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Complaints & Reviews

Store policies during COVID 19 health emergency

Central Long Island NY store open during health emergency as it is considered a essential business. No citizens of NY State are directed by the Governor to isolate themselves, Stay home, stay home from work unless a essential worker, practice social distancing and limit contact with others to stop the spread of the COVID virus.
Home Depot opens the first week of the emergency and limits customers in the store to 50. Customers are queued outside and allowed to enter when a previous customer leaves the store, keeping the number at 50.
Week two of the health emergence and the Home Depot changes the policy and increases the limit of customers allowed in the store to 150!
Employees of the store are overwhelmed, and in close contact with shoppers all day long. Register lines are 15 people long- one behind the other.
The store allows all to enter and shoppers (yes even window shoppers, families, and DIYers) are buying quarts of paint and foam brushes, potting soil, mulch, packages of screws, drywall mud etc. Certainly not limited to emergency repairs!
Employees are supplying there own disposable gloves, n95 masks, and drinking water helping groups of shoppers within close contact all day long as much of the work force has opted to call out and they are short handed.
How long will this dangerous situation be allowed to continue?
I would not believe it if I didn't see it myself while buying electrical parts for emergency repairs as I am a electrician.

Seems like home depot is complicit in spreading the virus with the chaos I saw in their store, instead of limiting the spread.

Two different Samsung top load washers — Service from Samsung and Dish Network doing Samsung repair very unsatisfactory.

I have a Samsung top load washer and my daughter also has a Samsung top load that will not spin. Both purchased from Home Depot. I Was instructed to recalibrate my machine, which fixed it temporarily but that stopped working. My machine is two years old, purchased in November, 2017. Repair was estimated to be $575.00, so I declined and agreed to pay the $100 diagnostic fee. My account was charged full amount anyway. I reported this to Dish and was told refund would take 5 to 7 days! My daughter's machine is under warranty and has the exact same problem. Would not spin, recalibrate worked temporarily. Her machine was purchased in July, 2019. The Samsung/Dish Network repairman checked my daughter's machine and told her that her voltage was too low and she needed a new breaker. She asked him to wait and let her connect it to a heavy duty extension cord so that he could continue the repair. He would not wait for that. She scheduled an appointment with an electrician for the following day who checked her voltage and meter box. He said her voltage was perfect and no problems. So now there is a service fee for the electrician and a machine under warranty not repaired that she is still making payments on. I am extremely disappointed in the quality of the product that I purchased from Home Depot. There is apparently a problem with these machines with both of them having the same problem. There should be a recall. I am also very unhappy with the service I have received from Samsung/Dish Network with over charges on my bank account and a failure to repair my daughter's under warranty machine. I am reporting this to you in hopes of receiving some type of acknowledgement of this problem and possible getting help on the repair that is needed. I hope to hear from Home Depot.

Inept installation and damage to my property. Home Depot gives me the run-around since then.

Home Depot's inept installers of a new washer machine damaged my property (they were asking ME which way to turn the faucets). Home Depot has given me the runaround since then.
RE: WORK ORDER H4641-208688, Feb. 24, 2020

1. The inept installers damaged the faucets and wall where the new washer was to connect to the plumbing. They then left.
2. The "associate store manager" at the Reston VA office (a Mr. Wright) assured me Home Depot would fix it after I sent him the photos of the damage that he asked for.
3. Home Depot did NOT fix it and authorized me to get my own plumber and send Home Depot the invoice. I did.
4. Home Dept then told me that I would have to deal with their insurance company at some unspecified location.
5. Since then, I have been given the run-around. No reimbursement, no contact from their insurance, nothing.

saws down at Lane and Argyle Forest stores

Once again management at above stores are not taking care of business-saws been down for a week-place order at pro desk, took 20 minutes then they tell me saws down-why don't...

Service/Gift card Lose!! Can not get any help to fix this!!

