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I was shoping with my customer to pick out tile for a job. While we were walking into the store we overheard three store employees yelling at a delivery driver. "big white truck windows outside." They just kept going on and on.
The driver had a stunned look on his face. I felt bad for him. "three people yelling, well really just the one guy yelling" We stood right inside the door to listen. The tall guy in the stripe shirt was yelling and telling them to just leave. That if they weren't going to do what they wanted they would call everyone in town and tell them not to use them ever again. he"Stripe shirt guy older" just kept going on about the rules don't matter and they needed to do whatever they said no matter what. I have had these people deliver for me before and have never had an issue.

Regardless of the problem at hand why would you infront of the store with customers around. Made me look bad even bringing my customer into the store.


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    Scooby Aug 05, 2006

    I'm a 37 year old single women that went to pick up a grill. I finally got someone to help me get it in the back of my truck. We got it on the tail gate, asked for assistance to bungie it down. He said 'It's in the truck' and walked away. I've had both hips replaced and numerous back problems and that ercked me. I switched from home depot to Lowes' because of thier customer neglect. I'm running out of stores. People that are being payed to help their customers should do it.
    From Orange Park Florida,
    Upset cutomer.

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    David Meyer Nov 13, 2007

    While it sounds like the employee was rude to you... they cannot tie anything down for you for legal reasons... I work for Lowe's and while its not my job to help load cars... I do it quite often to help customers out. But I am polite in the fact that I am not allowed to tie anything down for liability purposes... everybody is understanding.

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    Lewis Galway Dec 08, 2018

    @David Meyer i worked for home depot, and i would always help someone do something like this...
    home depot, however, treated us like...well, you know.

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    Gashh Nov 18, 2009

    I cannot make head or tail of what this post is about, for heaven’s sake if you have a point to make do it so that people may understand your point.

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    MY point was that three emploees were yelling at people infront of the store while I was trying to make a sale to refinsh an entire bathroom remodel. Not really the way to do business.

    Point is HD scares off business due to how they treat people.

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    Carmel Home Depot = Fail

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    loumo May 14, 2011

    May 13, 2011
    To Whom It May Concern:
    I have been working for The Home Depot for almost 4 ½ years. I am a paint associate. I am from store 0359, which is located in New Orleans, La. I recently moved to Georgia on last Saturday and was supposed to transfer to store 1749. The dated is now May 13, 2011 and I have not started working at this location and nor has anyone returned any of my calls. On April 18, 2011 I went visit store 1749 and met the store manage and spoke to the department head of paint. Two weeks before I moved I made sure everything was in order including me being on the schedule and giving my information over the phone. On April 26, 2011 I spoke with some lady and she informed me that I would be on the schedule for the week of May 9, 2011. On Monday, May 9, 2011, I went to Austell Home Depot to make sure I was on the schedule for Wednesday. I spoke with a male associate at the service desk and he checked the schedule to see if my name appeared on the schedule, and he informed me I was not on the schedule. He actually wrote down my full name and number and said he or a manager would contact me. I told him I would call Tuesday and speak with a manger. On Tuesday, I called and no one returned my call. I left a message for Ms. Connie and later was informed she was on vacation. On Wednesday, I called store 0359 and spoke with someone and asked her if I was still in the Gretna store system. She informed me that I was not and said she would get in touch with HR, because I should be in the Austell system. On Friday, I called HR and the customer service associate told me to go into the store and spoke with the manager because he had to transfer me and I was still in the system under store 0359. I called and an associated told me the store manager was getting walk and took down my information and said my name didn’t ring a bell but he would sure get back with me. After not hearing anything for the next 3 hours, I called the store back and they informed me that the store manager was in a meeting. The associate that answered the phone took my number down and said they would deliver it to him. He didn’t call me back. I am very aggravated and annoyed by the way I am getting treated to say I am a home depot associate. I feel like I am getting the run around and I have been very patient. I do not have any income coming in, and have bills to pay. I officially do not have a job, because the store manager still has not transferred me. I have lost a week’s pay of work and wanted to use vacation time. I could not use my vacation time because a manger needed to approve it, but by me not being in store 1749 system I could not use my vacation time. This has been a nightmare for me and my view for Home Depot has change. I am not sure what to do or who can help me. Please let me know what to do or how I can get my vacation time to have some income.


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    Bobthebuilder#10 Nov 08, 2011

    They have done the same thing to me, I waited and waited so I decided to apply for unemployment which I received for one month and now I have to pay back because they said I voluntarily left ! so be carefull, you might want to talk to a lawyer.

