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+1 800 430 3376 (USA, Customer Service)
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Home Depotrefrigerator

Order and paid for a Samsung refrigerator on February 4, 2019 with a delivery date of April 26, 2019. Called by Samsung a few days before and was told that the model I paid for was no longer available. Scheduled delivery date off from work. Rescheduled to May 3, 2019 with a different but similar model. No delivery and no communications. Calls made and Home Depot blamed Samsung and Samsung blamed Home Depot and the delivery company for the non- delivery of a paid for item. Since three parties involved no one takes responsibility and still no refrigerator. If they finally schedule a delivery, another lost day of pay.

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    • Sp
      SPJax Aug 14, 2019

      Spouse purchased refrigerator in store Columbus, Ga. On 7/9/19, received delivery on 7/19/19. Refrigerator worked for 10 days, everything in the freezer was thawed out. Call store and was referred to the maker service agent. Rep scheduled appointment for two weeks out, 8/14/19. Waited all day for someone to show up during the bourse of 9-12 noon. No show until 5 calls and 4 hours later someone showed. I asked my spouse to speak to the manager and request refund of payment and replacement of loss meats. This is not acceptable to wait and get the run around for services. I will be checking the legal aspects of this type of business messiness.

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    Home Depotjob# [protected] french doors

    To Whom It May Concern,

    This process for the job number provided started in February and here we are in May and I still have yet to have a job completed that may take a few hours!! It's hard to even get information about this job and I must say that I will probably never use Home Depot again for any job! Please if you're not the right person to contact then feel free to forward this email. I spoke to a sales manager by the name of Michael (unsure of last name) but both times he's advised me that my French doors were going to production and I doubt it takes a month to create these doors and if so communication to customers waiting would be ideal!

    I would like to file a formal complaint. Just because some customers use certain programs for their house projects this doesn't make them any less important!! While I understand there are or may be additional steps that have to be taken I know that this is not the way you treat most customers!

    DShawn Jones
    661.579.9888 home
    310.251.2297 cell

    I really just want you to know how bad this looks...In April 19' I also started a solar project using the PACE program ...guess what...my solar has already been installed! So there's absolutely no reason that my French door protect that was initiated in February 19' should be taking this long as they too had to get permits and city/county approvals.

    Do the right thing!!!

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      Home Depothome appliance (refrigerator)

      On 4/30/2019 we visited the Home Depot in Bear Creek, Mi. I inquired about buying a new refrigerator. I was told that I couldn't purchase one because the company that handled the appliances didn't deliver to the U.P. Of Michigan. I was also told I couldn't buy one and pick it up at the store. I have two Home Depot credit cards with 0 balances. I have purchased appliances in the past from you people. They have been delivered to my home in the UP. I was told this only applies to appliances. This is asinine. I purchased a Samsung refrigerator from Lowe's just next door. Same day. Also now have a Lowe's credit card. NO problem with delivery.

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        Home Depotmicrowave oven... magic chef hmm1611b bought 7/30/18

        Serial #[protected] Turntable spins some times and stops or slips rotating? This thing is built so cheep I bought a leak detector to see if the thing leaks and it does.
        I went on chat and they had me disconnect and file a work order on it. I e-mailed the copy of the recite and waited for something saying it was received and will be passed on to a repair shop for warranty work. A week later still heard from no one. When on chat again did not get there name but I did the first person that had me fill out the request her name was Gena. This one... name I didn't get... said she can't find it and I said than give me my money back an they disconnected me.

        This is BS I never had a piece of crap like this ...that did not even last a year and it leaks radiation to. I bought a washer, refrigerator and a portable Generator some years ago, all big ticket prices, and this piece of crap microwave in the last year from Home Depot. After all the BS from Magic Chef I just ordered a dryer from Lowes. And I got a hell of a deal because I was a veteran. I bought a GE appliance 30 years ago brand new and it almost burned my house down and I have never bought a GE product since. Your call.

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          Home Depotpro poulan with briggs and stratton engine lawn mower

