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Fry's Food reviews & complaints

Fry's Food complaints 28

Fry's Food - Rude Deli Dept manager at Fry's Yuma, AZ

I went into the Fry's store in Yuma, AZ on South Frontage Rd last night right after work to get some salad vegetables and lunch meat but when I approached the deli counter an employee that was cleaning the glass on the case told me they were closed & couldn't help me. It was around 5:15 & when I asked the Deli Manager why she rudely told me they had 2 people call in sick with COVID so they were short-handed. They still had 2 people working but she told me I would have to go to the pre-packaged department if I wanted something. There were no other people around waiting but me so I went to the store manager to ask why 1 of the 2 people working in the deli couldn't help me. He told me the deli was open & called the deli manager to come to the front. When she approached the store manager she very rudely told him that 2 people called in sick & she had important duties to finish before the end of the day & that she couldn't help customers and get those duties completed so she closed the deli. She was VERY rude. I told the store manager that I would go to Walmart instead. They have never refused to help me due to employees calling in sick. That Deli Manager was so rude! I will never shop in that store again.

Desired outcome: I won't be shopping with Fry's in the future so this is irrelevant.


Fry's Food - Pharmacy

I called the pharmacy Jan 8th, no one would answer. I proceeded to call several times during the day, all with no answer. I gave up and left a message for a two month supply as I would be traveling...

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Fry's Food - Apple Gift Card Scam caught early but disregarded by Frys

I purchased 3/$100 Apple gift cards after receiving an email from a friend that has just got out of the hospital after being in Intensive care asking if I would help her get a gift for her Niece as she was not able to get out to go to the store. I called her after purchasing the cards and she told me it was not her emailing me and that it must be a scam as she had others call her about the same thing. I immediately called Frys (within 30 minutes of purchase) and explained and was told to bring them back up to the store with the receipt and they would refund. I also called Apple and got them to stop the cards from being able to be redeemed but they told me that they could not refund my money or give me different gift cards because I had not purchased from them so Frys will have to refund. When I got to The Frys store, 6321 E. Greenway Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85254, with in an hour of purchase, I was told they could not refund. I asked to speak to the store manager and he told me there was no way they could refund once it was activated at purchased even though I had a case # from Apple that showed them being on hold by them and not able to be redeemed. The manager told me I would have to get my money from Apple as they had the $300. So now I have 3 cards that I cannot use, no help from Apple and Frys - Kroger has $300 of my money without even so much as an apology for not being able to help me. We have shopped at this store since the day it opened many years ago and was - am very surprised at how I was told that absolutely no way was I going to get a refund - end of story. My hope is Frys - Kroger will reconsider

Desired outcome: I would like to be refunded the $300 purchase price as the cards were deactivated so the the thieves could not use them so a refund is the right thing to do.

Dec 26, 2021

We have been extremely loyal customers of this Frys for many years. I am hoping they do the right thing so that we may continue to be.


Fry's Food - Constant harassment

I live across street from the store so I shop there frequently. I am constantly followed and harassed every time I go in store. Since I come there frequently I see the same people you would think...

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Fry's Food - Honoring store coupons

Today I submitted a Frys coupon that states that you earn 4X the fuel points on VISA 7 MASTERCARD gift cards from 11/17 through 12/07. I received NO additional fuel points on my order! The manager then told me my purchase was not eligible for some ridiculous requirement stating they had to be "specific amount cards-she even had the audacity to yell at me! Then I said there is also a sign with the gift card display stating 2X on all cards through the Holidays. She even refused to honor this.
I have purchased many Amazon gift cards in the past and have registered specific amounts and NEVER experienced this problem before!
I want to know why these are NOT being honored. Please respond with some sort of explanation that makes sense!

Desired outcome: HONOR YOUR COUPONS!!!

Dec 03, 2021

Very Unprofessional

Nov 03, 2021

Fry's Food - online order

Fry's frequently double charges for on-line orders. When you call and say why did you put through the authorization twice, after being on hold for 30 - 60 minutes they come back and say they can't do anything about it and the extra charge will go away in 3 - 5 days. It is fraud to charge someone twice for the same thing and then hold the money for 3 - 5 days. If they do this with even a portion of their customers (they are part of Kroger), they would have hundreds of thousands of money illegally held and they are earning money on money that is from fraud.

