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Home Depot Complaints & Reviews

Home Depot / Bird seed

Nancy Duke on Jun 21, 2017
The store on South Ave in Garwood NJ is selling seed filled with mold. Mold is poisonous to birds. I returned a bag and they said that 2 skids we're going to be removed. That was almost 2 weeks ago. I went back to try to buy seed again today and saw that the same wet, water soaked skid...

Home Depot / Received Wrong Product

builtrue on Jun 21, 2017
Order I received was incorrect, I ordered a Storm Door and instead got 10 door seals, do not even understand how someone can mess this up that bad. Went to the store a week ago and had them call customer service which said they would be shipping the door out. I went back to the store...

Home Depot / product display, safety

Nordpack on Jun 19, 2017
Did purchase some items to rid of ants in and around our house; in so doing I had some trouble in getting one of the products which is very poisonous since one of the displayed items had a leak, with some of the spills on the pallet racking and floor. It is surprising since since the...

Home Depot / window installation

Peter Walpow on Jun 18, 2017
On April 20th, 2017, I received a quote to install windows in my townhouse in Clinton, NJ. I have sent multiple emails to proceed with the installation an no one has contacted me. Attached is the quote...It is nearly 2 months and I guess HD don't care about my business. Very frustrating...

Home Depot / sun west garden shed

James Dalgity on Jun 18, 2017
I bought a shed from you about 2 years ago, the shed was about 600 dollars, but I noticed today that shed has split from top to bottom and would like it replaced. Spent a lot of time putting this shed together and am very disappointed that it has split from top to bottom. Now rain can get...

Home Depot / disrespect from a employee

Debbie kimes on Jun 18, 2017
I am a elderly women and was walking to my car when all of a sudden this man pushing carts screams out with a ungodly noise. Scared me to death. And when I asked him if he was ok, he looked at me and told me to mind my own business and screamed again. This is very disturbing if you have a...

Home Depot / i am actually trying to give employee praising. but can't get threw to corporate

!!58733 on Jun 11, 2017
Sammy in appliance at store 8472 is just an amazing I just moved here and been all over the world. N she is do friendly and knows her stuff I almost wanna stay here just because of the quality. She has in her, please let her know how thankful that i am I told manager did the survey...

Home Depot / discrimanting

Brenda Martinez on Jun 9, 2017
Went into Bradenton home depot on Cortez rd.to purchase a generator and pressure washer to clean my sister's yard and lighting for her wedding.as we were looking for the items an unknown man was following us.later to know it was loss prevention named SCOTT.finally we found a nice man...

Home Depot / washing machine

MarshaMc on Jun 8, 2017
To Whom It May Concern: Order ID: H0732-69850 Amount $666.91 We have had the following issues with our visit Home Depot, James_T_Drew@HomeDepot.com, phone#615-269-7800. 1. We are a military family with one member deployed for the 4th time. We appreciate your support of the military and the...

Home Depot / scotts' earthgro mulch

TerriB66 on Jun 7, 2017
I bought 15 bags of your Scott's Earthgro Brown mulch when it was on sale 5 for $10.00 it is the WORST mulch ever. Color doesn't match, my backyard looks absolutely ridiculous. Now I have to spend more money to fix the problem. I am very disappointed with Home Depot and will probably never...

Home Depot / window covering dept #1116

beachlava on Jun 7, 2017
I must say this whole experience has been a nightmare at this Home Depot. First I went to custom order some blinds and the guy in blind dept. ordered them online for me. After waiting well over a week I went to pick them up ...not even close to sizes I ordered. So I was given a refund and...

Home Depot / customer courteous/lack of

captain bob on Jun 6, 2017
On tues. June 6 2017 iwent to the home depot in new rochelle ny. While driving in the parking lot I was being blocked by a nursery worker (Contracted by home depot) she was taking pictures or a video outside the building where they display plants and vegatables to sell I waited a few...

Home Depot / the store couldn't find item we bought for pick up later

Donphamsj on Jun 4, 2017
My name is Colin. Last week we came to Home Depot store (Capitol expressway, San Jose, California). We ordered and we paid for an item. Today we came to pick it up and the employee said that the stores accidentally sold it to someone else already. I wonder how is that even possible. They...

Home Depot / return

markleehaikuan on Jun 2, 2017
I bought a paint spray machine from home depot brampton store at 12pm today. And the paint doesn't come out from spray tip. I went back to store. The store manager said i finished my work and trying to return it for free use. It is 2:30pm now. What is the joke i use two and half hour to...

Home Depot / koehler toilet that was suppose to be in stock

Cassillo on Jun 1, 2017
I went to a Home Dpot in West Seneca NY. Viewed on my cell phone that there was to be four units of a product in stock(Kohler toilet). An associate who was very helpful confirmed the product was in stock, but could not find it. The associate and I called another area HD, confirmed that...

Home Depot / lack of customer service

DougJohn on May 30, 2017
On Sunday May 28th I asked my 24 year daughter to stop at the Home Depot in Dahlonega, GA to pick up 4 bags of play sand. She purchased the sand at the building supply department and asked a associate standing in the area name Zonk to help load the 50lb bags of sand in her trunk. The...

Home Depot / buying a carpet with wrong price advertisements

Consuelo Pineda on May 28, 2017
We purchased a carpet with $1.69 sqf price that was printed in the tag and when we paid they charged the price of $2.14 sqf. We noticed the price the next day that we look at the reciepe and we look at the price again and it was $2.14. If the price was increase why the tag still say $1.69 when...

Home Depot / lack of care of outdoor plants

brenway on May 25, 2017
I am appalled at the lack of care (watering of plants) at the Oneonta ny store. Many many perennials literally dying from lack of water. Expensive rose trees and climbing roses literally wilted and flowers all dead and dropping. It pains me to see how unimportant these once beautiful...

Home Depot / security at home depot lost my property

Paul Jimenez on May 24, 2017
Our lost Kitten was found by the security Gaurd working at the Home Depot at the Chula Vista .ca. location and then taken to her home where she claims lost it that evening. We were called by home depot informing us to pick up the kitten then When we went for the kitten the kitten we were...

Home Depot, Manchester, NH / voided transactions not processing timely manner

Kate4618 on May 24, 2017
I rented a tool from Manchester, NH Home Depot Tool Rental area. As soon as I returned home, I quickly realized it would not start. I called the clerk immediately who disparingly informed me that it likely had a "flooded compartment". I informed him that I had limited time to get the job...

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While Homeowners Suffer, Foreclosure Mills Make Millions
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