Can I get the management number or email? I bought some items from one of your stores with a gift cards 1 was $100 2nd was $250.00 and the items I returned did not fit or wrong item and I told the lady I paid with a gift card, she argued with me for 45min and put it on a store credit that will not let my employees use or buy online. I need this back on my gift card. My Office and I have been trying to get this fixed for a week now. Please if you can not help give me a email or number to get help with this issue. Store Employees are lazy and does what ever is easier for them and screw the customer, have $265.90 my Company can not use or buy online for Jobs because a mistake on Homedepot/Employees.

Carpet installation

In December, 2017, we had carpet installed by Home Depot in Pittsburg KS. In October, 2018, we found a seam seperation and Called Home Depot. In December, 2019 they informed us they were putting new carpeting in. We did not ask for this. Only wanted the seam corrected. They installed new carpet anyway. In August, 2019, we found two more seam seperations. The installer came out and examined one of them saying it was caused by pet urine. The other seam was always covered by a rug and the dogs never went near it. The installed pulled on the seam and it seperated a good 10 to 12 inches to the wall. My husband put his hand under where the rug had seperated from the rug padding. Since that time, we have been told that they were working on a solution and would let us know. They say they will call and never do. When we call them, they put us off. All we want is for the carpet to be repaired. We even have the spare carpeting to do it.They have kept us hanging for several years and will not resolve the problem. We are in out late 70's and have had many sleepless nights over this. Please Help.

Carpet Installation

Their recommended installers in Denver are horrible. A purchase order that should take less than a month is going on 3 months now. This delay has cost me thousands of dollars and when asked to help with modifying my order they said they would have to start all over. They are not flexible at all and reasonable solutions goes on deaf's ears with this company. I would just like for them to install one floor first and then the other floor next. I had to ask for this because their delay had created changes in my project timeline. They created this mess and won't budge from their process. After this I am not using Home Depot again for carpets or any other installation. It's a shame because I have more projects this year and anticipate more next year too.

It's not just me either HOM Solutions has lots of complaints against them both from customers and their employees.

ariens lawn tractor

i perchased a ariens lawn tractor 46 inch cut because home depot stated it came with blades for life. great deal i thought. i registered on line and for years had it in my favorites. product# [protected] ser.#110708AD01111. now home depot has taken down the website. i called home depots customer service and ended up in some country where they did not even know what a riding tactor is. they did not even know what type of blades iwas talking about. what a waste of my time and home depots reputation. i finally found a number to the co."IN THE U S A' NOT HOME DEPOT. I WILL GET MY BLADES THROUGH THEM . LOWES IS ACROSS THE STREET FROM YOUR STORE. YOU JUST GAVE THEM A NEW CUSTOMER AND YOU JUST LOST ONE!!! THE POOREST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER AND YOU ARE THE WORST


I placed order with countertop consultant as HD store on 17-Feb, I was told it would take a week to come, it took over a week. When the sinks arrived on 24-Feb one of them wa...

Store service

On or around February 18th, I went to the Cleveland Avenue store located in Columbus Ohio. At the time, a gentleman by the name of Larry (store manager) assisted with my...

customer service

On Feb 16, my daughter and I went into the Summerwood store to purchase a ladder, (2) 1x12 boards and (4) 2x2's. We went to the area where the saw was located but could find...

website access

The Canadian Website is Not working. I tried to shop for Plastic Storage Bins and it wouldn't let me past the first of four pages of product. Neither of the 2 different Customer Contact links would respond to my efforts to connect me.

The US Home Depot site worked fine for me and so did both the US and Canadian Lowes sites so it is not my IPad as I am a retired IT Technician and know what I am doing.

Ralph Hooper

sliding door, defected, no one is able to figure out the leak. replace it or fix it

11 Case no 1783311- you have installed a sliding door, they did not measure the door, we bought the door at the store. Leakage, behind the shoe board, did not notice, since it wa...

countertop order H2667-2622999 Katie Kasper, Garrity order [protected]

Countertop ordered and paid 2/13 to Jimmy, who promised to try and get the template person out 2/14, with the expectation of installation within "10 days to 2 weeks". NO...

