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8:10 pm EDT

Fry's Food Employee

There is an employee that sometimes works at the customer service desk named Andy. I rarely need to use the customer service desk, but when I do it is for money orders or lotto tickets seldomly. I needed to get a money order and I had noticed 2 of the digital coupons for the week of the 4th of July did not apply to my purchase. I have already investigated that my items purchased were correct & there just must have been some kind of error. As I place myself in the line, I do notice a Fry’s weekly ad right next to the employee Andy. He was already engaged with a different customer and the body language, facial expressions & his really bad attitude demeanor instantly made me uncomfortable. This is not the first, second, or third time I have witnessed this same employee being hatful to paying customers. I can say, he doesn’t discriminate as to who he treats poorly. I’ve seen him be very demeaning towards the young, the elderly, & visitors of country trying their hardest to communicate as best they can. I can say I have never in my 40+ years had anxiety when approaching a customer service desk. It was for good reason my body reacted in that manner. As I approached the counter for my turn, he just stood there, no hello, hi, what can I help you with …nothing. So I said hello & he responded with “what do you need” I explained the promotion of Mix & Match 4 for $14 soda pop deal. But it had to be 12pack cans or 8pack 12ounce bottles. When I was shopping this deal 2 days prior I noticed a yellow digital deal sign by the soda isles, that indicated the 4 packs of sodas mix and match final price 4/$12 with an additional digital coupon offering $2 off purchase of 12pack soda. I checked my app and realized I already clipped that and was excited to get the $12 deal. On my receipt it shows $8.99 per soda pack with one of the 4 packs priced at $6.99 with ECoupon -$2 underneath the $6.99 pack. Yet all 3 of the other packs were $8.99 and no additional discount was applied. Making my total 3 times than the amount I had anticipated to pay. Andy instantly handed me my receipt back and said “it’s because you used the $2 off Not the 4/$14 with $25 grocery purchase. I tried to explain that there’s a sign that showed the 4/$14 plus clip a $2 digital and you will receive the deal for $12. He said no, I didn’t know what to say other than there’s a yellow sign on soda isle directing my the consumer to the additional discount. Andy told me to show him, as he left the service counter with multiple people in line behind me & no other employee at that desk. When I showed him the yellow sign, he then said No 8packs only 12pack and that’s why I didn’t get the discount of 4/$14. I explained it was either or …12pack cans or 8pack bottles as indicated in the weekly ad. He grabs the ad now that we’re back at customer service desk & hes response is “whatever” I feel that sorry should be his vocabulary. It wasn’t & really only got worse from there. He wanted to walk back to soda isle and see if the flavors (Coke, Dr Pepper, Crush, & Barqs) all 4 were included brands AND includes flavors. We’re about 22minutes into my customer service visit and nothing resolved and I feel very very uncomfortable. Not only by all the customers disgruntlement & noices, I fear that Andy is going to make me the paying customer walk back over the other side of the stores for some other reason. He is not apologetic or kind, he is only rude and making me feel as if I’m wasting his time. Maybe management could remind Andy that we are choosing Fry’s to be paying customers at and he is being paid to treat customers in this type of manner. I went to mention the 2nd items that did not apply discount 4 bags of Doritos or Cheetos or Lays, etc. buy 4 bags get them $1.99 a bag. Must buy all 4 in same visit. I did, but they all rang up $5.49 each with no applied sale. This was not digital, it was just a store sale. Before I even finished pointing out the 4 chip items on my receipt he interjected to say “oh you probably didn’t get the correct chips” oh no - is he going to make me walk all the way to the chip isle now, even though he did with the soda deal and my choices were correct, he just was not educated on the weekly sale flyer/ad. I just grabbed my receipt and told him I will just do this a different t day Not directly after my 10hr work day. He again said “sure whatever” and the next customer approached. As I was still getting my receipt and everything back in my pocket and getting ready to walk away from customer service, get in my car and drive to Walmart to buy my 3 items I was suppose to grab after customer service. I heard Andy begin to treat the very next customer just as poorly as I was treated. It is strange to have such an employee as him working the customer service desk …. When it is very very clear Andy has zero customer service edict nor basic human kindness towards anyone. It would have been nice to even hear that it was unfortunate that I didn’t receive my discounts and that I had to take my time, and my gas yo return to the store to correct the matter. No, it was all a waste of time and money and gas. Ending result that I choose Fry’s to do my 4th of July holiday shopping at, when any other local stores (Safeway, Albertsons, Walmart) all had similar deals for the holiday. And by choosing Fry’s I paid $33.96 instead of $12 for the sodas and $21.46 instead of $7.96 for the chips. Not to mention the efforts I put in the Fry’s app to clip, and download to ensure I get the best price. More important than my discount, was the way your employee treats me and all paying customers with no regard for us. I was told a long time ago that Kroger prints on their associates check stubs “Our customers made this paycheck possible” maybe that needs to be explained to the employees that treat us consumers as a bother! Sad. And I’m stuck paying all that extra money on items I thought I was getting a great deal on. In my mind, after that horrible experience, I feel like I paid over $35 additional dollars for a Fry’s employee by the name of Andy, to treat me like garbage. Sorry Kroger … but your food discounts are not worth the treatment or unapologetic behavior when all I did was apparently pick the wrong grocery to give my business to. I would like to share my story in a local paper that I work at.

