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General Motors Corporation2003 olds alero

Hello, I purchased my alero new in 2003. The car has 76.000 miles on it, and it has turned into a very nice driveway queen. I have spent so far over 2, 000 dollars trying to get this car to be reliable. Way to many times the car will crank, but not start. When it does start we have a great chance of the car just shutting down ( happened 3 times for wife, 4 times for me ). A very dangerous situation. We have already changed the passlock sensor. A very brilliant idea?!!?? These problems, and the repair cost have all happened in the last 6 months. I am getting real tired of this. It is sad because I have allways liked GM. But now I don't think I would buy another GM car very soon. Do you have any ideas?? ...Ronald A. Mac Arthur...Vin # 1G3NK52F73C125062, A real LEMON

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    General Motors Corporation2014 chevrolet traverse

    We purchased this vehicle used late summer 2018. Almost immediately after purchase, the vehicle had brake issues, vibration on the highway, transmission shifting hard between 1&2 and 2&3, engine making lots of noise when AC is used. We've brought the car to GM dealers for service, two different shops. We usually have had the issues looked at when we take for oil change. Every time we take it, we get a different answer on the shifting. First it was that's how that car shifts. Another said they reset it to factory programming, which corrected the 1&2 shift. But has consistently had a hard shift between 2&3. It's progressively getting worse. Today we were told the tech couldn't replicate the issue. This was after the service manager wouldn't even look at it because the warranty he saw was with the previous owner. After giving him the warranty info for what we have, they completely ignored looking at it. The engine noise has never been figured out. Today we were told it is the power steering pump that needs to be replaced. Never had an issue with the steering. Again, the noise amplifies when the AC is engaged. And for some reason, for the second time, the rotors couldn't be cut so we have to replace pads and rotors on the rear. We keep getting the run around with no results. I feel they are waiting until our warranty is done before they address all these issues. I absolutely hate driving the car. We drive the car every day and know something is wrong with it. But as I said, no answers other then, can't replicate.

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      Oct 24, 2019

      General Motors Corporation — service dept

      This company is ripping off their customers since the new managers. The tried to rip me repeatedly. When my...

      Brigham City

      General Motors Corporationradio codes for older model cars

      I am very disappointed in the removal of the [protected] radio code retrieval line. I have always been a loyal gm owner and when buying used cars this number is not always available to the new owner. The 800 number allowed you to get the code and get your radio back on after maintenance. I have contacted a dealer who told me to call the gm help line, [protected]. I did and gm help line told me to contact a dealer. Obviously, neither the dealer or gm customer support knows, or doesn't want to help, what they are doing. I am requesting the corresponding four digit code for 653 656. Please help

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        General Motors Corporationair conditioning with new refrigerant

        I have an XTS, VIN 2G61S5S38D9112885. At 60k miles, Pep Boys has diagnosed no cold air is due to compressor failure. At this low a mileage, I can't help but wonder if its not related to the new 1234yf refrigerant. they want $1500 to replace.
        GM did help me once before out of warranty when the QUE and dashboard went out, and I was very appreciative. I am wondering if it could be applied to AC issues. I am taking to another AC repair place - cost looks like $1200. Yes, I am wondering about compensation.

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          • To
            Tom DeMayo Nov 12, 2019
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            Dear sirs. My 09 buick super .I bought new This car was made for tiger woods PGA golf tournament.Everything in this car was Cadillac. North star v8. mag ride.At 64, 000 miles. The last 2 years I replaced rack pinion twice 1700.00 each mag ride 4000.00 this year lot of electronic sensers have to go back to the dealers for replacement.Over my lifetime I had 12 suburbans 4 tahoes The 2019 Tahoe last one. Why ? My Retirement car 09 Buick with 64, 000 miles Now has a Head gasket leak overheating the motor, Can not be fixed Needs new motor.What Wrong With You people Making This Car So Expensive to fix with alkinds of problems And at 64, 000 miles its over. Good Buy Gm.

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          Oct 21, 2019

          General Motors Corporation — service at stan king chevrolet on my 2018 cadillac xts

          Multiple dates ranging from June 2018 - October 2019 I have taken my car back to Stan King Chevrolet over 20...

          General Motors Corporationprice dispute for repair.

          Customer: Lorraine Johnson
          RO 455626
          Vehicle 1FCU02729KDO1734

          1093 Strickland Bridge Road
          Fayetteville, North Carolina

          Cost of parts; $238.22
          Labor; $896.70

          Work was done in a quick and professional manner. However, how much was the labor cost per hr. and hours taken to perform service. This information ( I think) would help customers unerstand customer/service relationship better. Had to take out a loan for payment. I am on Social Security Disability. Depleted my emergency resources.