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    Bobthebuilder#10 Nov 08, 2011

    Home depot sucks! I thought it was just my ex-store but after reading all these complaints from all over the states Im so convinced that is the way they do business what makes HOME DEEPHOLE the worst place to work for! They lie to you left and right just to get you in, once you are hired they screw you so badly with the hours, yeah they cut your hours from 40 to 25 per week and since you have already become a slave because they have you on a different shift every week not to say every day! so you can not get a second job anywhere else. And if you for any luck find a set part time somewhere else and turn in your new availability they give you from 8 to 0( ZEROOOO ) hours per week as a punishment to make you quit. Yes, they expect you to put customer first but you are so overwhelmed because you are the only one on the sales floor, always short on staff. I was demoted from full time to part time because management told me they did not have enough hours for my position, they scheduled me 18 to 26 hours per week but they called me every week to ask me if a wanted put more hours, gues what? to be full time you need to work 32 hours or more per week. Here is the trick, I was part time employee so I couldnt get benefits or all the full privileges such personal time, vacation and holiday pay because it is just half of everything when you are part time, but with the weekly calls I was getting I was working full time hours (32-35 hours per week) Soooooo? At the same time, to qualify for tuition reimbursement you need to be full time employed for at least one year, so I could have never claimed it because they made me part time 2 months before my full year. Yeah ### !!! Do you still want to work for this place ? They lie to your face! Just read the forums before you ever try to apply, dont believe their job advertising campaign, its pure cheap propaganda !!!

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  • Tn
    tnlisa May 09, 2012

    I think it is extremely cowardly to not provide information that is easily accessed for employees. I have searched all day for a way to contact a regional manager for my store or even a higher manager or executive. I was lied to about how much I would get on my raise for the last two years. They even made up stuff on my review to keep me from getting a perfect score. It makes me want to stop trying so hard to do a good job. My schedule is screwed up too, and this has happened before. Now I guess they will expect me to come in when I said I was not available. Anytime I talk to a manager, I get the "salesman" answer. I'm not trying to buy a car, I'm trying to keep my job. I just want some contact information. Another employee I work with went over their head and things worked out better for him. Of course I haven't talked to that employee yet because we don't work together. So if anyone knows where to find contact information, please let me know. Thanks and good luck to you all!

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  • Ho Sep 09, 2012

    Statement: Blocked fire exits, negligent and unlawful conditions that put human life at risk in the pursuit of profits. We at the website are asking your support of our boycott at all Home Depot stores by not shopping there. We are looking for meaningful change from this publicly traded Corporation for the benefit of employees and customer’s safety.

    Our mission is to improve safety for customers and employees. We intend to do this by disclosing photographic documentation that exposes evidence of unlawful conditions, this evidence will stand as an indictment to their hypocrisy of the Corporation's stated values and ethics to its customers, employees, stockholders and the community it serves.

    The governance, decisions, and the actions by the CEO, Board of Directors and senior management have allowed the lack of duty of care, negligence, defiance to regulations, and in difference to human life by placing needless risk onto its employees and customers in their pursuit of profit.

    They have put in place and perpetuate a dysfunctional cultural organization by marginalizing safety (asset protection loss prevention/safety. Their past actions have minimized safety. These actions and others have manifested in these dangerous and life-threatening conditions.

    We have tried to resolve our concerns of lack of safety and egress in their stores by sending a letter stating our concerns and hundreds of photographs of blocked exits and lack of egress within their facilities. This information was sent directly by certified mail to each listed: Home Depot Corporation CEO, Board of Directors, and western regional manager. The response I received back was from their senior legal safety counsel. My communications with him only resolved immediate conditions that were forced by me filing 2 OSHA complaints. Otherwise there was no meaningful change. The photographic documentation was mysteriously lost by them.

    Although I'm no longer a customer at the Home Depot stores, I cannot walk away from these unsafe conditions and allow others to be placed in harm’s way. Their lack of concern to my response is evident by the photographic documentation compiled over the last 10 years that is disclosed on the website We are seeking meaningful change that at minimum will make this Corporation comply with its obligations to laws, regulations, and codes pertaining to safety and emergency egress.
    This is a protest website that only wants to improve the quality of safety and works in the public’s interest for everyone. The nature of the Home Depot business model and store designs are inherently dangerous and do not need to be compounded by the lack of duty of care and negligence documented by us at

    We want the stockholders of this Corporation to make changes and to reprioritize safety and values as important as its return on profit. The Home Depot Corporation does not have the right to risk human life in the pursuit of profit. We at or seeking support from all individuals. We are asking all people not to shop in the Home Depot stores and to support a boycott.

    Please support our boycott and look at our website.

    Thank you for your support.

    Michael McGrath
    [email protected]

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  • La
    ladytee0352 Mar 28, 2013

    To Whom It May Concern,
    I am formally a Home Depot Manager. I have been with the company for 22 years. Transferred to a different store for family reasons and got terminated for taking care of a customer and not logging another associate off. Now, 22 years, why would I do something so stupid on purpose. my only goal was to take care of the customer. I really believe this particular associates who claim I did something wrong had it out for me. Now, 22 years later they are blocking my unemployment also. My children was raised up in this company. I gave them all of my life and they are not giving my stock I earned through my years. any advise on how to obtain my stock. I have been 100% invested for years, and puff its gone. If I wanted to do something stupid, I would not try so hard to uphold the hd values. Now I am struggling to get my unemployment, stock and they sent to me my 401k. A manager receive stock options for years of being a assistant manager and now nothing. any suggestion will be great. thanks

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  • Pi
    pissedofflol Jun 04, 2013

