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2020 Sierra AT4 1500 diesel

I have had electrical problems non stop since i purchased this vehicle, it has its own space at the dealership for service as it lives there 1/2 the time.

delivered from the factory - torn cv boot had 2 weeks
failed wheel speed sensor- had 3 weeks
first time they just gave it back a week later same problem.
hit a bump and all lights on dash come on, 4x4 quits, antilock brakes quit, check engine light, no stabilitrak, no park assist. had 3 weeks
then cameras quit, they replaced cameras - didnt work, now replace video processor. - had 2 1/2 weeks
steering column lock failure or engaging whil driving message, had 2 days
recall on starter wire, recall on seat belts due to possible fire, - 2 days
last week infotainment system was black, had sound no video.
yesterday had video no sound.
since purchased it always had sd card error on start up, nav message as well.

Customer service is the worst in the industry, they just call you every week to see if you are o.k.! One offered to discuss extended warranty or cash voucher to buy a different truck and I think she got fired... 5 advisors later, we get nowhere!!!

  • Updated by Bill Clontz · Apr 06, 2020

    Just in case GM sees this my case number is 9-5828056229, If they don't do something soon I will NEVER purchase another gm vehicle again!!! I own a business with 2200 customers and I will share my story with all of them as a mass mailer.

No recall assistance on continuing problems with Traverse - Steering pump and rack and pinion.

Why is GM not standing behind or giving any financial assistance on the faulty power steering pumps on the Traverse beyond 2011. This 2015 Traverse has power steering issues and possible rack and pinion having to be replaced and all mechanics state iit is a MAJOR GM problem that you will not stand behind. They was a recall on 2007 t0 2011 models and NOW the same pump is not warrantied or recalled for newer Traverses. I have owned GM vehicles for the last 48 years. This is not right. PLEASE POWER STEERING FAILURE on 2015 Chevy Traverse.

This is a car/suv I talked my son, Justin (a family of four soon to be five) into purchasing a GM product instead of a Jeep or Ford because it was a GM which I have always found dependable and helpful UNTIL NOW. Justin cannot afford a $3100 repair bill for a faulty power steering and rack & pinion that has been GM's problem for years on this model. PLEASE help with this issue. Thank you!

Transmission 2019 chevy impala

I purchased a 2019 Equinox Premiur November 2019, I was not totally impressed, I needed a road car, therefore...

General Motors

2016 Chevy Silverado custom

I got my truck brand new in 2016 and I always noticed this on my truck but never thought it was a issue till My truck started to vibrate when I accelerated aggressively recently and started looking up would could cause the problem or if others having same issues and noticed that others have had the same thing while cruising I thought it would be control arms or bushings but I've had everything checked out and everything is good My truck vibrates when I accelerate to 50-60 goes away and vibrates/shakes while driving highway speed 70-90s

  • Ma
    MaryBetz Mar 13, 2020

    My truck is doing the same thing. Yes my is used but I have had it less then two weeks and have made number of phones and three trips to the dealer with no results. I need help. I want out of this truck and these payments, that my gut is telling me will bankrupt me.

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Denali pickup

After 15 miles on gravel road 2019 denelli ultimate had over 60 paint chips on flaied edge of lower rear quarter panel .
Gm was good to offer paint job but i had to come up with a fix snd not only pay for it but i would have to gauanty the fix will work as they say after they paint it am on my own.
My 2016 never had the problem after 150000klm i had inly a few chips.


I have a 2015 GMC Acadia that has electrical issues that causes my headlights to go out. The daytime running lights work, but the headlight itself does not, usually on only one side at a time. There are no fuses or relays blown or anything to make this happen. I have to take it to the shop AGAIN!! This will be the 4th time in 2 years that I have to have it fixed. I keep paying for this to get fixed, but it is proving to be only a temporary fix. I have read that this is something that others experience too. It isn't the headlight being burned out. They end up replacing some wiring in the back and somehow it is hooked up to the headlight. They have to diagnose it every time and then charge me an arm and a leg to fix it for something that seems to be a problem with the vehicle. I don't see any recalls for the electrical issues but there should be. This is ridiculous for a vehicle that continues to have the same problem over and over again. Very disappointed and I would like help with this.