          i purchased this lawnmower 7/28/18 on line via the home depot located on 21st so. and 3rd w. store in salt lake city, utah. had to wait because this particular lawnmower was not in any store just on line. this lawnmower some time before the new shipment arrived for delivery. delivered by truck to my residence. used this lawnmower 4 times in 2018 (end of seasonal lawnmowing in 2018), stored new lawnmower in protected shed on property for the winter. now 2019 is here and lawn needs to be cut.. got lawnmower out of my shed let it sit in the sun for 2 hours, because of being cold, put fresh gasoline in engine, checked all fluids spark plug etc. lawnmower refused to start. worked all day trying to get lawnmower to start.. ended up calling local home depot store, in west valley city, asking for manager, because i said some bad words and told this manager mike, that this mower was a piece of [censored], etc. he hung up on me. i called back, asked for him again, and he refused to take the call. ended up talking to another store associate by the name of carol, and she took my call, she addressed the issue, said i could bring the mower in to the store, but i don't have a vehicle, that big enough to put the mower in and to bring the mower to the store in west valley city, utah. (this is where i shop mostly) so carol finally sent two male employee's down to my house which took about 7 minutes to get to my home from the store. took the lawnmower back to store and fixed it to run. i am pissed that a brand new lawnmower i purchased late last year, did not work this year. the reputation of briggs and stratton engine which i have other products with this engine style has operated with no problem come to find out after the fact that is particular lawnmower has been discontined as of last year for this year, (i got ripped off at that rate and no one told me) and too, the carburator was in major bad condition like it had been used for 10 years and not ever cleaned and maintained proper, as per the employee at the west valley store told me when he brought my lawnmower back. now this was a brand new lawnmower, and the carburator was filthly, this diagnosis by the employee was caused from the manufacturer in the first place. it was full of gunk. if this lawnmower does not work the way it should then next time i mow then home depot can shove this lawnmower, and replace the lawnmower with one that i can depend on for useage each week for lawn mowing. i did not purchase the $35.00 store protection plan because, i figured i was buying a really good lawnmower, instead i got a lemon. please let me know via my e-mail. ms.[protected]@hotmail.com what the final decision is . thanks

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            • Sh
              Shaun R. May 02, 2019

              Hi Ms. Tadd.

              I believe I can help.

              To address one of your concerns, most mower manufacturers will only produce a particular model of mower for a single mowing season. They produce enough to get them through the year and then evaluate what changes to make for the following year. It is, therefore, not uncommon that a model of mower purchased last year would not be produced this year.

              Any mower, regardless of how new, requires regular maintenance. This maintenance includes winterizing the unit properly and bringing it out in the spring properly. It also means using the product correctly throughout the mowing season.

              Here in Utah, we have can have very light winters, as we did during the 17-18 season or we can have a more common winter with snowfall throughout the season. In either case, temperatures generally have your lawn dormant from about November through February. The carburetor being dirty and becoming clogged has nothing to do with the quality of the machine or the manufacturer of the engine; it has everything to do with the quality of gas and how it was winterized and put away. Although not required, it is a good idea to use ethanol-free gas for any small engine. In Utah, you will find most Maverick service locations will carry this form of gas. Use a specific gas can labeled ethanol-free just for such equipment. In addition, it would not hurt to use a fuel stabilizer; if not during the entire season, use it to put the unit away at the end of the year. Sta-Bil is a great product and can be purchased at Home Depot for a mere $8.98. Make sure you completely run the tank dry at this point. Even storing a small amount of fuel in the tank over the winter can cause problems.

              In the spring, you'll want to take the mower back out and check it over for use. Remove the cap over the spark plug and remove the plug itself. Check it for excessive corrosion around the tip, gap and electrode. Clean or replace it if necessary. Then remove the air filter. Check it for cleanliness and clean or replace it if necessary. Although if properly maintained, the carburetor shouldn't have to be cleaned, now would be the time to do it if necessary. Finally, this is a good time to inspect the blade. If dull, make sure to sharpen it to produce quality cutting. Some people who feel inadequate in this type of work, may take the unit to a preferred small engine servicer for yearly maintenance. As I believe you've come to realize, Home Depot is a good place to have this work done. You can contact Home Depot at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT [protected]).

              During the mowing season, you'll find very little needs to be done to keep your new Poulan Pro running well. The most important area to reiterate is to use ethanol-free fuel and regular fuel stabilizer. For quality cutting, I'd make sure to continually check the blade for sharpness. It isn't unheard of to have a blade sharpened two or three times during our (Utah) mowing season. To make it easy, you may want to purchase an extra blade from Home Depot and have it sharpened. As one blade become dull, remove and exchange it with the sharpened blade, then bring the dull blade into Home Depot for sharpening at your convenience. Finally, make sure you regularly wash and dry the underside of your mower's deck after each cutting. Not doing so can cause long term damage but will, more importantly, create less than an optimal cutting experience.

              Hopefully this helps a great deal. Please let us know if you should need any further help.

