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Goldens bridge acme management 3/31/20

I was shopping at the Goldens Bridge Acme today and had a disturbing and potentially dangerous incident. I've...

lobster claws and lobster tails

Lobsters were made at your store and were spoiled. when I took them out the container it made the house smell. I picked the food up around 7 pm and took them back at 930 pm. The store manager I talked to was named Andy and he was belligerent he talked down to me once he explained the policy. I had been working in the yard earlier and he made me feel as if I was black and trying to run a scam. He had me show him the food said it look like I ate it. Then I said all the claws in there one shell opened and it looked like I ate it. He did explain the policy but no resolution for when I might be able to get my 54 dollars back. I understand the climate but his attitude made me feel like it was about my color and thinking I was a bum. I addressed them on the bum part but he didn't even disagree. Then security walked up and he was worse than the manager asking me to look at even though I told him that I showed it to the manager. He told me to keep it for a month then bring it back with the receipt that I also showed them. I said cooked lobster he said yes I stated he was being smart he smirked. once again I felt it was my color and how I was dressed I would like a return response or someone I can talk with. The security guards name was Zack. I asked the manager for a pen to write their names down, and he said we are not giving you a pen don't you have one in your pocket?

Service — One of your cashiers (Mercedes) in Jenkintown, PA store was rude

Under all the stress the country is going through at this time. It was so dishearting to have one of your cashiers treat customers so rudely. Mercedes treated the elderly customer in front of me and my husband rudely also. The elderly customer only asked your cashier a questions then Mercedes answered the customer so short. Then we came up to pay for our items your cashier (Mercedes) proceeded to be rude to me and my husbands. Very short as if she did not want to be bothered. I worked in retail for 12 years and I have never treated our guests Mercedes treated your customers. Maybe your team needs some refresher courses in customer service, how to treat customers. Very disappointed with Acme. Hopefully, Acme will retrain Mercedes.

Thought you would want to know how your customers are being treated.

Thank you for your time.

crazy acme tractor trailer driver

This to register a compliant about an Acme Tractor Trailer Driver recklessly endangering everyone on the road on Tuesday March 10 about 3PM on Forty Foot leading west out of Hatfield, Pa

This lunatic was speeding excessively and weaving between lanes. Almost hit my car but I avoided the collision.

The tractor trailer then turned right on Sumneytown Pike headed for Harleysville, Pa or perhaps the Turnpike.

Please identity and severely punish this maniac. Acme should NOT condone such callous behavior. What ever happened to safety is my goal ???

manager treating customers disrespectful

My friend and I went to do grocery shopping this afternoon, Sunday February 23rd around 2pm. My friend wa...

buck a bag sale

I always look forward to the Acme Buck a Bag produce sale, especially the steamer bags of broccoli...

acme app

It is ridiculous that I have to download an app and go in and select the coupons I want to use. Go back to the store card where everyone could easily access discounts. I work on a computer all day and I don't have time to check fir online coupons. I think today will be my last day shipping at Acme. I may need to switch to ShopRite or Giant where my phone number has worked for 20 years to access duscounts. Prices are cheaper and I don't have to waste time to check an app for coupons. I can't imagine your older customers find this easy to use either! This is the most customer unfriendly thing you have done in a while. People do not have time or money to waste in this economy.


I am a frequent shopper of Acme in Smyrna Delaware. I recently witnessed a manager treating an employee very...

nestle water

I was in this store today 11-16 at 11:22am always shop hear on weekends and never had a problem until today...

store manager - alison

My husband works for acme and the store manager at acme is constantly drunk or high on cocaine text messaging...

customer service

Everytime I walk in the store I can never find anything... The store manager is always gone the store i...

advertising out of stock

I've tried 2 ACME market stores 1 in pa. And 1 in cape May n.j. neither store is covering their advertised items they advertise and always out of stock they advertise Blue dog treats nothing ive been watching for over a month but yet there is 14 rows of milk bone treats Acme markets is the worst for supporting their adds there horrible the problem in Jersey there is no close competition time to travel i guess to Shop rite they always have their add covered every time I'm in there area on a 1 to 10 Acme is 0


I was very excited when I found out this location was opening because it is very convenient for me. I soon...

store manager

I was accussed of shoplifting at this store. There was no theft, the store manager took it upon himself to...

1400 e passyunk ave philadelphia pa

I had two coupons that I had given the cashier and once I looked at the receipt after I had gotten home I realized that the coupons were not even scanned or put towards my receipt. The coupons would have taken $14 off of my total and they were not taken off and they were not given back to me. I am very upset with this as i should not have paid the full price for these items.


Good afternoon, This is the third time that I'm buying a pomegranate and I need to throw it away because it...

workplace atmosphere

Unhappy to report that both Sheryl & Nick have very rude and disrespectful behavior towards me as a IRI rep...

checking out of self checkout

On Sept 17th around 9 am. I went to the acme to buy a few things. I shop at this acme constantly but one...

monopoly contest

I won a 500 grocery card on monopoly and called my store to ensure where to send board they said send to...

ACME Markets

digital coupons and technical services

I consistently experience problems with the DIgital Coupons, just for U. this program never works the way it...