and ran a cycle for me to see that it does run and they left. They did not level it so when I used it the walked at least a foot away from where it was put and then walked back some and pushed my dryer into the wall and put a dent in the other side wall! None of the installation pieces were put on, they just left them in a bag for us to do! Very unhappy

Home Depot - Landscaping rock not at store but shows that 53 bags are at the store online.

Today I tried to find Landscaping rock Model #RFERL1 Store SKU #568691 Internet #[protected] When I tried to find it at the store the store clerk couldn't find it either. This is about the fifth time...

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Home Depot - Appliance delivery

The delivery driver said he believed there was a gas leak but took it upon himself to turn our valve which may have damaged it. Then we called to get the dryer rescheduled for delivery after having the gas company fix the gas line. The delivery was scheduled for 1/6 but no one came. Then instead of fixing the problem we were told we need to wait another week for the delivery. This is unacceptable

Desired outcome: We want delivery expedited and some form of compensation for the inconvenience.

Im never ordering from home depot again

Home Depot - Appliance extented warranty

I purchased extented warranty on four appliances at a cost over $900.00 and I had a whirlpool dish washer break down and now over six weeks later I am still waiting for replacement parts froma company named comerco that was contracted to do the service. I now find that home depot ceased using this company due to poor service. I want a refund and/or the company that home depot has under contract now to do the services that I paid for and am not receiving


Jan 05, 2022

Home Depot - Frigidaire refrigerator

We purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator through Home Depot in March of 2021. Approximately in June, we started to phone home depot about strange noises that our refrigerator was making. We were...

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Home Depot - Whirlpool range

My Stove had a gas leak Home Depot or Asurion has not been any help it has been 4 months they sent out a company who said there was no problem, however the gas company had red tagged my stove. claim...

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Home Depot - gift card fulfillment

I ordered a gift card from Home Depot on the 17th of December. I got a confirmation immediately. I didn't get a confirmation of shipment until the 23rd at 10pm. I didn't actually get the card until Monday, the 3rd of January, long after Christmas when it was meant as a gift. They claim they had delays because of Covid-19 and bad weather, but the cards I ordered from 2 other vendors came the Monday after I ordered them. I had no delays in my mail or package deliveries before or after Christmas, only the gift card from Home Depot. I don't need resolution. I just wanted people to know.

Home Depot - Asurion is not repairing my generator

In August I noticed my generator would go into overload and stop putting out power. I opened a warranty claim with Asurion in September 2021. It is now January 2022. They closed the original claim in Dec 2021 and I didn't find out until I checked status. Now they just put me on hold and hand up. They claim they are having a supervisor call me, but that has been 2 weeks.

Desired outcome: Fix my Generator


Home Depot - Appliance install

When my $1800 washer & dryer were delivered earlier today, the install crew pointed out that the cold water supply valve has a leak. They will NOT install the washer until the valve is fixed.

HD will do the work for no fee, but no one can tell me when the repair will happen. I get; "someone will contact you in 24 - 48 hours to set a schedule for the repair". NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I called several numbers for HD & got nowhere. The same line keeps getting repeated.

I am a GC that does a fair amount of buying at HD & if this were my client, I would be getting a new butt ripped right now.

Really, Home Depot? Lip service is the best you can do?

Desired outcome: Get my damn washer hooked up today or come take the washer & dryer back. I'll go to a vendor that actually cares!


Home Depot - Lux vinyl tile

You just delivered my order of lux vinyl tile to my home. The Mexican driver refused to bring the 4 heavy boxes 2 feet into my home and insisted on leaving them at the curb with my uncollected garbage. The garbage man is due here within the next 30 minutes and I assure you would have included these boxes with my trash. While I was taking pictures of the driver, he floored the truck in an effort to negate my efforts, but I nonetheless succeeded.
I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran as evidenced by your records. Where on Earth do you find these people? This behavior is disgusting!


Disgusting driver

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