Shower candy

I got on line to view shower Candy's found one I liked said had 7 of them at wakeforest location . Got to store had that Ile closed wait couple hrs went back Ile was open but didn't have the candy they said they had ! Flue mad left store after I complained to one of the workers that was twice they didn't have item I was looking for .that they said online they had LIE ! OK came home got on line order the shower candy . ! Ok two weeks I received it loved it ! The next day I received another on . At their missstake . So I sent it rt back by UPS man never even took it in the house . Charged me 55.21 twice . I called about it won't return my money not all of it gave me 50.00 back on my credit card why do people have to pay for home Depot mistakes . I will not be ripped off cause some dumass made a mistake . & I pay for it nope I refuse to ever shop at home Depot again . Rip off their customer s .
Wakeforest NC

Window replacement

I needed to replace arch window with sunburst grid in my home in Hayward. I went to Home Depot on Hesperian Blvd. to make an appointment and I met with Steven Johnston Sale...

unethical behaviour

This store will not honor the veterans affairs card.They will only honor the card if it has service related on it .they have honored this up until recently but decided to change...

calling the store is impossible

The manager richard powell, and the employees working under him have done something pretty unbelievable as i've worked retail before. They hung up on me twice when I called. And I...

flooring installation

Back in November of 2019, I purchased flooring material for my basement. The product I bought was called Life Proof, a luxury vinyl plank. Before the purchase I asked the sales person (Lela) if I could use my own 3rd party installers and not lose any warranties. I was told that I could but if there was an installation problem, Home Depot would not stand behind someone else's work. Because of this warning I let Home Depot provide their contracted people to be completely insured starting with the installation.

A company called Romanoff Renovations (contracted by Home Depot) installed the floor in my basement on December 6, 2019. When the two installers were finishing for the day, I noticed some less than acceptable work around a door frame. When I questioned the workers about this they then tried to resolve this issue but it was not something they could redo. After a complete inspection on my part, I realized that they had botched up more than just that one area (see pictures).

The next day I went into Home Depot, and all those who saw my pictures of this finished product agreed that the installers were at fault with their work.

Days later, and on two different occasions two different men came out from Romanoff, to inspect the work. Both were in agreement that the Romanoff, installers botched up the work.

Roger, the first inspector told me he would see that proper repairs would be made and that a fellow whose name is Christian, would put my house back together again. When Christian (an independent contractor with Romanoff) came out, besides telling me that the Romanoff installers were more than likely at fault, he also informed that the door frames in question all needed to be replaced. He assured me that he would treat my home, and perform his work as if it was his own property. But, for mysterious reasons, Home Depot, does not want to use this contracted employee of Romanoff !

I am now starting with month 3 of only lip service and delays from Home Depot, with only promises to restore my home back to it's original state and to my satisfaction, but this has not even been even close to getting started. And, since Romanoff's work, Home depot has gone thru two other companies to restore my basement, but again for unknown reasons they (Home Depot) has shifted gears and changed out companies to start and complete the work.

I have kept notes of all interactions with all parties involved. From Home Depot to the three other companies, so far, who have been involved. My next step will be with posting my experiences on every Social Media Sight, and seeking help from experienced Attorneys.

Dominic A. Palermo

flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation
flooring installation


I purchased cabinets for my bathroom. The order was received and there was damage. I had 7 days to report. I stopped at the location 3 times until I finally was taken care of...

