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Plot № 1, Bidadi Industrial Area, Ramanagara District -562 109, State of Karnataka, India

Toyota Special Economic Zone Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Highway, Sta Rosa City, Laguna 4026

South Africa
Stand 1, Eastern Service Road Wesco Park, Sandton 2012

Complaints & Reviews

both roadside assistance and dealership — service

I called Murry Toyota at around 3pm to explain that I had flat tire and that i had tire coverage. I advised that I had a piece of metal stuck in my tire. The female rep said to...

failure to fix the toyota c-hr and bad customer service from toyota

I am driving a Toyota C-HR CVT plus 1.2, 2017 I believe that my car has a factory fault. I reported it where I bought it at Toyota Gezina after they serviced the car for 15000 km...

Toyota Motor Corporation — Denial of 2nd Free Service

Toyota Motor Corporation 1 Toyota-Cho Toyota City California Japan - 471-8571 Dear Sir/Madam, Denial of the 2nd Free Service for My Toyota Vitz : WP CBJ-8028 (Chassis No: KSP...

Toyota South Africa Motors — Unethical behaviour

Hi Toyota, I am Raihaana Jacobs from Hillcomp Electronics. On 21 February 2020, at around 7h30 I took my toyota Corolla 2015 automatic to Barlow world Toyota Stellenbosch. There...

Toyota USA2019 highlander apple carplay retrofit deal

Hi, as customers we are expecting to retrofit for 2019 highlander apple car play from toyota company, similer like 2020 highlander models, because its a necessary need for apple phone users as a saftywise, please consider this option as immediatly and send letters to owners to set up with dealership. Would be really appreciated... Thanks a toyota lover.

Toyota Motor Corporationservice on maintenance for car breakdown/problem

My car VIOS year 2017 (under 5 years warranty)
Chronology events:
1. My son drove back to Penang from KL at 8.30am
2. The car smelt burnt & smoke came out at Tanjung Malim
( 1.5 hour after driving) - engine indicator flash out*
3. Check the water tank & radiator - water dried. Fill up the water into the tank & let the car cool down & continue driving.
4. Engine indicator flash out again @ 12.30pm & stop at Ipoh Toyota Services at Autoria Sdn Bhd for further checkup on the condition.
5. After checked & confirmed by toyota's mechanic that the car is in a good condition and in order to continue driving back to Penang @ 4.30pm
6. However, the engine indicator flash out again at Sg Perak R&R @ 5.30pm, he stopped as he afraid to continue driving back to Penang.
7. We had get auto assist to tow the car back to Penang. Reach Penang at 9.45pm.

Issue highlighted/Complaint:

1. WHY the indicator still flash out after the completed service done by toyota's service center @ Ipoh ( Autoria Sdn Bhd )?
2. We have suffered driving in unsecured feeling.
3. The car still under warranty and WHY it's happened?
4. Toyota must re-reimburse my towing cost of RM350.00
( will provide receipt upon request)
5. How could your mechanic confirmed the car was in a good condition & safe after checking, whereas after 1 hour driving it's happened again! I'm solely relied on your professional service to ensure the safety of my family.

You may check with your toyota centre on the issue and kindly take immediate action and urgent reply.

Thank you.

Juliana Jaafar
(NRIC : [protected])
HP : [protected]

Miracle Toyota — possible identity theft

I have written before about this same problem. I bought a Ram from this dealership in 2016 and for some reason, my information was merged with a Norma Fritz who bought an Avalon...

Toyota Motor Corporation2012 prius

I have a 2012 Toyota prius and last week I was in an accident. The car in front of me stopped suddenly and I applied the brakes and slid. The anti lock brakes did not work. I have major damage to the right front passenger side of the car. The car in front of me that stopped had anti lock brakes that worked. So I have whip lash and my car is damaged. Why did the brakes not work and why did the air bags not deploy.

Joe Mallon

South Dade toyota — selling / product prices

On 12/21/19 I went to ger 03 Corolla to get service and salesman cornered me and said we have an unbelievable deal . Car was marked 4, 000 above other dealerships. I'm full...

Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd — bad workmanship

My name is Redwan Amod Shah, I had purchased a 2014 White Toyota Auris from East Toyota in Eshowe in November 2019. The salesman Mr Slayed drove the car from Eshowe to Chatsworth...

Toyota Motor Corporationblizzard white pearl paint

I have a 2008 Highlander with Blizzard White Pearl Paint. The paint on the hood and roof has been peeling for years. The sides as of right now seem ok. I see on the internet that I am not the only person with this color paint problem. I think Toyota has a problem and should fix it. I like my car I have two of them. The tan one has great paint and polishes up nicely. No one will repaint just the bad parts because it will not blend properly. Apparently triple stage paint is a mess to work with. I would like Toyota to fix my car so I can be proud of it again. Now it is an eyesore.
Thank You
Terry Ahlstrom

Toyota Motor Corporationtoyota rav4 2007

I purchased a Toyota Rav 4 a 2007 from a car dealership around 2014 . I never received any information on a recall for engine burning oil. I have this vehicle andI am still paying on with only 150, 000 miles and the body is in excellent condition . It is burning a tank of oil in a week and I have tried with Toyota 2 different times to get some help and they tell me the recall expired in 2016. The problem is I was never notified that there was an issue. I have also purchased 2 more Rav 4s in the last 3 months, 2014's. The first one was in Oct 2019 and I was involved in a roll over accident and trapped hanging upside down in the seat belt and had to be extracted from the vehicle. I was release from the ER that same day with a few small injuries, Kudos to Toyota for their safety features. I replaced the car in Dec 2019 with another 2014 Rav 4.I love Toyotas and am extremely disappointed in the help resolving the issue with the 2007. Toyota makes enough money that they could easily fix this problem for me. Thank you for your Time Jennifer Alnoubani [protected] [protected] or Jennifer.[protected]

Toyota Motor Corporationpaint peeling on my 2012 4runner

We bought a new Toyota 4runner in 2012 because of Toyota quality. We maintained all of the services and took great care in maintaining the vehicle. We have had no problems and have enjoyed the vehicle until now. The clear coat on the paint started peeling this year (see pictures). I'm 70 years old, retired military and have owned numerous vehicles over the years, many makes and models. I have never had the paint peel on any of them. This is making it hard to enjoy our vehicle as we have in the past. We are not in a position to trade it in or pay to have it repainted. The vehicle is only 8 years old, I think paint on a vehicle should last a lot longer than that.
We are hoping there is something you can do.

Thank you
Charles K. Knight

2012 4runner
Vin JTEBU5JR8C5086765
Lic. 744LJW

paint peeling on my 2012 4runner
paint peeling on my 2012 4runner
paint peeling on my 2012 4runner
paint peeling on my 2012 4runner
paint peeling on my 2012 4runner

Toyota Motor Corporation — toyota 2010 rav4 rear stabilizer bar links & shock absorbers/suspension strut replacement repair

206219 Julie Curtis 5 Laurelwood Lane Eastampton, NJ 08060 [protected] December 31, 2019 Toyota Inc. P.O. Box 259001 Plano, TX [protected] [protected] Re: 2010 Rav 4...

Toyota Motor Corporation — brakes

206219 In oct 2018 took my rav4 to Toyota town on hammer Ln Stockton ca. Front & rear brake job. Returned twice because of rattle. They did not replace anti rattle clip and I wa...

Toyota Motor Corporationproduct and service complaint

My radio/GPS system just blanked out and started trying to reboot. Loving Toyota in Lufkin said it needed a software update. I was not told when I bought the car new this would happen. They also said it would cost $240 for the software and $65 to install it. This is pure and simple blackmail. The cost of the system was around $3000 new and now if I want to continue using it I will have to pay them $305 to use it. They nothing is wrong with the system just needs the update. Blackmail is a strong word but, that is what it is. Toyota has highjacked my radio and is blackmailing me for money to make it work again!!!
Robert Gilcrease

product and service complaint

Toyota Motor Corporationsaint charles il. toyota dealer

I have been a loyal Toyota/Lexus customer going on 30+ years. Celica/Previa/ SR5 4x4/ 450H/ GX/RX/ 4 Runner/ and NX.

