A Jul 12, 2019

Google Account
Email Address:[protected]
Email Address: ux.smarty.[protected]

Dear Google Team Owner-Able
These account his my account some unknown person hack my account and change it the password and I cannot access to this account google owner-able please notice my this request and I explain to you my 2 google account has been hack and I cannot access to these google account try to understand my situation and full remove it my google account information and remove it to all searching.

My request excepted and remove my google account I give us you to my email address and I give us you my name and my father name and I give us you to my date of birth then I hope you better understand what I am saying to all of you thank you to read us my this request.

Does it immediately remove this google account?

Google Account 1

Google Account 2
Email: ux.smarty.[protected]

First Name: Abdul Rahman
Last Name: Mansoor Raza
Father Name: Mansoor Raza
Date of Birth: 06/3/1985

Thank You

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