          Would like a responce in the way of a discount and/ or brakedown of hourly rates.

          Thank you very much,

          Valued Customer.

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            General Motors Corporationdamage to my vehicle

            Hello my name is Jammie Bown, email [protected]@hotmail.com.
            On 08/05/2019 I took my 2016 Malibu to Larkin Cobb Chevrolet located at 500 East Main Street, Eaton, Ohio 45320 phone number [protected]. I took my vehicle there for maintenance. As my warrantee had expired the repairs had to be submitted through Easy Care. I was advised the main piston in my engine had cracked. Larkin Cobb submitted an estimate to Easy care and the request was denied. The request was to replace all the pistons in the engine, once the request was resubmitted the repairs were covered by my extended warrantee. Larkin Cobb had my vehicle in their dealership for approximately 1 month. During that time they did provide me with a vehicle to driver while my car was being repaired. On the initial date when I was suppose to pick my vehicle up, I received a phone call from Ed who works at the dealership. He advised my car would not be available for pick up as someone had stolen the catalytic converter, but that they would order one and the car would be available for pick up next week. Upon picking my vehicle up on 09/04/2019 I observed damage to my vehicle. There was a dent in the drivers side door, several scratched all around the vehicle as well as what appeared to be a gauge by the hood release. I immediately contacted Ed at the delivership, he advised me of his cell number and he was sent the photos of the damage. He advised no worries to bring the car to him next week and he would take care of the damages. The following week I did take my vehicle to the delivership and he was able to observe the damage first hand. Ed then scheduled for me to bring the vehicle back to the car lot on 09/19/2019 as he advised he wouldnt have a loaner car until that date. On 09/19/2019 I received a call around 230pm advising my car was finished. A little after 4pm I went to the car lot to pick up my vehicle. I asked about the repairs and was advised they were not going to fix the damage that he spoke to his technician and the manager and due to the fact easy care only covered 6 days of the rental when the piston was repaired they would not be fixing the damage. My father Timothy Crumly who cosigned for my vehicle also called the dealership and spoke to the president and he advised he would contact me. As of this date I have no received a call from him. I am simply asking for the damage to my vehicle be repaired. I work too hard and pay too much for a company to be able to treat me in this manner. The damager was done at the Larkin Cobb Dealership and this needs to be corrected. My father and uncle have both retired from GM/ Delphi and I hate to think you would allow loyal customers to be treated unfairly by one of your dealerships. I do have photos of the damage however they are on my cell phone.
            Thank you, for your time!

            Jammie Bown
            I can be reached at [protected]

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              • Updated by Bownjl · Oct 18, 2019

                Please contact me upon receipt of this complaint.

              Oct 17, 2019

              General Motors Corporation — serra of jackson tn

              We just bought a 2019 Sierra truck from Serra of Jackson TN and when the sales person was going over the...

              General Motors Corporationfront light

              Last week I had to have the service dept change my low beam headlight bulb for my 2014 Acadia. I was shocked to learn that it would cost me $300 for the piece and $80 for the service. Why would you make a light bulb that costs $300 ??? My vehicle is only 5 years old. How many more times will it have to be replaced at $300?
              Also, the service dept said it had to take my bumper off to do it ???? . Where is the engineering dept. that caused such a mess up????? Don't they plan ahead?? so that service dept. doesn't have to make such a bizarre plan of action to replace one light bulb!!!
              This cost is ridiculous. Your engineering dept. should pay the bill.
              Janet Giuliano
              65 Paterson Drive
              Middletown, CT 06457

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                Oct 16, 2019

                General Motors Corporation — 2018 chevrolet silverado duramax

                Ed Hoffman 525 Odum Dr Hubert NC [protected]. I have 19000 miles on my vehicle and has broken down on...

                General Motors Corporationl4 2.4l 4 cylinder engine public safety defect

                I am deeply concerned that GM is once again exhibiting negligence in putting cost savings / profit above public safety equivalent to the Infamous GM Ignition Switch recall situation in the recent past.

                Reference the below background information on GM's L4 - 2.4L 4 Cylinder Engines:

                Please reference Document ID: 4821148 #12313D: Special Coverage - Engine Balance
                Chain and Fuel Pump - (June 6, 2017)

                This special coverage bulletin was provided by my mechanic at Midas and a GM Dealership from the http://alldatapro.com website.