I currently have a fleet of 15 vehicles in Mexico Rav 4/Highlanders/ Camry/ and one 1794 Tundra.

In all my years of owning and having vehicles serviced at Toyota and Lexus dealers, I don't think I have experienced a worse service department. Time to rotate tires and top off fluids, is 3 1/2-4 hours. Terrible planning and scheduling.

Toyota Of Southern Maryland — toyota of southern maryland

the toyota of southern Md dealership at 22500 Three Notch Rd, Lexington Park, MD 20653. sold us a certified preowned car and then behind our back 1.) snatched the accessories out...

Toyota Motor Corporation — oil change matter

206219 I lease my car from Toyota, and suppose have oil change every 10000, when I came 19999 the officer tell me I don't need to change my oil, and wait until 25000, and after I...

Toyota Motor Corporation2007 toyota rav4 oil consumption

I got this car in 2011 after my other Rav-4 also a 2007 limited was rear ended. I have had nothing but problems with it. Two days after I got this car I had to take it in because because the feed back from the stereo system was so bad to get fixed. Since then I have replace the O2 sensors, alternator, catalytic converter and now the piston rings need replacing. This is problem Toyota new about and said nothing. They never sent out a recall on this or I would have had this taken care of, every recall I received I took the car in and had it fixed, all of this before I had 160, 000 miles . The car now has almost 200, 000 and going through 1qt of oil a week.

My husband was a Toyota mechanic for over 25yrs, he was also on the Toyota Racing Team, he would have called this car a lemon. I have been driving Toyota's for over 50yrs and have never had as much trouble with all the other ones put together as I have had with this one.

I was thinking of buying another Toyota but I am so unhappy with this one I am having second thoughts. My husband would be rolling over in his grave if he knew his 70yr old wife was going through this.

Sincerely Mrs. Cook

3515 E. 16th Av.
Spokane, Wa. 99223

[protected] CP

Toyota Motor Corporationframe 2006 toyota tundra

2006 Toyota Tundra purchased new from Toyota dealership in central PA; one owner. Customer purchased dealer offered undercoating due to known climate conditions of central PA in order to prevent undercarriage corrosion. Same dealership (under new ownership) carried out corrosion inspection campaign in 2015; dealer conclusion-apply additional corrosion-resistant compound to frame (did they actually apply anything?). PA inspection at independent garage in 2019 failed for frame corrosion (but no perforations?). Vehicle taken to place of purchase to repeat inspection; dealership also failed vehicle for PA inspection due to frame corrosion; suggested sending it to additional Toyota dealers for additional inspections and to call Toyota Corporate. (Note-failed areas and other inspection areas are now completely devoid of corrosion
protection due to removal by inspection mechanics). Called Toyota Corp., They can't/won't help. Supervisor to call back. So far, Toyota will not rectify the issue. There are 100 year old Ford Model T's on the road with frames that are perfectly healthy in PA, but a piece of junk made in the USA (which has been less than useless for the last 40 years), foreign owned Corp., 13 year Toyota is scrap!!! Designed obsolescence and second class citizenship consumer products should be illegal and meant only for the billionaire class to experience! Failure at 106, 000 miles.

  • Updated by Anthony Hanlon · Dec 17, 2019

    Toyota called back. They will not back their products. They claim it's out of warranty; warranties are legal devises for corporations avoid their obligations to their customers. I did not agree to the purchase of a defective product. I thought I was buying a good brand/product, but they are no better than any other American Corp. product. They were sued for this very issue, so they knew this problem existed/exists.

