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Honda Financial Services Complaints & Reviews

Honda Financial Services / erroneous repeated bill for a honda 2017 lease (acct 324394601) for $380.19

May 10, 2019

On 3/15/19 I leased a new 2019 Honda Accord that car, having leased a new 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid from Honda of Huntington, New York with a lease from Bethpage Federal Credit Union. My financial obligation to Honda Financial services ended that day since the $380.19 was taken care of...

Honda Financial Services / lease transfer 2017 honda accord

Apr 18, 2019

Murray Hamada Acct#411325543 Vin#1HGCR2F78HA274167 To whom it may concern, This letter is to document that we have consistently contacted Honda Financial Services for a week and half to do a lease transfer and have had no results. I Murray Hamada can no longer drive my leased vehicle...

Honda Financial Services / honda financial services

Jan 28, 2019

Honda paid a tax bill for an amount that was not correct. I paid Honda for the amount due for the time that they pwned the car. I paid my town for the remainder and confirmed that Hona's list # was given a refund. I called Honda multiple times to try to get my Honda account resolved and...

Honda Financial Services / I have extended my lease and was overcharged by honda financial services

Dec 26, 2018

MY acc. no. 305434942 I have leased a 2015 Honda civic. Upon maturity, I have an agreement to extend the lease for another six months at the same contractual terms of $155.00 a month. However, I got a bill for January 7, 2019, demanding an overcharged amount of $165.85, which is a...

Honda Financial Services / 2018 lease

Nov 03, 2018

I traded my 2015 Honda in early for a 2018 Honda Civic. I paid over $5000 for this new lease it was never explained that I had any payments due towards the 2015. I questioned the sales rep and manager about the April payment I made; because I thought perhaps I could get credited. I paid...

[Resolved] Honda Financial Services / paperworks

Oct 06, 2018

To Whom It May Concerns, I recently requested a payment extension on Friday, September 28 and it was approved. As of October 6, I have not received paperwork so I can sign and fax back to Honda Financial. I have called three times and everyone I have spoken to have reassured me these...

Honda Financial Services / turn in fee

Sep 30, 2018

o: Honda Financial services: I have been a honda customer since 2008. I had switched from Toyota and have been very happy with the Civic. In 2015, when I turned in the car I was dismayed to see a fee of $380.19. I have previosly leased two cars from other companies and never had a turn in...

Honda Financial Services / payment issue

Sep 23, 2018

I purchased a new Honda FIT in May 2018. I financed the vehicle through Honda Financial Services. I was in an accident June 23rd, 2018 and the car was totaled. I made my payment the following month (July) but at the beginning on August 2018, I talked to a representative who stated the...

Honda Financial Services / lowering my credit score because of a dealerships incompetence

Sep 04, 2018

I returned a leased vehicle to Acura of Greenwich, 2016 Acura ILX, which the owner reluctantly took back because I did not buy the car from him. This was done on January 30, 2017. 5 months later I received a letter from American Honda Finance to return the vehicle. I told them where it wa...

Honda Financial Services / service

Jul 07, 2018

Many times I tried to figure how to get to talk to a real person at HFS, no menus offer customer service. I say the words customer service, service rep, then it hangs up on me after too many tries. I finally found to push 0 on a particular menu, it does not work on all menus, then finally...

Honda Financial Services / harassment

Apr 04, 2018

Please please please someone help with them stop calling me I have not owned a Honda in over a year and I get calls all hours of the day and night requiring me to call Honda when I call they tell me we have no idea why we're calling you but they continue to call me this is harassment...

Honda Financial Services / buying a used car

Nov 17, 2017

I bought an SUV from Honda back in June of 2016 for 35, 000 and put down 15, 000 then I also paid 12 months worth of payments of 610.00 every month for 12 months. I lost my job and I wasn't able to pay so I gave the car back, now they say I still owe 29, 000 still on the car. I really...

Honda Financial Services / unauthorized ach debit on my checking account

Nov 10, 2017

On November 2nd I mailed a check to Honda Financial Services for the balance on my loan in the amount of $397.41. I got an email message from my bank to advise me that the amount of $297.41 was debited from my account thru the Ach process. I called my bank to find out what was going on. My...