Desired outcome: Correct this.

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1:29 am EDT

Fry's Food Customer service

On 6/23/2023 I was at the Frys at 1311 East Bell rd in Phoenix going through the self check out on the west end of the store on a kiosk on the receipt it has my casher was 513. The reference number 792669 and I checked out at 8:18pm. While checking out I dropped a credit card and a $100 gift card. The credit card landed at my feet and the gift card went down one of the slots between two of the kiosk machines. So I went to a casher that was working that section and told her what happened. I turned around to point to where I thought it the card went. when I turned back around and the casher had walked away and was helping another shopper. At that point another shopper had started checking out on the register I was using. I waqlked over and waited for the casher to help the other shopper. I was standing to the right of the casher I had reported the problem too. I again said can you help me try to recover the card. The casher abruptly turned and said"what do you want me to do" I replied help me get my card or call someone who could help me. She said in a really nasty way "you want me to move the machine?" I said no I want you to call some one. I said you work here in customer service, she interrupted me and turn toward the kiosk and said "I dont know what me to do, your the one that dropped your [censored]ing card". Then she grabbed a folder off he casher kiosk and walked over to the customer service area with out saying anything to me. I waited and watched talking to a male employee but never came back over where I was. I waited for several minutes and asked the casher that was working the far west bank of self serve kiosks to please contact a manager. I spoke to the manager and told her what had occurred and asked her if she found my card please hold it and I would contact the store manager the next day.

I'm pretty sure if someone checked the cameras in that area it would be clear how inappropriate the behavior of this clerk was. I would bet you could see her dropping the f-bombs I referenced. Because not only did I hear what she said, I could see her face in the camera on one of the kiosks as she dropped the f-bombs.

I have been shopping at Frys since the early eighties when the store was called Smitys. I have never been treated with disrespect like this.

Desired outcome: I hope she is reprimanded and given appropriate training.

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10:37 pm EDT
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Fry's Food Manager/ digital coupons

Every time I use the fries app. I have issues with the manager wanting to take off the coupon that did not come off on that specific product. Then I take a picture of the sad product's tag to show them that it is the price that I say it is. And either the date is current or out of date still? I feel they should honor the price since it is up on their shelf while. I grabbed that set of products also every time I go to the specific fries food drug. There is a manager there who almost harasses me by standing over me as I'm scanning. And I mean and at this point. I feel like calling her out asking her what the problem is. But I really hate for them to find any little reason to say that. I'm still ing or not scanning something properly. Every time this is pretty like this 18th time that I've had this encounter with this. Certain manager her name is veronica twenty four street and baseline very very rude manager

Desired outcome: Would love if they can honor the price and sit it up on their shelf? And I would love if the managers could ease up a little bit if they had proof

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4:55 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Fry's Food Manager at store 84

