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ACME Markets Complaints & Reviews

ACME Markets / starbucks

Oct 16, 2019

I was very excited when I found out this location was opening because it is very convenient for me. I soon found out that only one employee seemed to be able to make my drink properly. Now I've been told she no longer works there and I did try to be optimistic, thinking it has been...

ACME Markets / store manager

Oct 12, 2019

I was accussed of shoplifting at this store. There was no theft, the store manager took it upon himself to make this WRONG decision. The store mngr. Physically grabbed me, assult, and threw me out the store. I resisted by defending myself because I did not want to be arrested. Instead, I...

ACME Markets / 1400 e passyunk ave philadelphia pa

Oct 10, 2019

I had two coupons that I had given the cashier and once I looked at the receipt after I had gotten home I realized that the coupons were not even scanned or put towards my receipt. The coupons would have taken $14 off of my total and they were not taken off and they were not given back to...

ACME Markets / pomegranate

Sep 30, 2019

Good afternoon, This is the third time that I'm buying a pomegranate and I need to throw it away because it is rotten. I couldn't eat a piece of the three because as soon as they opened they were brown inside. All three were rotten. I bought them at three different times in the last 2...

ACME Markets / workplace atmosphere

Sep 24, 2019

Unhappy to report that both Sheryl & Nick have very rude and disrespectful behavior towards me as a IRI rep for many years now and even as a customer. They have the entire staff the same way with the few there who were friendly the same. There isn't a lot of experienced IRI reps but I will...

ACME Markets / checking out of self checkout

Sep 17, 2019

On Sept 17th around 9 am. I went to the acme to buy a few things. I shop at this acme constantly but one particular time was not comfortable. It was a woman standing by the s of check out and the entire time. I felt like I was being watched. It was another customer checking who she didn't...

ACME Markets / monopoly contest

Sep 03, 2019

ACME MarketsI won a 500 grocery card on monopoly and called my store to ensure where to send board they said send to address on game. I did. I never received anything and called Acme headquarters and they said I should be gotten it at store although on board it said anything over 200 has to be sent...

ACME Markets / digital coupons and technical services

Sep 03, 2019

I consistently experience problems with the DIgital Coupons, just for U. this program never works the way it was designed to. I have latest mobile phone and when going into the app, continuous shows "unable to access server", and when using my laptop at home, does not allow acce...

ACME Markets / person...

Aug 22, 2019

A courtesy girl by the name of Nichole was smoking a vape behind the courtesy counter. It was on 8-21-19 at 7:25 ish ... It should be on tape ? This girl is a complainer, She has a bad attitude towards customers and employers . She makes faces out people that she things that are stupid ...

ACME Markets / pricing

Aug 20, 2019

I was looking through all the aisles and noticed that almost all cereals and apples mostly breakfast food was severely expensive for $5 a normal box of cereal and $2.99 a pound of apples golden delicious- this store should go out of business and when it does I will be jumping for joy and...

ACME Markets / store made 'fruit dip'

Jul 14, 2019

This store used to put their FRUIT DIP in a regular 2 piece round plastic they've been putting it in a rectangular container that is one piece...sometimes the top is sealed so tight that when you do get it opened, the dip flies off the instead top of the container! AND...

ACME Markets / food safety

Jul 11, 2019

On july 8th I purchased purdue chicken. I did not check the date until I got home, but the sell by date was july 7. I opened the chicken as soon as I got home and it smelled awful. I returned the chicken to the acme in branmar plaza immediately. Frank, the store manager, was unapologetic...

ACME Markets / rude seafood server

Jul 09, 2019

So I am only rating this Acme lower then many for one reason only the rude young male seafood server. This server at ACME whenever ordering gives every paying customer an attitude problem. He messes up your orders purposely with a smirk. It's unprofessional and he's unapologetic about your...

ACME Markets / customer service - deli department

Jun 14, 2019

June 14, 2019 - I came into Acme to purchase a few things. I stopped at the Deli Department to purchase some salad. While waiting I pulled a number. I noticed down the other end where their salads were sold. Customers weren't taking numbers. So I asked a customer she informed me I did not...