Honda Financial Services / customer service is horribly rude, honda financial is crooked and steals money from the pockets of loyal honda customers

Oct 19, 2017

We have been loyal honda customers since 2003, we have owned 2 honda civics, 2 honda accords, and a honda element. When calling in with questions about the recent $1700.00 lease turn in bill we were given, customer service is rude, raises their voices and becomes combative. We are being...

Honda Financial Services / after early payoff — cannot get title reissued or formal payoff statement from honda

Feb 01, 2017

Customer number : 1007762 Ahfs account # 165676919 2013 honda odyssey Purchased in missoula montana june 12 2013. Paid off 10.20.2016. As a senior citizen who served my country in the war I have been abused and disrespected by the customer service people at ahfc.. I paid off a 2013 honda...

Honda Financial Services / did not receive vehicle title after loan paid in full

Aug 24, 2016

I bought a new 2012 Honda Shadow Phantom through a local dealer and got financing with American Honda Finance Corp. I paid my loan in full on September 26, 2015. I confirmed that the title was sent to my address on file but did not receive it. I asked how it was sent to me and they said...

Honda Financial Services / auto loan

Apr 18, 2016

i purchased a vehicle from honda about 3 years ago.first of all i had just gotten out of the hospital.i was very sick and still under the affects of anesthia and on heavy pain meds 'well i just wanted any vehicle to get back and forth to my doctors 'iam handicapped /disabled and...

Honda Financial Services / auto sales

Apr 17, 2016

I purchased a vehicle from honda, I had just gotten out of the hospital 'iam handicapped /disabled and have manyserious medical issues 'I was sick and under heavy medication at that time, I was never told basically anything about honda, the dont refinance, salesman rushed so fast /messed...

Honda Financial Services / my vehicle and their horrible service crooks!!!

Apr 17, 2016

Make a long story short. Iam handicapple / disable on and have alot of medical issues. I made payments for 3 years on my car / ran into very serious medical issues almost died 3 times / I asked honda to help / they didnt care. They have no regards for human life / so they just took my...

Honda Financial Services / car

Mar 14, 2016

Iam handicapped / disabled / and very plain english. They repossesed my car. They didnt even try to help me with anything. Now they have 13'000 dollars that I had into the car / plus they have the car. I was never told that theydont refinance / because the salesman just rushed go go...

Honda Financial Services / poor customer service, erroneous charges

Jan 25, 2016

Because we overpaid on our account each month, HFS sent us little blurbs on every statement requesting that we just pay the total amount due, which, more often than not, was $0.00. When some large, unexpected expenses dropped on us, I did what HFS had been begging me to do for 4 years, and...

Honda Financial Services / refund and documents

Nov 06, 2014

We have been trying for 2 months now to get the maintenance contract that we cancelled refunded ($1, 600) back to us. Also, we have been trying to get all the required documents needed from Honda Financial so we can register our car in San Diego, CA. We moved to San Diego, CA from Texa...

Honda Financial Services / documents and refund

Nov 06, 2014

We have been trying for 2 months now to get the maintenance contract that we cancelled refunded ($1, 600) back to us. Also, we have been trying to get all the required documents needed from Honda Financial so we can register our car in San Diego, CA. We moved to San Diego, CA from Texa...

Honda Financial Services / harassing phone calls

Jul 14, 2012

This company is calling me every weekday. They fill my answer machine with requests to return the call to 888 726 2644. When I call to find out what they want, they want my last four social security numbers and my account number. I have no account. They can only fix the problem if I give...

Honda Financial Services / sleezy collection practices

Dec 12, 2011

You have been warned!!! Honda financial services has reached a new low in sleezy collection tactics, so listen up everyone! Stay away from honda financial svcs!!! Everything I read in these reviews happened to a family member of mine, too - almost duplicate. I called them myself and got a...

Honda Financial / Scam

Mar 24, 2011

We changed banks, and just want to change account numbers and withdrawls to keep up with on time payments We started with the dealership that sold us the car, We tried 4 other phone numbers. To no avail not one kind educated person to help us. It seems no one is able to help us with thi...

