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on 09/26/2023 I took my truck to Gerald Jones GMC @

490 Jefferson Davis Hwy in Graniteville sc. 29829

took my 2020 GMC SIERRA for a skipping issue when they checked it, they said it was the torque converter, so I had to leave the truck with them. When I left the truck with them, they did not give me a loaner for 6 days, I couldn't do anything but just stay home. This is when I dropped off the truck.  two months later they said the truck was fixed when I picked up the truck I proceeded to go home when I got home there was a strong anti-freeze odor so I opened my hood and anti-freeze was shooting out of the radiator so I took the truck back to Gerald jones GMC and told them that the radiator was leaking he said they would take a look at it only to find out the radiator was damage while in their care so I had to leave the truck once again eventually I was called again to say the truck was ready so I went to pick up my truck I proceeded to leave once again as I was headed home I noticed that the truck was still skipping so I called, to come in the next day to have them to see why the truck was still doing the same thing that I had originally brought it in for after them driving the truck they said that they didn't see any issues with the truck but it's still skipping at low rpms and there is still a antifreeze smell coming from the front of the truck where the radiator is, he also said if it is still happening that they was just going to send off to GMC and let them fix it.

When we left it with the dealership everything was working great no other issues, couple days later my blind censors are bad, if you are parked the censors should never go off unless there is an object in front of you, I called GMC they said that when I bring it in, we going to have to pay for it because the warranty does not cover censors. But Like I said, my truck has been working fine until I left it there for over 2 months, then left it again for 2 weeks for the radiator to be replaced, so they said I needed to pay for the censor to be fixed.  My husband brought the truck back to GMC to have them look at it. 01/22/2024 he spoke to Frank Flemming while speaking to him he was looking into the computer and Frank Flemming is saying that he didn't see any notes about what and when we brought our truck in for, from the beginning. My husband calls me, and I have all the notes that were written in GMC computer, I gave my husband the dates and numbers, that's when and only when Frank Flemming says yes, I see it now. come on now when you give a business your name and address you cannot say " sorry I don't see anything." that's silly. I would not understand that, but my truck is a 2020 only 4 yrs. old I bring it in every time for oil change tire rotations all fluids check on time so my truck stays running well. I take really good care of my truck.

Claimed loss: What I lost was time, I could have spent with my granddaughter this is precious time lost.

Desired outcome: I want my truck fixed the correct way, sensors and all. No more excuses

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