ACME Markets / customer service

May 29, 2019

My name is Michelle Barnett and my address is17 S Old Baltimore Pike, Newark DE 19702. My number is+[protected]. I was in store 871 on 05/28/19 @ 8:51 pm. I went to grab just 3 items. I went to the deli and NO ONE was working there. There was another customer waiting. The other customer...

ACME Markets / signature select aluminum foil

May 26, 2019

I bought this at my local Acme. I made a roast and covered it with the heavy duty foil. When I went to take off the foil there was silver little particles all over the top of my roast. There were little holes in the foil. Two weeks later I decided to try again, this time I used my...

ACME Markets / rewards redemption

May 16, 2019

ACME MarketsI attempted to use 2 rewards for Lucerne ice cream novelties on 2 different occasions at the Acme on Lincoln Highway in Downingtown PA. Both times I was charged. On today's receipt it implies I bought Signature brand but it is in fact, Lucerne brand. I don't understand why rewards are...

ACME Markets / cashier giylfidone

May 08, 2019

I visit acme 100 triangle center Yorktown heights (store2411) 2-3 times a week and every time I get cashier GIYLFIDONE I wonder why I didn't go to a different cashier she is rude and acts like she hates her job she shuts off her conveyor belt and slows down so YOU can bag your own...

ACME Markets / deli/seafood dept

May 06, 2019

This evening around 7:10pm I was at the acme in West Goshen, Pennsylvania. There is a heavy set white male with a red beard that works in the seafood Dept. His customer service with me was so bad that 2 different women witnessed the encounter and said I need to report him. Mind you there...

ACME Markets / female manager

Apr 15, 2019

The female manager at the Lincoln Highway Downingtown PA, it is the rudest manager/boss I have ever experienced. One of the employees made a mistake at the register and the manager started screaming at her in front of all of customers. The poor girl was so embarrassed. This is not the...

ACME Markets / frozen product sitting in the isles thawing out

Apr 11, 2019

ACME MarketsToday @ noon I am in this Acme & sure enough there are 3 carts full of frozen product sitting in the isle & no putting it away. I shopped for about 25 minutes when I finally took this picture. In the past (3 times) I have emailed Acme & they said they'd look into it. One time I even got an...

ACME Markets / trash and shopping carts

Apr 07, 2019

My home backs up to woods and on the other side is the Acme Store in Woodbury Nj. We have trash building up in the woods as well shopping carts which are clogging the sewage drains for the street that I live on. This is becoming a public safety concern. The market and staff are great but...

ACME Markets / product availability

Apr 06, 2019

4/3/2019 Acme has always provided wonderful holiday accessories. More specifically, paper plates and napkins. I questioned an associate where the Easter plates and napkins were. The associate did inquire to the proper department associate and we were informed they never came in. The store...

ACME Markets / service by manager

Apr 01, 2019

This morning at seven fifteen I went to shop. The acme store was to open at seven am. I went in through the out door. All employees enter this door until front door unlocked. After I finished shopping the manager told me not to enter the out door as I can break the door. She was quite...

ACME Markets / deli dept.

Feb 18, 2019

I frequent this store every week if not several times a week. The Deli dept., is awful. I went to day and waited 15 minutes to get waited on. Their were 2 ladies (older Ladies) working the counter. They are very good BUT very slow. And there are always 2 to 3 workers working in the back but...

ACME Markets / staff managers

Nov 26, 2018

Had a very bad experience in the store today. 11/26/18 The front end manager and the store manager are very unprofessional and rude. The front end women name is Elise. She questioned my $100 which is fine I totally understand that but the way she went about it was rude and embarrassing...

ACME Markets / poor customer service event in the lincroft nj store

Nov 03, 2018

I would like to explain that I have always had a good experience at all the Acme stores I frequent, except for my shopping visit today to the Lincroft NJ store 11/03/18 at 16:29. The bar code on the receipt was 00493200402811811031629 and it says that my Cashier was Elizabeth. The Cashier...