delivery of online appliance purchase

I recently purchased a washer and dryer through Home Depot online and had scheduled delivery in St. Petersburg, Florida on Thursday January 30th. This purchase was a wedding gift for a wedding taking place on February 1st. On the day of the 30th I was informed that all entityies involved were aware that the delivery was scheduled for that day, however the items had not made it onto the delivery truck and earliest rescheduled delivery would now be February 6th. I said that was unsatifactory as the wedding was on the 1st and I would be leving town on the 3rd. Then I was told I could go to warehouse and pick it up myself. Again unsatisfactory as I did not have a truck. After fruitless attempts over the phone to resolve I went to a local store so I could speak to someone face to face. That person got on phone and finally someone agreed it could be delivered on the 1st. I said it must be morning as the wedding was in the afternoon, and I was told they could not yet tell me time of day until later on the 31st. Finally I was told delivery would be between 9:30 a.m. & 1 p.m. on the 1st. In the end it worked out. But what I was appalled by the most was how no one from Home Depot seemed to care to address the fact that the entire oversight or lack of timeliness or what ever led to the order not being on the truck was entirely the fault of Home Depot, and yet no effort was put forth to make the situation right. It should never require a customer becoming outraged and incensed for any company to offer to fix that company's mistake. The manner in which this entire episode was treated leaves me for one as an unlikely future customer of Home Depot. At the very least you can be sure I will certainly shop elsewhere first from here on out.

delivery service for an lg twin washer system purchased from home

Co: Home
Delivery Company: RAS
Order#: W848858822
Items : LG Front Loader Washer/LG Pedestal Washer

Jan 21, 2020: Ordered an LG Front Loader Washer and an LG Pedestal Washer. Home Depot Online status showed a delivery date of Jan 25. This was about the same date the in-store purchase would have been had I not decided to purchase it online instead.
Jan 25: No delivery
Next date that popped up was Wed, Jan 29. I contacted customer service. They indicated there were 2 different delivery dates set up - one on Wed, and one on Thurs. He fixed the error, and set the next delivery date to Friday, Jan 31. The night before I got a call with the delivery window; 2-6 pm.
Jan 31: I leave work and wait at home until 5:30pm. Then I call customer service. They said the delivery company had called me early that morning saying the LG pedestal washer component of the LG twin washer system was damaged and there would be no delivery. But they called the wrong number! Note that I had provided my correct number at the time of the order. And, the person called the correct number the night before to give me the delivery window. I lost 4 hours of my work day to be home. Customer service 'corrects' my phone number and gives me a new date - Feb 4 - when LG can provide an undamaged version of their pedestal washer. During this call, I was put on hold for long periods of time.
Feb 3: I call the night before, they said they have no record of a delivery window for Feb 4. I was put on hold for long periods of time while they checked. They said call us in the morning.
Feb 4: After calling and being put on hold for long periods of time, a new delivery date is set. Feb 7 when I will get the LG washer and a replacement LG pedestal washer.
Feb 7: I have a window of 1:30 to 5:30. I leave work, again. I arrive home at 1:20. Phone in hand, not more than 18 feet from my front door with a window, watching and waiting. I get a phone call at about 1:50. The delivery company asks me to go outside and look for the delivery truck. He said the driver called me and I wasn't home. And they were at my home. I said no one is at my home, and no one has called me except you (a person at the delivery company). He patches me thru to the driver, thinking the driver needed directions. The driver had called the wrong number - again. The driver said to me 'I'll get back to you'. I wait about 40 min and called Home Depot - going thru the menus and being put on hold while Home Depot labors to contact the delivery company. They said he will be there soon.
Feb 7: Sometime before 3:30pm, driver arrives. He informs me the pedestal washer is damaged! I told him, the delivery was cancelled last week because it was damaged, and this is supposed to be the replacement.
I asked him to hook up the main washer of the twin washer system.
After he left, I called Home Depot again, this time to ask why did I get a delivery of a damaged washer - that was supposed to be replaced. They said they will contact LG and give me a new delivery date.
Feb 14 (still to come): I will have to leave work again to get the rest of my LG Twin washer system (that I regret purchasing now).

I have never had such a frustrating experience with an appliance delivery. Apparently, there was little clear communication between Home Depot and the delivery company.
Home Depot has no problem giving you multiple delivery dates and making you call over and over again.
Home Depot online is a 'different' company than Home Depot the store, I was told. So the only option you have is to call, over and over again, talking to multiple people and being put on hold until it adds up to hours of your life on the phone and days of missed work! (The menu options to get them are 2, 2, 2, then 5!)