Toyota Motor Corporationgps - multimedia in toyota corolla 2019

Dear support,

My name is Helen Dagher, In Oct 2018 I bought a Toyota Corrolla from Toyota dealer in Halat Lebanon.
I asked to replace the basic radio with a Multimedia with GPS and rear camera that costed me $890 US.
And since then, the GPS doens't work properly, it makes loud explosive sounds and sometimes it switches off or the screen turn blue with vey loud sort of explosive sounds.
Toyota have tried to change it, fix it on many occasions but still it is not working. they keep telling me that the same unit get installed on other vehicles with no problem. they finally tried an android unit that didn't cause the same problem but somehow they couldn't order one that fits my car, and it seems am stuck with no result. I ended up buying a new car with some unkown problem and paid extra $890 for a multimedia that doesn't work properly.
I beleive there is an inherent problem in my Corolla.
Therefore i request or to recall my Corolla and provide me with a replacment or to give me a full refund.
It would be appreciated if you can contact me at your earliest convenience.
I can be contacted by email. on [protected]


Toyota Motor Corporationdealership at bay ridge toyota

Good day to whom it may concern, I am a customer for the last 10 yrs l lease my cars with a perfect payment history, I have a problem that when I go in I am promise all that I want and when it signing time I drive out with what I don't want, I have fought cancer for the last 3 yrs and because of those hospital bills my credit isn't the best but my payment have never been in default, on Dec 7 I went to Toyota in by ridge I put down 1500 to get a Rava 4 I told the gentleman my situation and he promise. Me a rave 4 with a sun roof for 400 dollars a month because of my credit they went up to 449 now I went for that I try and understand then, when I pick up my car it doesn't have a sun roof I wasn't happy never telling me that I had the option to get a 2o19 with a sunroof and no heating steering wheel and no heated seat which I wanted Now again I am stuck in a car that doesn't have a sunroof because he claims that the 2020 only comes with the package of sunroof heating steering wheel and heated seats and Not just sun roof, So I feel I should've been called and told that and I would've took the 2019 with that sunroof and no heated steering wheel and no heated seat I feel I've been missed lead and I'm not happy with the car that I've had for two days. Please get back to me Before I take this any further Thk you much My number is [protected] my email is WRamos [protected]

Toyota Motor Corporationhybrid warranty malaysia car number plate pkp8583

Toyota Malaysia in Penang island tried to deny my hybrid battery warranty which now at my year 7 of warranty. they tend to delay by take so many days to diagnose my car and also dig out history that i missed 2 times of car service and main office did not allow me to claim.
this is so called after sales service.
please point out to me which line of rules stated that miss service can caused my hybrid battery warranty claim void.
i wan a reasonable feedback about my car hybrid warranty claim.

Malaysia +[protected]

  • Ga
    gardyine973498573958 Dec 12, 2019

    Yes, it is during those 2 missed Scheduled Service that your Hybrid Battery started to fail but you did not send for servicing.

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Toyota Motor Corporationcorrolla 2020 xse

I collected my new Corolla XSE last Monday with 157km on delivery. I've added just 50km in the past week.
My wife purchased a Corolla Hybrid in July and is really happy.
Last Friday early morning turning off a new tarmacked road my XSE slid doing no more than 40km per hour!
The XSE has Dunlop 5000 Sport tyres and the dealership parts manager today advised these are dry performance tyres!!
Why was i sold a Toyota in November in Victoria, BC with dry performance tyres and are dangerous in wet moist cold climate in Victoria, BC.
I purchased a car to use all year not just the summer months.
Also, there is tremendous road noise from these particular tyres, we never experienced this in the demo car but the sales team cant remember if the demo car had different brand of tyres.
Shouldn't Toyota being selling car with the right tyres for the right location otherwise its dangerous and buyers having to no option than to buy new tyres at around $1200 all fitted!!
Will definately be telling people online not to buy the Corolla XSE as they are dangerous in the wet.

Toyota Motor Corporation — new vehicle trade agreement

While in negotiations with Toyota I was having 2018 Camry 20,000 mile check, I had the vehicle front inn alignment serviced done In the trade in agreement if I purchased a new...

Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd — 2018 fortuner 2.8gd-6 4x4at

About a month ago I bought a second hand Jurgens caravan. When towed by other vehicles (older BMW 320i sedan and Toyota 2.4 D4-D pickup truck) all tail lights are working on...