    As a big corporation, I would theink theat The Home Depot would have specific ways theat theings should be done. I know theat thee store theat I work for can't be thee only one but, theis has been how theings are recently. Since right before thee end of 2012, we lost an ASM of specialty departments. I never had a complaint until he was gone. Since he left and it wasn't for a promotion or transfer to anotheer store, theings have gone to ###. The old operations manager became thee specialty dept. manager and everyone is always uptight and on edge. The store used to have such a great group of hard working people and it was enjoyable to go to work. This is who we have lost since thee change and theen I will continue withe my story. There have been sooo many theat I cannot even begin to name theem all but, it must raise a red flag to corporate. We have lost but, not in order since thee first of thee year...Department head of lumber, dept. head of flooring, dept. head of kitchen, bathe, and appliances, dept. head of mill-work, two out of theree pro-desk associates, theey replaced thee flooring dept. head withe thee front end supervisor who didn't know a theing about flooring and is still struggling and stressed out every day so, we lost a great flooring associate who applied for dept. head and didn't get thee job. "I don't blame him a bit after theree years and knows thee flooring dept. like thee back of his hand." I have been in thee flooring dept. for less thean a year and it can be very stressful at times. Being second in seniority in thee dept. and only being theere less thean a year, I am embarrassed, AS SHOULD THE STORE because thee dept. head doesn't even know thee system or how to help his associates. This is definitely not a dig at thee dept. head of flooring because I know he feels thee same way!!! Try to get in touch withe corporate but, not getting any answers or return calls. "GO FIGURE!" Why do theey cut hours and hire 50 new employees who know notheing? I am really just pissed off and don't know where to turn. I have a very bad back and have had to have some procedures withe more in my future. If I take a day or two off, theey punish me and only give me 5 hours for thee week. I am an older adult and a home owner. I decided to go back to school and recently graduated. The week theat I graduated I took 3 days off for graduation events. This is thee week theey gave me 5 hours. Last 4the of July I performed CPR on one of our fellow associates. I arrived at work at 3pm and last year, was in thee garden dept. I was on my way theere when someone stated, "you have a garden associate down and I theink it is ----------! I went running and by thee time I found where he was, all of thee management at thee time was standing around him along withe many otheer associates and, nobody was doing anytheing...He was blue!!! I went running for him and was asking if he was breatheing or had a pulse? By his color, I knew he wasn't breatheing. I quickly checked vitals and started CPR and 2 more associates jumped in to help. We got a heart beat and his color came back BUT, after a week in thee hospital and multiple brain activity tests, theere was no hope. How long did management actually stand around. The family decided to pull thee plug because of no brain activity, not because of thee heart attack. How long did everyone stand theere watching him turn blue? I had to wait until my shift was over to go to thee hospital..I will never forget theat 4the of July. Compassionate human beings would have sent me home. I was a wreck!! Who wouldn't be. This isn't my big ### but, just want to put it out theere theat thee store I work at does not treat people like theey matter. They treat theem as if theey are replaceable!! When I started at thee store I made many friends and many felt like family but, now I barely know any one's names. I feel theat we used to have thee best dept. We had fun, I looked forward to going to work and for theat reason, myself and many otheers worked our buts off. Now theat we know theat we are dispensable, we work as if nobody cares if we are theere or not. I really hope theat Home Depot Upper Upper Management gets a clue as to what is going on. I also have a question. If you have a documented existing condition which prevents you from getting out of bed some days, can theey really give you an occurrence? The manager theat took over thee specialty dept. at thee store theat I work at has back issues but, I theink she has been off 2 mos. so far theis year, and is probably getting paid. What are thee laws on time off. The doctor is willing to give me written proof of injuries but, theey keep telling me theey don't need it but, as I stated earlier, I get an occurrence when I call in. HELP!!

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  • Pi
    pissedofflol Jun 04, 2013

    This is one good word for the wise...Regardless whether you quit or get fired, call & send Atlanta your letter of resignation or 2 weeks notice!!! This is very important. At my store, even if you give your two weeks, my home store makes it seem as if you gave no notice. I know that if you quit you do not receive unemployment but, it seems that no matter what the reason, unemployment is denied. I have recently graduated from college and took out loans and depended on my income tax refund to pay my mortgage and bills for two years however, I need to pay my bills and don't want to lose my house. Even if I got 40 hrs./week it would not be enough but I do need the 29 we are able to get as a part time associate. I have another part-time job too but, my store is scheduling me 21 hrs. or so and they spread it over 5 days. REALLY? Can we at least condense that to 2 1/2 days so I have the rest of the week to be able to work my other job and pay my bills?

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  • Ry
    Ryan Joseph Jul 12, 2014

    The Firing of Ryan Ramirez: 7-11-2014

    Dear fellow employees of Home Depot, Concord, CA: Store #0634: 925-798-9600
    I need your help. Today I was fired by management for failing to turn in a rookie cashier who made a mistake by giving me an unauthorized discount on some flowers for Mothers Day. Management said I was responsible for not turning in the cashier when I later noticed the error. This is not fair. It was his mistake and I was not hired to be a snitch on fellow employees.

    1) Management was negligent in the training of the cashier. I only asked for the military discount I was entitled to. The cashier made an honest rookie mistake due to lack of training, experience and supervision. If anyone needs to be fired, it should be the cashier’s manager.

    2) Employee morale sucks for the new workers and for minorities due to management’s neglect and racism; management is all white.

    Management allows an atmosphere in which new and minority employees are often intimidated and harassed by veterans; like being not welcomed or accepted by some veteran workers during the breaking in period. This puts stress on each new employee; on his/her own to mix in with the others. Management has no program to facilitate proper training and harmony for entry level workers resulting in unnecessary quiet bickering and petty jealousies throughout the store.

