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Opel Automobile Complaints & Reviews

CMH Opel Umhlanga / my vehicle

Jun 05, 2019

CMH Opel UmhlangaI want to complaint about CMH Opel Umhlanga. They have a poor service. On the 23/02/2019 I went to service my car it was a major services. Nothing was done in my car because all the noise I told them was still there after the services. Worse part on the 29 May while I was going to cornubia...

Opel Automobile / mokka

Dec 25, 2016

We got stranded on 23/12 without petrol & when assistance called us back we were told that it would not be covered & we need to pay R450 just for call out. This to us is very unacceptable as why would it say roadside assistance at no charge if we need to pay a call out fee? The...

Opel Astra / Major technical failure of a new Opel car + unreasonable repair cost

Sep 14, 2015

I am trying to reach the Customer Support of Opel Germany and I cant find any contact details. I have bought a New Opel Astra in Oct 2010 in Cyprus. Last week the gearbox broke and needs to be replaced. The cost that Opel in Cyprus asked for was 5000 Eur which is 80% of the total current...

Opel Astra Essentia 1.4 / Service at local dealers

Jul 11, 2014

I am the owner of the above mentioned vehicle, about 6 weeks ago i took my vehicle, as always to the dealer for some repairs to be done. The vehicle is a 2006 model with only 21000 km on the clock, it is vertually brand new and all origional. I explained to the mechanic what the problem...

2011 Opel Astra 1.4T Enjoy / Dealership unable to fix my car

Jan 14, 2014

I felt compelled to share my experience with you I bought a new Opel Astra 1.4T Enjoy in August 2011 from Weskaap Motors in Vredenburg. A month into owning my car, my problems started. First it was a rattling noise coming from rear wheels (they replaced some pins there), then the clutch...

Mansor opel / company rules

Sep 26, 2012

Dear Customer Service, My Name Is Mahmoud Abdel Bary, I live in Cairo – Egypt, and I own an Opel Astra 2004, I bought this car 3 months ago from a friend, it was 2nd hand… Honestly I haven’t drive such a vehicle before, the car has amazing options which I didn’t find...

Opel Vectra c - 2008 model / engine faliure


My name is Moataz Nabil, I'm Egyptian & I live in Cairo in; this is my second time to contact Opel Germany directly in a desperate attempt to regain my rights from General Motors Egypt. Back on April 28th 2008, I purchased a a brand new Opel Vectra 1.6 cc Easytronic transmission with the...

opel gm south east europe / rear axle braking device clattering


Rear axle braking device clattering on Opel New Astra 2010. No technical information on the rear axle braking device. I want the scheme of the rear axle braking device and the legal way to inform Opel GM on selling bad car parts

Opel Astra / No spare parts


I am waiting since 2 months for some spare parts for my opel Astra 1200 CC 1- Air sensor 2- Air condition Blower Finaly yesterday my car was not working. I asked the company engineer who told me it is the Crank Sensor, which is not available neither.

opel / vectra c 2007 / bad service in egypt


i have abig prob;em with car service center they dont have any experinces to deal with my opel when i ask them to fix any thing in my car they said we can not do any thing for u so to whom i can go and they do not tell me about thing to change in the maintenance table and the result that...

Opel Cors comfort 1.2 / ECU


I have serious complains about my Opel Corsa. I own an Opel corsa (Nov. 2001) Auto transmission. Recently I have faced a problem, and it doesn't start in the morning and flashes "F" . I took it to Opel dealer and they told me that ECU has been damaged and should be changed and cost me...

Opel Vectra / Fatal Failure


Opel VectraDear sir, The attached photos refer to a fatal failure that happened to my car and could have ended with a catastrophy if not for God mercy. My car is an OPEL VECTRA that I bought from your representative in Egypt - Mansour- in Novemenber 2007 and only run for 29000KM, the car is still...

Opel / manufacturing flaw - the car


In November 2005 I purchased an Opel Corsa Comfort 1.4. with maintenance plan. It now has 47 000 km on the clock. Just before the 30 000 km service, the engine head had to be replaced, due to a manufacturing fault. After the 30 000 km service, I noticed a noise. I took it in to the dealer...

Opel / cids


hello i complaint opel opel is liar company ok first i meet opel i go to opel showroom they are show off new opel the car seller explains me the new opel astra i like it but i like it mostly cid display (colour display) am said seller is it if i buy this car my car display like this they...

Opel vectra 2006 / Error in main display


Hello, I had serious doubts in writing to you. I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I believe that you should be interested about the Opel image in the UAE. It all started in the first month after buying a brand new Opel vectra 2006. Everything was great till I drove up to le...

Opel Astra 1.6 enjoy / Faulty tyres


In March 2005 I had taken ownership of a brand new Opel astra enjoy from a dellership in Durban. On the first day The vehicle over heated. On calling the help line they informed me to bring the vehicle in for a check up. After rectifying the problem there were other problems that i...

Opel DiBas - Bucharest, Romania / Opel Astra Classic / Greatest disappointment


Hello, I had serious doubts in writing to you... I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I believe that you should be interested about the Opel image in my country - Romania. It all started in may 2005 when I decided it was time to buy my first car... I went to the bank, I contracted...

Opel Corsa / Multiple car problems


To whom it may concern, I bought a new opel 1.7 turbo diesel bakkie in feb 2006 from eagle canyon auto. Upon the purchase of this new vehicle, i instructed eagle canyon auto to install a new radio and rubber lining. Within the first week the left hand speaker stopped operating due to a bad...