Desired outcome: Immediately remove the duplicate charge, better yet, stop charging 2 times for one charge

Fry's Food - Rude Argumentative Management and Staff

My wife was visiting the Fry's Grocery Store located at 5140 W Baseline Rd, Laveen Village, AZ 85339, picking up medication at the Pharmacy counter at approximately 1:25pm on 10/11/2021; while having a brief conversation with myself and her physician concerning the medication she was prescribed; the clerk or pharmacy tech demanded my wife hang up the phone call; siting to my wife loud enough for us to hear on the call that she was committing a H.I.P.P.A. violation. My wife then asked the clerk to repeat what she had said, then was told that if my wife was fine with her information being released, she can continue the call.

I immediately contacted the store directly at [protected], and spoke to a manager by the name of Chandra, and explained the situation. The manager then became argumentative with me, explaining that her staff cannot do their job when customers are on the phone. I advised the manager of my plan to contact corporate with my grievance, to which her reply was thank you, then disconnected the call.

This is absolutely atrocious behavior and will only lead to me never going to any establishment and making any future purchases with anything concerning this corporation.

Desired outcome: I would like an apology to myself and especially my wife and our purchase refunded.

Oct 09, 2021

Fry's Food - Employee in customer service Monique 67th Ave Glendale


I was a customer at the Fry's on 6710 W. Bethany Home, I had the unfortunate interaction with a woman named Monique in customer service. I went to her around 8:45pm, after finding a log of raw beef on the noodle shelf. I gave it to her and said heads up I'm not sure this is good anymore, you may want to toss it so no one gets sick. Then she snatched it from me, rolled her eyes, said nothing and called for a courtesy clerk to come and run the perishable go back to the meat department. When I heard this on the loud speaker I thought maybe she had misunderstood me so I went back and said my apologies, I want you to know that if you put that on that back on the shelf it is warm, you might get someone sick. She looked at me and said not my problem, not my decision. And completely disregarded the health and wellbeing of every shopper there. I couldn't understand her attitude towards me as I have worked as a manager in retail for more than 10 years. She proceeded to watch me grocery shop with my husband, giving me the nastiest of glances and as I went to self check out. Conveniently she was there to make that process uncomfortable as well. I was only trying to help and feel completely discriminated against, she works in customer service yet has a terrible demeanor and attitude. I left the store and decided to call and ask to speak to a manager, she picked up and immediately hung up. I called back and asked who I was speaking to, where she rudely proclaimed Monique, I said I would like to speak to a manager, she said there is not one here. I said who is a superior I can talk to.she hung up again. I called again and was able to connect with a front end manager, Alyssa, I asked her who the store director was and recounted my experience. She didn't understand why Monique would be so rude but didn't care to help or apologize. I will not buy meat from this store and will let others know of this experience. She should not work in customer service, I was just trying to be courteous and didn't want that meat to sit on the shelf any longer. It was warm when I got to it and I am in utter disbelief she had the nerve to send it back to be sold.
I would like to be contacted by the store director and am also going to send this off for others to read of this encounter.

Monique in customer service needs to be retrained because she has no empathy and no reason to be so hostile.

Please contact me if you need more information. I am so upset and want this matter to be handled promptly and I would like to know of any resolve. Thank you for your time.
My mom works at this store so to be treated so poorly as a team members daughter I can't imagine other customers experiences with her.

- a disheartened customer who was part of the Kroger family.

Desired outcome: Coaching

Fry's Food - Customer service

On the 7 day of October 2021, at approximately 7:55 am. I purchased some groceries at Fry's located at 100 E. Jefferson Street in Phoenix, Arizona. During purchasing the groceries I was prompted with the menu option of would you like cash back? I pressed the no cash back selection button. I finally had to cancel the transaction and go back to the payment options. I proceeded to start over and the machine still processed the cash back option of $20, which I did not select. I told a lady assistant at the self checkout area the something must be wrong with the machine because I didn't select the cash back option and it still kept processing the transaction. She said well the receipt says so and I said I would like to talk to the manager. The manager basically told me that we can't put the money back on the card so you'll just have to keep it. The manager and the lady assistant both acted like I must have been making all this up. No one even bothered to look at the machine or apologize for the inconvenience. I'm not saying there was racism but I do believe if I were a Caucasian person the treatment wouldn't have probably been different.

Sincerely, Osiris Everheart

Desired outcome: An apology for the inconvenience and better customer service in the future.

Fry's Food - Staff

Since October 2016, I have been looking for housing and travelling around the country. I have shopped at Fry's randomly throughout the months on housing leads/shelter needs. It is now September 2021...