ACME Markets / customer service representative

Oct 12, 2018

I've been shopping at Acme in The Bryn Mawr, Rosemont area since there was an acme in Rosemont where the CVS now stands. I called the Penn St location in Bryn Mawr to ask what time the salad bar closed because the hour was getting late. Macalah answered the phone and informed me that she...

ACME Markets / customer service

Oct 10, 2018

Last night 10/9/2018 while checking out at the Acme in Broomall PA front end manager Jackie was extremely rude about an issue where the register kept saying limit check and not accepting my card, When I explained my card was fine and requested the order be suspended and brought up at...

ACME Markets / unethical behavior

Oct 08, 2018

As I was waiting in line at the deli counter at the Acme in Middletown Delaware on October 8th 2018 the gentleman behind the counter was taking my order when a woman by the name of Wanda, an employee of Acme who was wearing her name tag, went behind the deli counter yelling and screaming...

ACME Markets / expiration dates

Oct 08, 2018

I have shopped at the Audubon acme since it's been there. Actually I've shop at that store whatever the name is for 47 years. It's great that they finally did some desperate updating however looks are not everything. I have bought home expired items after the revamp. Just last week I...

ACME Markets / service

Oct 06, 2018

Just left Acme in Washington Township about 20 minutes ago due to a very rude employee (male older gentleman) who stopped me and without a greeting or an excuse me- just loudly tells me I can't use my own bag because we "can't see what's in it, and you can run out of here ." This is while...

ACME Markets / condition of acme parking lot

Sep 29, 2018

I recently went to Acme supermarket in Triangle shopping center in Yorktown Heights NY and want to report the condition of their parking lot is disgraceful. They put shopping carts in huge potholes to warn people. While walking to my car I actually turned my ankle. The condition of parking...

ACME Markets / customer service and cashiers

Sep 18, 2018

I was shopping at acme on 105 east street rd.. I waited in line for 10 minutes while arleena the cashier was checking out person in front of me.. It was taking a long time. People were gathering behind me in line.. Arleena the cashier told the customer she had to re ring him up and take...

ACME Markets / self serve cashier. 6601 roosevelt blvd

Sep 10, 2018

I try to avoid from using the Self Checkouts at this 6601 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia when this Cashier is working . But Today 9/10/18 I was in a hurry. The Cashier Emma is not only unpleasant she is a nasty woman, has attitude issues. Don't know how she keeps her job. I was so aggravated...

ACME Markets / lack of caring

Sep 10, 2018

My daughter and I were shopping at acme 2400 Delaware ave north Wildwood new jersey 08260. At the check out register my daughter slipped on a spill. No one even acknowledge that she slipped. They were only concern about the spill. I work for a market. I am very surprised that no one even...

ACME Markets / website

Sep 04, 2018

Since you changed the mobile app, I find it much more difficult to prepare my shopping list on y mobile. Instead, I have to do on the laptop and email my mobile. I have send a previous notice of this issue and I have not received any reply or suggestions as to how to make the pps work the...

ACME Markets / cashier at checkout

Aug 23, 2018

I usually don't take the time to complain about bad service, however, your customer service at the Bala-Cynwyd Pennsylvania Acme has gone down so bad I think you should know. I have been a customer at this Acme for over 30 years, and I've watched your best people leave for various reasons. My...

ACME Markets / customer service

Aug 18, 2018

Was shopping in the Acme of Vernon nj tonight, cashier didn't greet me, look at me or handle my groceries with respect, crushed some if my potato chips. Her name was maggie. She was so horrible. I had the worse experience ever in that store. She is the worse cashier ever. I will not be shopping at that store any time soon. A shame who they hire today.

ACME Markets / handicap parking

Aug 17, 2018

I was just at the Acme market in Horsham PA, there is absolutely no handicap parking. Where there was parking it is now paved over. Not only did I have to park far out. But I almost fell twice and this is from a person that's had two strokes. This is unacceptable I am very disappointed...