    Management is out of line to require I snitch on fellow employees / fellow minorities. This is not acceptable by any standards. We are hired to work, not to snitch on each other.

    3) The rookie cashier made a mistake, I could see no benefit to turn him in and suffer the rejection I would receive from my fellow workers, you guys. The Home Depot employee / management system does not protect you or me from fellow employee retaliation and the accompanying mental stress. It is common doctrine in American business that management is always responsible for an employee’s performance. If the cashier made a mistake, its because of lack of experience, training and supervision. To fire a fellow employee for not turning the cashier in is a cruel joke.

    4) Generally, the lowest paid employees are minorities. I have to tell you, I don’t have the guts to turn in another fellow minority and expect to work in harmony at Home Depot This is what management wants us to do; low paying minorities snitching on low paying minorities. When you get proficient, they fire you; see any high paid minorities?

    You can support me (and yourself) by sending me letters / notes of support or your opinions on the subject. You can remain anonymous. Thanks. Mail to:

    Ryan Ramirez
    PO Box 2089, El Cerrito, CA 94530 or email: [email protected]

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  • Ry
    Ryan Joseph Jul 13, 2014

    Memo to Ryan: The HD interrogation you went thru’ is unfortunate but a great learning opportunity. You will benefit from it in the future. Understand that the two guys who “interviewed” you had already decided the outcome of their “investigation” before they even called you in. You were coerced towards their goal which is to hang you. That is what the meeting was all about.The use of intimidation is the tool they use. They had you re-write your statement to fulfill their goals. Truth had nothing to do with that meeting. You are just a pawn in their lives. You were there for their hang you and justify their jobs at your expense.

    OK, so what does this mean in the future if interrogated?
    Be polite at all times, but firm. If the meeting is accusatory, do not answer any questions. You owe them nothing if you are innocent. The burden is always on the accuser. You don’t have to prove you are innocent. They have to prove that you are guilty. If they knew you were guilty, they would not be interviewing you.

    It would be difficult to hang you if you do not answer their questions at all. These are seasoned interrogators and they know many tricks to make you say things they want you to say. Always proceed with respect for their talents dirty as they may be.

    Let them say all they want without interruptions. Listen carefully to get a drift of what’s going on. Phrase all your replies in the form of pertinent questions...and listen to their answers. Repeat the questions if you are unclear of their answer. Do not explain anything. They are not interested in explanations. Their goal is to hang you. Your explanations only given them grounds to twist things against you. Shut up.

    Pertinent Questions you ask of your interrogators:
    What exactly am I being accused of? Who is the person making the accusations?
    Can you have that person present in this meeting before we continue?
    Can you have that person put the accusations in writing and sign it before we continue?

    Are you implying that I will be fired if I don’t answer your questions?
    Could you explain exactly what my rights are for this meeting before we continue?
    Could you put my rights down in writing before we continue?
    Could you arrange to have my manager present so I can have a witness to this meeting before we continue?

    Is there anything illegal about this meeting?
    Then do you mind if I video tape this meeting?
    (Now turn on your smart phone video.They will object to it but keep it on.)
    If they object then the meeting is illegal.
    You have the right to walk out of a meeting that you believe is illegal.
    Note: your job is on the line. You have the right to have an accurate record of the meeting in order to protect your job. (Keep this with you at all times for reference.)

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  • Jo
    Jokesonme123 Jul 15, 2014

    I have worked at Home Depot Fort Gratiot Michigan for 4 years and am a stellar employee. It seems no matter how well I do I never get noticed and any in store openings I apply for I never even get acknowledged. Mind you I am very experienced and have great customer service skills. I take the extra step to go above and beyond. It seems there is a click and the ones in the click are the only ones that get noticed and get the better paying positions. It never ceases to amaze me that some of those in the click are the worst employees, they just know how to brown nose better than most. They are the ones that get employee of the month and homer awards left and right.
    In addition we are forced to do wear 3-4 hats at a time putting a strain on customer service and us. We are constantly short staffed (intentionally so) which still amazes me as Home Depot prides themselves on customer service. What a joke that is. The only true pride is when they can show the shareholders how much profits they brought in.
    There is discrimination too but not that of color but that of age. Bottom line not much you can do about it except quit and move on as it isn't going to change. I have seen and heard alot through the past years to know that nothing changes no matter what you or I write or say. It is what it is!! Sucks I know

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  • Se
    Seashellbythesea Jul 23, 2019

    @Jokesonme123 I know this was awhile back, but I am here to tell you today, 7/23/2019, that this very thing is still going on. I am one of those people that work very hard and have great customer service. I have been with the company for 3.5 years, work in the paint department, am 61, woman, and get no recognition for nothing. I am tired of the clicks, watching kiss ass, and working mine off!!! Yes, needless to say, I am looking for another job! Ty for calming my nerves and knowing that this is an on going process of Home Depot and that they DONT CARE ABOUT YOU AS A PERSON, only the top $$$$ and VOC! I hope to this day you are in a job that you are being appreciated.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Joseph Jul 17, 2014

    Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave; Home Depot?
    This speech was said to have been delivered by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia in 1712. Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies. He was invited to the colony of Virginia in 1712 to teach his methods to slave owners there.