The store and the online app lead you to believe you will have your items delivered in a matter of days. But it is actually a matter of weeks.

I will never order from Home Depot online again. It cost me hours of missed work and hours of being on the phone trying to get my order delivered.

A simple thing like getting a phone number right would have saved me so much time! I called Home Depot just before the delivery on Feb. 7 to make sure they had my phone number right, they insisted they did.

My co-workers are amused. The big question today, Feb. 7, 2020, was 'Do you have a washer yet?'

I am amazed that Home Depot can just say 'We will schedule another delivery date' . I was patient, until today, Feb 7th. At that statement, I was done! I mean, throw in a coupon or a discount or some offering to express some regret for the incompetence, inconvenience, and deception of the whole thing. Yes, deception. Another complaint against Home Depot on this site used that word, and I agree. It is a deception to lead customers to believe they will get a delivery in less than a week.

My new dryer will not be from a Home Depot store or Home Depot online.
It would be hazardous to my health and my job to do so.

I would like to say that the Home Depot customer service people from the online organization - the ones I contacted over this 3 week period - have been very nice. There is no complaint with them. At the end of each call, I rated them highly. They are governed by deficient company processes.
But even as nice as they were, I could not let just politely resolve it this time. The matter has to be elevated.

This complaint took more of my time to write. Hopefully it will help someone make a better choice than I did.

I do agree with the feedback I am getting about posting this Home Depot complaint to a broader online audience.

unethical behavior towards handicap man refusing him from future purchases

I am permanently handicaped and had a large item on shopping cart proceeding to checkouts where 3 female employee's stood directly in the way by the cash registers gossiping...

replacement windows (5) of them

I should have known better then to chose a local Home Depot to replace my Windows. From the beginning, the order which was placed 04-19-2019, and the work finished and inspection...

artificial grass

On January 28, 2020, I looked on the Home Depot online website to see if they had a product I was interested in purchasing. I found the product, looked at the pricing and checked availability for stores closest to me. I live in Big Bear City, Ca, 92314, so there are no 'close' stores as all are over 45 minutes away. I found the product available at the Redlands store so decided to drive there to get it. I arrived at the store, went to the carpet section where the artificial turf is located, and was immediately met by a good employee who retrieved the product, measured the amount I wanted, cut, rolled, and wrapped it up for me to take to the cashier. At the cashiers desk, the item was wrung up and immediately I noticed the price was 50% more than what I had estimated. I looked at the pricing and rather than charging the price I had seen on the internet, the price was 50% more due to them charging by linear foot on a 6 foot wide roll rather than the per yard price the internet displayed. I told her that was not the price I saw on the internet and she said that was the price it rang up as, so she called for a manager. The manager arrived, asked what the problem was and I explained to her that I had looked up this product 2 hours earlier online and the price was different in the store. She explained that they do not price match with their internet prices in the store. As my purchase was kind of large (I expected 400 dollars, not 600 dollars) I asked her how I would go about getting the internet price. She said I would have to order it online and then pick it up at the store. I said that would be fine. Then she stated I would have to wait at least 2 hours after my order to pick it up. No problem, I will pick it up the next day. I went to the Home Depot online site the next morning to make my order, but after many views, I found there was no way to order the product online and there were several statements that said product was only available in stores. There was a contact number to call to get an estimate down for the amount of material to be ordered. I called that number and was told that the flooring estimators did not do estimates or installs for artificial turf or any outside products and that I would have to contact the store to make the purchase. I then called Home Depots customer service number and spoke with Fallon. I told what I was trying to order and that I had hit a dead end through the website. She then asked for the internet item number and I gave it to her. She went through the site, confirmed that I could not order it online, told me I needed to contact the estimator who I said I had already spoken to and explained that they did not do that for this product. She checked that information and confirmed I was correct. She said I would have to go to the store and purchase the material at the store. I explained I had tried to do that the day before and was given a price that was 50% more than what was advertised online. She then said the store should price match the online price if the SKU numbers were the same. She said I should screen capture the online price and take it to the store with me. I printed the entire product description, pricing, etc to take to the store. I went to the store to purchase the material, I confirmed that the item had the same SKU, then went to customer service to confirm the price would match the internet. The initial customer service person said they could not help me, so they contacted another person who I assume was higher in the food chain to take care of me. This woman simply looked up the Store SKU number and told me the price was the price. I told her I had spoken to the online services people and they had assured me that the store would match the online price since the SKU was the same and the product could not be ordered online, but specifically says under the price 'In Store Only'. She then called for someone else to come speak with me. The next person was an assistant manager who came to the customer service desk. While he spoke to the woman who had been helping me, I called the online service people again to see if they would talk to the store. The woman who answered was named Ashley and she said she would look into the issue. Ashley then told me, first, that the price listed online was a misprint, but when I pointed out that the price appeared in 4 different places in 2 different forms, per square yard and per square foot and they all equaled the same price, she then said that the online product was just for browsing and was not suppose to represent products and prices at the stores. When I told i felt that was false advertising, she stated she was going to talk to someone else about this and hung up on me. I called back, this time a male answered, don't remember his name, but he said the stores could charge whatever prices they wanted because they were individually managed and pricing on the internet was not matched in the stores. And that was that. The assistant manager walked away without ever talking to me. I then went back to the carpet section where my wife was waiting and told her they would not price match their own internet price. At that point, the assistant manager was walking by and she said, 'Excuse me, my husband just told me you won't honor your advertised internet price.' The assistant manager said 'That's right.' and my wife said 'I am going to yelp this..' to which he said 'You do whatever you think you need to do.' turned and walked away. I guess I should have known this is how this would go down since I read the reviews after and saw where others had to fight this same battle to get the pricing advertised by Home Depot for this product. I wonder how many others assumed Home Depot was honest and would not bait and switch product pricing on customers?