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Fry's Food - Pharmacy

Had a refill to put in so transferred to pharmacy casa grande on pinal ave. I was told it would be filled in 2 days their shipments have been coming 4 times a week, 2 weeks later still no medication...

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Fry's Food - Pickup department

I'm not the kind of person to complain because with my company nothing never changes my name is Natasha and I am and e-Commerce Supervisor for Frys in Phoenix Arizona I have transferred out here in...

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Fry's Food - Fruit

In the case of apples, grapes and watermelon I keep getting unripe goods. It wasn't just this last time that I ordered online, but has been about every other time I order fruit. I have heard that...

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Fry's Food - Pharmacy at 77th st and McDowell in Scottsdale Az

77th and McDowell pharamacy Scottsdale AZ
I have used this pharmacy for years: about 30 yrs ago I had this same issue which had been corrected at that time after my complaint.
Now once again the old issue has raised its head.
Last week. Called in a refill. Heard nothing. Ran out of medication. Called to track issue. Issue is: pharamacy did not order Med. So I did not get refill. Seems their policy is only order on Tuesday and Thursday. So we are SOL if we run out. Note customer was not told of this new policy. I'm still out of medication. They said they would order on Tuesday. Today is Tuesday so I probably will not get script for another day or two.

Also: a while back my dr gave me a new script. It was never filled and I was never notified. Seems the pharmacist decided I would not want to pay the cost of Med so they ignored the script. NTurally I voiced myself that that was not their decision to make and I needed the Med. Script finally filled.

You have a new pharmacist that has been only working there a few months but seems to think he knows best. I suggest it is time to address this person and make him aware the patient schools be important. If this person is a new manager I suggest he go to back to school. He has no idea of priorities.

Desired outcome: Training for all pharmacists and manager on priorities

Fry's Food - Fresh deli counter clerk’s. Manger (Victor) who couldn’t resolve

Waited for deli meat but was told again to just wait until she was thru with what she was working on, 5 people behind counter none helping customers. I brought store manger (Victor) over and he...

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Fry's Food - Pharmacy

My wife's doctor sent her maintenance medication prescription to Frys pharmacy at 155 Combs Road in Queen Creek, Arizona. I called to verify it was there and bein processed at 5:00 p.m. The technician said they were busy but the medications would be ready in a couple of hours at 7:05 p. m.

I drove to the pharmacy and the technician (Brooklyn) said they were short staffed and they would not be able to fill it this evening. I replied with "wait a minute, I called at 5 p.m. and was told her meds would be ready at 7:00 p.m. and it's now 8:30 p.m. The technician said one of the meds had not been filled in a very long time; however, I explained to her it was filled on February 11th. She got quite upset and CURSED at me! The pharmacist said to put it through and her would handler it.

I have been a customer here for over 10 years and this pharmacy keeps getting worse and worse. Employees would never curse but should be professional.

Desired outcome: The employee should be reprimanded, retrained, and should send me a hand written apology.

Fry's Food - Money services

I went in at 9:30 and approached the money services counter where an associate was standing behind the register and was told they were closed and that he was on break, should an associate really be...

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Fry's Food - my VIP card does not work at any shell stations

i have a case number which is [protected] which has never been resolved or answered by any of the people in your corporate office - i have lost thousands of dollars of fuel savings because i can't use my VIP card - every time i try the station gets an "Invalid id" message - nobody has ever gotten back to me about this issue - the worst customer service i have ever experienced in my life.

Update by Manuel Fleissner
Mar 20, 2020

i have a complaint number which is [protected] which has never been resolved and i have never gotten any feedback on the issue - every time i try to use my VIP card the station gets a message which says "invalid id" - this problem has been going on for almost a year now and i have lost thousands of dollars on fuel savings - this has been the most frustrating problem i have ever had in all my years and the worst customer service - if i had any options i would stop shopping at Kroger and i will as soon as there are options opening.

Jan 19, 2020

Fry's Food - jose in produce was rude and disrespectful.

Was there shopping this past weekend and heard Jose in produce being rude and disrespectful towards other people in his department, I felt sorry for them I would not want to work for someone like...

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Nov 05, 2019

Fry's Food - cash back fees

This is not so much a complaint as a notice of termination.
You have precisely two weeks to rescind your new policy of charging customers for receiving cash back on debit purchases, or you will lose this and many other loyal customers for good.

This is not an idle threat. I've spoken to many other customers on this issue, and most of us will be taking our business elsewhere.

Do the right thing.

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