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            The Home Depotcustomer service

            Many of my exchanges they have deemed "fraudulent transactions" we're made *with receipt* as well as within the 90 day requirements. Because I did not ask for my money back but instead exchanged defective items or extra material for non-defective items or slightly different material to service my customers needs; they assign me a store credit that I use in the same transaction. They have to verify my drivers license so I am the only one who can access the credit... Well these completely legitimate exchanges are counted as "return without receipt" unbenoknst to me. As soon as that denial paper printed out the clerk's demeanor went from helpfully pleasent to down right rude. Not to mention I was not given a warning as said on the web site nor is any information posted for customers to see. I do not take part in grocery "rewards" programs because I do not like my data being horded and prostituted to the highest paying ad company, but at least the grocery store gives you an option. The retail equation is commiting personal information theft. This is an invasion of privacy and they should be held responsible for their perverted actions. This is disgusting 😡

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              Home Depotcontractor referral

              I used the Home Depot to find a contractor and was referred to Statewide Remodeling. It was the worst experience I have ever had. They are unresponsive, extremely expensive, extremely rude and simply not worth it. 2 months for a shower remodel. The actual work time was 5 days, approximately 45 hours. Horrible experience and I'm extremely disappointed in Home Depot for referring them to me.

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                Home Depotunethical charges-home depot home improver credit card

                I was charged $195.01 in late fees and interest charges on an account that was paid off in Dec. 2018. I am trying to get this matter stopped.
                This started December 10, 2018 . My account with Home Depot is #[protected].
                I was told by Genesis Card Services that if I paid for the total purchases (original amount) as a "settlement", I could then request late fees waived and the account would be considered "paid in full" as of 12-11-2018.
                However, only 2 late fees were dropped on 12-28-18, and I continued to be billed late fees "to the late fees" for five months subsequent! When I brought this to the attention of their Customer Service in Feb. 2019, I was told there was nothing that could be done about it.
                I am now requesting all late fees/interest charges be dropped and the account be considered "paid off" - since my final payment was received by phone on Dec. 11 2018. (The total now is $195.01 - a whopping amount considering it is all late fees and interest charges as the original two purchases were since paid for and the card has been "dormant" since Sept. 2018).
                Please see to it that this matter is resolved as soon as possible with Genesis Card Services/Home Depot Home Improver Card. Thank you. Ellen Trumpler (account holder w. Home Depot)

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                  Home Depotdelivery service customer service

                  I ordered retaining wall block it was suppose to sat April 20 2019 it did not show up . I took off work at overtime had several workers there to help move blocks a expense i had to eat . Called store manager was RUDE to me he had computer problems and he rescheduled for Tuesday the 22 th DID NOT SHOW AGAIN NO CALL NO APOLOGY
                  MY ORDER 3 is H1504-166593. Please tell me when i can expect the order MY father says he has the same problem with home depot in show low az. I now received a call store manager will not talk to me direct says {friday] iS THIS NEW TIME REAL ANOTHER MAYBE OR WHAT/? I am thinking about canceling my order and LOWES is looking good Please respond truthfully my status

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                    Home Depotcarpet installation

                    Buyer BEWARE! I purchased carpet from the Chippewa Home depot. First problem was when a 17 year old changed my order to a more expensive padding and this was found out when the installer sales person read over my order over the phone. They put 5 extra charges on my order and some they knew were to be free. (like the steps) They had over $370 of extra charges that we got removed before they were to install. They offer a 7-10 day install guarantee which they failed to install during that time and just kept calling and finding reasons not to show up. This put me in real jam because I had business to conduct the day after they were to install I called and was reassured by several managers that it would be done in time. Well it wasnt and not only that they sent 2 non English speaking people to my house at 9:30 pm and they could not install the carpet because they didnt bring rug cutters. This went on for days with managers promising me that they were coming out. Three whole days later they came and installed the carpet. I was told that they would credit me back some money I lost with hiring men to move my furniture so the carpet could be installed and only paid me $200 out of the $350 I was out of. I was guaranteed the carpet company was paying me $100 for their hand in all this and have never been contacted to this day. I have left messages and have been told they were getting my refund and still nothing. Lowes has a better customer service policy...Home Depot is a whole scam.

                    Even the "Operations Manager" had the nerve to threaten me saying if I mention going to court he would hang up. This was sooo unreal. Out of all of this and more just think no one even called to follow up to see if I was satisfied yet...look dont waste your time, there are plenty of other places to shop for carpet.

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                      Home Depotcrestridge 7-piece padded sling outdoor dining set in putty - damaged

                      We received the Crestridge 7-Piece Padded Sling Outdoor Dining Set in Putty in the mail and the Table top frame was bent when we received it. I've contacted Home Depot to replace the table top and they agreed; we are still waiting.

                      I have tried 3 times to leave an honest product review with Home Depot, including both good and bad aspects of the item, but Home Depot keeps rejecting my complaint. It is outrageous to me that my review of the product is not being allowed online to let other customers know what to be careful of with this product.

                      Home Depot has lost a good customer.

