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11:04 am EDT

Fry's Food management harassment and discrimination

MY name is Donald Castro I shop @ the Frys on 75 ave. and Cactus in Phoenix Arizona . On 6/17/2019 I had a prescription for hydrocodone and celabrex, I turned in my prescriptions and there were really busy so I told them I would get them tomorrow early in the morning . On Tuesday 6/18/2019 I went to pick up my prescriptions @ 10:30 am, and there where not ready they said it will be later, and we argued about them being not ready, I was a up set maybe louder than normal but did not threaten anyone at no time did not swear to anyone . I told them to email me when I can pic then up .As soon as left a manager named Criss a really big black man 300lbs plus stood in front of me into my face and told me to that I could not get prescriptions any more and to shop some where else in a threating way as he looked down on me. I am a white male 67yrs old 130 lbs a frail man why would he discriminate me and threaten me in my face. I have shopping there for 30 yrs I know most if not all the employees we are very nice to each other you can ask everyone there I cant under stand why a manager would ack this way to a long customer, I spend 150 dollars or much more and 900 in prescriptions do the math do you want me to shop else where .I have a super store Walmart closer to me I have not picked my prescriptions for fear that Criss will do harm to me . I have been tacking hydrocodone for 20 years need it on a daily basis so its been three days with no prescriptions do I have to take the police with me . I would like someone to contact me ASAP before things get out of hand, THX phone # [protected]

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12:02 pm EST

Fry's Food Rude employee

I am almost a daily customer of this fry's store during the winter months, and spend hundreds of dollars there. Yesterday (3/6/19) while checking out, I requested paper bags. When I did this, I got a really nasty look from the bagger (steve) and a comment that I didn't hear. He then began to literally throw my groceries randomly into the bags. I also had a vase of flowers sitting in my cart securely where I wanted them, he wanted to move them from that spot, and I told him they were ok where they were sitting. He then looked at me and said "really? Do you want us to change the music for you too?"
As I left the checkout lane, he also made a smart comment of "smile" to me.
Needless to say, I was livid!
This is completely uncalled for!
I reported to the store manager, but in my opinion, steve needs to be reprimanded.
I noticed that this store is hiring at this time... Hopefully more professional employees!
I can be reached by e-mail.

Toni Brown

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11:28 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Fry's Food checkout availability

I am a Fry's customer in Yuma Arizona. A new policy adopted by our store is closing registers at 9.00PM. The only option for checkout is self checkout. It is hot here. Grocery shopping after 9.00 PM is the most desired time to go. A large order on self checkout is impossible, I tried. Our community is spreading the word and there is a swell of disgruntled customers. By the way, scan and go was a bust at Walmart and its gone. You should learn from your competitors. I am asking my Facebook friends as well to contact you. Please do something sensible and give us a checker.

Thank you
Jaana Noe

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1:33 am EST

Fry's Food Worse than bad customer service...11/22/17 at fry's #58.

Today is 11/22/2017, the time around around 7:00pm, the place Fry's #58.