Honda Financial / Car Lease

Mar 07, 2011

I just went through an absolute nightmare 3 weeks ago with the unexpected death of my father. He had a Honda Accord on lease for another year and i contacted Honda Financial Services about what needed to be done with his car. The person i dealt with over the next week was Cameron at Honda...

Honda Financial / Rip off

Feb 22, 2011

I had an accident that totalled out my car on Dec 13, I had full coverage and GAP. Honda recieved the insurance payment in the beginging of Jan, second week of January they began the barage of calls asking for January's payment. I asked if there was any reason that GAP would not be...

Honda Financial / Repossed vehicle, stating 1 month behind

Feb 09, 2011

I purchased a 2009 Honda Accord in 2/2009, after leasing one in 2007. I accumalated mileage on the lease vehicle so the remainding amount that was owed was transfered to the 2009 vehicle and also I had to put a downpayment of $1500, in order to get the vehicle. I recently was divorced and...

Honda Financial / Never use it

Feb 01, 2011

Honda Financial is the worst company! I have made payments on my vehicle and they still repossessed. When I called the next morning, I was given the run around. Finally, after a week they told me that they will give me my car back, because they were in error in repossessing. Wow...what...

Honda Financial / Bad service


I have had problems with Honda Finance in the past year. Granted I have been late and they did grant me an extension, but I was harrased the whole time. The customer service(a/k/a collections agents)sent me threatening letters, they called me constantly and threatened to take my car, and...

Honda Financial / Extreme scare tactics, abusive collection procedures


I own a 2006 Honda which only has 11 months remaining on the contract. I have always made my payments in a timely manner. I have recently fallen onto hard times as many other Americans trying to survive in this economy and my payment is late. I was EXTREMELY verbally abused, hung up on...

Honda Financial Services / late charges


I leased a 2008 Honda and have made payments on time every month. Starting in January of 2009 they stopped sending me mail payments and started emailing me statements. I figured leases are always the same amount so I paid the bill regularly the same amoutn. Unbeknownst to me, they were...

Honda Financial / Rip off palace


Do not take your vehicle to Bowie Honda for repair unless you have a warranty. The service department, while friendly and professional, will smile in your face and rip you off concurrently. My "check engine" light was on and I took 2006 Honda Element to determine the problem. In the end...

Honda Financial / Dishonest crooks


Me and my wife traded in our 2007 Honda for a 2010 Nissan at Coral Springs Auto Mall in Florida. We had 6 months left on our honda lease so we paid it early. We gave the car back to the dealer, where we leased it. They told us, dont worry, we will take care of everything. That was on March...

Honda Financial Services / outrageous finance charges


We are at the end of the lease of our 2006 Honda Odyssey, so I dug out our paperwork to find out some specifics on the terms. Running the numbers and talking to the dealer, I found out we were charged a 40% interest rate, Honda calls it a Rental Charge. This amounted to being overcharged...

Honda Financial Services / outrageous finance charge


We are at the end of our lease on our 2006 Honda Odyssey, so I dug out our paperwork to find out some specifics on the terms. Running the numbers and talking to the dealer, I found out we were charged a 40% interest rate, Honda calls it a Rental Charge. This amounted to being overcharged...

Honda Financial / Bad experience


I had the unfortunate experience of having my mother's car towed because it was two months behind in payment. After diligently calling to see what can be done, they told me, obviously, that a POA was needed so one was sent. Then they told me that the POA was invalid because of the...

Honda Financial / Rude & Arrogant Customer Service


I have been a loyal Honda customer for many years but after dealing with Honda Financial over the phone recently I am done with Honda. I mailed a payment on time in December 2009 and later Honda Financial started calling my place of employment leaving messages for me. My wife contacted...

Honda Financial / Rude, dishonest, unprofessional finance team


I suspected the deal was shady when the finance manager, Carlos, refused to let me see the numbers on paper. He fiddle *** around with paperwork trying to distract me. When I did see the contract I saw the price of the vehicle had actually increased AFTER my down payment and friends/family...