                Special extended warranty repairs are supposed to be covered via this bulletin for 120, 000 miles or 10 years for GM Vehicles that have the L4 Engine including the 2011 Buick Regal. My 2011 Buick Regal is definitely exhibiting all symptoms / problems that are well known with the General Motors L4 - 2.4 L Four Cylinder Engine.

                See information below about oil consumption and engine performance symptoms:


                "Seven Engines to Avoid like The Plague
                Mark Toljagic 4/16/2018

                General Motors 2.4-L Four Cylinder

                Problem Engines
                © Provided by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited Problem Engines

                The redesigned 2010 Chevrolet Equinox and all-new GMC Terrain crossovers were big sellers - until owners began reporting the base 2.4-L four-cylinder engine eating itself after the timing chain stretched and jumped the gear teeth. Plenty of timing chains, camshaft actuators and entire engines have been replaced, sometimes more than once. Beware if your four-cylinder Chevy Equinox/ GMC Terrain / Buick LaCrosse & Buick Regal starts chugging like an old Massey-Ferguson tractor.

                A class-action lawsuit alleges the four-cylinder engine consumes as much as a litre of oil per 1, 600 km travelled in [protected] models. Some may be candidates for new pistons and piston rings. On models built before March 2011, there is a strong correlation between leaking high-pressure fuel pumps diluting the oil and resulting ring wear.

                Dealers use an oil consumption test to measure wear: if a quart (0.95 L) disappears in under 3, 200 km, the engine is considered defective. Some owners have documented a quart or liter of oil lost in as little as 600 km. Dealers will replace the four piston assemblies. The top compression ring in the rebuild kit has a more robust coating and the updated fuel pump has an improved seal."

                I am a former GM Powertrain Division Engineering / Salaried employee where I had a 20 year career background with engines and transmissions. The L4-2.4L Engine is a known safety hazard as the engine can fail while under normal operation on a highway or city street with potential catastrophic results. Even with the mechanic OE bulletin referenced above, GM refuses to cover expenses for permanent repairs for the 2011 Buick Regal. Instead Dealership customer service representatives are instructing vehicle owners to just add oil frequently. (Note: The Low Oil Indicator is also defective.)

                Please also reference the Class Action Law suit below:


                GM Corporation Customer Service (Myra), Professional Mechanics, and GM's Dealership Service Centers (Buick and Cadillac) all are fully aware of the catastrophic safety consequences that this Engine poses to the general public; yet, a comprehensive recall and appropriate extended warranty coverage is being denied.

                The L4 2.4 Liter Four Cylinder engine is a fatal accident waiting to happen. Sadly, GM Business / Customer representatives ("Myra" is the only name provided on GM / Buick customer service line) are sweeping this issue under the carpet, sacrificing public safety for cost savings as only VIN #s that actively participated in the class action law suit are covered by the Special Warranty Coverage Bulletin instead of all vehicles with this problematic and unsafe engine in order to mitigate cost impact to the company executives.

                Apparently, General Motors Leadership has forgotten that it was the general public / taxpayers that bailed out the corporation from bankruptcy and is willing to sacrifice their well being for the sake of future cost savings and executive bonuses...

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                  General Motors Corporationgm product today

                  Why is it on this gm site, it shows only has 4 resolved items / complaints out of over 1174 or more issues / complaints???
                  This is a gm site, owned and maintained by "gm"???
                  Hopefully people / future customers will take note of this incompetency before making their next purchase of a gm product!
                  I know I have, and will not be purchasing another gm product! Ever!
                  I asked j d powers if they ever view this site and if I could submit a review for gm products. (on a gmc sierra denali)
                  Jd power [censored] said their reviewers are "selectively / selected / picked", (that tells you a lot about jd powers assessment process) and I wasn't allowed to give my assessments of gm products, even thou I have been a gm purchaser / owner for nearly 40 yrs.

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                    General Motors Corporationnav update canada.

                    I find it totally robbery to have to pay 400$ for a disc. Why do I have to purchase from USA and pay another 85$ for shipping?? 250$ for a disc. This is totally robbery!! For the love of God GM protect your customers from this type of Robbery!!

                    Why would GM of Canada allow this???? Then I speak to a CSR and she told me to use my phone or sign up for onstar!!! Unbelievable totally unacceptable to train your employees to treat your customers in this fashion. I have been a proud owner of a Buick since 1982 but let me tell you NEVER AGAIN!!! so now I have a lovely Buick with a navigation system that is useless to me unless I pay 400$ for an update. I can't believe that GM is allowing this to happen.