refrigerator delivery

I ordered a new refrigerator on January 11th. I was given detailed instructions on how to prepare for delivery. I had our driveway plowed and sanded, I shoveled a wide path to our...


11 We ordered a large refrigerator/ freezer with free home delivery. We followed all instructions. Cleared kitchen, measured door and had a plumber set up waterline. Shoveled walkway...

The Home Depothorrible customer service and no item after payment using the reserve in store function

I reserved and paid for two masks at the Home Depot this morning but an hour and a half after I paid for my order, the store called me and told me that they don't have any masks left despite the fact that I had paid for the masks already online. They said that they were willing to pay compensation for the masks we had paid for online. What is the point of having an online system to reserve items if you do not get the item that you paid for? The store is basically lying to their consumers through their online ordering system! I went to the store to ask why this happened but the store manager refused to take any responsibility for not having the item that was ordered online. He merely said that it is the online system's fault that the order went through and that we should call online support. He offered to notify me when the next batch of masks would come in, but when I asked repeatedly to talk to his supervisor and for the complaint line, he rudely ignored my requests and called the cops. This is the first time I have seen a store call the cops on a customer when the store is obviously at fault. I did not do anything that was threatening to his or the store employee's safety but he decided to call the cops because he didn't want to answer my question. There is no way I am ever ordering anything online from Home depot or buying anything from this store! AVOID AT ALL COSTS unless you want to talk to the police when you go into the store to voice a complaint.

  • Wf
    WFB Apr 01, 2020

    January of 2020 was during the covid19 pandemic and very few, if any, places had masks, but you already knew that.
    They told you they don't want your business due to your behavior, I don't blame them.
    Grow up.

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rental tool and insulation

We wanted install the blown in insulation in our walls, we went to the store to order as they don't stock the larger bags in stores, we told the counter person which one we...