Toyota Motor Corporation — service warranty of clutch in toyota hiace commuter deluxe philippine edition 2019

Toyota harassing costumers on manufacture warranty I am owner of 2019 model of Hi-Ace Commuter Deluxe. In the first couple hundred miles in the mountains heavy traffic, the pedal...

Toyota Motor Corporation — vehicle purchase

I would like you to help me do a formal complaint against Brad Martin at North Hollywood Toyota. I was there at your dealer on Monday 10/28/19 around 1:30pm. He took me for a test...

Toyota Motor Corporation — toyota 86 valve spring recall

Dear Toyota team I own a 2013 Toyota 86 (B-25355). Last month (Oct2019), I received a call from Toyota Service Centre (Sheikh Zayed Road) in Dubai asking me to bring my car in...

Toyota Motor Corporation — vehicle-faulty

I was in a very bad car accident where the vehicle actually ran me over. I have had a few times where when I thought it was in park it was actually in reverse so had to push...

Toyota Motor Corporation — rude customer service

I am extremely upset about a follow-up visit to Norwalk Toyota in California which occurred today. (October 29) In my original service for an oil change and hubcap replacement on...

Sparks Toyota — auto service

I brought my 2015 Ford Focus SE for oil change. It took Toyota 4 hours to complete the job. Now I'm realizing they stole the motor, fuel injection, reservoir, alternator...

Toyota Motor Corporation — oil change and requested reattachment of engine compartment protection goes viral.

I made an appointment to service my financed 2015 Ford Focus SE at the 501 Toyota Sparks dealership. I have free oil changes with my finance contract. My last oil change with...

Huntsville Toyota — service dept

General manager: I have driven toyotas for over 35 years and never questioned a repair that was advised by your service department until now. My family has purchased four...

Toyota Motor Corporationno driver side memory seat, no charging stations in the back seat, (usb or 12v)

Good morning,

My name is Glenn, I just purchased a 2019 Camry XSE for $41, 000. Even though this is my 5th Toyota, (second Camry) and my new Camry is an awesome and beautiful car. I was disappointed to not see an plug, USB, 12V charging station in the back seat, or drivers side memory seat button. Why are they missing from this car? Advise


no driver side memory seat, no charging stations in the back seat, (usb or 12v)

Toyota Motor Corporation2006 Toyota Corolla ce

The General Manager, Oct. 25, 2019
Toyota Motor Co.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to bring to your kind attention that I called several toyota local dealers regarding my issue. My car odometer stopped at 299, 299 km. First of all I was surprised for this kind of fault in a toyota car because toyota is more reliable than other make. They said, this year of toyota stops the odomoter at 299999. Now dealers asked me to pay some money to fix it even it is a factory defect. Some other make like I had a Honda accord and it passed 300000 km and never stopped the odometer. As a factory defect, it should have been recalled by Toyot motor co. Now I need to fix this problem as my car is still running very well
and I need this car for my daily work.

So, I would appreciate your consideration to solve my problem. I can be reached at [protected], or email at [protected] and I am from Hamilton, On, Canada.

Mohammed chowdhury

Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd — toyota hilux gd6 2.8 double cab - poor service

Good day 1. In January 2018 I Purchase a Brand New Toyota Hilux GD 6 2.8 2018 Model from Toyota Vaal Sasolburg. Since day 1 my rear speakers has nearly no sound, even if its on...

Toyota Motor Corporationtoyota land cruiser engine 1vd0312320 - navigation system

I bought the above vehicle from Australia and moved with it to Lusaka, Zambia. The vehicle in perfect condition but have not been able to update the map from Australia/New Zealand to Zambian map. Kindly advise who can assist me to updated the map chip in the vehicle to that I can use this function locally.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Wilson Chola
Mobile number - +[protected]
email address - [protected]

Toyota Motor Corporation — oil consumption problem

206219 Mohamed Ghanem Address: Rue Mohamed Abdusslem N°7 Hadjout Algeria Phone: [protected] Email address: [protected] Date: October 16, 2019 Name of dealer: Toyota...