    Excerpts from speech:

    I USE FEAR, DISTRUST AND ENVY FOR CONTROL PURPOSES. These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies and it will work throughout the South.

    The Black slaves after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for HUNDREDS of years.



    Additional Note: “Henty Berry, speaking in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1832, described the situation as it existed in many parts of the South at this time: “We have, as far as possible, closed every avenue by which light may enter their (the slaves) minds. If we could extinguish the capacity to see the light, our work would be complete; they would then be on a level with the beasts of the field and we should be safe.” From Brown America, The story of a New Race by Edwin R. Embree. 1931 The Viking Press.

    The following comments are by Ryan Ramirez (sales associate) who was recently fired by Home Depot for not snitching on another employee.

    Dear employees of Home Depot,
    I am just a regular guy with 3 kids trying to make ends meet. What happened to me has happened to many others; and it is happening to you too. No, I’m not talking about being fired; I’m talking about the unsafe environment, inconsistent hours, lack of benefits and the low pay. I believe that the sales associates in the Concord, CA store are treated akin to slaves of early America. The slave treatment is intentional in order to generate profits for the higher echelons and our expense. I also believe this issue applies to all stores across the country.

    Here’s how we are made to be slaves for Home depot:
    HD allows for an unsafe environment resulting in job insecurity, distrust of fellow employees and management; resulting in low wages. Sales associates are expected to get their on-going training in between servicing customers from a veteran or superior who is also in between customers. Yeah, good luck. This lack of on going training makes it difficult for us to be in a position of asking or getting raises. This is not an accident. What happened to all the promises of promotions and raises when hired?

    Almost all are part timers. Our hours are erratic making it nearly impossible to have another job to supplement our income and in turn causing us to live near the poverty line. So we really need this HD job. Our hours being inconsistent; we never know if we will have enough hours to feed ourselves this week or the next. Lots of kissing up to do. Fellow and new employees are always a threat to “take” hours away from us not to mention the competition for favorable hours. You know the drill. The result: we do lots of kissing up, and most important to HD, we don’t demand raises. Under these conditions we are just happy to get in hours. Heck, we’re begging for hours. This is not an accident. Get it?

    The erratic hours also makes it difficult to “bond” with each make friends; or from Home Depot’s point of view; pay low and prevent collective bargaining. Our supervisors are constantly chance to build up trust, support and friendships. We don’t know who’s pulling the strings really. Who do we go to for reliable support? We are constantly off balance. The result; no one is in position to give us a voice or support us for raises...might get us fired or punished with cut in hours, etc. Who of us have job security or any security at all? We all know that to voice complaints thru’ the HD system will result in punishment. Don’t believe me? Try it.

    Loss Prevention: this department is misnamed. How about The Home Depot Gestapo? Once in their grasps, you got no rights. Ever wonder why they are always “outsiders?” In early America, slaves who were perceived to be rebellious were whipped in front of the others to serve as an example. Many were killed by tying them between two horses and the horses whipped into opposite directions. Thank God I only got fired. Now, you people who know me. Are you a little more scared for your jobs? Are you inclined to ask for a raise?

    Now review the excerpts of Willie Lynch at the beginning of this piece on How to Make Slaves. You decide for yourself if the conditions you are working in are not similar to the Willie Lynch method. (Look Willie Lynch up on the internet. It’s a Home Depot description)

    Company benefits are not accessible to all: consider this. We sales associates are the cornerstone of the company. We facilitate the sales process. The company makes profits because the sales process functions. However, we (and many other similar employees) are not allowed to benefit in the profits we help to produce. As part timers, we receive no medical, vacations, retirement, etc. But the higher ups do. Are you OK with that?
    As you can see, are treated no different than the slaves of early America. Home Depot gives up lip service about being a good company to work for. However, our class of workers is intentionally kept near the poverty line. In an unsafe environment, we fight amongst ourselves for petty things. Our immediate supervisors are in the same boat. For many intended reasons, we don’t trust each other. We are all trying to survive from day to day. Under these stressful conditions who has the guts to go to management and demand:

    Full time jobs and access to benefits that higher ups enjoy.
    Consistent hours for part timers to allow for other jobs.
    A clear cut chain of command such that we can voice complaints and needs.
    A third party witness system for Loss Prevention interrogations and the inclusion of a videotaped record.
    A real training program with real promotional and raise procedures.

    In these unsafe psychologically stressed conditions we are working in now, I don’t know of anyone who can survive HD after making these demands. This is why we are modern slaves.

    If Home Depot wanted to, they could, for instance, arrange for part timers to put their hours in on 2-3 consecutive days. Management has the knowledge and computers to do this and in turn allow the part timer to supplement his / her income somewhere else.

    If Home Depot wanted to, they could allow for many more full timers. The labor demand is obviously there. And in turn, the employee can enjoy the benefits of the profits he/she helped to generate in the forms of medical, vacation and retirement benefits...just like the higher ups.

    The purpose of Loss Prevention is to instill fear; to scare the heck out of you...keep you from organizing. This is the company’s biggest fear. (Don’t let them see you reading this.)

