Vons Customer Service

Safeway, Inc.

618 Michillinda Ave.
United States - 91007-6300

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 877 723 3929(Retail Store/Corporate) 98 58
+1 877 505 4040(Grocery Delivery) 11 26
+1 877 723 3929(Disabled Services Issues) 98 58
+1 714 300 6131(Media Contact) 1 4
+1 714 300 6786(Media Contact) 1 5
Customer Support Center
M.S. 10501 P.O. Box 29093, Phoenix, AZ 85038

Public Affairs Department, 250 E. Parkcenter Blvd., Boise, ID 83706

Vons Complaints & Reviews

Vons — employee

Hello, I live in the area I use this store to purchase my groceries. I love the olive bar, since it was open I buy...

Food  · Jan 12, 2020

Vons — employee

We moved to HB approx. 3 years ago, happy that a Von's store was literally around the corner from our home. We had...

Food  · Jan 10, 2020

Vons — racially biased customer service

VonsHad a negative customer service experience at this location while using self checkout. The culprit, an extremely...

1 comments Tujunga Employees  · Jan 08, 2020

Vons — manager named charles

This man is so very rude to me and many other customers. He is always grumpy and treats his employees badly. Certainly a...

Food  · Dec 31, 2019

Vons — cashier

I went to Vons at 6pm on Friday 27, 2019. I bought a chicken at the deli then wanted to get bread and got in the line to...

2 comments Food  · Dec 27, 2019

Vons — cookies

I ate a cookie and there was a hair BAKED into the cookie and i pulled out of my mouth. I am really upset. Aren't they...

Food  · Dec 26, 2019

Vons — customer service

My mom realized she forgot something, and I ran as fast as I could to get it. I was only gone for a minute, but an older...

3 comments Employees  · Dec 25, 2019

Vons — customer service

I was recently shopping at Von's and heard a cashier at an adjacent register speaking belligerently to another employee...

Food  · Dec 22, 2019

Vons — pharmacy girl

I was picking up a prescription at Von's while driving a handicap cart. I pulled up near the wait line as the cart would...

Food  · Dec 17, 2019

Vons Market — airbnb gift card

I bought a airbnb gift card on 11/25/19 there was nothing stated that there was a no return in place or I never would of...

Bad Business Partners  · Dec 10, 2019

Vons — return

VonsI purchased 2 diabetic cook book magazines then I bought a book at Barnes and noble decided I did. Not need the diabetic...

1 comments Temecula Books  · Dec 06, 2019

Vons — customer service

11/29/19 I go to my neighborhood Vons and I went to get a money order to pay my rent, I was short 20$. I decided to buy...

1 comments Department Stores  · Nov 29, 2019

Vons — big rig

VonsOne of your company Big Rigs almost side swipes my brand new car he jumps in front of me basically bullied his way to...

Other  · Nov 25, 2019

Vons — pricing structure

Promotional sign at hot deli offers 8 piece ckicken and 4 hawaiian rolls for $5.99. I ordered it knowing the paired deal...

Food  · Nov 21, 2019

Vons — night shift manager nov/10/2019

I was shopping at my neighborhood Vons which I usually go there for groceries and yesterday I only needed one item which...

Bad Business Partners  · Nov 11, 2019

Vons — missing item not in the bag

Once again an item was not in the grocery bag that was on shown on the list as having been purchased and paid for. The...

Food  · Nov 07, 2019

Vons — vons online order.

Placed a $222. Order online. October 22, 2019. Within the order was 10 + boxes of Crystal Light drink packets. I started...

Food  · Nov 07, 2019

Vons — sushi

VonsMy boyfriend went to go get me sushi in the morning and when he got back the sushi looked old even tho he bought it...

Food  · Nov 05, 2019

Vons — frozen yogurt

I purchased one of your Signature Brand Lowfat frozen yogurt last month. (I no longer have my receipt). The frozen...

Food  · Nov 05, 2019

Vons — website is down

For the last 10 days VONS website has been down and customers cannot order online. I'm a senior, don't have a car, and...

Online Shopping  · Nov 04, 2019

Vons — bakery

VonsOrdered a power ranger cake for my sons 5th birthday. After picking it up, realized that they smooshed they top of the...

2 comments Food  · Nov 02, 2019

Vons — courtesy clark

Courtesy Clark chandler is a courtesy clerk at 2614 in Las Vegas not sure his Last name he's rude disrespectful almost...

Food  · Oct 25, 2019

Vons — customer service, employee treatment, illegal drug sales in the parking lot, health code violations, employees working off the clock

I have been a shopper at this location for years, well no more. The Starbucks kiosk has a new manager by the name of...

Other  · Oct 22, 2019

Vons — vons signature cafe salad tuna premium and vons classic potato salad.

On October 16, 2019 I did some shopping at Vons Market from the deli department. when I got home, I made a tuna sandwich...

Food  · Oct 18, 2019

Vons — they didn't give me the right amount in my card.

I went in to Vons and I bought a Visa debit card. I bought 30 dollars and gave them 36 for the additional fees. I went...

Credit Cards  · Oct 17, 2019

Vons — customer service

I have been a member of vons for years. Never have experienced and issue regarding customer service, until today. I am...

Employees  · Oct 13, 2019

Vons — truck driver

Vons9/30/19 @ 4:16 p.m. Vons truck driver cut us off almost causing us to rear end him on southbound hwy. 71 just before...

Food  · Sep 30, 2019

Vons — expired food

Everytime I go shopping at this store i always have expired food . I have brought the food back and they replace only...

Food  · Sep 29, 2019

Vons — threats on face book

This is the video we sent out people to identify a suspect in a shop lift case # 2019 [protected] officer nunez. Kern...

Employees  · Sep 27, 2019

Vonz — employee

Visiting this store I noticed an apparent supervisor by the name of Kevin make very rude and homophobic jokes about...

Employees  · Sep 24, 2019

Vons — your customer service

Dear Vons, An incident occurred Last Friday, September 20th, at your Girard Ave. location here in La Jolla. I spoke to...

Retail Stores  · Sep 24, 2019

Vons — service working with you.

VonsYou need to have more attachments with you im going to wasila Alaska im from there do you need my birth certificate i...

Repair Services  · Sep 22, 2019

Vons — the bagger at vons, erika sherman

This worker named Erika Sherman in store number 2094, has been harrasing my boyfriend and I, trying to stir up drama in...

Employees  · Sep 19, 2019

Vons — ready snax

I purchased 3 ready snax packs on Wednesday, one expired the day before (which I should have caught) 1 expires 9/15/19...

Food  · Sep 13, 2019

Vons — overcharged

VonsI went to the ximeno store to buy a flavor of talenti gelato not carried at my regular store, (downtown on Broadway). On...

Food  · Sep 07, 2019

Vons — bakery

VonsMy recent trip to Vons to pick up bread or corn bread I was completely disgusted. The corn bread is completely moldy...

1 comments Food  · Sep 07, 2019

Vons — unethical behaviour

Survey code#196208/2917:016/223 Hello to whom it concerns: first of all my name is benjamin I have 35 years of experience of...

Food  · Aug 29, 2019

Vons — poor customer service

Today i tried to call customer service and no answer for 30 minutes, so i decided to drive down there to find out if...

Other  · Aug 29, 2019

Vons — service at the butcher department and deli

I am a resident of the Belmont shore area and consistently every time I come to the location on ocean which is right...

Employees  · Aug 26, 2019

Vons — store set up

I have been a shopping at my local Vons store since 1991. Just recently, the store was "remodeled " which appears to be...

Food  · Aug 24, 2019