2017 hd 2500 silverado

So I was going down high at 70 miles a hour and all four of my tires lock up and my truck slows down to nothing. I had factory warrenty left and was told from the dealer that my hydrobooster failed so that would be replaced along with my rotors per gm tac. So if those parts failed I would like to know why I had to pay to replace the pads when those also should have been replaced because of those parts failing. That is not normal wear and tear when your brakes lockup going 70 on highway. I could have been in a major accident and .01 I had to pay the dealer when I got my truck because warrenty wouldn't cover the new pads. That is not right to replace everything else and also after they replaced all the other parts the peadal still wasn't releaseing so then they replaced my master cyl. So in the end I think I should get my money back for the pads you can't say everything else needs to be replaced and you don't cover them . who puts on new rotors and doesn't replace the pads. this work was done at buss Chevrolet on 1255 e. green bay st. Shawano Wisconsin 54166. number 715/524-0444. the job number was 59624 and my name is steve bierhals my email is [protected] and if this wont be refund I would like to know why. again I should get refunded the $212.01 I paided for my pads this was part of the failures fault. hope to here from you soon. steve

Headlights on 2013 Cadillac SRX.

I have a 2013 Cadallic SRX. I bought it used in November 2019. The headlights on bright are good, on dim the lights are almost nonexistent. The bulbs have been replaced 2 times but did not help at all. I understand there is a class-action law suit about this problem. Please tell me what I can do to get this problem taken care of. Thanks, Diane [protected]

2019 gmc canyon denali

I purchased a BRAND NEW 2019 GMC Canyon Denali from Short Line GMC in Aurora on 6/1/19 w/39 miles. After a...

2017 chevrolet equinox 2.4l engine failure

Having oil consumption issues, moisture and sludge getting in air cleaner through crankcase ventilation hose. On 12/21/19 had problems keeping the engine running on my way home from work. I stopped and filled up gas before i got home. When I got home I shut the engine off and checked things under the hood and when I pulled the oil dipstick and smoke was coming out of the dipstick tube and no oil was on the stick. I ended up adding 3.5 quarts of oil add smoke was coming out the oil fill hole the whole time. I started the engine and with it running there is compression pressure coming out of oil fill with cap removed. At my next gas tank fill up, about 350mile later, I had to add another quart of oil. I decided to change the oil at 87, 000, earlier than schedule. Checked oil every gas fill up sometimes had to add a quart and sometimes not. I started checking oil every other gas fill up cause oil consumption wasn't as bad. I changed the oil at 90, 000 miles, scheduled interval. Checked oil 1st gas fill up after oil changed it was ok. Checked oil after 3rd gas fill up and added 1 quart of oil. Checked oil level at 91, 250 and i had to add 3 quarts, this was 4th gas fill ups after oil change. Checked oil next gas fill up was ok, checked the oil 2nd gas fill up added a quart of oil. Check oil after 3rd gas fill up after 3 quarts oil added, was ok. After 4th gas fill up after the 91, 250 mileage were I added the 3 quarts of oil, I was at half tank of gas, I realized that I didn't check the oil yet so I was going to check the oil when i got to work. On February 15, 2020 I was about half way to work suddenly with out warning lights, with no check engine light and no oil light, I heard a loud engine rattling noise so I imediately pulled over to the shouder of the highway and shut the engine off even before coming to a complete stop. Smoke was coming from under hood. I carry a quart of oil in the car, for obvious reasons, so I put it in the engine. Tried starting rattled and quite running. Tried starting it a 2nd time thinking oil I just added may have pumped up to moving parts after first starting attempt. but no good it rattled barely started before it stalled out. I got out and check the oil dipstick and had no oil on it, but there was a little oil on the ground just at the rear of the car. I had the car towed to were I work, and were I work is a heavy duty truck/bus garage. The car has 92, 370 on it. While having all these problems I learned by searching online that many people were having the same issues and problem that I have had. I know the warranty is limited to 60, 000 mile but my car was 2 years old when I started experiencing the oil consumption problem with the smell of the crankcase moisture / sludge getting in the air cleaner. I bought the car from a Chevrolet dealer, used, 16 months ago and it already had 49, 000 on it, so it left me with 16, 000 miles of drive train warranty left. I drive over 700 miles a week so it didn't take long to get past the 60, 000 mile mark.
How do I submit a compliant for possible warranty replacement of my General Motors 2017 Chevrolet Equinox 2.4L engine. By the way I still owe $20, 000 on the loan and now unable to drive it and have to rent a vehicle to drive over 100 miles a day to get from home to work and back again, very expensive now that I'm paying monthly on a car I can't drive and I am renting, (RENTING IS NOT CHEAP) a car for my travel needs. Hoping to get quick results I'm running out of money!

2013 chevrolet traverse

My 2013 Traverse is a wonderful vehicle except for this issue. My Traverse experiences a shutter when shifting at 30 to 40 mph. I have changed the sparkplugs, air filter and cleaned the MAF sensor and throttle body with no resolve. There exist a forum, about this particular vehicle. I have become aware that this is an inherent issue on the TRAVERSE.
I would respectively like to know, why General Motors has not yet issued a call back 0n this vehicle. It is obvious that GM is very aware of this flaw in the manufacturing design or defect in the Traverse. What I don't understand is that the fix is costly and don't think that GM's customers should be made to absorb the cost of this obvious flaw.