Store manager sharla Hernández has made store 84 a toxic environment. Not only does she overwork her employees but also tries to force others out. She has several cases brought to HR but nothing has been done. She doesn’t appreciate employees and tends to lose hard working ones due to here attitude and lack of empathy She does not care that baristas are left alone upwards of 4 hours or more per shift. When that is never supposed to happen. She has on several occasions said that she wouldn’t be going anywhere, because she has in with the district manager. She has had several employment quit after arguing with them

Desired outcome: Remove from position install tony Duvall as store manager

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11:47 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Fry's Food Entenmann’s box donuts

I stopped at Fry’s after work to pick up bread and noticed the box donuts on sale. Buy one get one free. I thought that was a great deal, so I got two boxes. These donuts normally cost around $4.50-$4.74per box. I was not happy to see them charge $7.29 for one box. They almost doubled the price to make it seem like a sale. I’m tired of stores increasing prices to make it seem like a sale when really it’s not. Not happy with Fry’s at all.

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12:52 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Fry's Food Digital card system

On March 29th of 2023. I noticed you had the 1/2 gallon milk on sale for $1.39. I picked up 2. When I went to check out, I was charged the regular price of $1.99.I have a dandy time attempting to access these digital specials that you offer. Needless to say, I lose out. I went your competitor Safeway a few days ago. I had the same situation as far as accessing the digital; coupons they offered. The clerk mentioned that as soon as I swipe my credit card to pay it will give me the discount. I had already had my Safeway card scanned, Sure enough, when the receipt came out, it showed the digital discount price. For us Senior shoppers who frequently shop Frys, it is very unfair for us to pay the regular price on a digital special when the person in front gets the discount price since they know how to download these digital items. It would be appreciated if something could be done so that us Seniors can also enjoy these discounts.

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5:25 pm EDT

Fry's Food Frys Pharmacy

Today 3/26 Sunday, I could not use an automated phone system so I called the Pharmacy for assistance. For almost 30 mins from 1:30 pm to 2pm I was put on hold immediately without waiting for response, transferred a number of times even to the wrong dept and even went to the front of the store then back to the pharmacy. Could not get RX Manager on the phone either without being put on hold. One who answers the phone is "too quick to put on hold without listening to the customer." Additionally when I was transferred to the front the person who answered sent me to the wrong extension in the back of the store. I have worked with phone systems for a number of years so with my experience I can tell when more training is needed at this store.

Desired outcome: More training for using phone system and when placing on hold wait or a response from the customer.

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10:59 am EDT
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Fry's Food Refund still not received 18 days later

When checking out on a pick up order, I gave the employee paper coupons. She said they went thru. The one for $10.00 was never applied. Did she keep it for herself? Who knows.

I called the 1st time on 3/3/2023. They offered to credit my account. I explained I preferred a cash refund as funds were low at the bank, and that's why I chose to use that particular coupon. I was told a 1x credit would be refunded to my bank account.

I have called and have been told 3TIMES we are expediting your refund.

Now 3/21/2023 I was told again..."We are expediting your refund". Employees was rude, glib and disrespectful.

I asked.."What if it doesn't go thru again?"...the practically hung up on me, and said "There's nothing else I can do Mam".

I asked if we could cancel the claim [protected], and just credit my Fry's account, and he (Upper level employee) said "No", then said goodbye.

Desired outcome: Refund and customer credit

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2:01 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Fry's Food Digital coupons

We love Fry’s but are completely disappointed in the digital coupons. So many issues and customers can’t get the coupons if there’s an issue with the app or phone. Why not give your customers the discount without having to mess with the digital coupons.

We understand this is a digital age but the process in some situations don’t work properly and the customer is left without the savings. Prompts them to shop with a competitor.

We are tech savvy but this app in their store does not work for everyone.