My name is Alavina Doherty and I am an almost daily shopper at Fry's #58. Tonight I went to buy a few dessert items with my teenage daughter. We were ready to check out in check stand #4 and we were putting our items on the conveyor belt; the cashier was taking care of the customer in front of us and we were readying to be checked out. My daughter asked if she should remove the case of Fry's water underneath our cart, I told her to just leave it there since they have the cashier has the upc code on the round assembly to make checking heavy items and other items much more easily. The cashier then in check stand #5 [older female with glasses] walked over to our register and said, "They have a case of water under their cart". I then told that other cashier that we weren't done putting all our groceries on the conveyor belt...then cashier from #5 basically accused us of STEALING!
I told cashier #5 that I was EXTREMELY ANGRY that she would accuse us of stealing, especially since most of the employees know me since I shop there nearly every day. I told her we were not trying to steal the case of water, we were going to tell the cashier [as we always do!] so she could scan the upc code from above the counter so we wouldn't hurt ourselves and it is easier for the cashier too.
Then cashier #5 said something that stunned me and pissed me off more than you can imagine. She said, "Well, I have seen customers steal much more than just a case of water!" I am a cage manager at Desert Diamond Casino, have over 30 years customer service experience, and I would be fired if I ever said what cashier #5 said to me. I yelled at her to mind her own business and I am so angry I cannot see continuing on shopping at Fry's #58; we expected to spend $20 on dessert but spent $80.69 in total. We also have close family and friends who shop daily at Fry's #58 and we will be telling them of the HORRIBLE treatment we received from cashier #5 and being busy is no excuse for that kind of treatment!
We realize that this store experiences high amount of theft; but accusing customers who always pay for what they shop for should not be treated like those who choose not to. Maybe they should go back to "door greeters" like they used to have in Fry's instead of now using "off-duty" TPD officers and other law enforcement who are on overtime; the employees at each exit were nicer and more efficient too.
Back to what I was saying. My daughter and I went home, dropped off the groceries, and since I was getting madder and madder I chose to speak to the Store Manager who is Larry Russell. He was standing by the self check out with another younger male clerk helping him there. I asked if I could speak to him and he said OK but seemed to be more interested in watching the customers at the self checkout then listening to my valid and urgent customer service complaint. I started to give him the details and he cut me off and said, "I will speak to the cashier and I am sorry for what happened". He didn't even hear from me that the cashier "accused me and my daughter of stealing" before he rudely cut me off. I realize it was a busy time for customers but I am a customer too; and one who was horribly treated first by a rude cashier and secondly by a store manager too busy to listen to what I had to say. He had a helping male clerk with him and there is NO excuse for his attitude and treatment of me and my daughter.
Well, that settles it, I am going to shop at Wal-mart off of Campbell and I-19; I shop almost every day at Fry's #58 and so do many of my friends, family, and relatives. I guarantee you they will not be shopping at Fry's#58 after the way I have been horribly treated by both a rude cashier and a "pre-occupied" store manager. I now see why the customer service has gone bad since the last manager left and his name was Saul; he was much more responsive, willing to listen, and made the customers feel welcomed and appreciated.
It is more convenient for me to shop at Fry's #58, but I will not step foot in that store after being treated so horribly by a rude cashier and a preoccupied store manager. I know what I am saying, I have 30 years of customer service management experience at DDCE.
Most angrily,
Alavina Doherty

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Mar 05, 2022 10:56 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I understand! I was accused of stealing after I had left the store at the Fry's on 43rd Ave and Bell a couple of years ago. They had the manager, a security guard, andan employee there. Luckily I still had my receipt and showed it to them. I complained to coorporate about them and stopped shopping there. Since then all Fry's food and drug stores have gone downhill in stock and customer service, so it doesn't matter. I had a bad expierence on the one on 43rd ave and Cactus today and emailed coorporate, although I doubt they will contact me this time

6:46 am EDT

Fry's Food awful service

I have paced an order with Fry's company and paid some extra money for two day delivery. Two days later nothing arrived and when I tried to reach Fry's customer service no one replied. On the third day they finally answered and said hat they were not able to deliver my order because I needed to verify it first. That was the most ridiculous excuse I've ever heard but never mind, I verified my order. They said that I'll get it within two days! Nothing again! Called Fry's and they gave me nothing but empty promises and said that this time it will 100% arrive in two days.
So despite that I paid for two day delivery I got my order almost two weeks later! Terrible service! These people are liars!

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2:59 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Fry's Food meat department is dirty

Every other time I have visited the store, different days and times of the day, the meat department has layers of old meat cuttings on the equipment and the counters. There is food left out on the counters, without wrapping or lids, like chicken wings and potato salads for extended periods of time which are past the healthy temperature requirements. I understand that with the economy they have less people, but this has to start from the top down. It is not the fault of the employees working the deli counter, but the managers who are not setting up good habits and LEADING by example. It is truly disgusting to shop that department, let alone eat the food that they serve off the cutters. There needs to be a better routine in place to clean consistently throughout the day.

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Sheridan, US
Aug 05, 2014 6:55 pm EDT

Unless you were standing there timing the amount of time the food was left out, how do you know it wasn't just put there? You can safely leave food out for 30 minutes maximum, most places especially in warmer weather don't leave food out anywhere close to 30 minutes. When you are preparing salads, sandwiches, etc there is going to be food sitting out.

