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Vons Complaints & Reviews

Vons / Check out long lines

Denise Samuels on May 27, 2017
I have a complaint about Vons store #2352 located at 6155 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego. I do not understand why there always only 2 full check out lanes open. On May 26th 2017, there were check only lanes open. Lanes 1 and 4 were open. The lines were down the aisles. This has happened every...

Vons / employee blocking door 5 minutes before closing

Tim Giovinazzo on May 20, 2017
I arrived at the Vons Traffic Circle entrance at exactly 1:55 a.m. A night crew employee as I know as "Big Rick" was holding the automatic entry door closed by his fully extended right arm. I asked why I couldn't enter. His 1st response was that a bad credit card customer was holding up...

Vons / Lines at checkout

Jonah310 on May 11, 2017
These photos says it all! I thought "3 was a crowd?" There were 2 lines open, one being 15 items or less line. There was around 35 people in line, at the more than 15 items line. Really? We asked the manager if they were planning to open another line, she said the were low in staff and...

Vons / customer service

david sea hawk zimmerman on May 9, 2017
today i shopped at vons on 63rd and el cajon blvd in san diego. When we reached the checkout the girl asked us if we wanted to bag our own groceries. If I wanted to bag my own groceries I would shop at Food for less. I find it highly offensive that you now charge for bags and you want me...

Vons / von's truck - reckless driver

Rain Green on May 3, 2017
On April 5th or 12th I passed the Von's on Del Mar Heights Road in Del Mar, CA between 2-5pm . The Von's truck was stopped at a westbound red light as I passed it on the left. As I passed, the light turned green and he put his right blinker on to make a right turn into the Von's lot and...

Vons / Junkyard upkeep of store exterior

Vons doesn't give a crap on Apr 29, 2017
Vons located on Emerson and 80th Street in Westchester, CA 90045. This is the view I enjoy from my house. If it is not bad enough that Vons semi-trucks illegally come down my street rated at 6000 pounds day and night, they have for years keep this lovely junkyard for the neighbors to enjoy...

Vons / Service

Tammy Roldan on Apr 28, 2017
Omg this vons never has enough cashier's. 2 open on a friday at 5:30-6:00 pm! Every frickin time I come in here I spend all the time in line! Today however, unfortunately I encountered the slowest cashier in life (Sandra) didn't give two # about our wait. Nothing wrong with trying to give...

Vons / terrible customer service

fb90 on Apr 24, 2017
Afternoon of April 22, 2016 I'm writing this complaint for the situation that occurred on April 22 at my local Vons. (which I shop at often) because I had won $5 dollars playing the Monopoly game they have going on now. I thought this would be a quick, fun trip to Vons and then I would go...

Vons / Long lines

user1659437 on Apr 20, 2017
Ojai vons long lines again. 8 people lined up in express line.the isle in front of the lines impassable. Not to mention the lack of parking to begin with. This vons sucks consistently so badly that I dread shopping here. I only shop here because the next option is 20 min away. They did...

Vons / Meat department

Amber Gray on Apr 12, 2017
I have been shopping at Vons in Mira Mesa for about a year now and this is the tenth time I have bought a meat product that has gone bad with in a day of purchasing. I buy meat at Stater bros as often as I can and all their products last a week in my fridge. On Valentine's Day we bought...

Vons / Steaks

Larry Ware on Apr 10, 2017
As a loyal customer for many years in. California and nevada I wish to express my disappointment in the quality of meats since you switched from rancher Reserve to usda choice I know the switch was made a few years back. As a former restaurateur of steak and bbl restaurants I quite buying meat...

Vons / Pharmacy

tiffany zhang on Apr 8, 2017
I'm complaining about the white lady, long hair that works in pharmacy. Initially when I drop off the med prescription. She asked for my phone number and told me it will be ready in 30 min. It was at4:30pm and I told her I will come back after dinner. It came back at 8 and she couldn't...

Vons / Manager

melissacox00 on Apr 5, 2017
I have been shopping at the Vons on Windmill and Pecos in Henderson, NV for 20 years. Recently I have noticed a decrease in the quality of customer service under the manager named Angie. A few weeks ago I was in a line that was long and moving slowly. Angie came to relive the line. But...

Vons / Understaffed

Meredith Chen on Apr 4, 2017
The past two days I was in Vons in Big Bear, they were very friendly but grossly understaffed. The one lady at the deli counter had three in line with large orders and the one helper had to take his break. I saw him and another clerk last night try to help when they were clocked out but...

Vons / Assistant manager debbie/bakery dept.

Stephany Henriquez on Mar 31, 2017
Ordered a cake for my sons 5th birthday. The cake was not done like I asked. The filling was completely sugar. When i called back to complain i was told there is nothing we can do let me transfer you. I was transferred multiple times by this time i was very upset. When the manager finally...

Vons / Unethical behavior & overcharge of items

Samarasnoh on Mar 27, 2017
This is about the Vons store at 710 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Receipt ref# 21001466557, 3/27/17 at 14:52. This is 2 complaints for this same time/receipt. 1) overcharge of item. 2) unethical behavior by an employee of Vons Complaint 1) Item, Vaseline Intensive Care lotion was on the...

Vons / Supervisor name I believe was William

Betty Littleton on Mar 23, 2017
About 2 weeks ago I went in Vons on Ming Ave. After buying groceries and went home I realized the Cashier charged me the wrong price for my Hess Wine. Week back next day with receipt went to customer service. Spoke with young girl, did not know her. She went and got William(Supervisor) he...

Vons / By one package of chicken, get one free. Product in package was not what was noted on the label.

Joyce Bay on Mar 22, 2017
About Mar. 1, 2017, I selected one package labeled thigh and the other labeled breast, bone in. Lower priced being free. When I opened the packages to bake them, the thigh was one leg/thigh attached. and the other package was six wings, no breasts at all. All chicken pieces were...

Vons / An employee

Dustypoly on Mar 20, 2017
This complaint is against an employee at the Vons on Atlantic blvd in Long Beach, ca. First time was a couple of months ago Jessica was my cashier she was rude and talking bad about her job to the customers. Yesterday 3/20/17 night I had a really bad experience. She was talking about the...

Vons / Check out lines at von's in mammoth lakes

dbfv on Mar 19, 2017
The check out lines in Mammoth Lakes are ridiculous! I grew up in Mammoth and the lines used to be bad during the Holidays, totally understandable, but now it's every day! It's Sunday afternoon when the weekend rush is gone, and I'm standing in the longest line I've ever been in. I came in...

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