Desired outcome: Allow a second alternative vs digital coupon

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9:50 pm EDT

Fry's Food Customer service - Raedreal - 554 W. Baseline, Mesa AZ

As usual, I had an issue today with "clipping" digital coupons on the app (so frustrating!) and I had to work with the cashier during checkout to solve the problem — all the while holding a handful of coupons. The cashier never asked me for the coupons, and I didn't want to interrupt her as she sorted through the digital coupon fiasco. As soon as the issue was resolved, the cashier turned towards the register and totaled out my purchase. I saw her starting to do that and tried to stop her, but she was too quick, and it was too late by the time she turned back around. Accidents happen. I get that. But, unfortunately, this happens all too often. Cashiers try to work way too fast to competently deal with all aspects of the transaction which includes paper coupons. She told me I'd have to now go to customer service to get the coupons applied.

Ugh! I already waited in one line to check out, and now I had to wait in another to get my coupon savings. I explained to Raedreal behind the customer service desk what had happened. She made the comment that she had forgotten to ask her customers for coupons before too, then added lightly, "But, that's okay." That's okay? It's okay to mess up a customer's transaction, then require them to go stand in another line to fix the cashier's mistake? That's okay? I explained to her that it's not okay with me, and that I don't appreciate having to stand in a second line. Then, she said, "I'm sure there are a lot of people out there having a worse day than you."

Really?! Undoubtedly there were people having a worse day than me, but what does that have to do with the fact that I was standing before her wasting my time in order to fix a cashiers mistake?! (And, not for the first time. Off the top of my head I can count at least 3 other times when I've had to do the exact same thing.) Regardless, making a comment like that is the epitome of bad customer service. Good customer service would have included empathetically apologizing for the frustrating inconvenience rather than making a comment aimed at invalidating it.

Desired outcome: Please provide Raedreal with additional training on how to provide good customer service.

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3:53 pm EST
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Fry's Food UHC S3 benefit card

Today, 3/6/2023, I went to the Fry's store: 7770 E. McDowell Rd Scottsdale, AZ. checkout: 12:46pm

Being a senior, I receive the United Health Care S3 card, and Nutrition Assistance. The last time Fry's would NOT accept my S3 card first, I decided to shop somewhere else. I called UHC and I was told to ALWAYS use the S3 card first. I told the cashier what I was told, and I was told that Fry's changed to a new system.

I STILL ended up paying cash, which there was nothing that I purchased, that was not covered by Nutrition Assistance or the S3 card. On the 3rd try, the cashier realized I had to use the NA card first. BUT, after doing something on the register, he said, "go ahead and swipe your food stamp card again", which I replied, "Thank You for announcing that". Yes, there was a few people in line behind me. Just embarrassing.

I've been a loyal Fry's customer since 1980. I was always treated with respect.

This 'new system' of your company will be hurting a lot of people. I will be changing grocery stores, and I know some others will also, due to Fry's new system.

Desired outcome: Change the 'system' back to where it was before. I would also like a response. Thank you.

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10:33 pm EST

Fry's Food Service attendant at self checkout/manager’s response

Hello Customer Service,

Frys has been my grocery store for 30 years! I have always loved the prices and the customer service.

Today, February 27, I experienced the most unpleasant, unprofessional and disrespectful interaction with the 1 self checkout person that helps people, Monica.

I scanned a bakery item marked 50% off and it rang up full price. I pressed the help button, waited a few minutes and I didn’t see anyone on duty. A person came to the area and started tidying up, putting items away etc. She was just unaware that I needed her. That was okay, no hurries.

She returned to her station and I thought she was unaware of my need for assistance. Waving my hand and saying I need help; she came towards me looking annoyed saying rudely and repeatedly

“What do you want, what do you want?”

Her tone was angry. I responded with the issue and she fixed it without a word and proceeded to walk away.

I still needed her assistance because I was buying alcohol and said excuse me, excuse me. She kept walking. I thought she didn’t hear me.

She was helping others and returned to her station ignoring me I thought. I said again I need help again.

She approaches me and I said I needed more help when you were here first but you just walked away.

Angered she says “I have other things to do!” Proceeds to dig in my bags taking all the 5 items out and pushing screen buttons. NOT ONE WORD SPOKEN!

I asked what are you doing? She said “I see you have 5 items and register says 4

This is all being extremely disrespectful and degrading! I saw what happened before she questioned me but I just patiently let her do whatever she wanted.