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                        Home Depotworker complaint

                        On Friday April 19th 2019 I was in the store located at 6325 Jog Road Delray Beach Fl around 7:30 pm. I was in the store getting a piece of plywood and have it cut to my specifications.
                        The worker who name was Bob Hoerrner I was explaining what I wanted done for my cut and he was doing the opposite of what I said and I told him no that is not what I wanted and he told me he knew what he was doing and I said no that is not it and he was not listening to me and became belligerent saying he knew what he was doing which was not.
                        It escalated to I said no you do not what you are doing and not listening to me and becomes so I dont know what I am doing then and walks away mouthing off words I could understand.
                        Two other employees Jon and Gary were present at the time and were stunned at his attitiude to the customer.
                        I have went and spoken customer service and at the time I believe was Tasash and explained to her that this employee was totally unprofessional and I dont care how many hours he works or his age this should never be.
                        I hope she deals with this person and a severe reprimand needs to be placed in his file.
                        This kind of attitude would never be allowed in my business and should not be at Home Depot.
                        Jack T.

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                          Home Depotcustomer service

                          My name: Erick Zappey
                          Address: 1955 N. 1910 W.
                          St, George, UT 84770
                          email: [protected]@gmail.com
                          phone: 435/680-2883

                          On 04/18/2019, I was advised that an item I had ordered was in and ready for pickup. (Order # WA60344793). This was a large, heavy, and costly piece of furniture. at the order desk there appeared to be some confusion and the item could not be located. One of the service desk people went to look for it, somewherre in the back. After 15 minutes she still had not returned. I went looking for her and found her coming back up front. I asked if there was a problem, and she advised she found it in the back and that it consisted of 5 large heavy boxes and that they were loading in on a cart now and would meet me at the "Pro", door parking. So I went there ans waited, and waited, and waited.

                          I had initiated my contact at 5:20 p.m. I was supposed to be at an awards banquet for my grandson at 6:15. I had been waiting now for 45 minutes. I returned to the service desk and as telling asking another clerk what the problem was? The initial clerk overheard and stepped over, telling this clerk that she knew all about this and that my packages were waiting for me at the pro door, I told her that No, I was waiting at the Pro door and nothing had been produced.

                          GThe new clerk called back and assured me for a second time that the item were on the cart and heading to the Pro door as we spoke. I returned to the Pro door and waited, and waited, still nothing.

                          A clerk at the checkout in that location asked if she could help, I explained the situation and that I was running short of time. She said let me see what I can find out. She then went spoke briefly to another clerk then just started helping other customers. Completly ignoring me.

                          I twas now 6:11 p.m. Still no sign of my purchase. I returned again to customer service, re-contacty clerk # 2, who called and assured me the items were now enroute to the door. (They weren't and had not even left the back room). I had been waiting for 51 minutes since my initial contact with customer service. I advised that I had to leave but would return in an hour.

                          I was way late for my grandson's ceremony.

                          Upon my return, low and behold, here was a pallet with my items strapped to it. I contacted one clerk at the Pro desk asking for assistance in getting this to my truck, (time: 7:10 p.m.). Was told she would find me some help. Waited 10 minutes, observed numerous employees walking back and forth, stopped one and requested help again, he said he would find someone that could operate a fork life. Waited 10 more minutes and asked a third time for assistance, was assured she would find someone to help. At 7:43, I procured a flat cart, cut the straps, and began lifting and moving each of 7 packages individually onto the flat hand cart. Numerous employees watched, NONE OFFERED TO HELP!

                          I am a senior, recovering from having a kidney removed, and I was so fed up with the lack of consideration and respect from this store that I felt risk of injury was preferable to the treatment I was receiving.

                          So I pushed this over loaded hand cart to the loading area, one by one loaded all the boxes myself, (employees walking by every where), and left.

                          customer service

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                            Apr 14, 2019

                            Home Depot — cashier, maria

                            Store# 6942 I waited in line over ten mins. then they finally opened another line. I was second in line here...

                            Apr 14, 2019

                            Home Depot — home improvement

                            My sister and myself were looking for a certain doormat online seen one at HD computer said they had five...

                            Apr 12, 2019

                            Home Depot — mini blind purches and install

                            On March 26th my wife and I ordered a mini blind install (measurment), the 27th it was cancelled without our...

                            Apr 06, 2019

                            Home Depot — returs employee difficulty.

                            I would like to address this to Home Depot management who believe that as a corporation, it is important to...

                            Apr 04, 2019

                            Home Depot — appliance purchase

                            I purchased 5000 in appliances from this store and was asked by the employee if I wanted them in the morning...

                            Mar 29, 2019

                            Home Depot — protection plan

                            Approximately 4 years ago I purchased a Samsung refrigeration and a 5 year protection plan. The plan wa...

                            Mar 23, 2019

                            Home Depot — ge adora potscrubber dishwasher model # ghdt168v00ss

                            I purchased a GE Adora Potscrubber dishwasher from Home Depot in 2012 and paid for the 5-year extended...

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