2017 gmc 1500

Vehicle has been sitting at my dealership for a whole month or more waiting for engine parts from GMC what seems to be the problem GMC knew in 2017 already that there was an engine problem yet it seems you guy don't care about the customer after the vehicle is sold. My phone number is [protected] if you care about your customer give me a call Also we had the same vehicle sitting at the same dealer in 2019 for over 60 days what is going on

06 hummer h3 with 40,000 miles

On August 6 2011 my wife was invoked in a single car accident. She was killed while wearing her seatbelt in a 2006 Hummer with only 40, 000 miles on it.
The vehicle was totaled after she went off the road hit a culvert and flipped the hummer several times end over end .
No airbag deployed.
I don't understand why.
Attached is a photo of the Hummer after the crash.
Brenda's head got stuck between the grab rail and headrest. She didn't have any other injuries other then head being squashed. Had airbag gone off it would have put her back in her seat.
She was a mother of a 2 year old boy and a 9 year old boy at the time. She was very loved and loved us so.
Had the vehicle in dry storage since.
Recently pulled it out and moved to another storage.
Attached are pictures.

Brock Sanders

06 hummer h3 with 40,000 miles
06 hummer h3 with 40,000 miles

2017 chevy suburban premier

My 2017 Chevy Suburban Premier with 32, 000 miles on it, has transmission failure. Brought it in Jan 2. due to reving engine and jumping and after 3 days there was told it was a bent push rod. Fast forward to jan 24 same issue but way worse thought was rear eneded the car jumped so far forward. Happend several times engine was revvimg truck not moving then will jump forward nearly missing hitting another vehicle several times. This happend multiple times as i was trying to get home 5 min away from my house. Then the car just woundnt move. It was INCREDIBLY dangerous. I filed a comp;aint with the NHTSA. It was taken via flatbed to Millenium Chevrolet again. I asked if they would have a loaner car they told me no, I called Chevrolet customer care they said I could rent a car for 3 days max and would pay $38 a day. AND that is only dor the days the car is being fixed NOT while its just there waiting. I am avsolutely blown away at the lack of care for your customers. I apid $76, 000 for this truck and for the transmission to go at 32, 000 miles and ALSO to find out that there is a class action lawsuit for this EXACT SAME ISSUE is absolutely crazy. Clearly General Motors and Chevrolet have zero interest in retaining their customers. I have has Chevy Suburbans and Tahoes since 99 and NEVER again will I EVER purchase a Chevrolet or General Motors Product. You have shown that you do not stand behind the product you produce and you cold care less about keeping your customers happy. You just have robots working for you.

2013 gmc terrain

Im very disappointed and upset that GM knows about issues with engine and oil consumption problems and has not recalled or rectified this issue. I have a 2013 GMC Terrain and have engine damage due to oil consumption problem and timeing chain.I will give you the layout of the issues that lead to my unfortunate precidment of having a non running vehicle and a cost to rebuild engine at$ 6300. I did not neglect my vehicle and did all maintenace on time.Noticed my car was running low on oil all the time without any warnings. No engine light, (not due for oil change) no warning at all about oil low. Just noticed car was running rough so I check myself. I got an oil change Dec 12 2019 even though itwasnt due because oil was running low. Then Dec 20 put oil in as car was throttling and dipstick was showing no oil again no warning of oil being low. Dec 27 Car was stalling when idle. Dec 30 put more oil in car. Again with no warning. Jan11 Brought car in to Auto shop due to oil consumption and stalling. and recent engine light. Mechanic did another oil change and changed the camshaft solenouids. Said because of oil consumption and that this engine has issues to come in next month and check regularly. Car was not stalling anymore and I thought issues were fixed.Jan 20 noticed car was sounding rough checked oil. Low again only 8 days after oil change. Called mechanic to bring in for Jan 24. Jan22 engine light on and noise coming from engine. I stopped driving. Went to bring it in Jan 24. Car wont start. Towed to Auto shop. Jan 24 Engine damged due to timing chain and low oil. How could this happen? Then I find out GM knows about this issue. Why wasnt people that own vehicles notified. Why didnt Gm find a solution to recifty and fix all these faulty engines. I need my vehicle to make a living and now what am I going to do. My car is not old and this should never have happened? Im mad and will be expecting some retribution from Gm.I see thousands of people having same issues as me. Maybe the paper and news and public should be aware of GMC ignorance to not taking responsibility for engines that have defects and not giving car owners a option to fix before this happens. If I was aware of issue with the pistons and engine defects I would have fixed before the death of my car.

