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I ordered an entire set of kitchen appliances on November 13 2023. Refrigerator, range, microwave, dishwasher, etc.… Building a kitchen around the appliances and need them installed. However the December 9 install date came and they called and said it would be pushback till January. I called and said that was acceptable then they assured me it would be delivered December 30. I rescheduled my kitchen build. Two days before that delivery date, I received another message stating it was going to be delayed until January 30th!? I called and went to a local store and was livid. They told me it was the range that was on backorder, and Samsung will not ship anything but the entire order even though everything else is in stock. I told him I was unacceptable. They were costing me money and they assured me it would be delivered January 9th!? Again, I rescheduled my kitchen install and guess what!? Today I receive an email stating it will be February 13th! I even cancelled the range from the order so they would actually ship it but nope. Still can’t meet their commitment. They of course promise it will be next Tuesday. I doubt it. In fact; I will pay double for the whole package if they actually make that date, but they won’t. They keep passing the buck to Samsung but I didn’t buy anything from Samsung, I bought from Home Depot and they act unaccountable for this debacle.. Do not buy from Home Depot. This was a Tremendously frustrating and expensive mistake. I will be demanding a refund and going elsewhere. I can literally swim to South Korea faster than they can ship me a refrigerator!? 3 months of empty promises and wasting my time is enough. I’m done with this dump.

Claimed loss: 5000.00

Desired outcome: Refund, compensation for lost time or deliver my appliances this week.

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Update by AA Ron.
Jan 04, 2024 11:52 pm EST

Thanks Mr Helpful. Ironic name… I don’t find it helpful to hear about whether you stock products you sell, nor do I wish to have another unhelpful helper like yourself make excuses for your companies gross incompetence and ridiculous vendor relationships/missed delivery promises while it costs me time and money. I will contact my Home Depot and I will request a refund and NEVER purchase another Samsung product nor give Home Depot one single dime of my money in the future. Both companies need to reevaluate their attitude and approach to individual CUSTOMERS, instead of corporation’s “CONSUMERS”

Update by AA Ron.
Jan 06, 2024 3:47 am EST

Wonderful advise Mr Helpy Helperton! That’s a great idea! That way I can STILL choose to give my business and my money to Home Depot instead of getting refunded and patronizing another appliance store that won’t jerk me around for 3 months. Man you’re helpful. Can’t wait to mentally unpack the amount of irony wrapped up in this exchange, this is a Total cluster F***k but now it’s a little more entertaining. Thanks Mr Super helpful.

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Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Jan 05, 2024 2:13 pm EST

Appreciate hearing back from you so soon Ron. We wish something more could be done concerning the original Samsung appliances you've requested. However, whereas you've now decided to not purchase Samsung labeled appliances, you may find it an advantage to just reselect into a different brand with your local Home Depot. You'll likely find it easier and quicker then having them process a refund.

Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Jan 04, 2024 1:49 pm EST

We're extremely sorry for the frustration Ron. Home Depot doesn't stock many of the appliances they offer and instead rely on the manufacturer to supply products. Unfortunately that doesn't always happen in the way we'd like.

Whereas you're going to request a refund, the delivery date and request for product should be pulled. Please contact your local Home Depot to readjust any refund do.