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Opel Automobile reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 24, 2007. The latest review Engine trouble was posted on Dec 3, 2020. The latest complaint service at local dealers was resolved on Jul 11, 2014. Opel Automobile has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 29 reviews. Opel Automobile has resolved 5 complaints.

Opel Automobile Customer Service Contacts

8800 700 1365 (Russia)
+44 800 0264 0034 (United Kingdom)
+31 206 545 751 (Netherlands)
+351 808 200 700 (Portugal)
+41 448 282 880 (Switzerland)
+27 800 422 777 (South Africa)
Rüsselsheim am Main
Germany - 65423

Opel Automobile Complaints & Reviews

Dec 03, 2020

Opel Automobile — Engine trouble

I purchased Opel Astral 2017, I went to the General Motors main Service Center (Mansour Opel/Chevrolet...

Nov 05, 2020

Opel Automobile — Sudden airbag deployment

Good Day Sir/Madam, On the 3rd. November, 2020, at approximately 8:50 a.m., while driving between 50-60...

Opel AutomobileOpel Insignia 2018

This is a seriouse safety concern and quality complain, the vehicle puts my life and my family life in a real danger.
same proplem within 1 month

Date: 5 Mar 2020
Contact Number: +[protected]
incident description:
- all of a sudden the vehicle computer stopped operating.
- all errors messages show up on the screen
- The vehicle accelerate by itself aggressively
- sudden brakes
- stearing resist any turning direction
- no speedo meter reading
- No RPM reading

Now i don't trust to ride the vehicle again before i get clarificaton on what happened and why?
ahould i start my legal action against Opel for putting my family and my life in danger
Compansation for staying all that time without vehicle spending money on my transportation.
This is really unacceptable from such company.

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    Opel AutomobileOPEL Crossland X 11/2017 DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL + CLUTCH BROKEN AT 23.600 KM !!

    -opel crossland x, 1.2, gas, 96kw from 29.11.2017;
    -delivered by german top trading srl, bucharest, romania;
    -vin: w0v7d9eb8j4073778;
    - dual mass flywheel + clutch broken (sachs) at 23.600 km! see photos:
    It is not normal!! I am driver from 1986 on many, many cars;it is the first time what happened;
    -the total price for parts+workmanship is over 1.200 euros,
    Not covered by warranty, are supplies!!!
    Please, I need a serious solution.
    I am waiting your answer.
    Best regards,
    Gheorghe popa, bucharest
    Euro top grafix srl

    OPEL Crossland X 11/2017 DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL + CLUTCH BROKEN AT 23.600 KM !!
    OPEL Crossland X 11/2017 DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL + CLUTCH BROKEN AT 23.600 KM !!
    OPEL Crossland X 11/2017 DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL + CLUTCH BROKEN AT 23.600 KM !!
    OPEL Crossland X 11/2017 DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL + CLUTCH BROKEN AT 23.600 KM !!
    OPEL Crossland X 11/2017 DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL + CLUTCH BROKEN AT 23.600 KM !!
    OPEL Crossland X 11/2017 DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL + CLUTCH BROKEN AT 23.600 KM !!

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      Feb 07, 2020

      Opel Automobile — clutch fell down after 23.600 km!!!

      Dear Sir/Madame, My name is Gheorghe POPA, Bucharest Romania and I drive an Opel Crossland X Enjoy, VIN...

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      Jan 11, 2020

      Opel Automobile — opel insignia grand sport 2018, in warranty, period spare parts not available

      * I bought Opel insignia 2018 zero from the agent (Mansour Egypt). *I made 30000 Km, 2 weeks ago (28...

      Opel Automobileopel assistance

      Dear Opel, I need to express my deep disapoitmant about opel assistance service in Serbia. Yesterday my car stop working. Eventhough I received tow service relativly on time I faced big problem in receiving replacement car as per letter of warranty. Car is still not given to me and opel.assistance is refusing to give me car in the same category. I'm considering to comply law suit against opel for breking letter of warranty.

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        Dec 17, 2019

        Opel Automobile — the official agent does not know the cause of the car problem for more than a month!!

        17/12/2019 Dear Head of Opel Customer Services, I am the owner of Opel Insignia car (Model, 2017/ chassi...

        Nov 19, 2019

        Opel Automobile — car repair did not start after 2 months from delivering the car to the center

        Hello, On the 14th of September I got my 2016 Opel Corsa to the center after an accident, the center...

        Oct 12, 2019

        Opel Automobile — I was there on saturday october 12th, 2019 to vest

        I was there yesterday Saturday October 12th 2019 to check the reason behind the huge consumption of petrol...

        Jul 02, 2019

        Westvaal Rustenburg — "inflated" pricing on parts made to buy

        My car was brought in to the abovementioned branch on 13.06.2019 first what was supposed to be its annual...

        Jun 05, 2019

        CMH Opel Umhlanga — my vehicle

        I want to complaint about CMH Opel Umhlanga. They have a poor service. On the 23/02/2019 I went to service my...

        Opel Automobile — mokka

        We got stranded on 23/12 without petrol & when assistance called us back we were told that it would not...

        Opel Astramajor technical failure of a new opel car + unreasonable repair cost

        I am trying to reach the Customer Support of Opel Germany and I cant find any contact details.

        I have bought a New Opel Astra in Oct 2010 in Cyprus. Last week the gearbox broke and needs to be replaced. The cost that Opel in Cyprus asked for was 5000 Eur which is 80% of the total current value of the car. However their initial estimation was [protected] Eur, on which they may have offered a very small discount.

        I believe that it is premature to have such a technical failure on such a brand, preceded by so many other technical issues (coil inside the engine broke 1yr ago). I also believe that even [protected] is an unreasonable cost, let alone 5000.

