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Jewel-Osco reviews & complaints

Jewel-Osco complaints 388

Jan 07, 2022

Jewel-Osco - Self checkout attendant / self proclaimed owner

I'm filing a complaint about how I was verbally attacked by a store manager name tagged Lynn N at Jewel in Lombard at Roosevelt and Main this morning at 7am. As I was at the self check out all...

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Jewel-Osco - Cleanliness

Employees at jewel osco on 103rd kedzie were caught having sex in cooler, around product to be sold to customers, has anyone reported this to OSHA OR THE BBB. This should be looked into, as that...

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Jewel-Osco - Deli Dept /service

on December 30 2021, I went to the Deli to get a bucket of wings which you had on sale at the Jewel on 1040 Summit St, Elgin, IL
No one was there but me to be helped and four Jewel deli people. Once again, I waited 4 minutes, with Jan looking up once, and Sol looking twice at me with no service from either one, so that's when I began timing them.
Finally Linda came over and I asked for everyone's name.
When I asked for Jan's name she came running over and I told her I only asked for first names and told her what I was going to do because that Deli needs someone that loves working there.
Jan all of a sudden came over and helped Linda but I told her I saw her looking at me and expected her to help me but told her "you just kept pretending you were working on the same empty pan".
This is not the first time I have been treated like this in the Deli. All the other depts. are good especially the Produce which has very helpful people now.
I would like to suggest that a supervisor be at the Deli at all times or a Lead person that will direct the staff for the day. Its been a constant issue and unfortunately I am only 5 minutes away and with gas prices, I must continue to shop there to save money. I would love to go to Larkin store but its on the West side of Elgin and I feel I should not be the one changing stores. I am sure you can see by your records that I shop there all the time.
Please direct the Deli to be Customer oriented so people would come back with good reviews.


Jewel-Osco - Injury

On December 20th I was injured at the self check out lane at the Stoney Island store in Chicago where the Manager, Antione Jackson was made aware. There was a steel piece of hardware sticking out of the machine which I hit my leg on and broke the skin making it bleed and swell. Pictures were taken and I am on blood thinners which made my bleeding more serious. I do not want to make a big thing out of this but my leg has still not healed. I am a diabetic and it takes longer for me to heal. However, I would like to be compensated for my injury as this was due to negligence. As advised, I would settle for a $1500 gift certificate. Thank you.

Desired outcome: Settle

Jewel-Osco - Osco drug stores pharmacy automation phone system no longer work.

I have been getting my prescription s filled for over 30 years now at osco drugs.. My medicine is supposes to be on auto refill every month, but that is no longer happening. This needs to be...

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Dec 11, 2021

Jewel-Osco - Jewel Osco Sesame Sticks in a 17 oz bag: The "Zip-Lock" top NEVER SEALS!

JEWEL-OSCO has been selling its 17 oz plastic bag of Sesame Sticks for years. Price has been running at $5.99. I buy them at least once every month, every year, year after year.

The zip-lock type of closure at the top HAS NEVER WORKED! To repeat, the zip-lock closure does not seal, no matter how many times you try it, and no matter how hard you try to carefully mate the two sealing surfaces. Also, it does NOT matter which end you try to close it from, and, no, there is no debris in the channel of the zip lock closure. The Jewel QC people, consultants, and/or Materials Design Engineers really messed up on this job.

As an aside, this failure has existed for years and years. This is not a new failure.

Desired outcome: Redesign this Jewel packaging.

Nov 17, 2021

Jewel-Osco - Kiosk the self check out lane;

Legal Notice Jewel Food Store no.3346 This is hereby a legal notification that's notifying you sir-mam that as an official for a Jewel Osco Grocery store no. 3346 located, therein a 1224 S...

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Jewel-Osco - Baby back ribs

I haven't been a regular jewel shopper in years but was recently lured in for your $1.99 baby back rib special. Shopping carts were full of them, so I was excited for my purchase. Very disappointed! Ive been cooking ribs for many years and these were the toughest ever! Must have been some old pigs going for a cheap price. Won't be back! Should I return the others I bought???

Jewel-Osco - The whole store!

What have you done! I have shopped at jewel for 40 years I will no longer shop there ever. I can never get everything I need any longer so rather than go to 2 stores I will just go somewhere else in the first place. You have taken always so many products, replaced products with store brand, I hear people saying all the time it's like Walmart or aldi's and if I wanted to shop there I would go there. Items stay empty on shelves for weeks before they return shelves are dusty and so are items, no employees to straighten items on shelves so there all over the place. Produce is nasty and moldy. Your brand potato's are not even worth buying. There are stores where you can get the food cheaper if that's what you want. i always loved jewel because they gave you the option of what you wanted to buy. Now you are forcing us to buy what you think we want or because you figure if that's all that's there we will buy it. If you make it to your car without your bags braking and your items all over the ground your lucky. Quality is so bad now. Wow you went from one of the best grocery stores to the worst. There is nothing wrong with store brands but you should give the customers the option of choosing. I will not waste my time shopping at jewel any longer.