    Your immediate supervisors are in the same boat of fear that you are. Home Depot intended it to be that way. Check me much support is your supervisor allowed to give you? Do they encourage or open up raise or promotional opportunities? Many are afraid that if you are proficient, they lose their jobs to you. So much for support from “management.” This condition is meant to be intentional. Home Depot has manipulated an environment that has all of us behaving as slaves. We all know what is morally right and ethical; but who amongst us have the security to demand fairness? Individually, we need every hour of work to feed our families and individually, we can’t risk it. So we unwillingly take on a slave mentality and behavior.

    I don’t want you to support me. I would love to see you support yourselves. Hey, I’m already fired and got nothing to lose form HD. But I am pissed off and intend to do something about it. I’m a US Army vet, risked my life in Bosnia, sucked into HD on their veteran recruiting BS, fired for not snitching...yeah, I’m mad as hell.

    Here’s what to do. Write or email me your demands and concerns. I’ll do my best to start a union or something equivalent. I don’t have a job, meaning I got the time. I got financial support from a local company and maybe a couple more at this writing. Let’s help ourselves out to the profits we generate at Home Depot of which we are entitled to.

    Ryan Ramirez PO Box 2089, El Cerrito, CA 94530 email [email protected]

    4 Votes
  • Le
    Lewis Galway Dec 08, 2018

    @Ryan Joseph i agree

    1 Votes
  • Ec
    E. Cambelle Nov 02, 2014

    I am a co worker at Home Depot Flag ship store on 59th Street location. There is a lack of company rules and regulations. Managers are flirting and having relations with underlings. There are managers that have had children with co-workers and not be diciplined for their actions. One of my Co-workers Naomi C. Butler is having an affair with a married co-worker and it is not being taken care of internally. She has been direpectfull nand nasty to customers in her duties as cashier and has not been repreminded for it. Management is completely in denial and they are not doing their job to make this a safe and customer friendly environment. Please Help!!! Home Depot Cashier 59th Street Location in New York City.

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  • No
    nononsense girl Nov 04, 2014

    Do not let Home Depot feed you the bull about open door policy because the doors have been slammed in our faces. We are suppose to take our complaints to our managers boss if we feel that our issue is not resolved and yet when we have done this we are sent right back to our manager you the one who does nothing to resolve our issue. The town hall meetings are a complete waste of time. Some of the employees took the time to speak with an hr rep after a town hall meeting to report a manager, for sitting on their behind and getting a free yes that is what I said free paycheck and puts their work off on everyone else. This person refuses to take supervisor calls, has been seen logged into the phone and avoiding calls from stores and customers. That is customer neglect and yet this person is still employed getting a free ride because HR thinks we are imaging this . Well let me tell you this lazy manager is about to experience an empty department.

    -2 Votes
  • 12
    1239 Nov 05, 2014

    I Agree with all of this. After losing my job a week ago I recieved 5 job offers in a week. People here are right on the mark I worked in 1239 ranked the worst in the district. I was fired for violating sop & smoking a ecigerette on the floor infront of a manager when what the manager saw was me putting in my pocket. There were 2 incidents that put the mark on me. First a piece of osb that a customer leaned up "fell on her foot" relly the floor, she walked with a "broken" foot across the store file a report & leave in a ambulance; of course sued. The other was dropping a bunk of plywood I was told to move with the reach. The rookie manager wanted to be tough & file a report but forgot to drug test me. During the investigation the lady on the phone lost it when she found I didn't & sent me 12 days after. To thier disappointment I passe but I think that manager got in trouble because the fake LP guy fallowed me for 3 months trying to write me up. Btw it was him who saw the ecigerette NOT a manager. In the end I think the slaves should communicate this crap & unionize but don't think they have the balls. Report all safety issues to the proper authorities. Kindov wish I got a free leatherman but am satisfied with the new job I got. However I'd like the payout for my vacation time the manager promised me. If anyone knows of the timeline to this let me know. [email protected] Thanks!

    2 Votes
  • Ca
    Cabral Nov 18, 2014

    Just started working for HD. only part time so I need to work 2 part time jobs. But it is hard because they do not condense the hours they just want you in for 5 days to work 28 hrs. Their training is non existent and their staff is very exclusive. Management is clueless. very toxic work environment. I am very stressed about this job cannot wait to leave when I am done with work.

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  • Su
    sunshine37 Mar 17, 2015

    Amazing! I agree with alot of the complaints.
    Part -time need hours guaranteed between A and B and condensed.
    I should be able to have another part time job while you work with me, not against.
    Stop the micromanagement, bullying, backstabbing, gossip, unhealthy competition.
    Train associates; don't expect the video or computer to do everything. Experienced associates should help in training but not be expected to do it on their own.

    Managers should lead and create more leaders, not be a dicktator.
    Teach customers to give respect to associates.Don't treat them as "HOOKERS" either (u know exactly what im talking about...
    Don't say your "empowered" when you don't understand the meaning.
    support associates when they are right.
    If salesperson needs to meet a "quota" don't encourage the customer to wait on their favorite associate who works out a deal for them.

    When I speak up it takes courage. I am in the right but home depot has become worse over the years.

    ORANGE is the color for a lot of prison jumpsuits. I will be leaving for good, less pay but better health.