I have been waiting for almost a year and a half for flooring completion.. Installation company took all the transitions with them. They had to be reordered. And reordered. And reordered. We get calls from home depot that they are in.. Installation company tells us that home depot does not have them... This has been going on so long... Confirmed and missed appointments. Missing time from work to meet with installers that confirm and do not show up. I finally called and "f" bombed the home depot store out of frustration.. Never in my life have I acted this way or been this frustrated. We have a newer home, and we have to keep blue tape and flower planters down on the transitions that where put down with silicone and not the metal tracking... My 80 year old mom tripped over one that had sprung up and required stiches in her leg... This is insane! I have gotten to the point where we post all negatives on facebook, nextdoorneighboor and so on.. I have printed out pictures and actually handed them out neighbors and to others considering flooring... Ironically, I had worked for home depot on cortez in florida and few years the flooring dept! I cannot beleive that this outfit treats their customers this way... We have cancelled on our home blinds thru home depot. I hope to hell this store closes... Unbeleivably disappointed in our decision to use home depot... Have a wonderful day
Bob and scarlet goelz

product deception and wrong product installed

I am very disappointed to find you are the most deceptive bunch of people I have ever dealt with - I am going to file a law suite against home depot...I solited your services for...

appliance purchase and delivery

Dates: December 31, 2019 to January 14, 2020. Order No. WA76706451

Home Depot has no control over their stock or delivery. They misrepresent the availability of items and use a very poor delivery service. I ordered a 4 piece kitchen suite from Home Depot because they said that they could deliver in 2 to 4 days. Other stores told me it would take one to two weeks. Time was of the essence since my contractor was waiting on the appliances. I also thought that the local Home Depot store was consumer friendly and had its own delivery service (my mistake).

Home Depot contracts out their delivery to this Spirit Delivery with its main office about an hours drive away. Delivery was rescheduled 3 times because at least one of the appliances was apparently not in stock. LG told me that Home Depot could have checked its computer and seen that they were out of stock on one of the items. LG also said that Home Depot "does this all the time". What that means is that I could have ordered the appliances from another store at less cost. When I called the local Home Depot they were reluctant to help because I had ordered online. I did not go to the store because when I called it for information the person on the phone was eating his lunch and was not at all helpful. Who knew that the online Home Depot and the Dunkirk/Fredonia Home Depot were not working for the same business? To make matters worse - Home Depot had the wrong phone number on the Order and couldn't change it so in order to check the status, I had to type in someone else's phone number.

As an aside, the first time I ordered, it was on the phone, we got to the end of the Order and my Home Depot credit card was $51 short. I offered to put the $51 on another card and was told I could not. I then had to contact Home Depot Financing; I asked for an additional $200 and was approved. I then called back to place the order and got a new person, had to start all over and by the time I had repeated the spelling of my Town three times, I said never mind, I'll do it online.

When delivery finally occurred the Spirit employees would not bring the refrigerator in because the yard was too muddy. I also arranged for them to take my old refrigerator. They did not have it on the work order and left.

I then contacted Home Depot again and arranged to have the delivery service come back to move the refrigerator from the garage where they left it to the house. The delivery service still did not have the order to take the old fridge and left the new one in the middle of the room waiving the delivery order at me showing that there was no haul away order. I told him I had paid for it with a credit card and he should call his boss. He said he could not get a line from here (which I thought very odd) so I said ok I'll call Home Depot - as soon as I dialed he took out his phone which worked fine and made a call but by this time I was trying to explain to the local Home Depot person what was going on and did not know whether or not he had gotten in touch with his boss. He seemed angry that I had called Home Depot. It upset me that he had lied about not being able to get a line when he could have just called his boss to begin with. He clearly did not like that I had called Home Depot so I gave him my phone so that Home Depot could tell him that he was supposed to take the old fridge. He told Home Depot that he had gotten permission to take the fridge but that I had called Home Depot anyway - and I was in the background trying to tell the Home Depot person on the phone that he was lying that he had told me he couldn't get a line and I was not aware that he had gotten through.

Home Depot then accused me of causing the problem by not listening to him lying! He left without hooking up the new fridge or taking the old one. Home Depot acted like the whole thing was my fault. They implied that it was my fault for "shouting" in the background and he said I wouldn't listen to him. I was trying to tell them that he had told me he could not get through to his boss and I did not know that he had gotten permission to take the fridge. I am certain that he would have left without trying to contact his boss if I had not called Home Depot. At that point I was angry and I just wanted to be left alone. Some of the Home Depot employees were very nice but I was too upset to respond in kind.