Jewel-Osco - Sugar free bakery items

I shop at the Highland Park Il store and went in recently and they said they were out of sugar free bakery items. This week I went in and was told they no longer carry sugar free bakery items. It seems more and more stores are now carrying Keto and sugar free bakery items. Woodman's has a huge kiosk full of keto and sugar free breads, cookies, cakes, pastries, rugalah etc…. marianos carries several items as well.
With Keto, Atkins and health issues stores are carrying a wide selection so my question is why would
You make this choice?

Desired outcome: Bring back your sugar free bakery products

Jewel-Osco - Cleanliness of store

This is a general complaint, not a one-time occurrence. The store on St Charles Rd in Villa Park could do better regarding cleanliness, both inside and outside of the store. Have mentioned this to managers in past, one response was "well we're kind of in a wind tunnel, so it's hard to keep any control of the parking lot..." Really, somebody needs to be outside periodically with a broom and dust pan to sweep up the trash. Same applies to inside the store, including floors, counters, windows, etc. Any place that sells/serves food should be CLEAN.

Desired outcome: Store will be cleaner, inside and outside.


Jewel-Osco - My 16 year old daughter whom is an employee of jewel

Good Morning, My daughter, Dyamond Truman is currently employed at the Jewel in Elmhurst, Il and we have a human resource issue that needs attention. I did try speaking with a supervisor by the...

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Jewel-Osco - Osco pharmacy

I have a prescription for Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Aerosol. This inhaler manufactured by Lupin is defective and does not contain the full 200 metered doses (90 mcg per actuation). I notified the...

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Jewel-Osco - Pricing on sale items.

I have been a Jewel customer for many years. being a senior citizen I look for sales and especially buy one get one free sales. we all know that Jewel marks up the price when these sales go on. the...

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Jewel-Osco - Medications / Pharmacy

I'm filing a complaint against Jewel Osco Pharmacy located in Hoffman Estates, IL. on Palatine Rd. Multiple times not following up with my doctors office to get my prescriptions filled.

I have spoken with my doctors office and they showed no record of the Pharmacist contacting the doctors office, but yet the Pharmacy lied to me and said they did contact the doctors office.

So in the mean time I'm still waiting for my multiple medications which I need daily. This has not happened once or twice, but 10-20 times. They just say there under staffed which is extremely dangerous when your dealing with medications for people with health issues.

This could and probably down the road lead to legal action..

Thomas C Larson

Desired outcome: Get it done right....

Jewel-Osco - Employee

I stopped in the Cary, IL location and I saw many employees hard at work, except for one who appeared to be a manager. I believe her name was Anna? I could tell she was not putting a lot of effort into her work and she seemed very lost and like she had no idea what she was doing. Very disappointed. I just hope that the higher-ups notice this and do something about it.


Jewel-Osco - Check out and butcher

Just came home after Lisette at the jewel on Division & Clark told me to bag my own groceries after I paid because she "chose not to bag groceries." It was about $150 in groceries. She used that phrase a few times.

I thought I was being punks snd looked for a camera. She was serious though. She told me she had this right & for me to bag up my stuff. Then she turned to the next customer who was a man about her age snd she began flirting w him. It was crazy. So I bagged my stuff while she did nothing. I'm 70 with back & shoulder issues and she's about 30.

I found a manager on the way out & he said she had no right to do that. He said there was an exemption until last week but lisette didn't have permission to opt out if she was doing check out even then. He said he'd talk w her and I left.

Also for the second time I got home with ground turkey out of date. I usually check in store after 1st time but missed it. That's dangerous.

I called the customer service line but not sure anything will be done. They didn't even take my name.

Desired outcome: Reply

Jewel-Osco - Check policy

I have been shopping at my local Jewel for more than 30 years. I had a family of 6 so I bought a lot at one time. My children are now grown so its now just 2 I shop for. I buy a lot so I don't have...

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Mar 15, 2021

Jewel-Osco - Grill chicken from the deli department

On this snowy evening in Carol Stream IL We decided to have jewel grilled chicken since we were practicing keto. We already have plenty of sides and salad to complete the meal. We are literally 5...

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Jewel-Osco - Delivery service/ poor customer service

To whom this may concern,
I ordered a delivery from my local jewel and when it was delivered, I found a bottle of BLEACH shower cleaner in with all of my dairy items. The bottle of bleach broke during packing and ruined all my dairy items. When I called to inquire about resolving the issue, I was told to call back in the morning. That pissed me off because the person taking my complaint should have had the manager call me in the morning. Talk about getting the run around. Then in the morning when I called they told me to bring the item back in for a refund. Why didnt they offer to refund the delivery fee and tip I paid for? Call me to resolve [protected]

Desired outcome: I want my entire purchase refunded

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