When she couldn’t figure it out I said nicely well it’s the reduced bread.

Immediately she responded “I DID THAT ALREADY!”

I said well you didn’t put it back in. No apologies no nothing. She looks at me and says “Are you alright?” In a harsh questioning way, not out of concern for my well being at all. I said I’m fine, why did you ask me that? No response. Then she says “I have a right to ask you that if I m selling alcohol.” I said yes you do, but I want to know what I did to indicate that I’m not ok?

Security came and asked if I would like a manager. I said yes because I was shaking, so upset and confused

Manager, Melissa, who listened for the first few seconds responded by I’ll talk with her the first time I explained the first incidents.

As I proceeded she interrupted me repeatedly and kept asking, “is that your only complaint?” More than twice.

The last issue about Monica questioning my well being; Melissa responded once again “Is that your only complaint because I have to get back to my register!”

Interaction with Melissa was like talking to an empty shopping cart. No concern about me, only her register!

Wondering at this moment why I was questioned. I would like a response clarifying this? I certainly don’t want to give off this questioned behavior anywhere else and just want to know.

Im a proud senior retired teacher with a balance disorder and walk with a cane. I suffer from spinal cord injury which limits my movement and mobility.

I guess I am utterly shocked with the way I was treated by the 2 Fry’s employees I encountered today. I feel a polishing up on customer service skills would benefit these employees in order for shoppers to feel comfortable in your store.

You ask what I would like done? I would like an explanation about my behavior and why this happened. I would gladly accept a gift certificate in any amount in order for me to gain my confidence to return to my Frys.

Thank you very much,


Desired outcome: See above

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11:23 am EST

Fry's Food Braai style sausages

Being Vegan, as a regular lover/purshaser of Fry's products, it was disappointing to note the Braai style sausages that I recently purchased was rotten. I'm a monthly regular shopper at Checkers Hyper and it's unfortunate to have such a bad experience. I do not have a confirmation of my purchase so I do not need a refund. This is a huge disappointment and I'm hoping it doesn't happen again.

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5:13 pm EST

Fry's Food Bakery

Your Bakery departments are no longer carrying the Carrot Cake slices that cost almost $5.00 each. This is all a recent, with regard to there being no more carrot cake slices. I've checked with all of the bakeries and the managers have told me that the supplier hasn't sent any recently. It's the large blocks of carrot cake that is sliced up for individual sale. I want to find out who to contact so I can find out why they are not sending the large blocks of carrot cakes anymore to any of the bakeries. I've tried to talk to two live chat employees that couldn't even understand the same exact thing typed above.

If I cannot get the information, then can you please email me the contact name for ordering for the fry's grocery stores in phoenix? PLEASE!

Desired outcome: Please contact me with regard to the above inquiry. Your response would be deeply appreciated.

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10:22 pm EST

Fry's Food Coupons and discounts

It happened again tonight, 2/1/23, though this has been a consistent, ongoing issue. While shopping at Fry's (on Senior discount day) I tried to "clip" a digital coupon, but I couldn't find the item on the app. I tried searching for it every way possible, and even scrolled through every single item on sale, but it wasn't there. However, there was a tag in front of the product which clearly stated there was a digital coupon available for this item. I tried scanning the QR code, and it brought up the item in the app, but there was no way to "clip" the coupon. I took a photo of the tag showing the product and the QR code for use during checkout (as I've had to do before). But, at checkout, the cashier said there was nothing she could do and tried to get a manager. Other cashiers have been able to assist using the photo I took, but for some reason she couldn't/wouldn't. We waited for a little while, but no one came, there was a line of people waiting behind me, and I thought $0.50 was not worth making these people wait. I was very frustrated as this seems to be a regular thing at Fry's, and my patience with the false advertising that entices customers to purchase items at a lower price only to charge a higher price at the register has all the hallmarks of false advertising to me! So, I just said forget it and left. I didn't realize until after I got home that I did not receive my senior discount either! I have gray hair and wrinkled skin, and there is no doubt when you look at me that I'm over 55. But, this cashier didn't provide me with this discount either! Again... false advertising! I figure I'm out about $10.00 due to the incompetency that seems to run rampant at Fry's.