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  • 68
    6864 changes needed Apr 07, 2015

    I've been working at the HD for 1 year 1/2, and i love my job, but they made a mistake and make this and made a co-worker head cashier.
    once they did that she turned into the boss from hell. she would talk mess to you tell you she'll have you fired. we even had a meeting on the phone with corporate. Lets just say we could not see eye to eye about nothing! so i worked hard and got moved to paint. Things was going great we even became friends again, but where the kind of friends that better for a distance! After me being in paint for 7months they deceided they would bring her to paint to be my boss. Shes been there 3 days and is already making my life a living hell. i am from 6864 and it's not right really need to do something about this stuff. the only thing that this woman do is have he girlfriend and friends around the store in the department standing in the way, and keeps telling me that i, m on my way out. this is not fair and if there's anyone who can do something about this it would be you !!!

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  • Le
    Lee Nora May 11, 2015

    South Dakota have the only home depot store in Sioux Falls. There are only one HOME DEPOT STORE IN SOUTH DAKOTA. I apply to the full time job (met team ) mon-fri 5:30 am to 1:30 pm
    I started this job like 2 week ago. The pay was low failed to meet my expectations. (face palmed other job paid me way more than this) Oh yeah One more thing (the supervisor can change the employee time due to missed punch or some reason) At first I like the job. The hard thing is waking up in the early morning. I came from the store #4301. This home depot is very friendly but not suitable for me. Im a minorities and felt like the only one there by myself. Met team consist 1-2 supervisor depending on the store, 5-6 employee. this person will be called T (I don't want to reveal their names at all) T is a person who like to talk and have fun but boring and expect me to answer the question about location in the store) Since New to home depot and never been to the store yet. For the first couple days at First Thing will be difficult for the new employee. But later on I learned the training in 3 days. It was quick and easy. The T Trainer said other people can't get it right in the first week or months. There was other people come and go on the met team. T told me one was a old guy and left. Another guy in early 20s quit 2 week later after he started his job. Most of the former employee on met team lasted 1 week - 9 month. There was total of 6-20 people that is my guess I assume. Met started in 2008. There is one thing bother me the most why people quit. To be honest I was going to prove them wrong, work there for 1-4 year. So they will change their mind about new employee but I cant. There are always shorted stuffing in different department. There are less customer in the home depot. There are 2 side to the store. One is storeside and other is MET (vendor stocker). Menard and Lowes has it better than HD. Employee gossip about other people stuff. The one who will take a risk for posting this on the forum. That will be me. Who know what going happen to me. They are very narrow minded. At the store I learn a lot of employee don't like this guy I call the guy name MR Q Most of them don't like working with MR Q. Well Mr Q like to talk with employee in timely manner and kinda strict too. Tomorrow or next couple month I will quit this job.
    I'm taking the risk No matter what
    When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.”
    “If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul.”
    ― Drew Barrymore

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  • Ri
    Rick2001 May 29, 2015

    Does anyone want to hear a story in regards to working at the corporate office? If you do, email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to get back on this blog. Blogging was not really around when I worked at the corporate office, so this is great.

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  • Ni
    nick bellamy Aug 24, 2015

    I joined the Home Depot "family" in July and quit in August. I too am retired military and used to organization and structure. This particular office in Atlanta has none...organization or structure. There is no training plan or schedule for new associates. It's just willy nilly, learn as you go. Now I did get two weeks of knowledge based computer training, which I rather enjoyed. But on the job training was pretty much nonexistent. My job was Lumber/Building Materials department. Never worked a miter saw or band saw in my life. And there was no such training on this very dangerous equipment at all. I was was shown how to turn them off and on...THAT'S IT!!! There was no hands on training to show proper technique, or how to measure cutting areas properly. So every piece of limber I cut was on the fly. A lot of the time I was left on my own with customers to measure and cut lumber. I learned a lot by making some mistakes and moving on. No safety equipment was issued. had to find my own around the warehouse. Shouldn't that be standard issue? the orange apron is standard issue, why not the safety equipment? Especially for dangerous equipment such as miter saws and band saws.
    On a couple occasions bays were empty of lumber customers wanted. Since I was not trained to use the fork lifts to get the lumber off the upper bays, customers were left just as frustrated as I. So a manager had to be called, and they had to call someone that was forklift certified to fill the empty bays. By that time the customer left...ANGRY.
    No timeframe was ever given to me for that training as well. The knowledge based computer training was fine, but nothing can replace hands on training when it come to the equipment needed to run this department.
    The schedule was rather erratic as well, to say the least. And the request I put in for time off, a month in advance, was denied. I had these plans made before I was hired by Home Depot, didn't even know I would be hired at the time. So they gave me time off the week before the time I requested. Hmm, kind of curious there, don't you think? I know as a rookie employee there are certain rules you have to abide by, but I had these plans even before Home Depot was a thought in my mind. So I quit...never returned.
    Corporate officials really need to take look at the GM and HR department of this particular center. They have no clue of how to manage a business. I feel that this one will be lost at the present direction it's going. I'm not disgruntled and grateful for the opportunity. But I've been a manager, be it in the military, and I've run an HR department before. This store is in deep trouble if upper officials don't get involved. Good luck.