The desirable resolution would be for Home Depot to stop misinforming customers about the availability of appliances and to find a local non-Buffalo based delivery service for this area. I cannot calculate my own loss: I spent 3 days waiting for deliveries packing and repacking my old refrigerator not to mention the endless hours on the phone and the emotional stress and the delay had my contractor waiting so... I have a brand new fridge in the middle of my room and an old fridge that I will have to arrange to have removed. I am still upset. All in all this has been a thoroughly awful experience and I want people to know about it and will make sure that they do. I may turn it into a comedy routine once I am able to look back on it.

I especially want to say THANK YOU to Home Depot for turning what I was looking forward to in my new kitchen into an unpleasant memory that will haunt my kitchen and may make for a good story to tell when I entertain guests.


We had a roof installed through Home Depot in 2017. The salesman (who was a Home Depot employee) told us it was a '30 year roof.' Within a month, the roof was leaking. We contacted our local Home Depot, and a repair person was sent. At least that leak was addressed.
We also had a bathroom renovated through another contractor at the same time. RIght before Christmas of 2019, we realized the roof was leaking above the bathroom. The sheetrock is disintigrating, and there is mold. Again we contacted our local Home Depot, but we were told they no longer installed roofs. We must call a warranty company. We've called the warranty company 10 times. We've had several promises that somebody would call us withing 3 working days. No calls. We went to the Home Depot where we set up the original installation. We were promised by a manager that somebody would contact us in 24 to 48 hours. Nobody contacted us. I called the manager who made that promise. She made a call, and told me to call someone at the warranty company. She had just talked to him and he was waiting for our call. She also told us that Home Depot would no longer do nothing about it. In a round-about way she was telling us not to call her anymore.
We have since heard from others who had roofs done through Home Depot who tell the same story. The roof leaks and nobody will fix it. We paid over $13, 000 for this roof, and it leaks. We also have damage to the home because of the most recent leak. Just telling us that Home Depot doesn't handle that isn't a good excuse. Home Depot sold us the roof and now refuses to help us fix it. Is there anything at all that your company will do to resolve this issue?

Brian McCabe [protected] or Dawn McCabe [protected]

service; lack of understanding of the market

I contacted home depot to purchase a Samsung 1.9 cu ft. I tried to order it on line or at the store. The manger told me i have to pay a $60 delivery charge regardless if the item was delivered to my home or to the locall home depot. I think this is so stupied. I called lowes i was a ble to pick up the unit from there local store withoit any additional charge. and they gave me a 5% discount since i applied for a lowes credit card. Guess what that how lowes will be getting all my future busines and that how home depot will be loosing $.

credit card

I bought some products in july via a credit card scheme. Payment due on 5th feb 2020. Subsequently told in october that I am overdue. Paid $100 in october. Checked my credit...

defiant led motion security light

I purchased an outside sensor lighting; I paid an electrician to come and install it; he found it to be defective; I took it back to return it; I waited 20 minutes in line ( 2...

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marble counter installation

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refrigerator delivery or lack thereof

I have experienced total dissatisfaction with home deport regarding the delivery of a refrigerator that I ordered and paid for on december 1st with delivery promised for december 10th. Waited all day for delivery. No delivery and no personal contact. I requested my money be refunded. Instead I was given a new delivery date of december 19th. Needless to say, I still have no refrigerator and am out of my money. Home depot is filled with fake promises and fake advertisements.

I have been a very long time satisfied customer of home depot and wonder if they are experiencing the same inept leadership as the boeing company. Poor, poor customer service.

They should take a look at ll bean and lands end.

Order number wd66919593

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    Lydthemis Jan 14, 2020

    I too have been a long time customer of Home Depot and I had a similar experience ordering something that was supposed to be in stock 2 to 4 day delivery, not true.

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tuff shed

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