8:32 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Fry's Food bad food and poor customer service

I have been in this store several times since it has just opened. The first time I went in got milk that was outdated bought two gallons one was good and was not. I also bought potatoe salad in the container it was soured. Next time I went in to get some chicken at about 7p.m. and they only had aboutsix pieces left and no coleslaw. I went again on Sunday and dropped two prescriptions to be transfered to your pharamcy and told they would be ready next afternoon were no ready and then told I would need a coupon no one said when I dropped off that I needed that. Went back to the meat department to get some fish only had three pieces left the girl said she would go get more came back and said fish was spoiled. I buy quiet a bit of grocerys in there weekly but after these experiences I will not shopping at Fry'sanytime soon and I will let my friends and neighbors also know about my experiences. thank you Cindy Moore

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Christopher Aluffi
, US
May 29, 2012 2:34 pm EDT

I agree. The customer service is bad at Fry's. If you don't have blonde hair, blues eyes (Pamela Anderson look), expect lousy service. It reminds me of California back in the 60's. Fast forward the clock some 35 years and the service gets much better in California. The demographics has changed. Arizona has alot of low paid, bad attitude, prejuduice rednecks as employees = bad service. I'm in the process of building a business in Arizona but observing the peoples attitude in the work place here, I'm gonna opt to hiring offshore like the big corporate entities. All service sucks in Arizona, period!

Mr. Reality from foreign viewpoint

Alabama City, US
Aug 04, 2009 8:40 pm EDT
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12:58 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Fry's Food - frys credit card

My husband and I bought a Samsung 46" HDTV on Dec.29th, 2007, and we were told if we applied for fry's credit, got approved and we can take advantage of their promtion 1 year no interest, so we did it. The TV and Insurance cost us about $1800. We planed to pay $150 every month for 12 months. Frys sent us bill and due day is 30th. because my house is far...

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Fry's Food In-depth Review

In summary, Fry's Food is a well-rounded grocery store that offers a variety of products and services. The website is user-friendly, and they provide a wide selection of items at reasonable prices. Special offers and discounts are available, and the quality of products, especially the freshness of produce, is commendable. They also have a focus on organic and health-oriented products. Customer service is generally good, and they offer convenient online shopping and delivery options. The stores are clean and well-organized, and checkout is efficient. Fry's Food has a loyalty program that rewards customers, and they are involved in community and sustainability efforts. The store is accessible for people with disabilities, and the mobile app adds functionality for on-the-go shopping. Customer reviews are positive, and they have a fair return policy. When compared to other grocery stores, Fry's Food holds its own with its range of services and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Overview of Fry's Food

Fry's Food is a chain of supermarkets with a strong presence in the United States. They offer a wide range of grocery items, including fresh food, pantry staples, and household goods.

Website Usability and Design

The website is easy to navigate with clear categories and search functionality. The design is simple and straightforward, making it easy for customers to find what they need.

Product Selection and Variety

Fry's Food has a broad selection of products, catering to various tastes and dietary needs. From international cuisines to local specialties, there is something for everyone.

Pricing and Value for Money

The prices at Fry's Food are competitive, offering good value for money. They have a range of products that fit different budgets.

Special Offers and Discounts

There are regular promotions and discounts available, which can be easily found on their website or in-store.

Quality of Products

The quality of products at Fry's Food is generally high, with many customers satisfied with their purchases.

Freshness of Produce and Perishables

The store ensures that produce and perishable items are fresh, often restocking to maintain quality.

Organic and Health-Focused Options

There is a good selection of organic and health-focused products for those who prefer these options.

Brand and Product Availability

Fry's Food stocks a variety of brands, including well-known national brands and their own store brands.

Customer Service Experience

Customer service is generally helpful and responsive, both in-store and online.

Online Shopping and Delivery Options

The online shopping experience is convenient, with delivery options that make it easy to get groceries without leaving home.

Store Cleanliness and Organization

Stores are kept clean and organized, making the shopping experience pleasant.

Checkout Efficiency

Checkout lines move quickly, with self-checkout options available for those in a hurry.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Fry's Food offers a loyalty program that rewards customers with discounts and special offers.

Community Involvement and Sustainability Efforts

The company is involved in community efforts and strives to operate sustainably, which is appreciated by eco-conscious customers.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Stores are accessible for people with disabilities, with features like wheelchair ramps and accessible checkout counters.

Mobile App Features and Functionality

The Fry's Food mobile app is user-friendly and offers additional features like digital coupons and shopping lists.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews are mostly positive, with many praising the store's selection and customer service.

Return Policy and Satisfaction Guarantee

The return policy is fair, and Fry's Food offers a satisfaction guarantee on their products.

Comparison with Competing Grocery Stores

When compared to other grocery stores, Fry's Food stands out for its product variety, pricing, and customer loyalty programs.

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Provide detailed information about your experience with Fry's Food. Mention key areas such as transactions, the nature of the issue, steps taken to resolve it, the company's response, and the personal impact of the problem. Ensure your description is comprehensive and relevant.

5. Attaching supporting documents
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