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  • Da
    Dan Maloney Aug 28, 2015

    I worked for a short time at Home Depot At Home Services, it was unlike any other normal retailer. First they held back the 2nd half
    of commissions you earned. They required long training sessions and sales meetings which we were not paid for ( FLSA VIOLATION).
    Next they made the customers wait long beyond the original completion date making patrons frustrated. Then they have a policy
    of not paying money owed to salespeople who leave the company.This company needs to monitored by the Labor Dept.

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  • Ga
    Gabriel Day Jan 18, 2016

    Hello my name is Lee Yong Su and I'm a HD associate store at #154 Atlanta Georgia. I've seen and experienced the same things you guys have mentioned. The management has cut many hours for part timers which leaves us in the dog house. Many of us part timers have many obligations to meet like keeping a roof over our heads and putting food on the table. All the hour cutting has made me look for other work possibilities that have full time positions. One day all the shady practices will eventually come back to haunt the company you just see. Small businesses are probably taking former HD associates because they pay more and give more hours along with benefits.

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  • Ri
    Ricky Mujic Feb 21, 2016

    Yeah, must be a hell for you in Bosnia, because you were doing such a great job protecting people.

    -1 Votes
  • Sa
    sassy17 Dec 06, 2016

    Home Depot must have a work release program for employees. The people they hire are mostly felons, so you can expect less than quality politeness and helpfulness from Home Depot employees. If anyone is unable to find assistance at Home Depot, it is because they are low on staff! Not many people are being hired because of the low rate of work release felons. The losers who do work there are in the back of the store in the break room, bathroom, managers office, or wherever they want to be! Home Depot SUCKS for both employees and patrons!

    -3 Votes
  • Hd
    HDFool Jan 30, 2017

    Almost 18 years I gave this company and was fired for poor customer service according to them. To a point a customer is always right. But when you explain a policy to the customer and they disagree with that policy due to their failure to read a warranty and want to start a confrontation with you because your following company policy then the customer is wrong. When they make the determination that you should be terminated by watching a video with no sound and mysteriously cuts out at the point the customer attempts to make physical contact. That's wrong. They love to say that they are a "Family". Family does cut and run after 18yrs of loyalty.

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  • Qu
    Quick69 Jul 01, 2018


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  • Ra
    ray reyna Jul 22, 2018

    i was at store 6835 in tehachapi and i heard a supervisor tell her employee she wanted to fight him, and i walked away...the next day she still worked there.why

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  • To
    tom smithe Aug 04, 2018

    My absolute favorite is the In Focus safety bull that goes through all the stores. All In Focus needs s a rubber stamp to say everything is ok. Nothing ever gets fixed, corrected, or followed up to be sure that the situation will not happen again. Just look around you at the violations that have been there for years reported and nothing done about them. I can't take the lies and excuses that management has been giving me in the past so I will just call the channel 5 people and ask them for help OSHA seems to be in the back pocket of Depot so calling them is useless.

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  • Ji
    Jim McConnon Sep 06, 2018

    I'll make this as short as I can...
    I've been harassed for over a year and a half by the lead person in my dept., so when I felt
    that I could no longer endure this abuse, I wrote a letter to corporate Hdqtrs. well it turns
    out that my complaint was INTERCEPTED at a mid level HR office, and what turned out to
    be a SHAM ensued! Needless to say, that this sham interview turned out to be an attack on
    MY credibility, and what took place turned out to be an orchestrated PROJECTION of events
    against ME! I would have been crazy to think that this situation would have been handled
    in an HONEST manner. It all went according to just how I expected it to!
    Boy, people just don't like it when you claim "FOUL" against "ONE OF THEIR OWN!" Stay tuned,
    this isn't over yet!

    2 Votes
  • Fe
    femaleunhappy Jul 05, 2019

    i have work at 506 for a couple of years, i wanted to date a associate who is a supervisor, a mod told me that i could not because of the status, yet a mod in the flooring dept started fooling around with the kitchen supervisor and got her pregnant, they move the superviser to another store, yet the store manager jerry Garcia said and did nothing about the mod, he has since started to fool around with other assoicates, then they gave him parternal leave when the supervisors baby was born, is this not a violation of the core values of the home depot, no other mod said or did anything

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  • Ta
    Tasha Lusardi Oct 02, 2019

    I am a MET member at store #1052 in San Luis Obispo, Ca. I have written five letters to H/R about one employee that is constantly disrespectful, has violent outbursts, yells at customers' CHILDREN, yells at associates, screams at vendors, leaves early when told not to, takes hour long breaks, and downright fails to do the job correctly and refuses to change. She goes out on LOA every year for months at a time when she thinks she'll get fired. Our METs morale and the entire stores morale is greatly affected by this one individual. Why is she still employed here? She's been doing this for 11 years and recently got a raise. WTF. I called the aware line last Friday and I can't find out where to go to access the progress of my complaints. I have my password & report key code but no website. I've tried so many sites and nothing just like the action that H/R has taken. I've received nothing from H/R and frankly I'm wondering what they get paid for? I am fearful of this person's reactions when she finds out that I've filed complaints. I have had to start blood pressure meds & had dosage increased in the last year and a half due to this problem employee. I may have acquired adult on-set asthma in the last few months due to the stress. I will find out this week when I see my doctor. This is ridiculous and this was probably a waste of my time too.
    Thank you for your time, Tasha L.

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