Desired outcome: I would like the discounts promised.

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12:39 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Fry's Food Customer service chat/tech support

I am a long-time Fred Meyer shopper, who moved 5 years ago and am now a long-time Fry's shopper. For the last couple of years I have been unable to log into the Frys website from my desktop. I can access it from my mobile with no problem. I use the Frys website to place orders for delivery and for pickup and to see the latest ads. Regardless of what steps I take - using a different server, clearing cookies, clearing cache, etc I am unable to log in. I've chatted with your customer support many times, and have not received acceptable assistance. Lately they tell me they will send it to tech support and I will be contacted within 3-4 hours. That never happens. I am given a case number, and when I chat to check the status of my case, they tell me that number doesn't exist. Yes, I can use my mobile, but I prefer using my desktop. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get me some help! My name is Jeri Wood; I can be reached at [protected] or 360.259.1711. Thank you.

Desired outcome: Fry's tech support contact me to resolve my log-in issue

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My log-in complaint has NOT been resolved

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1:56 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Fry's Food Heritage Farms Boneless Chicken Thighs - Bought 1/4/23

I want to reach out as I am utterly disgusted and damn near traumatized as I cooked what I thought to be an amazing meal for my wife and 3 young boys, only to bite into 1 1/2-inch rusty hook. I'm pissed off, as I think I chipped my tooth and researching this - this is not the first time, as I found the same hook that is shown in other examples from Heritage chicken...

I just don't know how consumers can feel safe when you find a finger sized hook in your grocery bought food protein...I usually don't get uppity about stuff - but this really messed with me...What is one to do and who is held responsible?

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8:30 am EST

Fry's Food Customer service

I went to return some dishes this morning with the receipt in the pouring rain they wouldn't do it they said they didn't open till 8:00 I told him I could leave them there the man that purchased them as a regular customer here this is the only price that he comes to instead they lied to me and called security and treated me like a criminal. She told me to bring them over to the register and put them back in the card just so she could get me to leave without returning the dishes from a regular customer that comes into the store every week and spends hundreds of dollar bell and I/17 phx az

Desired outcome: No one needs to be disrespectful and manipulative

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11:31 pm EST

Fry's Food Store closing earlier than stated

I am very upset that I came to Fry’s right after work to get my nephew some diapers. The store closed at 9pm and I was there at 8:49 and was not allowed to enter when the trip would have taken me less than 5 mins.

This is not how a company should be ran no matter how large, and it is very sad that now stores close before their designated hours.

Please speak with management at this location, so this will change. If they are not willing to work till the store is properly closed and ready for next day, they maybe should consider another career choice. I understand I’m not the only person and more than likely not the worst complaint that has been sent in, but my heart is hurt and my nephew is in need and has to go without.

The store is located at

542 E Hunt HWY., San Tan Valley AZ 85143

The date this occurred was 12/24/2022

Desired outcome: Receive a call and apology. My number is 586.275.9575 Ms. Brown

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2:56 pm EST

Fry's Food Pharmacy Department

This complaint is for the pharmacy on 67ave and indian school, I had called fryes in Maricopa and had them transfer my sons medication to this fryes on 67ave, and the pharmacist tech lady there said the medication was in Maricopa and said I had to call my doctor to get it fixed, I told her I already did, luckily the actual pharmacist guy helped and was so nice, but this lady look like she got on the wrong side of the bed, as if her husband doesn't wanna touch her no more... she needs an additude adjustment

Desired outcome: Write up...learn to be helpful and love your job and be thankful you have one

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Fry's Food In-depth Review

In summary, Fry's Food is a well-rounded grocery store that offers a variety of products and services. The website is user-friendly, and they provide a wide selection of items at reasonable prices. Special offers and discounts are available, and the quality of products, especially the freshness of produce, is commendable. They also have a focus on organic and health-oriented products. Customer service is generally good, and they offer convenient online shopping and delivery options. The stores are clean and well-organized, and checkout is efficient. Fry's Food has a loyalty program that rewards customers, and they are involved in community and sustainability efforts. The store is accessible for people with disabilities, and the mobile app adds functionality for on-the-go shopping. Customer reviews are positive, and they have a fair return policy. When compared to other grocery stores, Fry's Food holds its own with its range of services and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Overview of Fry's Food

Fry's Food is a chain of supermarkets with a strong presence in the United States. They offer a wide range of grocery items, including fresh food, pantry staples, and household goods.