new 2019 at4 fully loaded

Hello, I purchased this vehicle on 29 November 2019 and have had 2 recalls on it but the bad part is I've had the same issue causing my truck to completely fail on air bags, brake system and holding my truck to 62mph max speed. I've had it at the dealer now 3 times and still nothing. The first two times they assured me good to go well that was false it's now been in the dealer shop for over 10 days and I keep getting over 500 excuses. The latest was we found the issue and part will ship over night. Well next day I get a call and the dealership says it's back ordered and have no further information. My truck has been sitting in the dealership garage longer than I've owned it or drove it to this point. I've already made a 1060.00 payment and haven't enjoyed or had my truck to fell I owe this payment. However, I'm paying because I can't hurt my credit and it's the right thing to do. Now in the state of Tennessee if your new vehicle goes in 4 or more times for the same issue in a year and mine is on number 3 it falls under the lemon law. I'm so mad at this point that GMC hasn't really showed me anything or anykind of care but taking my payments on a 68, 000 dollar truck that I can't drive and keep hearing 500 excuses. I'd love for someone in high management to contact me as this is becoming a sour subject and it's getting to the point to get my lawyer involved and see what can be done when my new truck is in the shop longer than I've had it with no end in sight for repairs. Very ticked and this isn't right.

Mr. James Wallace
2705 Wakefield Drive
Clarksville, TN 37043

2012 buick verano - excessive oil consumption — engine damage

I purchased a used 2012 Buick Verano (VIN 1G4PP5SK8C4156396) with 66K miles on the vehicle. The Verano had a...

2014 chev camaro 2ss

I purchased a 2014 chev camaro 2SS on 07/28/18 and it had close to 32k miles on it . I used the car off/on, semi daily driver and weekend travel car, never raced the car or driven the car faster than the traffic flow and changed the oil, every 3k miles and did regular mant. on the car, on 1/16/20, i was driving the car locally from a local resterant when the car started shaking, i pulled over, checed under the hood, to see the motor vibrating, i turned off the motor and got the car towed to a local shop and they told me that the motor had seized up and it would need to be replaced, the car cunnectly has 71k miles on it and i'm shocked and deeply disapointed that a high performance motor gave out like this when I did, nt add any modifications to it, just drove it on the highway and did everything i was suppose to do and now I don;t have a car, I wish they will replace the motor since this car hasn't even reached 100k and is only 6 years old, to contact me, my E-mail address is [protected] or [protected] P.S . the shop did check to see if my oil levels were low and the oil was bad, the oil levels were normal and the oil was good and clear


We took our 2006 GMC Yukon Denali in for a loud pitched noise when driving above 50 mph for 15+ minutes on the interstate. This would have been the third repair shop to review this problem. The service rep guaranteed and advised us that 70% was the differential and 30% a transfer case. We spent almost $4, 000 that we didn't have. We had to call our credit card companies for credit line increases to pay for the repairs. We took the SUV back in several times because the issue WASN'T fixed! The technicians said they couldn't duplicate the noise each time we brought it in. So we kept driving the SUV until it made the noise for them to hear. One day we're out running errands and the noise started so we called the service manger, Dan once again to inform him that the SUV is making the noise again and to have a technician ready to hear it. We pulled into the bay and the SUV noise was so loud it vibrated the windows. Dan had a technician come look at the SUV in the bay and asked us to take a seat in the waiting room. The technician added a fluid to the SUV and Dan told us to drive it for 1, 000 miles before the noise would go away. We have driven almost 3, 000 miles and the SUV still makes the loud pitched noise which is so embarrassing in public. We've called several other GMC dealerships and was told by all of them that NO ADDITIVE is going to work because the issue wasn't repaired. Therefore, we have contacted legal counsel and we're requesting a REFUND immediately! We want a refund immediately or proceed with legal action.
2006 Black GMC Yukon Denali VIN#: 1GKEK63U76J147814 Date Paid: 5/29/2019 Total Repair Fee: $3997.76 Total Disputed Amount for Refund: $3486.66
D'Juan Donald Sr. 817 Gregs Drive Harrisburg, PA 17111 cellphone: [protected]
Barbara Evans-Donald cellphone: [protected]

2013 buick regal

I have 2013 Buick Regal that has had regular oil changes and preventive maintenance ... 130, 000 miles the motor blew ... When contacting GM & Buick they told me that is to be expected with daily usage ... Well if that is the case I would say the Buick Regal 2.4 engine is a piece of crap and I would recommend no one buy this product ... If I wanted a disposable car I would have bought a Yugo ... I trusted Buick and got SCREWED because they will not help me at all by not standing behind their product because they know the 2.4 is a crap engine and that is horrible ... I WILL NEVER BUY A GM VEHICLE AGAIN I KNOW THINGS HAPPEN BUT THEM BLOWING ME OFF I AM DONE WITH GM ! ! !