                    Philip Payne.

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                      General Motors Corporationbuick lacrosse 2013 power steering

                      I purchased a used 2013 Buick Lacrosse 2-1/2 months ago for my 19-year-old daughter. While she was driving, the power steering stopped working and she was unable to steer. The wheel locked up! Thankfully, she was able to get the car to a safe location and no one was hurt. Due to the GM strike, it took 3 weeks to find a new part (rack and pinion/steering control module). This repair was $2, 600! This has been a huge financial burden on us and has created fear and uncertainty in the mind of my young driver when driving this car! I am aware there are many other people out there with the same power steering problem. These vehicles should be recalled and I should be reimbursed.

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                        General Motors Corporation2014 gmc terrain windshield wipers stop working

                        I was on the Highway(Florida's on 10/9/19 doing about 65 mph in a massive Florida rain storm when all of the sudden my windshield wipers completely stop working. I got off the road almost causing a multiple car accident in the middle of rush hour. I got out of the car and pushed the wipers down thinking they were just stuck or something, but no nothing, restarted the car still nothing (could hear the motor trying to work). I was stranded on the side of the road for over an hour, pregnant, hungry and in need of a bathroom. I finally make it home just before the rain starts again and start researching the cause, only to find out that GMC has known about these issues but only issued recalls on this year's model for Canada, really! This is unacceptable and you should be ashamed of yourselves, this should be recalled for all 2014 GMC Terrains no matter what Country you live in before somebody dies.

                        Amy R. Whoy

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                          General Motors Corporation2015 chevrolet z71

                          I bought this vehicle new in 2015. Recently the paint has started peeling on the cab roof right above the windshield. I've taken it to the dealership where I bought it. They took pictures and sent in to GM. I was told GM would cover $700 and I'd owe $800. I have a hard time believing GM won't stand behind a product that is only 4 years old. I've owned Fords, Dodges, Pontiacs, and never had a problem with the paint. I believe GM should make it right by fixing the product I paid good money for!

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                            • Dh
                              D hernandez818 Dec 16, 2019
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              My truck is 3 years old and my heater has gone out. They want $2000 to repair. The part it needs is $80. I don't think I should pay a dime for this repair. Heater going out on a 3 year old truck? Been deal with them since Thanksgiving. I really hope they can resolve this soon.

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                            • Fr
                              Franklin s Oct 18, 2019
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              You did better than me my truck doing the same and GM will not pay anything

                              0 Votes

                            General Motors Corporationcarlisle gmc, waxahachie, tx.

                            Hello, my name is William Betzer. I bought a new gmc sierra slt 4x4 z71 texas edition in june of 2018 as of today I have 11, 790 miles on it. In november of 2018 I went out to my truck to go to work and passenger mirror did not fold out I tried the button several times on the way to work it stayed folded up. I called the dealership and made an appointment to have it looked at but after work that same day it worked so I called dealership and they said if it is working we cannot repair it to bring it in when it wasn't working so periodically it stays folded inI put up with it for 11 months now and today I had a dr. appointment and when I wentout this morning it was folded in so I drove it to dr. appointment then to Carlisle Chevrolet wshowed them it was folded up they offered me a ride home thenthey went out to truck and hit the button 4 or 5 times the sevice writer told me it works fine and my tech is going to try it a few times and release truck no problem found. When I told him it was folded in when I got here he said It looked like someone folded it up with their hand and jammed it I informed him no I used the switch to fold it in when I parked it at home he started argueing with me I took my truck and went home because I had already explained the problem is intermittant. my email address is [protected]@msn.com and my phone # is [protected] thankyou.

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                              • Updated by William Betzer · Oct 07, 2019

                                I would appreciate any help in this matter and I also purchased 100 thousand mile extended warranty. I am currently searching for another dealership to service my vehicle because I never wish to return to Carlisle GMC for anything. Thankyou!

                              Oct 04, 2019

                              General Motors Corporation — information provided as "normal operations" for my new vehicle

                              I purchased a CPO 2017 Camaro 2LT at this dealership at the end of July with only 45 miles on this car. It...

                              Oct 01, 2019

                              General Motors Corporation — headlight for 2014 c7 stingray corvette

                              I have a 2004 chevy corvette and I purchased a 2014 chevy corvette c7 stringray. (Both purchased new...

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