Website Usability and Design

The website is easy to navigate with clear categories and search functionality. The design is simple and straightforward, making it easy for customers to find what they need.

Product Selection and Variety

Fry's Food has a broad selection of products, catering to various tastes and dietary needs. From international cuisines to local specialties, there is something for everyone.

Pricing and Value for Money

The prices at Fry's Food are competitive, offering good value for money. They have a range of products that fit different budgets.

Special Offers and Discounts

There are regular promotions and discounts available, which can be easily found on their website or in-store.

Quality of Products

The quality of products at Fry's Food is generally high, with many customers satisfied with their purchases.

Freshness of Produce and Perishables

The store ensures that produce and perishable items are fresh, often restocking to maintain quality.

Organic and Health-Focused Options

There is a good selection of organic and health-focused products for those who prefer these options.

Brand and Product Availability

Fry's Food stocks a variety of brands, including well-known national brands and their own store brands.

Customer Service Experience

Customer service is generally helpful and responsive, both in-store and online.

Online Shopping and Delivery Options

The online shopping experience is convenient, with delivery options that make it easy to get groceries without leaving home.

Store Cleanliness and Organization

Stores are kept clean and organized, making the shopping experience pleasant.

Checkout Efficiency

Checkout lines move quickly, with self-checkout options available for those in a hurry.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Fry's Food offers a loyalty program that rewards customers with discounts and special offers.

Community Involvement and Sustainability Efforts

The company is involved in community efforts and strives to operate sustainably, which is appreciated by eco-conscious customers.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Stores are accessible for people with disabilities, with features like wheelchair ramps and accessible checkout counters.

Mobile App Features and Functionality

The Fry's Food mobile app is user-friendly and offers additional features like digital coupons and shopping lists.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews are mostly positive, with many praising the store's selection and customer service.

Return Policy and Satisfaction Guarantee

The return policy is fair, and Fry's Food offers a satisfaction guarantee on their products.

Comparison with Competing Grocery Stores

When compared to other grocery stores, Fry's Food stands out for its product variety, pricing, and customer loyalty programs.

How to file a complaint about Fry's Food?

1. Log in or create an account
To file a complaint or review about Fry's Food on, ensure you are logged into your account. If you don't have an account, create one to proceed.

2. Navigating to the complaint form
Locate and click on the 'File a Complaint' button on the website. You can find this button at the top right corner of the website. Click on it to access the complaint form.

3. Writing the title
Summarize the main issue you have with Fry's Food in the 'Complaint Title' section. Be concise but descriptive to capture the essence of your complaint.

4. Detailing the experience
Provide detailed information about your experience with Fry's Food. Mention key areas such as transactions, the nature of the issue, steps taken to resolve it, the company's response, and the personal impact of the problem. Ensure your description is comprehensive and relevant.

5. Attaching supporting documents
If you have any additional supporting documents related to your complaint, attach them to provide further context. Avoid including sensitive personal data in these documents.

6. Filing optional fields
Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to state any financial losses incurred and the 'Desired Outcome' field to specify the resolution you are seeking from Fry's Food.

7. Review before submission
Before submitting your complaint, review it for clarity, accuracy, and completeness. Ensure all necessary details are included to effectively communicate your concerns.

8. Submission process
Once you have reviewed your complaint, click the 'Submit' button to officially file your complaint or review about Fry's Food on

9. Post-Submission Actions
After submitting your complaint, regularly check for any responses or updates related to your complaint on Stay engaged to monitor the progress of your complaint.

Ensure you follow these steps meticulously to effectively file a complaint or review about Fry's Food on

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