        In addition, please note that I am totally unhappy with the services offered by Opel in Cyprus: they are not responsive at all, they ignore complaints, they take very long to check the car and no one communicates with the customer, and their prices are outrageous.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Opel Astra Essentia 1.4 — service at local dealers

          I am the owner of the above mentioned vehicle, about 6 weeks ago i took my vehicle, as always to the dealer...

          2011 Opel Astra 1.4T Enjoy — dealership unable to fix my car

          I felt compelled to share my experience with you I bought a new Opel Astra 1.4T Enjoy in August 2011 from...

          Mansor opelcompany rules

          Dear Customer Service,

          My Name Is Mahmoud Abdel Bary, I live in Cairo – Egypt, and I own an Opel Astra 2004, I bought this car 3 months ago from a friend, it was 2nd hand…

          Honestly I haven’t drive such a vehicle before, the car has amazing options which I didn’t find in any Automobile I use to own…

          Two weeks ago I had a problem in the car’s engine, so I decided to take the car to the maintenance center to fix the car, and provide me with any original spare parts….

          As soon as I entered the service center with the car I faced many problems, which really made me regret driving an Opel not because of the vehicle, but because of the franchise of Opel here in Egypt, which is Mansour..

          At the beginning of my entrance of the center, I met Eng. Emad, he didn’t even welcome me, he simply asked me one question.. have you ever done any maintenance here ? I informed him that this is a used a car and I don’t know, he took the engine number and checked on the database, and he found out that the car didn’t enter the center before, and he refused to receive the car..

          Without Arguing with Eng. Emad I simply asked him if there is a higher rank who I can talk to, he made me meet Mr. Mostafa Kamal (Reception Manager), who accordingly confirmed the same fact that they will not receive the car as long as it didn’t make any maintenance here…

          I told them that this doesn’t make sense, and you are simply informing me to get rid from the car, they simply ignored my phrase, I informed them that I’ll complain in the Head Office in Austria, by they seemed not interested or threatened…

          Please I need real action, because I have already wasted time, money, and I’m really depressed from the service which I don’t think it is an international rules & procedures from the mother company…

          Name: Mahmoud Ibrahim Abdel Bary
          Cell Phone: [protected], [protected]

          Address: 11 mohamed sedki shafiee St El Manial – Cairo – Egypt…

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            Opel Vectra c - 2008 modelengine faliure

            My name is Moataz Nabil, I'm Egyptian & I live in Cairo in; this is my second time to contact Opel Germany directly in a desperate attempt to regain my rights from General Motors Egypt.

            Back on April 28th 2008, I purchased a a brand new Opel Vectra 1.6 cc Easytronic transmission with the following details:

            Model - 2008
            Engine capacity - 1.6 cc
            Engine # - 1369
            Chasis # - [protected]

            I invested in this car the amount of 195, 000.00 Egyptian Pounds equivalent to approximately 29, 000.00 Euros at the time of purchase which was all my savings in the past 5 years + a bank loan & now I'm totally moneyless after all that I spent on this notorious vehicle! After a fake test drive on a car which is definitely not like the one that I bought I was convinced. But when I drove the car for the first time, it seemed strange & not like the one that I test drove, the gearbox was strange & the car kept jumping & stopped twice!!! I took to the General Motors main Service Center (Mansour Opel/Chevrolet) after the first 1000 KM & they told me that this is normal & that I will get use to driving it because it needs a different sense; absolute nonsense! Anyhow, the real problems started after 5000 KM & I will brief tem as follows:

            1. I kept hearing a horrible voice from the engine when I put the air condition on & accelerate. I took to the main service center & they told me that there was a factory defect in the compressor but unfortunately it was not available. I kept going back & forth till it finally arrived & they changed the compressor after 4 months; however I was shocked when the horrible voice continued.
            2. I went again to the service center, they rechecked the car & said that the evaporator had to be changed!!! I insisted that sound was from the engine but they insisted that it was from the evaporator; again the sound continued.
            3. I went again & they told me that this is a normal engine sound with the air condition on; ridiculous reply!!!
            4. I kept on trying with Mansour spending significant amounts of time, money & more importantly this inflicted a painful psychological effect on me.
            5. At around 25000 KM, I started hearing noises from everywhere in the car, the doors, the windows, the interiors etc.
            6. The big problem was when, all of a sudden, the gearbox showed F on the screen & the car wouldn't move. I had to bring a truck to carry the car to the service center!!! At this time, I sent the first complaint to Opel Germany. The staff at the service center insisted that coke or pepsi & cigarette ashes were inside the gearbox internal compartment & that this caused the problem; by the way I don't smoke! After many discussions, they fixed it without charging me. I left but wasn't satisfied with the car.
            7. The problems kept popping up every now & then & the horrible engine sound with the air-condition on started showing with the air-condition is off; this was 3 days ago.
            8. I took it today to the service center at 69000 KM, I was shocked & had severe chest pain when they told me that the engine has complete failure only after 4 months from the expiration of the warranty.
            9. I expected that they will do this with me after all the strange & fishy maneuvers.

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                ADAMS.FETCHER Sep 26, 2010

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              opel gm south east europerear axle braking device clattering

              Rear axle braking device clattering on Opel New Astra 2010.
              No technical information on the rear axle braking device.
              I want the scheme of the rear axle braking device and the legal way to inform Opel GM on selling bad car parts

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                Opel Astrano spare parts

                I am waiting since 2 months for some spare parts for my opel Astra 1200 CC
                1- Air sensor
                2- Air condition Blower
                Finaly yesterday my car was not working. I asked the company engineer who told me it is the Crank Sensor, which is not available neither.

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